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Danielle & Scott: The Engagement Shoot.

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day my RMW lovelies. Every day is the day to tell people that you love them, but personally I can get behind valentine’s day for this reason alone: Feline Lonely at Battersea Cat & Dog home a valentine’s event where you can cuddle a cat, drink bubbles & meet your potential soulmate. Or just go with your husband-to-be and hug all the beautiful fluffy little joy bringers (I may own a dog, but this girl is 100% cat lady!) Alas, unfortunately this year Scott, Vinnie & I will be spending valentine’s day in Surrey babysitting his parents’ (5) dogs whilst they are sunning it up in the Bahamas…love is not dead for some of us!

In the spirit of the season, today I am super excited to share with you our pre-wedding photo shoot with the lovely Claire Penn. We’ve been planning this Parisian trip for quite some time and finally managed to do it at the end of last year. It actually worked out perfectly because it meant that Scott & I were back in Paris on the one year anniversary of his proposal there. Yay! We celebrated with cheap champagne in our incredible Airbnb apartment (my favourite one to date!) and then went out for a ridiculously decadent French dinner where I ate the most delicious snails I’ve ever had, and the waiter tried to get us drunk on free shots of calvados. Oh Paris, how I love you.

Before that, we spent a day and half with Claire wandering around Paris together. It was so much fun showing off parts of a city that I love so much. On the second day, Victoria Farr MUA was able to join us as she was living and working in Paris for a month. We wandered the city before ending up in Canal St Martin eating delicious Thai food from a gig venue by the canal. Definitely a side to Paris that you don’t see if you stay central to the tourist sites (not that there is anything wrong with that – it’s popular for a reason!)

Initially Scott & I weren’t interested in a pre-wedding shoot, however, we are both SO AWKWARD in front of the camera (me probably more so than Scott) so we thought that doing one might be a good idea to loosen us up a little and prepare us for how it might be on the day. It was definitely out of our comfort zone, but Claire is a total pro and soon had us relaxed and wandering around as though we were just showing friends round, and it ended up being a lot of fun. We are very thankful to Claire for joining us in Paris, and we cannot wait for her to be such a huge part of our day…we know she is going to capture all those little moments which are so important to us. I know my favourites will be seeing my friends and family’s smiling, happy, full-of-joy faces!

So there we have it. A lovely pre-Christmas break spent in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you’ve read any of my past RMW posts, you will know that I love this place a whole lot, and I really would encourage everyone to visit at least once…it is the most enchanting of places, and it has totally captured my heart. Although Scott loves it too, he is quite keen to visit other places too, so next month we’re visiting Berlin for a long weekend, and in April we’re heading off with a Catalonian friend to visit his home city of Barcelona. I absolutely cannot wait – if you have suggestions for either city, I would so love to hear them (it’s my first visit to both!) I’m feeling rather wild booking all of these city breaks just before we get married (wedding saving plan…what wedding saving plan?!) but after Paris I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough. As time ticks on I have personally found that I have a tendency to get a little swept away and overwhelmed with wedding planning, so to be able to get so completely away from it all and just spend an extended weekend hanging out with Scott with zero organisational planning involved is a dream. The only thing that could make it better is if Vinnie was with us, but c’est la vie, he stays in the UK. Life doesn’t feel complete without our little shadow dog.

Have any of you lovelies had a pre-wedding/engagement shoot? If your photographer has shared them, please link me to them – I love looking at these almost as much as I love looking at weddings…they are super sweet!

Until March,

Danielle xxx

Photography by Claire Penn
Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

24 thoughts on “Danielle & Scott: The Engagement Shoot.

  1. Aww, so gorgeous! These photos just put a big smile on my face. 🙂 We were like you guys, Danielle, we hadn’t thought about a pre-wedding shoot but I’m so glad we did. It really helped me to get a sense of how things will be on the day and ‘practise’ in front of the camera to feel comfy. Love the b&w one of you both on the steps with the Eiffel Tower twinkling behind you – gorgeous!

    Our engagement shoot is here – – we had ours in Florence where our tog, Stefano, lives. It was aaaamazing waltzing through the Florence streets in the sun taking pics. I can’t wait to do it again at the wedding, hah!

    1. Hi Kate! Aww thanks lovely 🙂 I am really glad we did it because now I have a sense of how Claire works on the day…and also getting to spend that time together means it’s more like a friend photographing you so all of the relaxation about being papped all day (I really hate getting my picture taken and in most photos of me, it shows…I gurn at the camera haha. That might be a Scottish word, I don’t know!)

      Your photos are so beautiful – I love them! Are you getting married in Florence or somewhere else? Hope I get to see your wedding pics and good luck with the rest of the planning! x

      1. Yes I think that’s exactly right – having the ‘practice run’ lets you figure out how you’re going to work with the photographer…it’s not a must but it’s a real help! One less thing on the day to worry about. 😉 Haha, love the word gurn.
        Thanks, we’re getting married just outside of Siena in July – can’t wait! xx

  2. You don’t look awkward in front of the camera, gorgeous pics! I’m off to browse the Battersea website even though my 4 year old ginger Tom would HIT THE ROOF if we brought another home… x

    1. I’m so glad you think so Sama…it must be Claire’s skills because I most definitely was, ha.

      Have you ever visited Battersea? You pay £2 and then you can go see all the cats and dogs in need of rehoming. It’s tough because you want to take them all, but it’s also amazing to see the great care and love that Battersea provides to them. It’s so inspiring!

      Also, ginger tom cats are my favourite! I used to have one, he was so fluffy & cuddly, lovely little Fred! x

    1. Hi Lucy…gorgeous! You two are a model bride & groom 🙂 good luck with the final stages of wedding planning…how is it all going?! You’ll have the best day ever, hopefully I’ll get to hear about it in…7 weeks time! 😉 x

    1. Ahhh Karen…I’ve told you this before, but your engagement/wedding pictures were one of the main deciding factors for picking Claire. I just love the sense of fun, love & happiness in them!

      Most of all with our pictures, that’s what we want to capture. We have the best friends & family ever (as I’m sure everyone thinks) and they know how to have a lot of fun & joy…and I know Claire will capture that perfectly – I can’t wait! xx

    1. Thanks, Dan! We can’t wait for our trip to Liverpool…we’ve been telling Vinnie all about it and he is practising his best accent!

    1. Oh Charlotte, I know, we are SO lucky! Claire was the first wedding decision that we made, and she is incredible. The amount of time she must give to each of her brides & grooms is insane as we are constantly in contact – and her wedding advice is invaluable! x

    1. We loved having you there with us! I’m still so envious of you getting to spend that month in Paris <3 much love to you too xx

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