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Danielle & Scott: The Hen Weekend

Hiiiii lovelies…only 65 days to go AHHHHHH. So I’ve already shouted about how much I love my bridesmaids, but oh my, after my hen weekend of wonder, I can officially confirm that I made A+ choices in bridesmaids (and pals in general!) WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My lovelies ladies whisked me off to Edinburgh, the glorious motherland, hired out a disco mansion (a three floored town house of beauty and joy), arranged for my Edinburgh based male friends to be our chauffeurs and party crashers, and basically just threw me the loveliest and most thoughtful celebration of all time. I couldn’t be more grateful to them for arranging everything that they did.

So yes! I flew up with my London “family” early on Saturday where we were surprised (I knew) by two of my best male friends (& Molly the dog) and driven to possibly the best place I have ever stayed: 3 Hillside Crescent – an entire three floored BEAUTIFUL townhouse right in the centre of Edinburgh and so close to where I used to live. Going to Edinburgh was made so special by the fact it was a first time visit to both Scotland and Edinburgh for several of my friends, so I got to show them exactly why I love my city and my country so much. We were greeted by SO MANY of my beautiful friends, my Mamma and two of my Mum’s best friends, who I consider second mothers. It was amazing and so surreal.

After bubbles and catch ups, the “secret activity” was revealed to me: A FLOWER CROWN WORKSHOP complete with cake and bubbles!!!! Honestly, a more appropriate activity couldn’t have been planned for me – I LOVE FLORALS. Linzi of Jack Fleuriste provides jars and buckets full of beautiful blooms, delicious cakes courtesy of Lovecrumbs and bubbles for all, before giving a demonstration on how to make your own crown. IT WAS AMAZING! We had so much fun. Our creations were all so different (of course I knew exactly which of my friends were going to have the most ridiculous ones…) and so pretty – for me, it was the perfect hen do activity & I couldn’t have loved it more.

After the best afternoon EVER, we got changed into our black dresses (the only theme of the weekend: black dresses & floral crowns – I’ll take that) and headed out for a lovely dinner where 4 of my male friends surprised me! I’ve always said it was a huge shame that guys don’t traditionally get involved in hen weekends as these boys are my favourite and have been responsible for a high percentage of my best life memories, so why shouldn’t they be involved in such a huge occasion in my life?! Of course my bridesmaids knew how much they meant to me, so get involved they did – and it was excellent!

After dinner we went to an incredible cocktail dive bar for several hours called Paradise Palms – I would highly recommend it if you are in Edinburgh. Make sure you get a tequila & sparkling grapefruit (or three). I would love to say that the evening ended on as classy a high as it began, but no…we ended up in my favourite dingy rock club, Opium, until closing time dancing around a drip in the ceiling – even if it had been planned, it couldn’t have worked out more perfectly – we had so much fun.

Sunday was rainy which was excellent as it meant we had an excuse to stay indoors in our incredible house. I cracked open the bubbles fairly early to combat the night before hangover and four hours of sleep, and was soon back to feeling top notch! The girls had arranged all sorts of fun games for me, including “the memory game”, where each hen gives you something that represents a memory and you have to guess who it was from, and explain the story behind it. I had so many thoughtful, touching & funny memories – although the majority of them involved drink of some form, ha! I have always been adamant that there would be no penises, t-shirts or “traditional” hen party things for me, so we also had pin the lipstick on Vinnie (hilarious, and I won!) and an excellent version of Mr & Mrs – Scott’s answers and facial experiences were the highlight of many people’s weekend!

I was then given a personalised cocktail menu (which is too rude to share here) and we had ourselves a little cocktail hour in the kitchen, which was delicious. This was followed by a surprise takeaway order of my favourite pizza EVER la favourita – ten whole pizzas, eighteen girls, zero leftovers. Impressive, I know! As if we hadn’t yet eaten or drunk enough, we then played a matrimonial version of cards against humanity whilst drinking wine and eating cheese until 2am. SO SO GOOD.

On Monday, our last day, the weather turned sunny so we were able to get out and explore Edinburgh for a few hours before heading home. We walked the length of the Royal Mile, stopping off for treats and shopping along the way, wandered the perimeter of the castle and then onto the Grassmarket to check out some of the beauties contained down there. It was so much fun playing tour guide for my English, Welsh, Irish & Norwegian friends (thanks to London for that lovely multicultural mix!)

Leaving Edinburgh and my hen weekend behind was really tough. It truly is so overwhelming having so many people that you love in one place – especially when they all get on so well together. I will be forever grateful to my bridesmaids for organising a weekend which was just so personal to me (and pulling it off so spectacularly – not an easy feat sorting out venues for 26 people!) – and for all my hens for being there and bringing so much joy to my life. I am one lucky girl knowing the strong, beautiful ladies that I do and I cannot wait to marry Scott with them all by my side. Thank you ladies (and gents), you da best!

Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

10 thoughts on “Danielle & Scott: The Hen Weekend

  1. I had a fab time teaching flower crowns to Danielle and her hens they all looked amazing. I wanted to give a shout out to Mint and Chillies photography ( who were there capturing the day on camera, many of their photos are featured on this post 🙂 linzi at jack fleuriste

  2. This just brought tears to my eyes haha!! Such a special weekend with such special ladies. I miss them all and can’t wait til our grand disco mansion reunion at the wedding! <3

    1. Theeee most special, I really am so grateful to all of you & having you all there at the wedding means so much to Scott & I – we can’t wait!!!!

  3. Can I ask the name of the townhouse in Edinburgh, sounds perfect for a hen’s weekend! Fab pics of the flower crown session looks amazing x

    1. Emma, it’s honestly amazing! So beautiful & grand with so much space for different activities. It’s so close to the city centre (5 minutes walk from the main train station) and you can sleep loads of people in there – the bedrooms are super comfy with lots of different options for sharing rooms.

      The girls said that the owners were total dreams to deal with too! x

  4. I would thoroughly recommend Edinburgh as a hen weekend venue too. My daughter had hers there last year. She studied there and we were able to use part of her university building which meant a lot to her and her friends, before a night out on the town. Edinburgh has something for everyone.

    1. How special to be able to use part of her university building! I studied there too and the places we went to are just so interwoven with my Edinburgh life that it really was special.

      Hope your daughter’s wedding was a beautiful day, Mandy! x

  5. Hi ladies,

    Thanks so much for such a lovely write up from your time at Hillside – I am so glad you all had a great time! We love the house and all the fun things you can do with it!
    Here is a link to the app where you can see the 360 videos as lots of people say the pics don’t do it justice (blush..) Our website is for standard pics!
    Thanks again – really touched and pleased you had a great time!!
    Amanda x

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