From This Day Forward… Part 2

So, as it turns out it wasn’t just me that got a little bit too excited over yesterday’s matrimonial offerings! You lot all went more than a bit giddy too. I suggest you all take a deep breath, count to three and then calm down… otherwise you’re going to be wear yourselves out and need a nap before lunchtime (not good office etiquette).

Ok, back to RMW reader Lauren and part 2 of her Vintage inspired big day.

Say Cheese

James is a massive fan of cheese, and with a 6.30pm hog roast feast (supplied by the Fab Portfolio Events), we wanted to treat our guests to a mid evening snack that wasn’t overly filling.

Alistair at Food Hall in Northampton was thoroughly helpful and advised on our British cheeses to make our Cake of cheese. We topped the ‘cake’ off with Neufchatel, the heart shaped cheese from the local town where James’ Dad has a French home.

Chasing Cars

For our blessing we booked Manor House Music opting for the string duo to complement our intimate ceremony. Like Jenny (from What Jenny Did fame) I wasn’t a huge fan of Snow Patrol’s version of Chasing Cars but performed on a violin and a viola, it was beautiful.

For the after party, The Potter Group, resident at one of our favourite clubs provided Motown, soul and R’n’B to keep all ages happy.

Sparkling On The Dance Floor

Our first dance was to John Legend’s Stay with You and we chose it because it was fairly short, as well as having beautiful lyrics.

Our guests held an archway of sparklers to lead us into our first dance. For me this was a magical moment but sadly James’ shirt got burnt with the falling sparks!

Flavours For Favours

With no seating plan and a very informal layout, we opted to lose the favours but used Dodmoor’s sweet dresser with our own jars to treat those guests with a sweet tooth.

Home is where the is

The general rule for the décor was not to buy or make anything that we couldn’t incorporate into our home later on.

I am now the proud owner of many tealight holders, vintage bottles, homemade blackboards, apothecary jars, and chicken wire frames that will adorn our next house (sadly there’s just not enough room in our teeny terrace). Not to mention the dozens of fabric hearts that my Mum made to hang around the venue.

Last year my Auntie gave us my late Uncle’s typewriter so James and my Dad lovingly restored it to use as our guest book. We made our own vintage style postcards and have some beautiful, thoughtful and very amusing typed messages from our family and friends.

Our Brother-in-law Toby designed our stunning invitations and helped us use elements of the design in our wedding signage. I bought a couple of punches from Hobby Craft and used them to create thankyou tags on our order of ceremony, as well as tags for the sweet stall, sparkler buckets, bathroom basket plus reserved seating signs, drinking straw flags and customised photos of our wedding party. We used and abused our poor printer as we printed everything ourselves, an extremely time consuming task that I wouldn’t rush to repeat again but is perfect for the bride on a budget.

Toby also designed our drinks menu detailing our something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue themed welcome drinks.

From This Day Forward

More work than you could ever imagine goes in to a DIY wedding. I wouldn’t change it for the world though as every single detail had a personal touch. Just be prepared for projects to take 5 times longer than you think even with the help of your nearest and dearest. Start early and take advantage of all offers of help!

James is my soul mate; we have an amazing life together and are truly committed to each other. We are also very lucky to have been blessed with a wonderful group of friends and a family who we adore so we wanted to show them a fabulous time to thank them for their love and support.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little pressure to live up to their expectations of a great day, they were so excited and enthusiastic. I really didn’t want to let them down!

I am very envious of brides who aren’t fazed by the little hiccups on the big day (a theme I noticed in a lot of blog posts). So when little things went wrong on the day, I was thoroughly disappointed in myself that I was a tiny bit gutted.

My advice would be to be to be realistic – things don’t go to plan but these are things that add up to make a truly memorable occasion. Your guests deserve to be treated but don’t forget they are there to share in your happiness on the most incredible of days.

Piccies Rebecca Honeywell

Place Dodmoor House

Boutique Blushes

Dress Maggie Sottero – Vanessa

Shoes Flatiron from LK Bennett

Headpiece Rock n Rose

Make-up Liza Smith

Flowers Manic Botanic

“Cake” (Cheese!) Food Hall

“Tunes”Manor House Music and The Potter Group

Well, there you have it. The typewritter is such a romantic touch (yes even men can spot a nice bit of romance from time to time!)

All the hard work and loving collaborations that went into the preparation for this vintage inspired wedding have really shone for all to admire, there is more eye candy on display here than even 10 Dodmoor’s sweet dressers could provide!


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

32 thoughts on “From This Day Forward… Part 2

  1. I didn’t get commenting onthe first part do I’m gonna splatter it all over part 2:

    The bride looks like an EVEN SEXIER Liv Tyler! Honestly should be a model.
    The dress is just so delicious that I cannot take my eyes off it. The flowers make me want to cry a wee bit. The typewriter thing (and all the details in general) are so beautifully done & you would never believe that they even touched their home printer.

    Everything about this wedding is scrumptious. 10/10

    Please please tell me there’s a part 3 hidden away somewhere?

  2. Naomi – you’re right. The Bride is a mix of Liv Tyler (its the lips I think) and Gemma Atherton as someone mentioned yesterday.

    I couldn’t quite get over the hair and make-up and general lushousness of the bride yesterday so today is my whoop whoop over the details.

    I love the photography – its natural but also has the contemporary feel with the gritty black and white. Particularly of Lauren with the sparklers in the background. Favouite pictures by a vintage country mile (vintage country get it?) is the one where the groom is kissing her forehead. I love having my forehead kissed. It makes me feel safe.

    Also the stationary – and the wine list. I want to know what the “borrowed” is!

  3. My turn my turn!

    When Rebecca Honeywell emailed me to say “Do you want this wedding on RMW, Lauren is a big fan…” I did a wee jig in my chair ( quite embarassing – I won’t be putting a video of it on the blog anytime soon) and a big “Yes PLEASE!!”

    Wedding is gorgeous, couple are gorgeous – Lauren is a real bridal beauty Queen. Love it.

    Charlotte xxx

  4. Erm, that b+w photo of the bride with the sparkler in the background is the most glorious image I have ever seen. When I grow up, I want to look like her!


  5. There is nothing I don’t love about this wedding – just incredible. LOVE all those little touches like the drinks, the sparklers and the typewriter – perfection.

  6. All time fave!
    I don’t even know where to start on what I love. I love every teeny thing!
    Have major jealousy heart palpitations going on right now!

  7. You lot are really lovely. Thanks again for the wonderful comments!
    That really is a balloon animal – courtesy of our Best Man. Mine was a swan but James wasn’t quite so lucky with his unusual ‘head gear’!
    The borrowed drink was Casillero del Diablo (borrowed from South America where we were planning on honeymooning but haven’t got round to booking yet!) x

  8. Argh – she’s absolutely STUNNING! And the dress was so perfect for her. It’s completely unfair though – she’d clearly be beautiful in a sack!

  9. I love love this!! The Bride and Groom are b-e-a-utiful, the venue is great and all the personal touches are wonderful. The cake of cheese is a fabulous idea!

  10. Ahem, I very muck LOVE this wedding, its totally my kinda day! I love all the DIY touches, and that last image is adorable!

    So lovely! (And yes, I’m still totally obsessed with her hair…may have to show my hairdresser!)

  11. WOW! I love everything and I mean EVERYTHING about this beautifully styled and beautifully photographed wedding!

    You look so beautiful, Lauren. It’s not just the sparklers that were sparkling! I hope you and your husband enjoyed every moment of your gorgeous wedding…x

  12. Absolutely beautiful – especially the make up – I’m using a picture of Lauren as my inspiration to take to my make up artist! x

  13. This is SO very exciting to see. The most beautiful wedding and bride. Gorgeous! And we too are getting married at Dodmoor, in June 2012. We instantly fell in love with the rustic barns that we could decorate in our own way.

  14. I actually did a little squeal when I saw this post! Not only have I finally stumbled across the wedding of someone I know in all my hours of perusing RMW, but also I was actually lucky enough to be a guest at this stunning wedding!
    It was definitely the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to; Well Done, Lauren and James! xxx

  15. Hi Lauren,

    Such beautiful photos!!! I’m getting married in January next year and I love your dress!!

    Just on the off-chance, are you selling it? I’m sure you’re not because it’s so precious to you! But if you are, let me know.

    Thanks, Sarah xx

  16. Sorry for the late response Sarah, just saw your post by chance.
    Sadly, I won’t be selling the dress – it’s completely wrecked after a bit of an impromptu dance-off! It’s with the cleaners now but I don’t think it will ever be right again! Have a wonderful winter wedding x

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