Get Me To The Church On Time.

I love classic cars. I would drive one every day if it wasn’t for theses two reasons:

  • The little voice in my head that goes on about reliability, comfort and safety.
  • The little amount of money that I have in my bank account.

To be honest, it’s only really point 2 that is stopping me.

For your wedding you may well be considering the transport that you wish to arrive in, you also may be thinking about (for those of you with separate wedding and reception venues) how to get between your two chosen locations in style.

I went to a friends wedding a few summers back at a village church. The bride and groom hired a white convertible E type Jag to whisk themselves away from the church to the rural reception location some 15 or so miles away. I remember thinking that was a damn cool idea. Even after 3 or 4 false starts (turns out it’s quite easy to stall an old Jaguar) the now slightly-red-in-the-face groom still looked like a proper James Bond as they sailed off into the distance.

I bet that first journey as man and wife, roof down and engine roaring through the countryside, was a moment they will both remember forever.

Then last year of course we all watched Will and Kate make that Journey from Buckingham Palace in the Aston Martin Volante. I thought this was one of the nicest parts of the day – it felt impromptu and informal and they looked like they were properly having a bit of fun.

What I liked about Will and Kate’s choice of transport was that, as well has having a very significant family connection, it was also explicitly non-traditional in terms of ‘wedding day’ transport.

So, to wind down to the weekend I thought I would give you a quick round-up of a few of my favourite classic cars, most of which have graced our polka dotted pages in real wedding at some point.

It is quite an eclectic mix – but the thing they all have in common is their mind numbingly beautiful design.

The VW Camper

Not really a car as such but a really popular “alternative” choice of wedding transport. Once the firm territory of the surf bum but no longer. The VW has gained universal appeal with its quirky styling and breath taking design. The early split screen models with the sweeping bonnet and Mahoosive VW badges, as illustrated here, are literally pieces of art on wheels.

Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 has become really popular since its re-introduced a few years back. They are beautiful little cars – and when I say little I mean tiny – the 500 is significantly smaller than the old mini was.

There is a special place in my heart for the baby fiat, my mum had a pastel yellow one when I was a wee nipper and I remember being picked up from school in it aged about 6 or 7. The black vinyl upholstery would smell like hot tar and burn the back of your legs in the summer heat and it had this amazing canvas sunroof that rolled back, opening the top of the car entirely. It was awesome.

Citroen DS

Ever since I saw Will Self with his DS I have wanted one. Badly. The French are famous for their quirky design and the DS is a total masterpiece. It was one of the first cars to have headlights that “saw around corners” (the lights were on some kind of swivelling mechanism that was linked to the steering) and it was also the car that pioneered citroens self levelling suspension technology. An Amazing looking car and some geeky factoids thrown in too – bonus.

Hopefully one day I will be as lucky as the great Will Self and own my own little piece of French engineering history.

Volvo P1800

A bit of a curve ball at the end here. Anyone who has read our About Us page will know that I have a bit of a soft spot for a Volvo. I currently drive a C30 but I would swap it in a heartbeat for one of these beauties (it’s ok, the C30 can’t hear me). Made famous(ish) by The Saint, the Volvo P1800 was a bit of a (very) poor man’s Aston Martin.

I have never seen one used as a wedding car, so you will have to make do with this image of a typical volvo driver (note the “old man pipe” – slippers are sadly hidden) and under that The Saint himself, Mr Roger Moore.

So, maybe when I eventually convince Kylie Minogue to marry me, and I’ve paid for the wedding and funded her relocation to Birmingham – I may have just enough wedding budget left to stage a homage to the Will and Kate Aston Martin drive from Buckingham Palace…

More likely it will be Kylie and I emerging from the Bull Ring Shopping Centre in a Volvo P1800 with the windows rolled down blaring out “Especially For You”.


So, it’s question time. Is anyone indulging in a drive from their wedding to reception venue?

Let us know in the comments box if you are, and please let us know what cars/vans/tractors/lorries/buses you are considering for your big day transport needs.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

28 thoughts on “Get Me To The Church On Time.

  1. My Uncle Peter (who isn’t really my Uncle) has a vintage Bentley which he has lovingly rebuilt himself. Ever since I was a child it has always been said that Uncle Peter would be driving me to my wedding in it. As we are getting married and having our reception in the same place there will be no need for a drive in between but I’m really looking forward to the drive there with my Dad and Uncle Peter :o) Extra personal.

  2. We’ve booked a classic Routemaster with an open platform. It’s going to pick me & my ‘maids up before the ceremony and then bring us & all our guests to the reception venue. I’m hoping for a sing along on the bus! 🙂

  3. I went for a cream VW camper (not a split screen unfortunately – bit out of the budget). We had a 20 mile journey to the reception and it was one of my favourite bits of the day – sitting in the back with my new husband with a feeling of disbelief that we had done it! Plus there’s loads of room for a long train!

  4. Me me, well did rathe than planning to!
    As a suprise for my hubby on w-day I borrowed my old bosses Bentley Continental GT (prior to w-day I wasn’t a fan of it tbh) so he and his brother could drive to church and then drive us to the reception. Turns out on the day he was to nervous so my brother drove it and picked him up and took them, and then took us to the venue…for about a mile I managed to be a passagnger before the feel of that acceleration got too much for me! I ousted my brother, kicked off my shoes and hoisted up my dress and got behind the wheel. It was such an incredible experience, the car and my new hubby’s face when he realised he was now married to this speed freak.
    (I may have been naughty and broken the speed limit on our way home that evening…)

  5. Oh this is a timely question!!!

    Adam, you have excellent tastes in classic cars!

    We own one of the new Fiat 500 (it’s red and it’s called Maximiliano, Max for short) so we’re quite keen to find an old school Fiat 500 for the wedding. Easier said than done in the middle of nowhere in Brittany though!!!

    My other current preferences are 60’s Corvette (like the one on my mood board originally sent in for the Real Brides search!), the Citroen DS and the Renault 2CV. If I had to pick one, it would probably be the Corvette, but frankly, I would be over the moon with any of these beauties!

    I’m currently hunting around seeing what the prices are etc etc but I think if all else fails, we’ll just decorate Maximiliano with some flowers and he can be our wedding car for the day!! There are certainly worse cars to have.


  6. We really don’t need a car – the ceremony and reception are all happening in the same place, and that place is 10 minutes’ walk from my parents’ house. But, as everyone told me I couldn’t possibly walk to my wedding (it might rain! you might fall over!) my brother has borrowed his boss’s vintage 1920s Bentley to take me round the corner inot the village. Which will take a maximum of 5 minutes. I have to admit though, I am actually quite excited, it is a proper old school car, from the olden days. And it is quite pretty.

  7. I don’t know if it counts as particularly , er ‘classy’ or ‘classic’ but I’m having my dad’s vintage tractor with a trailer full of hay bales for me to sit on for my transport! I never did get to be the village fete’s carnival queen…!

    1. Where are you based? I’m desperately looking for vintage tractor & trail or, or a horse pulled hay wagon in the east Grinstead or surrey area. Don’t suppose your local to me?!

  8. We are hiring a 1950s indian ambassador taxi, which they decorate with indian flowers. We are going to india on our honeymoon so it seemed fitting without making our wedding too themed. We haven’t told anyone, I can’t wait!

  9. We were offered a vintage navy Rolls that used to belong to the Queen – but I just cannot bring myself to pay for a car to and from the Cathedral…not all that money…for so little use. So my bridesmaid’s husband is driving us in his black Audi and the bridesmaids are going in my cousins VW camper van!

  10. We seem to have got ourselves a vintage shooting trailer which will be towed by a tractor – not sure how that happened but think it’ll be rather a good wheeze to get the bridesmaids, ushers AND all the flowers back from the church in one swoop!

  11. When I was a kid my parents had an ace vintage Morgan in cream. It was a lovely car – perfect for weddings! Sadly they sold it, but as it turns out, we’re having the ceremony and reception in the same place (and I’ll be getting ready there so no need to make an entrance), so it doesn’t really matter! More excitingly, our honeymoon plan is to take a road trip down Highway 1 in California. Mr H already plans to hire a very cool convertible for the trip. I think in the Californian sunshine we’ll appreciate the car much more than we would in Scotland!

  12. Oooh cars pretty 🙂

    For getting to the church I’m swithering between my lovely little mini35, or an aston martin v8 volante that my dad keeps at a classic car hire place in sussex.

    Getting from the church to the reception we are going to drive Mr B’s MK Indy. He has lovingly built it himself over the past I-don’t-know-how-many years so really we couldn’t have our first drive as man and wife in anything else.

  13. We’ve actually got 2 VW campers for our day 🙂 One hired to take me & my maids from my hotel to the ceremony, then me and hubby to the reception. And the other belongs to the best man, so he’ll be driving fiance to the ceremony and will give my maids a lift to the reception. It should look fab, can’t wait to get photos with both of them!

    I LOVE the Volvo P1800!!! There’s someone who lives round the corner from me who has a beautiful red one – I coo over it almost every day 🙂

  14. Random post hike – is it my laptop or is something amiss, all of the fonts are different and italic?? Don’t change please! x

  15. We’ve gone for VW camper vans – pink one for the girls and blue for the boys, to get to the ceremony! Can’t wait 🙂

  16. I’m planning on hiring a delorean (from back to the future *geek alert*) to drive my fiance to the wedding. My bridesmaids are travelling in a vw campervan (split screen prettyness!) and my dad is driving me in one of his boss’s classic cars (its a surprise but im hoping for the chevvy or the thunderbird!) We have an icecream van coming after the ceremony so will be getting some pictures done it that (although it won’t actually be transporting us anywhere hehe) 🙂

  17. I wasn’t going to have a car to take me to the wedding – in my mind it’s an awful lot of money for just a 10 minute journey. I pictured my dad just driving me there in his Fiat Panda – my mum was utterly horrified. Luckily, my lovely bridesmaid’s dad came to the rescue, he used to have an “executive taxi” company, and has offered to come up from Surrey to Cambridge in a big shiny black Chrysler so I can arrive in a bit more style! Suffice to say my mum also wanted a bit of glam, so has ordered a swanky Mercedes to take her and the bridesmaids in.

  18. Mr A is a fan of this post, Adam 😉

    We’re drivinig the 100 metres between ceremony and reception in his red Triumph TR6. Can’t wait 🙂

    Great post!!!

  19. We’re doing the vw split screen camper van, a Samba which I hear is rather fabulous. It’s been a dream of mine to own one (had this great idea when I was younger about putting a porsche engine in it, but that’s another story) It’s going to be a great part of the day and the kids are so excited to have a ride! x

  20. I’ll be arriving in a classic Aston Martin DB6 in sky blue with inky leather interiors thanks to the lovely folk at, but neither I nor my groom are brave enough to drive it (not sure I could find the pedals under all that dress!) so they’re kindly providing a chaffeur, too.
    Would highly recommend them for any couples looking for a more iconic, cool wedding car (they have oodles)

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