In Other Words, I love You.

Silvie and Mark’s wedding was a real D.I.Y affair. Somethings you might expect like home arranged florals, home made cupcakes and bunting… But a wedding ring made by the Mother of The Bride. I think that is an RMW first.

Our couple married at Hackney Town Hall in London, Lisa Jane Photography was on hand to document their day in all it’s D.I.Y splendour.

Very ‘Wedding Dress’

My dress I bought in the Netherlands, where I originally come from. It is from the Victoria Jane collection. The dress is made out of three layers of lace. Which obviously I couldn’t resist trying on. And it was absolutely fabulous to wear and it fitted me perfectly. So the decision was so easy, I’d never seen such a beautiful dress in my life. I guess I fell in love with it. It was very elegant and very ‘wedding dress’ – not what I’d originally planned at all.

Home Made Jewellery

My hair is quite short and I really wanted to have a vintage style of hair and make up. I opted to not wear anything in my hair and just have lovely curls instead. The only jewellery I had was a beautiful pearl necklace made by my mum, who also made my wedding ring.

Victoria Park

I chose kitten heels, the best way to enjoy your day and still be able to dance in the evening (and I’m quite tall, the same height as the groom). The colour of my shoes was an off white. We had pictures taken in Victoria park which meant that I could walk through the grass and gravel without getting my heels stuck.

The Powder Room

I took five of my friends and my mum to the Powder Room on Columbia road to get ready. I wanted to have a vintage look of hair and make up. And their team did a fantastic job!

Floral Friends

Firstly I didn’t really want to have any flowers. But decided that it would be good to have something in my hands to calm the nerves. Together with my mum I picked out various flowers and greenery I liked, very much based on a wild flower bouquet, and my friends put it together on the morning of the wedding. They did a cracking job!

No Colour Scheme

I wanted to make sure everybody was comfortable with whatever they were wearing so we decided that they could pick and wear whatever they wanted. And there not being a colour scheme made this very easy.

Timeless Slimfit

My beautifully husband found himself a very smart suit from Ted Baker. They do very smart, timeless, slim fit suits with lovely details that he looked lovely in. Along with a floral tie (sounds bad – but it was very subtle and classy), and some smart shoes, which I normally never get him to wear

I’m originally from The Netherlands and we have a tradition of the groom picking up his future wife at her home to go together to the place were you’re going to get married, so that is what we did. Mark came and picked me up to take me away to become his wife.

On Recommendation

That was one of the easiest choices we made for the wedding. Lisa Jane Photography got recommended by friends of ours and we had one look at her website and we knew we really wanted her to shoot our special day. We met up to talk everything over and ended up sharing pizza and beers – all very relaxed and comfortable – which was totally perfect for us.

Meringue Icing

The cupcakes were made by a friend of ours who bakes for a hobby, although she should really do this for a living as she’s brilliant. They were delicious, with a meringue icing on top.

We didn’t really have a wedding cake for after dinner but a cake shape made out of gorgeous cheeses from Neil’s Yard. An absolute must for people who love cheese!

Dancing the Night Away

We didn’t have any professional entertainment but danced the night away to our own chosen special wedding playlist.

Fly Me Too the Moon

We didn’t plan to have a first dance but kind of realised if we wanted anyone else to take to the floor we had to. We put fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra on danced together briefly before splitting up to grab other guests and dance with them, slowly bringing everyone onto the floor. This meant we got out of the cringey bit of us dancing and everyone else watching and got everybody involved

Eclectic Style

The pub where we celebrated our wedding already had an eclectic style and we wanted to keep it as it was, we only added a bit of bunting.

Enjoy Every Minute

Our wedding was special because we celebrated juat as we wanted to. We’re pretty relaxed and we wanted the day to be like that for us and everybody else. We just wanted to have a fun time.

We wanted to enjoy our day with close friends and family without any expectations of how a wedding should be. I would say that is the advice I would give to anybody else, don’t listen to anybody and just do whatever makes you happy and celebrate your wedding however you like.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and enjoy every minute as its only one day and it flies by.

Venue – Hackney Town Hall

Dress – Victoria Jane collection

Groom – Ted Baker

Hair & Make-up – Powder Room

Photography – Lisa Jane Photography

Cheese – Neil’s Yard

I am certainly not usually one to get excited about a beauty salon… but The Powder Room looks seriously ace.

Love the florals, love the fashion… Love London basically. Oh and love that pooch too!

Silvie and Mark had a laid back day with their nearest and dearest. They did it their way and it looks like they had a whole lot of fun in the process.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

10 thoughts on “In Other Words, I love You.

  1. Where do I start???? What a beautifully serene glowing bride – stunning! Powder Room = love it! Am getting bee hived there myself pre wedding reception! The Fur Wrap = gorgeous!!!! Where is it from?? Those Cupcakes = whoever made them NEEDS to do it for a living, they look like perfection!
    Sat with my coffee soaking in all the lovely detail, this ones a cracker!

  2. This wedding proves that weddings don’t have to have a colour schemes to be beautiful. I’m not a fan of everything matching and these photos show how artistic and classy a wedding of various colour can be. I love Fly Me To The Moon, it’s as elegant as the bride. I also love how the bride and groom danced together before splitting up to bring other people onto the dance floor, avoiding the cringe worthy moment when the couple have finished dancing, yet the guests aren’t sure whether to invade the dance floor or not!

  3. @Charlotte – can I come with you please?!

    Love the bride’s entire look on this one, it’s vintagey without turning into fancy-dress looking, which can sometimes happen. And I heart that pic of her looking at the camera while the groom nuzzles her shoulder…sigh…

  4. What a lovely tradition, the groom picking up the bride to take her away to marry him – totally romantic! Beautiful wedding – hair and makeup looks amazing! xo

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone – I thought Silvie looked pretty mooi (beautiful in dutch) and elegant too.

    Just thought I’d mention – as no one had…

    We had the reception at ‘The Britannia’ on the edge of Victoria Park, and it was Andrew and his team (who were fantastic) that got the cheeses from Neil’s Yard and made the cheese ‘cake’.

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