It’s All Lookin’ Rosy……part 2

Becky and Mat’s Patshull Hall W-day makes me smile from ear to ear, not only are all the details so pretty and feminine but the whole affair is filled with love, laughter and a whole lot of we-had-a-great time moments.

Be sure to check out the “throwing the bouquet” shots – I LOVE those……and Becky’s favour idea, I so wanted one!!!

Tulips And Dirty Pink

My flowers were done by Julie and the gang at Lavender Florists in Penkridge. I started with Tulips as my main theme and Julie guided me through the other flowers that went in to the arrangements. I was a bit of a flower dummy so I really appreciated her help and she did an amazing job, read my mind really, seen as though the only brief I could give her was wild, white, green and dirty pink! She did a great job.

It was one of my highlights of the morning when the flowers came, they were better than I could have imagined and the whole day felt very real when I saw them.

The boys wore tulip button holes and the bridesmaids had smaller versions of my bouquet. She made amazing table centres around hurricane vases with church candles in. It couldn’t have been better.

The Golden Ticket

I saw the idea for favours on a blog. I had Wonky Chocolate bars made with our names and the date of the wedding on. Three contained golden tickets which meant that certain guests won a bottle of prosecco! It was fun and they were a very reasonable price, plus the supplier made them in the colour scheme, genius!

We had our drummer who is also a graphic designer do all the invites and stationery. He took a picture of our cat and made it in to the table numbers, which was lovely because it felt like the cat was with us on our special day.

Filling The Dance Floor

Being musicians ourselves we had a wealth of options for the entertainment. But one thing was for sure we didn’t want to play our own wedding or have a band that would play the songs we play every week. We went for the Counterfeit Beatles. Being huge Beatles fans they were an obvious choice and they were incredible. Dance floor was packed all night; it was like being in the Cavern!

Our friend and professional guitarist Alex played during the ceremony and drinks reception. He played ‘Here, there and Everywhere’ as I walked down the aisle and the Godfather theme whilst we signed the register. This song reminds Mat of his Gran who couldn’t be with us and it bought a tear to his eye. We had Sigur Ros, Hoppipolla on CD to walk out to.

Cake Team Work

Mats best man is a chef and seems to have passed on his skills to his wife Lisa who made us 100 amazing cupcakes for the evening. It was just what we wanted and they were decorated beautifully. However Mum insisted that we have a cake that we could cut as well…… So a few months before the wedding my Dad set to work on one of his famous fruit cakes and my Granny who is 92! made the incredible icing flowers that you can see in the pictures. She is very, very clever!

Exceeding Expectations

Our photographers are relatives of mine. A very kind and useful relative to have! They stayed the whole weekend and the end result is incredible. They were a joy and produced pictures that really were beyond expectation. I was very spoilt and lucky and I can’t thank them enough so any future brides in the North reading this, book Andy Sutcliffe he and his wife Gill are amazing!

I’m Amazed By Your Dancing Skills…

The first dance was a disaster! Our lives are music and we don’t have one song that is special to us. We decided on the song 2 days before the wedding, worked out some crazy moves, the ipod then died the day before the wedding and so we lost all the music. Having burnt the song on to CD it was a really quiet recording and on the night they had to start it again because even I couldn’t hear it. It was a live version of “Maybe I’m Amazed” originally by Paul McCartney but in this version by Rod Stuart. Great song, but the dancing, not so much!…..I fell over on the dance floor! Mat played my leg like a guitar! we both wiggled our butts and all in all a hilarious cock up!

Very VERY Wise Words

All in all there was nothing else that set us apart from lots of weddings. I think you start off thinking, ‘my wedding’s going to be completely unique’ but you soon realise (especially with our job) that its all been done before and there are very few original ideas left. The sooner I accepted that the easier it was, and the planning just came together. Our day, like everyone’s was special and unique to us and we had the best time.

The only advice I would give to any bride is to try and focus and take it all in. I was told this many times during the run up to the wedding and really intended on doing it, but the adrenaline of walking down that aisle was intense and the rest of the day rolled over me in a fabulous haze. So if was going to change anything it would be to perhaps focus more and try and talk to each person for longer, You try and get round everyone and at the end of the night I felt like I’d spoken to no-one, but I guess that’s normal.

“A Fabulous Haze” – I bloomin’ love that.

With thanks to Rebecca, Mat and Rosie for enabling Rock My Wedding to share the gorgeousness.

Big Hazy Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
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20 thoughts on “It’s All Lookin’ Rosy……part 2

  1. Wow. What a gorgeous start to a wet Tuesday.
    Just Beautiful.
    I showed the boy last night and he gave a very big – Wow & a Pwhoar to the bride! Who totally rocked her day. Loved this wedding tis very easy on the eye.
    ☻ x

  2. Wow – Rebecca is such a stunning bride and the wedding looks fabulous. Also, how clever is granny?! I love the flower decoration that she made for the cake!

  3. Ooooh this is so strange. I too am called Becky, am 5’11” with curly hair, and have purchased the same green Monsoon dresses for my bridesmaids. My dress is also very similar in style, although by Pronovias.

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw this post – it’s so similar in tone and style to the plans I have for my own day. Made me really excited and I had to show my mum straight away! The whole thing looks lovely and great fun – such a pretty bride with a gorgeous smile.

  4. Oooh we had these exact wonky bars in purple and gave bottles of bubbly to the lucky winners of the golden tickets too! Gorgeous wedding x

  5. Gorgeous wedding, the bride is glowing! Ladies where did you order the wonky bars from? Cant seem to find them on-line? Such a fun idea! x

  6. those table number cards with the puddy tat are so sweet! I was seriously considering doing something similar with our cute dog but thought it might be a bit weird so this is great to see! (woof)

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