Jar Of Hearts.

Some time ago Vix, Adam and I sat around my kitchen table (it’s where all the magic happens you know..) to talk D.I.Y.

As in – innovative never-seen-before-we-invented-it-ourselves D.I.Y. Projects we can share with you gorgeous lot that are specific to these blue polka dot pages and that you can use for W-day.

This first “Jar Of Hearts” idea stemmed from my slight obsession with the Christina Perri song of the same name and… badges. I loves me a badge.

It started off as a quirky option for favours then developed into this whole way to get your guests talking during the wedding breakfast, a bespoke guest book, place card name AND favour fandango…It seems when I get a light bulb moment it becomes a full-on runaway train. Good job I’ve got Adam and his graphic skills to bring it all to life then…

And just like any D.I.Y project we will be creating in the future, we’ve got all our graphics as FREE downloads for you to help yourselves too as well as the step by step how-to.

We’ve got a few questions at the end of this post (as well as the opportunity to win cool camera stuff) so if you’ve got a minute we would really appreciate your feedback.

And as well as snapping Vix’s sexy 60’s face this week, Emma Case also took these amazing images of our Jar Of Hearts project – we even made her a badge and bought her a posh M&S sandwich as a thank-you…

Jar Of Hearts – What Is It All About Then?

…Ok so imagine you are a guest at a wedding, as you go to sit down at your table you notice your “name/place card” is part of some sort of task/game. It becomes clear that there is a “Jar of hearts” on the table (we recommend placing your jar somewhere near the table-centre) and that you have to choose yourself a badge (all instructions are on the jar label download so don’t worry about guests having to think too hard if they’ve had one or two glasses of Pinot…)

After selecting your badge and pinning it on you then have to think of some “Words of Wisdom” related to the badge label (we have love, life, lust, kissing…. a whole host of ideas for you to choose from in the available downloads) to write on your aforementioned name/place card.

A bit later on you can then pin your “words of wisdom” onto the associated canvas/pinboard (we recommend placing it by your cake/dessert/sweetie table or anywhere guests are likely to be having a nose…), not only does this provide lovely memories of W-day for the bride and groom (they can keep the canvas as is or perhaps glue the cards into a pretty book etc) but you also get to read everyone’s “words of wisdom” as the evening progresses…

Cool eh?

Now as with all things RMW it’s about doing it your way so please don’t feel you have to follow this Jar Of Hearts D.I.Y idea to the letter. For example, you may already have place cards that match the rest of your gorgeous stationery and not want to add any extra graphic/fonts to your table – there is no reason why the whole Jar Of Hearts game can’t just be on a table of its own for guests to play as and when during your reception drinks or well into the evening festivities.

And you don’t have to make a canvas – provide a pritt stick and guests can glue their cards into a lovely book of your colour scheme/choice (They always have a great selection in Paperchase)

In fact you don’t have to do the words of wisdom bit at all- just have a jar of super cute RETRO (!) badges for your nearest and dearest to help themselves to just for the craic.

What You Will Need

  • Badge Maker – You can buy or hire one, or send your designs to Everybody Loves Badges.
  • Badge Bits – If you are making your own.
  • Heart Cutter.
  • Glue – Either traditional glue, sticky strips or double sided tape.
  • String – Or ribbon or cotton.
  • Pen.
  • Scissors or a scalpel. – you do get a neater edge with a scalpel!
  • Steel Ruler.
  • Paint – to paint your canvas to match your theme.
  • Pins.
  • Blank Canvas.
  • (All of these items bar the badge-maker are available for a few quid each from Hobbycraft, or any other stationery/craft store)

    Step One – The Jar… any old one you fancy really, lid or no lid – we chose to tie the top with some parcel string that we also used for our Words of Wisdom canvas “bunting”. Ribbon, lace or floral print material would look equally as ace. You then need to cut out your jar label downloads, we recommend a scalpel for an even finish but if you’ve got a steady hand then sharp scissors will do the trick. Our downloads have cutting guides on them to help you.

    Step Two – Sticking The Label On…. With regards the glue – we found the sticky strip dispensers work the best as they are accurate, non-messy and allow you to re-position a few times! But of course you could also try double-sided tape, just make sure you hold it down firmly to ensure its well and truly….stuck

    Step Three – Cutting Circles…. If you are considering buying/hiring a badge maker then this is the fun part – you literally just need to get the circle cutter bit of the kit and start punching out your badges. We have a selection of words available on the downloads but that doesn’t mean you have to use all of them, you may just want to have all your badges with “Love” and “Life” on for example.

    Step Four – The Actual Badge Making Bit… simple and straight forward – honestly. And if you don’t feel like making a hundred-odd of them by yourself then how about asking your best girls/boys round for tea, cake and a bit of decor creating?

    Step Five – The Name Cards… again easy peasy, just download, type in the names you need, print and cut out. Again you don’t have to have a mixture of the two colour ways – if you prefer the grey border with a bit of yellow then just have those or vice versa.

    Step Six – “The Words Of Wisdom” Canvas… These come in a range of sizes, a plain canvas actually looks fine – especially if you choose to decorate with a patterned ribbon/buttons/something with a bit of colour. We decided to paint ours grey to match in with the colour scheme and make the mini heart bunting “pop”. Again the bunting is optional, a length of lace or string on its own would work just as well.

    The little heart cutter we used was from Hobbycraft and was about two quid, we figured not only does this “mini bunting” provide a guideline for where guests need to pin their advice but it also looks…..pretty. We simply glued the hearts to the string, after mentioning it in the last paragraph I’m sure an assortment of buttons would be super cute too…

    The “Words Of Wisdom” heart-shaped canvas header label is available in downloads and just needs to be cut out and stuck on.

    And Voila….here is a bicycle-T-shirt-wearing me and my example of a badge-donning “words of wisdom” writing guest. I’m guessing some of the pieces of advice might be a bit silly… but that’s what makes it fun right?

    Here is where you can get hold of all of the graphics that we used in the tutorial. We have created a word document for the name card download so that you can type in your own guest names. All of the other downloads are .pdf files.

    The font we used in this tutorial is called “Delicious” and you can get it for free from the brilliant font foundry exljbris.

    So…what do you think? shall we do more of these types of things?

    And regarding the colour options, we’ve concentrated on a yellow and grey scheme however Adam has also provided a delicious pink and green version. If you REALLY want to use Jar of Hearts for W-day but none of these shades are appropriate then drop us a comment with the hues you would like.

    Providing we get enough requests we’ll create you some alternatives.

    You can view different Jar Of Hearts colour downloads here.

    Oh and don’t forget the Lomography goodies you can win by leaving us some love…

    Big Fingers, Legs and Arms Crossed You Lot Like It Love

    Charlotte xxx

    Author: Charlotte O’Shea
    Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

109 thoughts on “Jar Of Hearts.

  1. Really want jam jars on our tables but just didn’t know what to put inside (didn’t want flowers etc) so you may have just given us an idea 🙂 thanks!! Think it’s a great idea for a talking point/ice breaker! x

  2. Love this idea, pity my wedding has already been. Although I might be having a baby shower so could adapt the idea 🙂

  3. My badge maker arrived at work today! Was going to give everyone an name badge but this idea might just eclipse that….. SO EXCITED…

    And agree with @Lynsey B on the nailpolish.

  4. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!!!!!! This is GENIUS!!!! I absolutely love it! Brilliant way of getting everybody talking straight away, and such a fun project. And you end up with these amazing little notes from all of your loved ones that you could keep forever. If I feel restrained enough I may even try to avoid reading them until our 1st anniversary or something. Amzing guys, you’re just brilliant.

    If there are any other takers for the less adventurous of us (colour wise!) then any shades of neutrals perhaps with a touch of sage green would definitely go down an absolute storm with little old me!


  5. Wow!! We’ve already done badges for everyone but I’m thinking of adapting it slightly and just having a jar of hearts. Love it!

    And yes please – more, more, more!! x

  6. love love love!!!!!

    I’d like to have luggage tags for our name cards but I’m sure I could make this work with luggage tags….

    Thank you for this post – please come up with more ideas for us to steal… 🙂


  7. Ooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I <3.

    I am a little 🙁 as I'm already married and can't steal this for myself. However, the upside is that my lovely SIL is due to get married in November so I will be passing this onto her 🙂

    You have truly excelled yourselves this time guys!!

    P.S. A little silver and/or teal version would be lush. xx


    I love thIs, please have lots and lots and lots more of these posts, I particulary want that circle cutter thing ……… Yes and the badge maker.

    LOVING your work as always,

  9. Adore the DIY posts, me and the other half used the CD favour downloads at xmas, which we put all our favourite xmas hits on as gifts. Everybody loved them. I never thought it was that easy to make badges, shall have to think how we can incorporate into our day! X

  10. I LOVE this – was really struggling with favours and wanted to incorporate badges somehow – any chance you can do this in peach and grey to match my colours?! (There’s always one ;)) x

  11. @Apollo – I’m 🙁 too – not about being married OBVIOUSLY but because this would have worked in our (red and grey on brown paper) diy too – and we heart badges. 🙁 Oh well, I’ll nick it for my 30th.

  12. Love Love Love!!!! You guys are utter geniuses!!! Please can you come style my wedding for me… I have been seriously lacking inspiration on that front, up until now that is! This has just inspired me (and given how much of a DIY-ophobe I have been in the wedding planning process to date, that is really saying something)…. A canvas backed table plan, complete with luggage tags and button encrusted bunting might just be on the cards…I look forward to the challenge!

  13. This is fab! I already wanted badges for my wedding and now I’m trying to work out how I can get words on them as well as the pics I wanted… gonna send this to my graphic designer (bro in law) RIGHT NOW!!!! Thanks for this guys, and well done on thinking up a new DIY idea! LOVE IT!!!!!

  14. wow!! Love it! What a fab idea! Love the idea that it would get people talk, act as a memento of the day and be a decoration as well!!! Keep it up, more ideas of these and all our weddings will be RMW style! xx

  15. What a great idea! Love this!! It would be great if you could do a version with neutrals and sage (and maybe some blush pink or light peach too) as suggested by @Sophie – I too am slightly less adventurous colour-wise! Such a brilliant idea to keep guests entertained!!

  16. Oh my actual God this is amazing. I have been driving myself INSANE trying to think of something fun and different for name places and this is perfect! I’m having purples though with a touch of pink so the colours aren’t quite right but I’m going to have to try and adapt (or wait to see if anyone else requires a bit of purple in their life!)

    Little creative genuises all of you! x

  17. Love this idea and would so use it if I weren’t already married. That yellow and grey colour scheme is lush!

    Charlotte – I agree with everyone’s comments about your nail polish (actually I have one that’s pretty much the same colour), but it’s your tshirt that caught my eye – so cute! 🙂


  18. Oh and P.S. I have wanted a badge maker for SO LONG. Have even dropped hints in the hope my husband would buy me one, to no avail (yet). And when I say ‘hints’, I really mean saying ‘you know pet, I REALLY REALLY want a badge maker’!

  19. Okay everyone seems to have said it already but Ohmygodtheyareamazing!!!! I so want to do this and am defo purchasing a badge maker pronto (although I think I said this the last time you had a post about one!). Cracking idea you inspirational lot 😀 xxx

  20. Wowzers! What a great DIY!!!

    I having been trying to think up something for our guests to do at the table while they wait for us! So this is a great idea!!!

    Oh and Charlotte- great t-shirt!!!!!

    And yes please to you guys doing more of this! Your so good at it, it would be a shame if you didn’t!

  21. Ok so I freakin loves this!! Is it ok if I doctor them a bit to add peoples names instead of the love etc? Would you mind if I did that? It will probably take me forever and I will get supremely peed off!

    such a fab idea all 😉 I love it…

  22. I absolutely love this idea,we were desperately trying to find something that little bit different and this is perfect! I love the pink, but it would be great if you could do pink and blue 🙂 x

  23. YOU GUYS! i think this idea is super special, particularly because my own parents (who have the strongest relationship in the world) never actually married, and all the similiar projects i’d seen focused on tips for a good marriage. i love that you’ve picked other romantic subjects! i’m ecstatic to be getting married, particularly because it means i can be with my man in New Orleans. but i appreciate that you can have lots of advice to offer on a happy life together without wearing rings 🙂

  24. I really love this idea, I already have something sorted for the guest book comments and ice breakers but if I didn’t then I’d definitely be stealing this idea. I’ll be passing it on to my brother and soon to be sister in law instead. Perhaps one with a double black border would be good and then you can use felt tip pens to colour in the white gap and coordinate with whatever colour your wedding is?!

  25. Afternoon lovely types…

    Glad you like the DIY – my head is so full of similar ideas it may explode! And yay on the colour requests – peach and grey sounds cool, as does a sage green number.

    Thanks for the nail colour love – it’s Biosculpture gel (doesn’t chip for weeks!) in the shade “eclipse” – it’s my favourite.

    The T-Shirt was from Topshop, Adam tells me I look like a French Exchange student in it…. I’m not sure whether that’s a compliment or not….


    Charlotte xxx

  26. OMG….i am TOTES having these!!! I was at a seriour loss for table fun and was thinking of the trivia cards but then didnt really want them, I am totally having the Jar of Heart…BTW, Charlotte *waves*, what a song, have you heard Glee’s version? it’s pretty good! Could we maybe have one in Navy and Cream / Ivory? That’s my colour scheme and i would be very very grateful! <3 xx

  27. Such a lovely idea, I’d second Essien’s request for a version with navy and cream or indeed any other shade of blue xx

  28. I am in love with this idea! I can just imagine reading through them all after the wedding, probably laughing and crying!! I want!!!!
    Now I am not very creative so have ordered lots of things online rather than make them myself… maybe this could be my one project!??? Only 52 days to go though so I better get cracking! Ahhhhhhhhhh!
    Our theme is cornflower blue and yellow, very beachy, but I think the grey and yellow would fit in ok.

  29. This is SUCH a cool idea! I’m always stuck for something imaginative to write in guest books and I think this would get some brilliant comments at our wedding.

    I also second the request for sage green / neutrals. That would fit perfectly with our colours

    Keep all the amazing DIY tips coming please!!!

  30. yey! I like this alot, plus free downloads…this is my kind of post 🙂 Adam could you pretty pretty please make a peach and grey combo???!

    I would defos love to see more of these posts in the future, they are super cool and make a wedding more personalised. THANKS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  31. FAbulous Idea to get the table talking at the wedding….big high 5 to you guys! me like very much! Imagining myself & husband-to-be reading all the wee cards after our wedding with the words of wisdom…or not so wisdom depending on how drunk they are.tee hee! xo

  32. Love this idea I can just imagine what some of our friends would write especially after a few…they would make such good reading…think I will have to be investing in a badge maker was looking at badges for guests other day but prefer this idea…could we please have peach and a pale green or even peach and grey they would be perfect thank you!!! x

  33. Totally theifing this idea!
    Have been trying to think of a fun way to use badges after finding ‘everybody loves badges’ site and this is fab 😉 will be using your templates! And posting you my take on it!
    Thanks guys- keep them coming! 3 months to go (eeek!) and diy-ing wedding fun treats all weekend (yay!) 🙂 xxx

  34. Oooo loving this idea and yes please to more DIY posts. I absolutely love any DIY ideas and its great to see some innovative and original ideas. Second a lilac and grey that would be aMazing! 🙂

  35. Ooooh! I love this! Been trying to think of something to make the tables a bit more interesting/personal and this would be perfect! Thanks guys 🙂

  36. Do we want more of this type of thing?! Errrrr, yes!
    Seriously cool idea/post you guys – I loves it!

    And now I want a badge maker 🙂

  37. Love this idea, and love this whole tutorial. Now trying to think how I can use this idea (already married). Love crafty stuff so more posts like this would be good 🙂

  38. Loves it! My D.I.Y ideas never quite fully form – I get too excited thinking about everything from jam jars to badges to decoupage…this totally focuses my mind on what I can do with it all!

    More please… 🙂

  39. Love it! So simple but wonderfully fun too! I can imagine this being a real conversation starter for those larger weddings!! X

  40. LOVE crafty posts….. Been waiting for the badges to make an appearance since the sneak peek at the weekend!! High five to the peach ladies….. Pretty please Adam xx

  41. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! Can’t wait to try and
    make it for my wedding in September-so original!!
    Would be amazing to have some in a lilac, navy or
    turquoise colour??? Muchos love for this and your
    whole website in general! Xxxx

  42. This is superb!

    Check you big wedding clever clogs. I’m obviously already married… so I’m wrecking my mind trying to think of ways to incorporate this into something.

    I’m thinking giving someone, like a best friend, or your man, a jar of hearts for their birthday with all the things you love about them on the badges.

    Or having a jar of them at a hen party with naughty words on them.


  43. Oooooh love this! I’ve already done my place cards with ‘tips for a happy marriage’ on them and then have them with the guests photos from the photo booth in a lovely guest book- But I really really love that you call it ‘words of wisdom’ instead so I may pinch that! Lovely ideas for the badges too.. Well done RMW- you’re just getting better and better aren’t you?! Xxxx

  44. Great Idea!

    Think it would work well for a crafty hen do as well. Although it would be so hard to keep it classy & not trashy with my hens!

    I will do my best to keep it classy! By hook or by crook!

  45. This is so painfully awesome, I’m stealing it right now. I have nightmares about everyone being bored on our wedding day (there’s only so much time that can be spent telling me how pretty I look and how lovely my almost-husband is after all…) so I’ve been on the hunt for fun games and ‘things to do’. This is by far my favourite. Massive thumbs up 🙂

    (Any chance of a coral/blue version???!)

  46. Oh my word I LOVE THIS!

    And the nailpolish!

    And the colour scheme!

    Fab post guys, would love to see more. Can’t believe you made down loads too. Yous guys ares greats x

  47. Oh my word I LOVE THIS!

    And the nailpolish!

    And the colour scheme!

    Fab post guys, would love to see more. Can’t believe you made downloads too. Yous guys ares greats x

  48. this has seriously answered all my prayers!!!! But is there any any any chance you could do a different colour scheme? Blue and green or purple and green? i dont know how horrific they will look together? i will love you forever (even though i do already) xx

  49. Although I’m *almost* certain my soon-to-be-married friends are all massive fans on here (I recommended them after all…!) I’ve forwarded this link over entitled “you MUST do this at your wedding – or even let me arrange it!” SO CUTE! x

  50. Love love love this idea! Already suggested it to my friend who gets married soon! Such a good twist on the traditional guest book, wish I had done this for my wedding!

  51. Love the idea…. and very swayed towards yellow and grey as wedding colours despite my protestations that “I’m NOT having a theme/colours” x

  52. Great idea thanks RMW – would love more DIY projects. This will sooo help with guest book entries (I always really struggle for ideas!). Pretty please can you do a royal blue & cream one?? Many thanks!!!!

  53. I LOVE this idea! my wedding colours are raspberry pink, coral, golden yellow and turquoise (but kind of on the blue side) sounds like a lot but trust me it will work! if you could possibly do one in two of these colours I don’t mind which I would be eternally grateful!

  54. LOVE this. With only 4 months until my wedding I’m about to start on Project DIY for all the details. This looks perfect – and not so complicated that I’ll have to try it 60 times to get it right then lose the will to live!!!! Only problem is that my colour scheme is navy with hot pink so if there’s any adjustable templates you could do that would be fab (we did our own photobooth save the dates and editing Photoshop took days as we are so rubbish!)

    You’re fab!!!

  55. I love this, we are getting married next year and I’m desperate for ideas to make our wedding that little bit different! This is my first entry to my diary of DIY….And seeing this has given me a few more ideas of my own, I’m so very excited

    I cant Thankyou enough


  56. Love this!! and I would really like to use it for my summer wedding… would it be possible to change the colours to a marshmallow pink and duck egg blue?
    Hope you can help, many thanks!! xx

  57. I love these step-by-step demonstrations – this one is especially great ’cause it’s a real twist on a recurring theme and it ties in the ice-breakers, place names and guest book so nicely. Hmmmm… trying to figure out where and how I can work this into my wedding.

  58. I adore this idea!!! I have already spoken to my fiance and we have decided to have the jar of hearts next to our wishing tree to spice up the messages people leave us (they tend to get a bit samey).

    Thankyou so much 🙂

  59. Hey Guys,
    Just a word of warning, if you try to use the website link for the button makers they just told me it would cost me £111 to make the badges! They class each individual design as a single and then the minimum order is 10 per design. Crazy. It’s sad because I thought it would work out beautifully.
    Han 🙂

  60. This idea is too cute! I would love love love a turquoise and coral options. Or really, and pink/blue combo. Thanks for the wonderful DIY!

  61. Hi There! This is an awesome idea!! Any chance of getting it in aubergine and grey (the same grey as in the yellow above). We are getting married in June 2013.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Kindest Regards,
    Nic x

  62. Fantastic! definitely will be using! any chance of ‘cadbury’ purple and grey? Or the original files so we can modify the colours through graphics program?

  63. I absolutely love the Jar of Hearts idea and you are so kind to share the downloadable artwork too! You mentioned other colours… If you ever had the chance to do a silver and pink version or silver and cream even that would be amazing! Will absolutely use one of the ones you have already there if not though. love, love, love! THANK YOu!

  64. Hi there, the links don’t seem to be working and I would really like to use this idea, if possible! Could they be re-uploaded perhaps?
    Thank you!

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