Mirror Mirror.

On the wall….who is the fairest of them all?

Snow White obviously.

Actually hang on a wee minute there, it appears this evil queen is as sexy as Cinderella sans rags – sometimes being bad is good y’know.

Annie from Tallulahs Trinkets decided to combine all sorts of lovely and wicked in her fairytale-themed inspiration shoot photographed by the ever-so talented Anna Clarke. There is a decadent dessert table that is as calorific as it is cool, rich vibrant reds (the lip – you need to check out the lip people), all sorts of amazing tree-hanging decor and about a million zillion other ideas to steal.

For any of you gorgeous lot who are considering a stronger make-up look for W-day or how to rock shorter hair this may be just what you have been waiting for. And the paper – some of the loveliest I have seen in a while.

Once Upon A time…..

Annie from Talullahs Trinkets: I wanted to put a shoot together that was slightly quirky, fun and on trend and I love the idea of Snow White. The title alone evokes vivid flashes of crisp white, luscious reds and dark evil black and I knew exactly where I wanted the colours to be in the shoot. Snow White in all her innocence obviously had to be in white, the evil Queen in black with the red accents in the apples, cakes and flowers.

I have spoken to Anna and Simon on various occasions and love Anna’s work, she has so much scope with her vision from soft hazy shots to clear crisp sharpness. So after a few emails we had our date and our plan! We just needed the weather to play ball and it did just that.

The best part of putting a shoot together like this is working with some hugely talented people who know exactly how to create precisely what you are asking for, it’s such a great way to showcase their creativeness.

I had met Tracey from Cotton and Crumbs at a vintage bridal fair and was blown away by how beautiful her cakes were. I emailed over the mood board and she instantly came back with her ideas for the cakes and pop cakes, which were fantastic. Elle from Elle for Love also came up with fantastic ideas of how to incorporate the woodland feel along with the other elements of the shoot and then the flowers were simply stunning and totally innovative. Jodie from Make up by Jodie knew the overall look we were aiming for and delivered 100% with hair and make up.

The dresses were supplied from The Wedding Club who are a fantastic bridal boutique in Edgbaston, Birmingham with a stunning range of gowns. Claire pretty much gave me a free reign with the choice of dress, but when she pulled out the feather bodice with a full skirt I knew we had our Snow White dress. I would urge anyone getting married to go along and try on the gorgeous gowns that The Wedding Club Stock and all in a lovely relaxed atmosphere.

All that I had left to do was to styling the shoot on the day, I’d got some pretty strong ideas of how I wanted the shoot to look so with the help of a few more hands on the day we created a little piece of Snow White in the woods. I was over the moon to see it all set up, imagining it is one thing but bringing it to life is another, and for the piste de la resistance we bought in the beautiful white stead.

When designing the headbands I wanted to stick to Snow White look as much as possible so I went for a simple silver beaded bow and added some jet swarovski crystals for definition and contrast. The evil queen had to be quite the opposite so I actually put two Nancy headbands on our queen. Nancy is a vintage inspired piece that is full of swarovski crystals and diamantes and is just beautiful.

Tracey From Cotton And Crumbs: We wanted to design a simple yet elegant cake for this shoot incorporating red to tie into other elements of the shoot. The cake pops just had to be red apples, this is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of snow white.

Jodie from Make Up by Jodie: I really wanted to create a big contrast between the two model’s looks – one being very innocent with wide eyes and fluttery lashes and a really juicy fresh red lip (Jemma Kidd Lipstick Duo in Scarlett).

The other look was a lot more sultry and dark with a classic smoky eye, heavy lashes and a dark wine stain on the lips. It was important the hair complemented Annie’s gorgeous headpieces so it was kept fairly simple but with a bit of drama to fit the styling and makeup.

Elle from Elle for Love: Receiving an exciting mood board is always a great experience. I loved how different this one was with it’s woodland theme and Snow White influences.

I knew immediately I wanted to create something with a rustic feel to capture the woodland theme with distressed trees and the formidable ‘apple’ and to keep it quite simple using fonts to give a nod to the fairytale element of the shoot.

Flowers of Kidderminster: Knowing the theme and the colour scheme we wanted the flowers to compliment the overall look of the shoot so for Snow White we made a handtie design of stunning, dramatic ‘Rococo Parrot’ tulips. These flowers have a wonderful ruffled, texture effect that was perfect for the dress. For the finishing touches we encased them with a cage of Beargrass.

The second bouquet was an all wires posy of scented open Casablanca oriental lily surrounded by black marabou feathers and finially we wanted to do something a bit different so we made an ivory chiffon muff edged with black marabou feathers with white oriental lily buds and blooms cascading from the muff.

Collaboration/Stylist – Annie Nicholls

Cakes – Cotton and Crumbs

Cloak – Frocks and Flowers

Dresses – The Wedding Club

Flowers – Flowers of Kidderminster

Hair and Make up – Jodie Hazlewood

Headbands – Tallulah’s Trinkets

Photography – Anna Clarke Photography

Stationery – Elle is for Love

Styling – Tallulah’s Trinkets

Video Production – Simon Clarke

Models – Snow White: Jo Dressler jodressler@yahoo.com Evil Queen: Lana Wilson lanavejzovic@hotmail.com

Can I ask a question? Is there anyone who as a kid always wanted to be the bad guy/girl because they were kind of….I don’t know, more interesting? I remember having a She-Ra (Princess of Power!) doll but always wanting to be her arch nemesis Catra.

And for those of you that don’t know who the hell She-Ra was (or who are frankly, not old enough to remember) she was He-Mans girlfriend.

Not know who He-man is either? oh well. You are not missing out to be fair – he was a big old muscly cartoon character who’s brains appeared to be mainly in his biceps.

Ahem. Anyway… I wouldn’t mind looking like either character/model above. And that feather bodice dress?

Natalie Portman eat your heart out pet.

Big Mirrored Love

Charlotte xxx

31 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror.

  1. I wanted to be Cat-Ra too, I loved her glossy black locks and cat mask. I still have my She-Ra and Cat-Ra dolls up in the loft somewhere actually (maybe I shouldn’t own up to that!!), my Cat-Ra makes a cat-scratch noise when you move her arm which I thought was amazing when I was a kid!

  2. Oh howl! I had such a weird cartoon crush on he-man circa 1985 (ish). My cousin used to have all the dolls, and Snake Mountain. Those visits were fun.

    Now I have A huge crush on snow white’s scarlet pout. I want one!!! x

  3. How stunning is Snow White?! Love the apples but not sure how they would work for my wedding, maybe apple bobbing 🙂

  4. Oooh love that dress, I tried it on, I think its called Bengassi by pronovias? I loved it but I couldn’t stop stroking the feathers on the boob area and my Mum and Mum in law said it wouldn’t be a good look for the wedding day haha – me stroking my chest all day going ‘oooh its lovely and soft’ – but the dress was FAB! xx

  5. I’m not usually that interested in styled shoots (as opposed to real weddings on blogs) but this one is outstanding. Great concept and equally high quality from all of the contributors. Great stuff.

  6. I am having a Snow White themed wedding, the meaning behind it is so special to me. Love the hanging apple and you have just confirmed my choice of red sparkly shoes. Was umming and arring between gold and red!

  7. a question for annie from tullulah’s trinkets…love the evil queens head piece do you please have a link ? :”0

  8. @Kim I knew you’d love it! No question about the shoes is there 🙂 you’re gona look just beautiful on your magical day! xx

  9. Beautiful photos and love the first dress but why is the hanger hanging up bit (wow I’m descriptive this morning!) Hanging out? Just me that would annoy?

  10. @Lady Fushia – yours made a noise?! jealous – mine didn’t! I did have a life-size She-Ra sword and cape mind – I thought I looked immense in that get-up…

    @KIm – Oh My Lord, Please PLEASE send us your pictures!

    @Claire – do you men the first images pet? they are the behind the scenes pics so the model is actually being put into the dress – that’s why the bits are hanging out – they had not been tucked in at that point! It is the same dress throughout – hanger hanging up bits out of sight 🙂

    Charlotte xxx

  11. Charlotte- I will make sure I do sent photos! Love this site now our lovely Karen has got me in to it!

    My meaning behind my wedding theme, is that my Mum used to call me Snow White when I was little because I am pale skinned with dark hair. My Mum sadly passed away in March 2010 due to MS. What made my mind up about the theme (as wasn’t too fussed on themed weddings at first) was when I went dress shopping, I tried my dress on, looking up into the mirror and the dress lady said ‘ You look just like Snow White’….how spooky is that! We all say it was my Mums way of choosing my dress for me.


  12. I’ve always wanted to get married outside in the woods but I have no idea how to go about it. Looks lovely and romantic. The photos are gorgeous, the bride looks absolutely stunning!

  13. @Charlotte & Kim – I’ve seen lots of what Kim has planned and it’s just gorgeous. The fact that your Mum has inspired you as much as she has Kimmie is just beautiful too! you’re on a knock everyone’s socks off in that dress!! xx

  14. Karen & Charlotte- you are both so lovely 🙂 Thanks! I bet everyones going to wonder why the theme, so currently trying to decide how we are going to tell everyone so their not left wondering lol! Thinking maybe getting someone on the mic just before we do our fundraising bit for the MS Society at the evening do. xx

  15. Soo glad you like it I love Snow White and the under lying story is of course 1 of love 🙂

    @kim – it’s great that you are going for this theme, I think it’s a fab idea and your reasons behind also made me shed a tear! Def. go with red sparkly shoes thou. I’m sure you are going to have an absolutely fantastic day and the fundraising is ace – perhaps you could have an apple bobbing comp 🙂 xx

  16. Annie- I totally thought that…but my Nan looked at me really weird when I told her! I think everyone would be a little apprehensive at first, but after a few beers would be all up for a spot of apple bobbing! haha.xx

  17. @Charlotte – I totally identify with the baddy thing, when I was little I thought Cruella de Vil was the coolest woman ever! I had the Disney talking book (mid-80s, Disney videos weren’t really a thing yet!) which had the songs from the film at the end, and I would put on my ballet leotard and prance around my room to the Cruella song (and then get shouted at by my mum because my leotard was ONLY for ballet and NEVER for playing in!). I also had She Ra and Cat Ra dolls and thought Cat Ra was cooler – can’t beat a fake fur miniskirt and a spiky headdress!x

  18. Oooh that’s nearly my dress! I’ve gone for a feathered bodice from Pronovias, but a different skirt. It’s done me the world of good seeing it here because I was having a bit of a dress ‘wobble’ (don’t you dare tell my Mummy, she would lay an egg if she knew). I love all the demure lace numbers on RMW so I wasn’t sure if I’d gone potty and was going to end up looking a bit..erm…Big Fat Gipsy Wedding-ish. This shoot is just gorgeous, and I may even be tempted by a scarlet lip come W-day.Thankyou for stabilising my wobble!

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