Peach Melba

This one might just be my favourite… It’s got Bow Ties (can we bring them back too?) lots of cake, print pattern Bridesmaids dresses, my favourite shade of Coral with my new favourite colour Peach, and how could we do a ‘Peach Week’ without featuring THE Justin Alexander dress?

So here you have it. Sorbet shades and a modern, bright, preppy take on Peach.

{ Image Credits }

Lemonade Table (top), Sorbet flowers in Milk glass, Cake table via GreenWeddingShoes, photographs courtesy of Jessica Claire.
Bouquet – Carrie Patterson.
LOVE Bunting – RavensBloom on Etsy
Dress – Justin Alexander 8465
Bow Tie – Xoelle on Etsy.
Headpiece – Mandizzle on Etsy
Vintage Stamps image – Jessica Claire.
Bridesmaids – SMP
Dahlia Blossom Invites – Pinklilypress on Etsy

Have we tempted you into Peach yet 😉

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

15 thoughts on “Peach Melba

  1. I’m not tempted I am full on DOING IT! Started my peachy dream theme back in February, recently purchased dessy 8006 in ginger for my beautiful BMs thanks so much for the inspiration girlies! xx

  2. woo hoo for the dress. Love the flower in the hair… and it’s just the right time of day for a cup of tea and a cupcake…
    Well done on all your hard work with this week.

  3. yay for peach!

    especially pink and peach. mr thinks its weird and wrong but now I have actual hard evidence to the contrary



  4. Bow ties are not just for the gents, lets stick them on our barnets, 60s style!

    Love love love this colour palette….always a fan of bold colours, and these are striking without making me want to wear sunglasses and take a paracetemol. Well done Rebecca…this is my favourite mood board yet! Forget Autumn, this has made me determined to stretch Summer out a few more weeks…..

  5. That dress is GORGEOUS. Although I think the Jennifer Aniston style arms make a difference to making it work! And i’m already married! Sigh.

  6. I would definately say the orange is very zingy, I am a fan of pale peach but then my CBM has red hair so I am imagining the worst.

  7. I love this! Am having a peachy theme (well…with lots of other colours too) so is exciting to see all this pretty-ness! I love love love RMW!! I don’t know how to put this though…I love RMW because its a UK blog and it feels british…and I completley get using elements from greenweddinghshoes but please don’t go changing! What is so great about RMW (and the reason that I come here now to get my daily fix instead of GWS…) is that I relate to it so much more and the styling/details and ‘voice’ are so real and friendly. xxx

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