Répandre l’amour

That is what I am doing this afternoon – spreading the love I mean.

Because once in a while something so incredibly innovative and really ruddy awesome comes along that I just need to share.

The “Save The Date” film for Andréa and JP’s August W-day is as clever as it is beautiful, the attention to detail is second to none (seriously – I’ve watched it at least nine times already and I always spot something new)… and I can’t quite put my finger on it but it is so uplifting. Like a huge piece of romance and joy brought to you in a two minute movie.

Oh and I defy you not to have yourselves a new girl crush folks, I want to have me a cute knitted mini a la Andréa and wear it with those boots on the end of those legs…and have you ever seen locks so swishy?!

Elise and Damian from Studio Artifice, you officially rock my secret-desire-to-be-French world.

Happy Happy Friday you gorgeous lot.

Andréa the Bride:We wanted to create an e-vite as the wedding is going to be quite international with guests coming from all over the world! As a result, we decided to have an original and exciting video made that we could attach to our e-vites! We featured the wedding destination – the Aquapura hotel – in the the Douro wine valley, Portugal by including an Aquapura wine bottle! We also focused heavily on the date of the wedding as we wanted it to be implanted into our guests’ memories! The result was phenomenal thanks to Damien and ELise at Studio Artifice!

This weekend I’m mainly hanging out at a Parisian flower market whilst wearing 8 inch gold platform shoes and batting my chrysanthemum-petal lashes…

Please feel free to join me.

Big Can You Imagine The W-day?! Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

33 thoughts on “Répandre l’amour

  1. Flippin’ ‘eck! This is brilliant – makes our e-vite look a bit lame 😉
    The videography is gorgeous (as are Andrea & JP!!), and the end result is too cool for words. Love this!
    Oooh, and I get to comment early today, thanks to not being at work!

  2. I have just watched that twice, its blimming AMAZING! Love the videography and the song choice work perfectly.

    Oh and could they be anymore gorgeous, I really hope we get to see the wedding! xxx

  3. OMG… I’m turning into such an emotional wreck with all these amazing lovely couples… this does top my hysterical chart though! uber cute :0)

  4. Wow that is incredible!!!! And the song is so lovely, it helped brighten my friday afternoon 🙂

    Can’t wait to see their wedding!

  5. Holy God Damn Cool!!!!

    I wanted to weep and hug them all at the same time. That song is now going to be played to Gavin in his sleep until he wakes up one morning and serenades me with it.

    I don’t usually say this but … Actual *sigh*

  6. Wow oh wow oh wow. Le sigh. How fantastic is this?! My head was swaying along with the music although I don’t have quite as swishy locks. What a gorgeous couple too! Makes me quite proud to be a little bit French!

  7. Oh Man!! I’m gutted I have sent my save the dates out now!

    (Do you think it’s ok to just make a video like this for the hell of it?)

    Happy Friday x

  8. Oh my goodness, this is so cool, so fantastic, and an utterly brilliant idea! Have watched it multiple times too!
    Perfect Friday stuff!

  9. love, love love!
    Its like a love story and these two certainly look like a pair of models. If only it was possible for me and my other half to do something similar!

  10. Ahhhh this is too gorgeous!

    And LOVE Brooke Fraser’s musical styings, being a fellow Kiwi! Such a happy smiley song for a gorgeous happy couple!

  11. I have just watched this over and over again 3 times-it’s amazing! The videography, the styling and the music are beautiful-what an amazing save the date to send to your guests!! I, too, would get married all over again just to be able to do something like this-love it 

    How cute are this couple-they seriously look like models. There are so many lovely little details like the beautiful blooms, the gorgeous matching nail polish, the wine bottle and the candles.

    Am loving the bride’s look-especially that sexy fringe-makes we want to chop my hair right now.

    The list of lovely things is endless-I think I’m going to have to watch it again!

    Happy Friday xx

  12. Oh my goodness. Rarely do I ever wish to actually be someone else, but Andréa kind of takes the biscuit. Cute & infectious, fun and absolutely in love. The best save the date I’ve ever seen!

  13. Oh my LORD I love this!! What a brilliant idea and wouldn’t every couple just want to have the chance to do this??!! Beautiful people, beautiful settings. I love the wine drinking on the bridge shot.

  14. what a gorgeous couple! this is such a fab idea & the video is shot beautifully. We haven’t done save the dates as it was just extra cost to us but if we had i would have loved something like this. Their wedding date is my birthday, will be my 1st & only 2 months as Mrs MacGregor So while i am toasting my 1st bday as a wife, they will be toasting their marriage…..wonderful!

  15. Is this for real? Are they like, regular people, rather than models?! Not that models aren’t regular people…it’s just, like, WOW! So effortlessly cool. So ‘new digital age’. So can’t wait to see the wedding feature!

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