TKMAXX is proper retail marmite.

Personally I LOVE it (marmite and the MAXX) and with a festival themed wedding to attend this Friday (and saturday… and Sunday) complete with bands, picnic and camping I decided I’d try and get hold of some new festival chic clobber to rock up in that wasn’t going to break the bank.

Suits, nice shoes and fields generally don’t mix so I was after a suit alternative, something a little edgy perhaps, a cheap pair of shoes and a few accessories that I won’t feel too protective over if the heavens open and the picnic goes ‘swampy’.

A trip to TKMAXX on saturday yielded the following bargain purchases…

Jacket – Allsaints | RRP £200.00 TKMAXX £50.00

Tousers – Ralph Lauren | RRP £175.00 TKMAXX £30.00

Shirt – Ganesh | RRP £60.00 TKMAXX £19.99

Tie – Altea | RRP £50.00 TKMAXX £7.99

Shoes – Red Tape | RRP £40.00 TKMAXX £24.99

I got the whole outfit for less than you could buy the trousers for at full price. BARGAIN.

Here I am pouncing around RMW HQ sporting my new gear. Lauren somehow managed to keep the camera steady through the fits of laughter at my ‘catalogue’ poses… Well done Lolly.

So, what do you folks think of TKMAXX. I recommend it if you have a vague idea of what you want but not looking for something specific! And of course be prepared to rummage, dig, punch, kick, hit…*


P.S My best buy I think was that herringbone tweed tie… I have been looking for “the one” for a while now and this was most certainly it. And at £7.99 who is going to argue?

*Rock My Wedding does not condone any form of violence in a shopping scenario or any other environment. Even if that lady has got the last such and such top in size such and such.

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

13 thoughts on “RMW Rates – TKMAXX

  1. I love a bit of tk maxx, my husband got his kurt geiger wedding shoes from there for 20 quid and has already got the cost down top about a pound power wear! I love the handbags and purses for like a quarter of the rrp. I once got a chloe jacket in there for £50, I wore it that afternoon on first date with now husband! jacket and husband still going strong 8 years later!

  2. My particular favourite catalogue pose is the jacket slung over the shoulder look….a classic! You have put yourself together a great festival wedding look there, I am impressed.

    I absolutely LOVE TK Maxx (but not Marmite, incidentally) but I have friends that find it a bit too jumble saley, whereas I clearly love a good rummage…a far more satisfying shopping experience, I find.

    Not necessarily a tip for you Adam (though who am I to judge) but I have got some fabulous fascinators from there and at a very very reasonable price! xx

  3. T-wit-t-woo! Nice outfit! I am a big fan of the maxx, got 4 beautiful BM dresses at a fraction of the cost and only required ringing round 2 other stores, and now I am going to be a BM for my friend who has just done exactly the same! Love it!! Also once bought the most perfect French Conncetion skirt in there… £10!! 🙂

  4. yeah – I have friends who go on about a jumblesale… but then I love shopping at jumble sales too!!

    I didn’t realise you could get all saints stuff at the MAXX too… that was a very welcome discovery 🙂


  5. Great post Adam!

    I rave about TK Maxx as a source of wedding clothes to anyone who will listen!

    We visited the Tottenham Court Road branch and bought the husband-to-be’s Simon Carter blazer for £119, down from £275 and his shoes, originally £80, down to £25.

    If you don’t fancy the rummaging idea, then there are branches that are organised more like a “regular” high street clothing store – the one in the City just north of London Bridge, is one such shop.

    Really recommend making the effort :o)

  6. Really like the outfit Adam!

    Try as I might, I just can’t stand TK Maxx but that’s mostly likely due to 3 years working there as a student – Argh! Lots of picking things o the floor and wiping off footprints has scuppered any chance of me going in! x

  7. I loves a bit of the TKMAXX, although I find I have to be ‘in the mood’ so to speak! Loving the ensemble Adam, tres chic & dapper 🙂 as an aside – TKMAXX housey things can be quite good but you really have to be up for a rummage!

  8. Love TKMAXX – I’ve bought loads of things for myself, the hubby, the house & birday presents for friends’ kids. BUT I do find their clothes sizes can be a bit odd. Also their collection of ‘formal dresses’ can be a bit gypsy wedding style. My recent bargain purchases include some Fenn Wright Mason smart trousers RRP £99.00 for £19.99 and diesel jeans for £24.99. Nice.

  9. Very nice sir, and loving the poses 😉 Although be careful with those trousers if it does get muddy!

    I do love a bit of TKMAXX but only when I can be bothered to rummage. Today I’m wearing a crochet/lace skirt from there – I’d looked high and low for one but found nothing that fitted the bill until I went in TKMAXX and there it was, waiting for me, in exactly my size 🙂


  10. ahhh catching up on my RMW reads! I LOVE your outfit Adam!! Please update us if the trousers stay that colour if you encounter any muddy fields!!

    I found my gorgeous mint pleated chiffon bridesmaids dresses for £10 each in a tkmaxx sale!AMAZING!! and my mum bought her dress for £40!! Not sure if you can post links, but for anyone looking for great bargains on unusual wedding decor check out Homesense! they are the sister company toTKMAXX, and as the name suggests sell all sorts of pretty for the home. You can find vintage look frames, decorative tin watering cans, a whole array of lanterns etc etc.

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