She Walks Like Summer….Part 1

“Drops of Jupiter” by Train is one of my most favourite songs ever. And it was clearly Rock My Wedding bride Amy and her husband Gavin’s too as they selected it as the first dance for their pretty rustic-inspired farm wedding in Stirlingshire.

I love Amy’s relaxed approach to both the planning and the day itself and her honesty at the fact that although you can really like your dress, not everybody has that all encompassing feeling of “the one”.

Oh and the necklace. That is just pure gorgeousness.

All of the lovely images are courtesy of Lucy Stendall Photography.

Perfection First Time

We wanted our wedding to be relaxed and have a laid back feel and as soon as we saw our amazing venue we knew it was perfect for us. Knockraich Farm in Stirlingshire had never held a wedding before but we knew it would be the perfect setting. It is a fully working dairy farm with a beautifully converted barn and conservatory, with white-washed stone walls, wooden beams and a very country feel. We held our ceremony and reception in the main barn and our meal was in the converted chicken shed! It was beautiful and, despite the rainy weather, we couldn’t have chosen a venue that was more ‘us’. We were married by a family friend, Rev. James Aitken.

Is it The One?

I had an idea in my head of the type of wedding dress I wanted but unfortunately there didn’t seem to be too many in the shops I went to. I wanted a slim-line floaty chiffon type dress that was not too formal but still looked like a wedding dress. I wanted it to fit in with the relaxed style we were planning and also be comfy so I could enjoy the day and dance lots in the evening. I eventually found it (we had about 10 shopping trips and I tried on about 50 dresses before I decided!) at Susan Gregory in Edinburgh. It was just what I wanted with a jewelled band and a little gathered material under the bust so it floated down to the ground nicely. The back had a lovely lace-up section which I hadn’t considered before but really made it look beautiful. The ladies in the shop were great and I could try on as many dresses as I wanted. As much as I do love my dress though I’m still not sure it is ‘the one’. I think after having looked for so long I knew I wouldn’t find it (and I usually grow to love things more over time anyway). I don’t think it affected my day in any way though so don’t worry if you can’t find your ultimate dress, your groom will still think you look gorgeous!

Something Blue

Gav has always been very generous and has given me lots of beautiful antique jewellery from the auction rooms he’s worked in so I knew that is what I wanted to wear on the day. He even bought my engagement ring from Bonhams in London so he has a good eye for what I like! I wore my white gold diamond bracelet, my marcasite and pearl earrings and my beautiful marcasite cocktail watch. I decided to make my own necklace as I knew exactly what I wanted but hadn’t really seen anything similar in the shops.

Gav bought me some pearls from the saleroom and I attached them to some spare ribbon from my wedding dress. He also bought me a couple of brooches from the saleroom and I chose a little bird as it was so cute and could be my ‘something blue’. Both my mum and my sister Donna separately spotted the same beautiful jewelled headband in a magazine and thought it would suit me so I definitely knew it’d be a good choice! It was from Rachael Weissman at Fenwick in London so Donna (who lives there) had to choose the best colour and send it up. Luckily I loved it!! My wedding band was designed and made at RING in Brighton to fit perfectly with my engagement ring (since it’s an odd shape) and I love it. Gav choose to wear his Grandad’s signet ring.

A Thought For The Future

After seeing lots of beautiful brides on RMW rocking the more ‘alternative’ wedding shoes I decided I wanted a pair I could wear again and enjoy rather than the standard cream kitten heels. Luckily, without too much searching I found a gorgeous pair of Carvella wedges in Debenhams… on sale! Never has a shopping decision been so easy for me!

Planning On A Few Tears

My sister Lisa agreed to do my make-up for me on the day. She did a trial at home which I really liked and since I don’t really wear much make-up we decided to go for a natural look. I was well prepared and made sure I had my eyelashes tinted the week before the wedding as I knew I would be crying (with joy of course!!) throughout the day and didn’t want to have to think about my mascara running! Because the wedding was going to be quite relaxed I wanted to wear my hair down and curly and thought it would work well with my headband. Our hairdresser, Adrienne Lavalette, was great and added a few curls pinned up at the back with a flower to make it look extra special. She also styled the bridesmaids, the mums, sister and girlfriends hair so did an amazing job to make all 7 of us look beautiful before lunchtime!

Blog Inspired Blooms

I absolutely loved our flowers. I was actually a bit upset when we left for our minimoon and had to hand them over to my family so they could take care of them while we were away since I’d only been able to enjoy them on our wedding day! We had decided quite early on that we wanted to do the flowers ourselves. It was a DIY project that we could use to make the day really be about us. My sister Lisa has a great talent for flower arranging so I knew she’d make them look great whatever we chose.

I got lots of inspiration from RMW brides and wanted hand tied, wildflower arrangements with lots of colour. After searching through the beautiful pages of Triangle Nursery, we narrowed it down to white agapanthus, blue and white eustoma, purple phlox, dusky pink roses, eucalyptus and ruscus. We also choose eryngium, which I wasn’t too keen on but Gav really likes them since they look like thistles and they actually made the arrangements look perfect. We also decided to make the buttonholes using the eryngium and white eustoma (I now believe my sister when she said they are a lot harder to make than they look!!) but they turned out great too.

Cool Maids And Kilts

My sisters wore really cool dresses from Ted Baker. We were very keen to have dresses that they liked and could wear again. They were cream and pretty modern with key patterns over them. Donna found great necklaces which matched the dresses perfectly. Gav’s brother Scott was his best man and wore a kilt (as did most of the male guests!) and choose an Argyle jacket to have something a bit different.

A Brides Perogative…

I managed to arrive at the venue 20 minutes before the ceremony but unfortunately still had to have my makeup done, put my dress on and all my accessories (after which the bridesmaids and my mum still needed to get ready!!) This meant I was a whole 40 minutes late to the ceremony!! Hopefully no-one mined too much as Gav and Cal (my 3 year old nephew) did a great job of keeping the guests entertained! As soon as I saw my Dad waiting at the bottom of the stairs for me I had a huge smile on my face and it stayed there for the whole ceremony!

I was just so excited and couldn’t wait to see Gav. When I got to the top of the stairs and saw him waiting at the archway in his kilt I could see the love in his eyes and just felt so lucky to be marrying him. He had chosen a red kilt similar to his family’s Wallace tartan and a grey argyle jacket with grey socks. During the ceremony my sister Donna did a reading called the Blessing of the hands which gave most people a tear in their eye, it was really beautiful. There was a funny moment when Cal came up to give us our rings but he wanted Gav to take the big one and me to take the small one, he didn’t quite understand why we had to give them to each other!

Venue – Knockraich Farm

Photographer – Lucy Stendall

Boutique – Susan Gregory

Jewellers – RING

Accessories – Rachael Weissman at Fenwick

Shoes – Carvella

So folks, any of you not 100% head over heels in love with the dress?

Don’t worry about it – Amy certainly wasn’t and she looked a million dollars.

Big Summer Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

30 thoughts on “She Walks Like Summer….Part 1

  1. The bird brooch on the pearls is ADORABLE. such a cute touch. And Amy? You nailed the hairstyle I wanted!! My hair was too short at the time to do it. You look byooootiful!!


  2. This wedding is so amazing, you can see how beautiful relaxed ans timeless it was. I feel very emotional. I think the way it is all so well done and is clearly all the couple desired is amazing. For my wedding as our parents paid a lot, they did a lot and arranged a lot, which was lovely but I do feel looking back, I had little control of it!

  3. Gorgeous wedding!

    I would love to know what type of rose that Dusky Pink rose was? looking for something just like it!


  4. I can’t believe you did all your own flowers – they look fab!

    I had a similar feeling about my dress. I liked it best out of everything I tried on but never really got the feeling that it was ‘the one’. I just couldn’t be bothered looking any more!

    You looked beautiful in your dress though Amy, so who cares if you never got ‘that feeling’!

  5. Love the chicken shot! The flowers are stunning, so is the bride, the dress is gorgeous too.
    I loved my dress when I first bought it, fell out of love with it (due to a disaster with the bridal shop), then fell in love with it again at a dress fitting. I now can’t wait to wear it.
    Can’t wait to see part 2!!

  6. Oh Lucy Stendall. You capture moments like no-one else.

    Please, photograph my life!

    Love the venue, the flowers, the chicken (love how the fowl has segued effortlessly into this!) and how in love the bride and groom are. This wedding is a lesson in pretty that MEANS something. J’adore.

  7. This is so fitting for me, I have just been through a bit of a nightmare with finding the dress but will leave all that for another day ;0)

    You looked beautiful Amy and the flowers are stunning, well done!
    Also, I am loving the venue and the bridesmaids dresses and cardi’s.

  8. The Chicken! Everyone should have a chicken in their wedding photos, no?!

    But aside from that, I also never got the feeling that my dress was the one, and after admitting that, more and more people have said the same too, so I think it’s less unusual than people think. As long as you really like the dress, I think that’s all you can ask for. And Amy your dress was perfect, so great choice!

    Also – I need to second Penny’s comment about the necklace. I love.

  9. Beautiful! This wedding date was the same as mine – the Rainy 18th June! Another lesson (as well as the excellent advice about the dress here) is not to stress about the weather – you will still have an amazing day and can get brilliant pics, like these, if it rains.

  10. Think the bride looks gorgeous… love her necklace. The bmaids look fab! And kudos for the flowers! Looking forward to part 2 particularly as it’s not a typical wedding venue – LOVE those ones!

    With regards to dress… i saw one i thought would be perfect online. Went to one shop to try it where they made me try at least 7 other dresses on before that one as id only seen it online – But I put it on thought yep that will do for me. No dress wobbles for me although since then loads of people have unwittingly commented that they dont like one shouldered dresses etc including MIL 😀 i just think ah, well it wont be everyone’s cup of tea but i love it 😀 (it’s JP Gaia)

    Think at times there’s too much expectation put on the dress rather than the occasion itself. I dont think your day would be any less amazing if you didnt get a thunderbolt through the heart when you picked out your dress.

  11. I met Lucy last night and we held Aislings mojoto together. It were amazing. And Aisling knew who I was. I may have gone high pitched. Very. With excitement.

    Everyone that couldn’t make it, not to rub it in, but you missed blogging and wedding supplier royalty. And the goodie bags? Oh wow! And the free drinks? Oh wow! And speaking to everyone ever in the wedding industry ever? Oh wow! The flowers? Oh WOW WOW WOW wow! The dancers? Oh wow!

    Best night ever.

    Next time you all HAVE to go

    #LMD Soirée

  12. Drops of Jupiter is always on the ‘potential’ first dance list, Mike had a mix CD that we always used to listen to on car journeys when we first met (nearly 9 years ago, does this mean I am old? or were we just babies?…definately the latter I feel!)

    The other contenders are Soul Sister (also Train) and Born to Run. Mike wanted us to have ‘tramps like us’ engraved in rings, my concern is that it can be read two ways ;)…

    (Mike has vetoed the MJ and GaGa…boo)

  13. haha Abi, we had it on a mix CD! We still make mix CD’s for long car journeys to belt out our fave songs to! I think it’s normal! Love the song! x

  14. What an awesome wedding – I love seeing Scottish weddings featured and getting to have a peek at the suppliers. Amy – you looked fantastic and I have massive shoe/sale envy. Can’t wait for part two!

    Oh and @Cat I am sick with jealousy! I have been droooling over Jenny Packham’s Gaia gown since my first search for dresses after getting engaged, but have never seen it in the flesh! Due to ‘budget constraints’ I have been trying on more affordable dresses but nothing compares to my gaia-vision so I am finally going in to try it on in Edinburgh TOMORROW and I may have to try and convince our guests that a wee sausage roll is enough for them to eat so that I can have my dream dress!

    Or is that selfish….hmmmm x

  15. Awwww, huge congrats Amy & Gavin – gorgeous gorgeous Wedding – love all the details that Lucy has captured and always love seeing kilts – they add a lovely splash of colour – how lucky we are in Scotland with all those kilted opportunities!

    Love the fact that you had your Wedding on a farm – and what a lovely husband Gavin is, buying you such gorgeous antique jewellery! The whole thing is gorgeous! <3

  16. What a totally gorgeous wedding! And beautifully captured by the fabulous Lucy Stendall, who is photographing my own wedding this December. I can’t WAIT! Lucy has such an incredible eye for detail.

  17. Jeanie im also a Scot… although i dont live there (and havent for a very long time) am going back for the big shindig! How odd that we have such similar taste in dresses 😀

    Stock up on the sausage rolls at Iceland… i think you might love it. Very flattering on and even tho im teeny tiny (5ft) i still loved it on. Will be pulling out a pair of six inchers for the day. The back is divine.

    Enjoy trying it tomorrow x

  18. I have always loved Lucy Stendall’s photographs – beautiful, elegant but always with a real touch of intimacy. Fabulous photos to illustrate a gorgeous wedding! B&G must be pleased to bits!! x

  19. Hi guys, thanks for all the beautiful comments about the wedding and my dress, it’s a pleasure to be able to share it with you all!

    One think I didn’t really mention was the weather. Like Val well knows the 18th June was definately not a summers day in Scotland (well a typical Scottish summers day, yes, but not a sunny summers day!). Ever since we set the date for the wedding I had always pictured bright sunshine and had never doubted it would be anything but. Ask any of my family + they will tell you I am the biggest fan of being outdoors in the sunshine. We had planned for our ceremony to be outside (right up until the morning of the wedding!) and I pictured guests chatting outdoors into the evening with a beautiful sunset.

    None of this turned out as I’d planned but it didn’t make a bit of difference to how much I enjoyed myself! On the day I hardly noticed the weather and it was being with all our family and frineds that made the day special not the weather at all!! So don’t worry if you wake up to black clouds, the photos will look amazing!

    GB- the roses were small hypnoese roses, I can’t remeber the colour exactly but dusky pink is a god description!
    Natasha- you are a very lucky lady having Lucy photograph for you, she’s a real star!


  20. THANKYOU for coming clean about your dress not being ‘the one’ !! I love my dress (and terrified about who to get to do my alterations!) but have never felt WOW that’s made for me, and it’s completely not what I had in mind – but I really like it and feel trying on others would be a betrayal to the dress, my mum who bought it for me and frankly a huge waste of time. I like to think that my man will love me if I turn up in jeans (though he might be a little annoyed seeing he’ll be in tails!). Beautiful wedding Amy 🙂 and I love the chicken!

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