Sow Me. Grow Me. Love Me.

Give the gift of plant life people!

So then, I was having a think about favours and how it would be a great idea to give the gift of a lovely flower of some sort…. and I came up with the idea of giving a bulb or seeds depending on the time of year you are getting married. For instance, this time of year would be great to give Daffodills, Tulips, Crocus, Hyacinths and if your having a Spring/Summer wedding why not give Strawberry Seeds or my (and Jenny’s) absolute FAVOURITE… Sunflower seeds??

For this example I have used Tulips but you can get some great deals on other bulbs this time of year from your local garden store.

You will need:

  1. A small or medium sized bucket ( I used Medium) 85p or a small plan pot 59p both from HobbyCraft
  2. Some bulbs – mine were £3.99 from Homebase for 10 bulbs
  3. Card / luggage tags – available from craft stores
  4. Some fabric and/or paper napkins
  5. Some ribbon / String
  6. Some transfer letters – available from craft stores

Step 1.

Make a label. I used simple brown card and cut out a heart shape (we have a downloadble template available at the end of the post if you like this idea) I then used letter transfers to write my words, you could use these as name places instead if you prefer to – use a hole punch for the ribbon to loop through.

Step 2.

Wrap a bulb or two depending on the size of your bucket in either some fabric or a napkin, the GB ones here are from tesco and they were really cheap for lots of them! You could use News print which would look great for a more rustic look.

Step 3.

Tie the ribbon around the bulbs and loop the tag in, then tie a bow.

Step 4.

Place the bundle into your chosen vessle and mess about with it to create the right height/ width that you require.

There you go! once your guests have sown and grown your bulb they will think of you and your special day every year when the flower appears and they can use the pot to plant it for an indoor bulb. There are loads of ways you could use this idea, think of where you are from, eg Wales – Daffodills perhaps? England – the great British Strawberry etc!

What do you think???

Much love



Oh, and click the pdf image to get a heart shaped template, complete with the words Sow Me Grow Me Love Me…

Author: Victoria

21 thoughts on “Sow Me. Grow Me. Love Me.

  1. I have literally just sat down from hand-painting 40 little terracotta pots which now match my colour-scheme. Tomorrow once they are sealed I will plant a snow drop bulb. Fingers crossed they will grow and be in flower in time for my wedding in February!

  2. Lovely! I’d highly recommend getting a heart-shaped punch cutter (bought mine from ebay) as a more efficient alternative to cutting with scissors.

  3. @Pollyanna – this sounds fab! and snowdrops – what a lovely idea.

    @Liz – I had one of these from cox and cox but lost it, don’t think they sell them anymore – was yours from a particular ebay shop?

    Charlotte xxx

  4. Love these – they would really brighten up your tables! We do the seed packet favours at Pebble in the Pond – there are some lovely stories behind some of the herbs and flowers around love and marriage which we include on the label! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Look at you lot with your green fingers….

    Great idea though – also I love the way that vix has to put everything on her head…

    That gingham union jack style fabric is a killer too – would suite a summer garden party perfectly…


  6. Hi, this is a lovely idea and definitely something I will be looking into for my wedding. I was planning on doing a lot of DIY for my wedding day and just wondered for other bits that I am planning on doing where you get the letter transfers from? Finally just want to say I love your blog and enjoy reading and looking through all the lovely weddings you feature. Thanks, Joanna

  7. These are such sweet favours and a reception room would look lovely with one of these on every setting.

    The photos are awesome too, who took those beauties?

    DIY Friday is going from strength to strength guys!


  8. @Joanna – thanks so much for the sweet words!

    @Jenny – Thanks pet, it was me although I thought they were pretty terrible! the light was right in our faces the whole time and everything came out a bit orange…. 🙂

    Charlotte xxx

  9. Hello Ladies

    I love this idea! I am getting married on 1st April and have bought the daffodil bulbs to give as favours but I have just found some bulbs I have forgotten to plant this year and they havent survived, do you think I should plant my favours or will they keep until April, they arent even the mini variety! :s ?! xx

  10. Hi Fiona,
    We thought about giving the bulbs and a wee growing kit – bag of soil etc but planting spring should happen between now and the start of December so your guests wouldn’t be able to plant them until next year. Had you thought about giving seeds? These germinate faster so they can be taken home and sown straight away.

  11. Hi Pollyanna, thinking we will have to go with the seeds, will save any worry too about sprouting or dead bulbs! We are having daffodils on the tables, just hope they sprout and are ready on time! xx

  12. Hi guys. Love this idea! And also really appreciating the templates you have set up!

    I’m going for vodka jellies made to look like jam jars…. Because, why not?!? Ha ha getting everyone a bit drunk 😉

  13. Hi guys, I love this idea of giving a sort of interactive favour! I’m doing something similar for my favours. I’m making a little diy pouch to put some seeds in. I’m hoping I’ll be able to grow my own bouquet before the wedding and then I’ll use some more of the same seeds for the favours! fingers crossed! Good luck with all your green fingered activities girls!

  14. @ Abi – fab.u.lous!
    Vix – another great post – and you’re just tooooooo photogenic! Even with a flowerpot on your bonce :o)

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