Sow Me. Grow Me. Love Me.

Give the gift of plant life people!

So then, I was having a think about favours and how it would be a great idea to give the gift of a lovely flower of some sort…. and I came up with the idea of giving a bulb or seeds depending on the time of year you are getting married. For instance, this time of year would be great to give Daffodills, Tulips, Crocus, Hyacinths and if your having a Spring/Summer wedding why not give Strawberry Seeds or my (and Jenny’s) absolute FAVOURITE… Sunflower seeds??

For this example I have used Tulips but you can get some great deals on other bulbs this time of year from your local garden store.

You will need:

  1. A small or medium sized bucket ( I used Medium) 85p or a small plan pot 59p both from HobbyCraft
  2. Some bulbs – mine were £3.99 from Homebase for 10 bulbs
  3. Card / luggage tags – available from craft stores
  4. Some fabric and/or paper napkins
  5. Some ribbon / String
  6. Some transfer letters – available from craft stores

Step 1.

Make a label. I used simple brown card and cut out a heart shape (we have a downloadble template available at the end of the post if you like this idea) I then used letter transfers to write my words, you could use these as name places instead if you prefer to – use a hole punch for the ribbon to loop through.

Step 2.

Wrap a bulb or two depending on the size of your bucket in either some fabric or a napkin, the GB ones here are from tesco and they were really cheap for lots of them! You could use News print which would look great for a more rustic look.

Step 3.

Tie the ribbon around the bulbs and loop the tag in, then tie a bow.

Step 4.

Place the bundle into your chosen vessle and mess about with it to create the right height/ width that you require.

There you go! once your guests have sown and grown your bulb they will think of you and your special day every year when the flower appears and they can use the pot to plant it for an indoor bulb. There are loads of ways you could use this idea, think of where you are from, eg Wales – Daffodills perhaps? England – the great British Strawberry etc!

What do you think???

Much love



Oh, and click the pdf image to get a heart shaped template, complete with the words Sow Me Grow Me Love Me…