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Finishing Touches For Your Bridal Party {With PANDORA}

When it comes to finishing touches for the big day, you’re spoilt for choice with PANDORA. Their jewellery collections are great for both brides and bridesmaids. Today we’re sharing three of our favourite looks for you and your best girls, with hair styles and jewellery choices to perfectly compliment each dress. It’s not as simple as just adding a pair of earrings and a necklace – jewellery can really enhance an outfit and the style of your hair can completely change a look. But worry not, we’ve teamed up with PANDORA to bring you our guide to choosing the best jewellery to complete your look…prepare for some serious wedding hair goals!

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Win £200 To Spend On Jewellery At Astrid & Miyu

Following Connie’s gorgeous engagement shoot this morning – I thought we’d give you the chance to enter our competition again, just in case you missed it first time around…

Allow me to introduce you to jewellery brand Astrid & Miyu. I’ll begin with a quick warning, their pieces are highly addictive and once you’ve bought something from them, you will have to go back for more…

We discovered Astrid & Miyu as we’re featuring founder Connie’s wedding and we just knew that you stylish bunch would love their jewellery. I wore one of their chain rings and necklaces to a team meeting a few weeks ago and everyone commented on how pretty, dainty and sparkly the jewellery was. Compared to some of the more expensive jewellery lines out there, A&M is better made and looks far more luxe – a savvy investment 😉

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Golden Romance Collection from Liberty In Love

Liberty In Love are a brand that you really NEED to know about, if you didn’t already. They are an online boutique specialising in gorgeous hand picked bridal accessories from around the globe with customer service that’s second to none. We’ve worked with Siu at Liberty In Love for years now, and every year her collection of treasures just grows and grows to include lots of new designers, and the pieces just get more and more fabulous. The latest shoot showcasing the Golden Romance Collection from the stunning designers Siu stocks is simply gorgeous, the styling is spot on and will have you reconsidering your whole Bridal look, not just what accessories to wear 😉

Shopping for those finishing touches is the really exciting bit, less pressurised than finding ‘the one’ and somewhere you can let your personality and style shine through. There really is something at Liberty In Love for every Bride, from boho, to luxe, to vintage. Enjoy browsing lovelies and do let us know if you indulge in any wedding related retail therapy!

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Gorgeous Bridal Jewellery From De Beers

On your wedding day, the real star of the show (jewellery wise, of course) is not your engagement ring or even your wedding ring – it’s the other pieces of jewellery you chose to accessorise your dress. By the time your wedding day comes around, it’s highly likely that everyone will have seen your ring, and that your wedding bands have been chosen to match – and apart from the dress, we really want to see the other sparkles!!!

At RMW HQ we regularly coo over gorgeous jewellery. We love it when a Bride adds a spectacular necklace or cuff to her look. But we also love a delicate and dainty bracelet or a subtle pair of earrings that catch the light beautifully just as much. Creating your Bridal look is about so much more than the dress, so this morning we’re sharing some of our favourite Bridal Jewellery pieces from De Beers.

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The Morning of Your Wedding…

The day that has been years in the making finally arrives. You’ve worked hard at building your relationship to the point that you’re ready to commit your lives to one and other, never mind all of the work that has gone into planning and preparing for your wedding day! You’re surrounded by your Bridesmaids and family, hopefully with a glass of something bubbly close by. As your hair and make up starts to come together, you’re helped into the dress that makes you feel your most beautiful, and you put on your bridal jewellery and shoes, the emotions are ever building. Anticipation, excitement, overwhelming joy and maybe worry, stress, and nerves…

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A Greenery Filled Wedding In Association With De Beers

At RMW, we don’t really jump on board with trends as we like to think that a wedding day is a reflection of your tastes as a couple, rather than what’s ‘in’ at the time. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t really enjoy seeing gorgeous new styling ideas, and we are very much taken with the ‘botanical’ weddings we’ve seen of late. It’s all about greenery and foliage, rather than flowers and we love the fresh and crisp look this creates.

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All Decked Out.

When I landed upon the image of these neon beaded beauties below, I was instantly transported back to my earliest days at school sitting with my playmates stringing simple wooden beads onto coarse woollen strands to make what can be best described as a ‘dog’s dinner’ (read tragic mess).

Obviously the epic bangles and necklaces below are of a far higher quality than my juvenile attempts – I would so rock one of these neon bracelets.

Anyone else care to join me?

The point is however, and I think I speak for most of us when I say that, it’s clear, even from an early age, that we like to adorn ourselves with decorative paraphernalia. Heck, we’ve been tattooing, crowning, encircling, festooning and garlanding our bodies since time began and it’s not likely to stop any time soon either.

It’s not surprising then that there’s a plethora of beautiful bridal jewellery out there. If there’s a day when a woman feels most inclined to bedeck herself with charming adornments then it’s her wedding day.

And whilst there is an abundance of style in traditional pieces, I love how the parameters of what constitutes bridal ‘jewellery’ are now far more relaxed meaning that there really is something for everyone.

My own bridal jewellery journey began when my future mother-in-law handed me her late mother’s prized diamond earrings when the boy and I were first engaged.

They are beautiful. Utterly exquisite. I even got quite emotional when she handed them to me.

You see, it meant the world to me that she decided to share something that clearly means so much to her. And whilst my boy’s grandma can’t be with us on the day, she’ll certainly be there in (twinkling) spirit.

Despite my renowned magpie-like behaviour towards anything shiny, I don’t really go all out on the jewellery front. Granted there’s my engagement ring, a couple of gold bangles and my dainty golden feather necklace but that’s about it. I reckon therefore I can push the boat out on my wedding day, what do you think?

So what are you lovely lot wearing on your big day?

Will you be appropriating some family heirlooms or sporting something more contemporary?

Or are you blinded by the dazzling array available to you? Can I help?

Walk this way…

All That Glistens Is…Gold

I’ve been a fan of yellow gold jewellery ever since I was young but I’ve always been aware that it isn’t everyones’ top choice.

Some of my friends for instance find it a little gaudy.

So, I’m thrilled to see that yellow gold is making a comeback both in the bridal universe and on the fashion runways along with golden semi-precious stones such as Beryl.

The glitzy stuff is back with a vengeance, folks.

I love the versatility that gold gives to the wearer, be it delicate and pretty or gritty and proud. It’s also incredibly flattering on all skintones, offering up a warmth that only improves with age. There’s nothing better than popping to an antique jewellers and holding patinated pieces rich with memories.

Stacking golden rings and bracelets is one way of bringing this metal up to date if you’re worried it’s a little old-fashioned for you. The contrasts in the different pieces will make the metals both interesting and edgy.

Alternatively if this is a little intense then choosing a filigree piece is not only romantic but subtle enough so that you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Plus your nan would be proud.

Exotic Beauties

This concoction of images is a mixture of pieces that have their origins in or are influenced by tribal jewellery, nature and Eastern designs.

Like the moodboard above, many of these beautiful items possess a golden hue but it’s the shapes, patterns and the positioning of them on the body that really do the talking.

Looking at this bevvy of beauties, I can almost imagine myself on African Plains or in a Moroccan Souk which make these pieces perfect for those brides choosing to get married abroad.

More angular pieces look amazing with column bridal gowns and chainmail and leather accents are reminiscent of tribal dress. This look is all about impact!

We’ve also noticed jewellery taking inspiration from natural themes such as florals and botanics. No longer the preserve of bouquets and gorgeous centrepieces, sprawling flower-esque jewellery is popping up time and time again and is set to gain more momentum next year.

Innate Elegance

This look is all about taking the ‘best bits’ from bygone eras and combining it into a glorious mishmash of ultimate luxury.

Whilst vintage wedding styles have been leading the way sartorially, we’ve noticed this look is now also translating across to jewellery choices too.

Think of the geometric patterns of costume jewellery and the long strings of lustrous pearls of the Art Deco era together with the subtle 1950‘s elegance of Grace Kelly’s classic style and the glamour of old Hollywood movie stars.

For some reason I always envisage brides who opt for this kind of jewellery in swishing gowns of lace….but it doesn’t mean that you have to go down this route. Pearls and diamonds do tend predominate here though.

This look is feminine and subtle. Less is more and wearing more than two pieces is often too much. A beautifully crafted necklace, or a single brooch of sparkling round cut diamonds is what this look is all about.

Granted, choosing this ‘look’ can be less budget-friendly than some of the other styles pictured here but investing in key pieces of valuable jewellery means that you have something to treasure forever and pass on to your children and perhaps theirs too.

Colour Pop

I think I first fell in love with colourful bridal jewellery when I saw Emily’s beautiful sapphire-coloured blue earrings earlier this year.

In fact, I was more than a little bit smitten with them.

They framed her gorgeous face perfectly whilst bringing her whole bridal look smack bang up to date to the 21st century. It was at this point that I was determined to give coloured jewels a chance and I haven’t looked back.

And I’m not the only one.

From opals to tourmalines and from amethysts to moukite, semi-precious stones are gracing the necks, ears and fingers of huge numbers of brides this year. THE hot colour of the moment, the current hue to be seen in though, is…wait for it…coral.

Here at RMW HQ we’ve seen everything from coral-coloured necklaces to coral bracelets and rings on both brides and bridesmaids alike. This hue looks fantastic on all skin types, is utterly romantic and often slips seamlessly into most colour schemes.

If you can afford to stretch the budget that little bit further, then can I suggest coloured diamonds. My favourite hue are champagne coloured diamonds – rather apt for a bride on her wedding day, no?

Alternatively, you could leave this blog post open at this point and cough suggestively at your fiancé whilst tilting your head at said computer screen before you leave the room on an ‘errand’.

What? You’re helping him with his wedding present to you aren’t you?

Make A Statement

Bold and chunky jewellery continues to feature strongly in bridal jewellery thus continuing the trend of the last two years.

Hurray! The RMW Team (yes, even Mr Gossip Girl) loves a bit of statement action on modern brides. We are however seeing more of a pared down approach compared to previous years.

Ladies, we’re talking bib necklaces and shoulder-sweeping gemstone earrings, wide cuffs and hefty cocktail rings all crafted from bold materials and striking colours. I love brides who have chosen to travel this adventurous route, it absolutely reeks of confidence and luxury.

A note of caution however. This look tends to work best on those brides that have chosen a simpler dress. Gowns already covered in pearls, sequins or other twinkly bits are statement pieces in their own right. Adding too much jewellery on top can make one look like an overdressed turkey and we wouldn’t want that would we…

Of the pieces shown here, the bib necklace and the cocktail rings are my favourite – particularly big and bold pearls around swanlike necks.

I wouldn’t have imagined that a chunky necklace would ‘work’ with a strapless dress before I actually saw it.

But it so does.

Sparkling gems also top my list too – the bigger and more colourful, the better.

Which of these looks are your favourite, if any?

I’m still toying with the idea of wearing a gold locket with a really long chain. Do you think I should go for it?

Who else is going to rock a statement bib necklace or chandelier earrings on their big day?

All my love Lolly xxx

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Not On The High Street Pretty…

NotOnTheHighStreet.com have been sponsors of Rock My Wedding for sometime now… and we kinda think thats a perfect fit. Being all about making your wedding your way, we like to find quirky unique bits and pieces you can use to stamp some personal style on your day – where else can you find that than NOTHS?

Of course, it’s well known that NOTHS have a vast selection of the things that every bride needs – decorative letters, signs, bunting and there are extra specially different versions of these as well as the standard ‘wedding’ fare.

But I’d venture to say that there are a whole lot of savvy brides out there who perhaps haven’t thought a little harder about what NOTHS can provide for your wedding, so I thought today we could share some ideas of things to look for here 🙂

Jewels and Gifts

One of the hardest things to shop for for my wedding? Gifts. NOTHS has a massive range of (non-cheesy!) personalised items that make fantastic thank you gifts for your girls. There’s also handcrafted jewellery from brides wanting to take a step away from the traditional string of pearls.. but you know what? They have those too!

Personalised Initial Charm Bangle – Lily Belle

Flower Ring – Posh Totty

Cascading Earrings – Mia Belle

Modern Traditionals

I searched high and low for a garter for my wedding… I wasn’t really the garter type, but I thought, why not, I’ll just put it on later. Cue weeks of searching for something that didn’t look like cheap synthetic nastiness and an eventual purchase of a very simple organza affair. Whenever I see modern or vintage looking pretty garters now, I always think it’s worthwhile noting them down and NOTHS has several different designs from different sellers.

Garters – A Alicia

Keep Things Close to hand

Not every bride has a bag but for those that feel they need to have all their little bits and pieces to hand it can be invaluable. Looking back, I probably should have had one, rather than ask my mum for my lipstick whenever I needed it! Not only useful they can be another way of tying in your theme – I love this cute knitted one for a winter wedding or for the fifties bride how about this pop of patent red colour?

Knitted Clutch – Close Your Eyes Hold Out Your Hand

Red Patent Clutch – Peony and Moore

Evie Satin Clutch – Vicky Riley

Flower Corsage – LuLLiLu

Florals minus the Flowers

Not everyone is all about the flowers but finding good handcrafted alternatives if you haven’t the time or inclination to make your own can be tricky. These simple cotton buttonholes and corsages come in a range of colours to work with your style and will last for ever as a keepsake.

Cotton Buttonhole – A Alicia

Wrist Corsage – A Alicia

All the Little Extras

And I bet you never thought to look for underwear on NOTHS? All the (literally) little things are covered with beautiful and super pretty lingerie sets, handmade corsets and even the wee ones get a look in with unique flower girl dresses.

Silk Corset – Love by Susie

Cream Net Flower Girl Dress – Their Nibs

Blue Silk Bra (Matching knickers available) – Loulou Loves You

Sharing your Unique Style

And If you thought all that was good, what about this… The NOTHS Wedding list. Forget towels, sheets and bins and add some personality to your list by choosing fun, practical and stylish gifts. Homeware is all catered for, with even furniture, lighting, garden and kitchen items so you needn’t miss out and your guests get the advantage of being able to buy something you will really love.

So head on over to NOTHS for what I think could turn out to be a very productive shopping spree and hopefully might just tick off the list some of those outstanding items you’ve been searching for.

But before you do – do drop us a comment below and tell us if you have bought something from NOTHS for your wedding AND if there’s anything you’re still really struggling to find and we’ll see if the might of the RMW community can help 😉

Yours Truly,


NOTHS are Rock My Wedding Sponsors and this is a sponsored post.

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We Have Plenty Of Pretty To Give Away…..for like FREE!!!!

You may or may not remember this beautiful little lady from last summer when we posted her wedding on RMW, I think you’ll agree that bride Becky was cute as a button in her gorgeous grecian gown, flawless make-up and DELICIOUS headpiece.

And it’s the headpiece we’re particuarly interested in today lovelies as Rosie Willett, designer of said piece of pretty is giving away all sorts of similar items to Rock My Wedding readers for FREE.

Yup that’s right folks, we’re sharing the love and the generosity this Tuesday morning as we figured a) it’s probably cold and miserable outside b) not everyone has the extra budget for accessories c) we’re nice like that….

Rosie Willett: “Rosie Willett Designs offers an exclusive collection of headpieces and jewellery for the fashion conscious bride. Our ranges include romantic, vintage, classic and contemporary styles, all individually hand crafted by the designer in the finest silks and laces with Swarovski crystal, pearl and diamante.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new ballet-inspired collection ‘Tutu’ which is available through our online boutique and selected stockists”

And what is it we have to give away I hear you ask?

Well then, lots and LOTS…..

1st prize : Any headpiece and coordinating jewellery set from Rosie Willett Designs

2nd prize: Any jewellery set from Rosie Willett Designs

3rd prize: Any necklace from Rosie Willett Designs

And if you’ve already bought your bridal adornments how about the perfect addition to your maids outfit or a special gift for MOB? It’s not just the Tutu collection you can chose from either, it’s any headpiece/jewellery set from Rosie Willett Designs including any one of the current four bestsellers :

We suggest you hot foot it right on over to Rosie’s website, have a good old nosey and comment below with what it is you would love to win and why. We’ll then pick 3 lucky winners out of the blue polka dot hat by Sunday evening.

Lots of love and luck you gorgeous lot you.

Big Make Mine A Charlotte Love

Charlotte! xxx