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The Morning Of The Wedding

The morning of your wedding is such an exciting time. All the emotions, all of them. It’s not unusual to be feeling everything from nervous to unbelievably happy and pretty much everything in between. I know I did.

I woke up super early feeling nervous but happy and tiptoed round the house waiting for my mum and sisters to wake up. It was actually quite nice having those few moments to myself to take in the fact that I was getting married that day. Eeeek.

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Be My Bridesmaid?

Once you’ve chosen your Bridesmaids, the wedding planning fun can really begin. Hopefully you’ve picked the girls who will help make your Pinterest dreams a reality, the ones who will make you laugh when Wedmin feels overwhelming, the ones who can talk you out of a Bridezilla moment, and who will listen and advise when there are difficult decisions to be made over inevitable family dramas.