Danielle And Scott Rock My Wedding Real Bride And Groom 2015

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Danielle & Scott: The Beauty Regime.


Hello RMW lovelies!

I’m having slight palpitations that it is OCTOBER and 2014 is almost over…since we’ve sorted out quite a lot of the ‘big ticket items’ (ie the ones that will actually allow us to get married at the end of the day), we’re on a bit of a relaxed, go-slow at the moment, which is nice.

I have to admit though, I am itching to get into some DIY projects (and if it can involve all the glitter, I will be all the happier for it. I am quite the glitter fiend – in fact, one happy night I covered an entire very popular club in the stuff. I’m sure I was everyone’s favourite person the next day when they woke up with it on their sheets…and clothes…and curtains…and, well, everywhere. Sorry Glasgow!)

That being said, I have sourced my hair and make-up artists! I spent SO long looking through different portfolios, facebook accounts, instagrams and poring over blogs that they had been featured in to work out which ones seemed most ‘me’, and I’m really excited to have found Carol-Anne Armstrong and Sharon Roberts.