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D.I.Y. Friday… The Tin Can Wedding Car.


During our recent inspiration shoot A Sunshine State Of Mind, whilst Charlotte and Lauren were deliberating over dresses, flouncing about with florals and getting all creative with cake I was around the corner getting down and dirty with a bit of D.I.Y.


We love the retro kitsch and cute idea of a tin can send off for the bride and groom and if it’s good enough for Kate and Wills then it’s good enough for us.

This is a really simple D.I.Y project that only requires some string or strong wool… A bit of sneaky cutting and sticking action and one swift whack with a hammer and nail (mind those fingers folks).

You don’t even need to stress out over the designs as I have been super fantastic and done some tin can designs in pastel shades that you can download, print out and then modify with a Sharpie. I’m nice like that.

All the downloads can be found at the end of this post.


So, all you do is print out the designs you want to use and then cut them out with some scissors or a craft knife. Wrap the label around a standard tin of beans (eat the beans first) and stick in place with some strong adhesive suitable for paper. In my experience pritt stick ain’t gonna cut it and those tins will be all kinds of naked again before you know it.


That’s the fiddley part over – now it’s time to get smash happy with a hammer. Turn the can upside down and place a long nail (I’m talking woodwork here not your french manicure) in the centre of the tins base. Introduce hammer to nail with a satisfying wallop and hey presto… hole in can.

You can see now why it’s important to have eaten all the beans.


Thread your string or strong wool through the bottom of the tin and tie it off so that you’ve got a tin on a string.

At this point you might want to connect another tin can to the other end of the string and do that telephone thing where you talk into one tin can and your best friend or dad listens to the other tin can and tries to hear what you are saying, this is by no means essential.


We are very nearly there now – looking pretty good aren’t they?

One last thing. Remember what I said at the beginning of the post about modifying the finished result with a Sharpie? Well, firstly other brands of marker pen are available (but not endorsed by David Beckham so who cares about those ones?) But secondly… This is what I meant by modification…


You can write names or messages onto the labels to personalise them – You can write anything you like but on the Tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G design it’s really only going to work with names.

So that’s it folks – all that is left to do is tie them on to your bride and grooms vehicle of choice.

Here is the finished product in our “A Sunshine State Of Mind” shoot where we mixed the concept up a little bit by attaching the cans onto the back of a caravan.



And now for the lovely artwork – feel free to download these bad boys for your own personal use. They are absolutely free and are my gift to you because you are such a beautiful person and you deserve these paper pretties in your life. Just click the image below and you’ll download a pdf containing all the designs in all colours.



They should print perfectly onto A4 and when cut out should fit a standard tin-o-beans like a little beanie tin glove.

We know you guys love a download – my DIY compact disc sleeve design that you can make from a single sheet of A4 paper has been downloaded over ten thousand times now! If you fancy having a go at that too then you can see the full post with instructions and download here.

Let me know how you get on!