Gold Bridesmaids Dresses

Gold Bridesmaids Dresses Banqueting Hall Wedding Helsinki BHLDN Shoes Ben Wetherall Photography
Gold Bridesmaids Dresses Banqueting Hall Wedding Helsinki BHLDN Shoes Ben Wetherall Photography
Gold Bridesmaids Dresses Banqueting Hall Wedding Helsinki BHLDN Shoes Ben Wetherall Photography
Gold Bridesmaids Dresses Banqueting Hall Wedding Helsinki BHLDN Shoes Ben Wetherall Photography
Gold Bridesmaids Dresses Banqueting Hall Wedding Helsinki BHLDN Shoes Ben Wetherall Photography
Gold Bridesmaids Dresses Banqueting Hall Wedding Helsinki BHLDN Shoes Ben Wetherall Photography
Gold Bridesmaids Dresses Banqueting Hall Wedding Helsinki BHLDN Shoes Ben Wetherall Photography
Gold Bridesmaids Dresses Banqueting Hall Wedding Helsinki BHLDN Shoes Ben Wetherall Photography
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Nat & Alex

A lovely light-filled wedding for your Sunday afternoon! Yesterday we visited British waters with a coastal affair in Whitstable and this afternoon we’re swooning over Finnish shores.

Nat & Alex had a glamorous and contemporary wedding in a gorgeous banqueting hall which they filled with subtle nautical and travel inspired decor. Nat looks like a supermodel in her 50s style bespoke gown, oh to have long legs! And we love the Bridesmaids in metallic and nude shades too, they compliment the pretty blooms perfectly.

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Kate & Boyd

Ohhh how lovely is it to see some sunflowers?! They just look so vibrant and colourful – they added the perfect touch of yellow to Kate & Boyd’s wet summer wedding. And the weather didn’t stop anyone from smiling all day long, probably because of those sunflowers 😉

Packington Moor looks like a lovely place to get married, the exposed bricks and beams are right up our street and we love that Kate just added some white linen, colourful blooms and fairy lights to create a stunning reception space. As she says, Packington Moor is already a gorgeous space in it’s own right.

This is a rustic farm wedding at it’s very best, relaxed and laid back but with lots of pretty details. And there are loads of DIY ideas to copy – the table plan is SO pretty, but amazingly easy to recreate. Enjoy!

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Les Demoiselles.

Bridesmaids Fashion Inspiration Post

It seemed only five minutes ago that I was writing this piece about bridesmaid trends and sartorial advice for your big day.

How time flies eh?

Given that it’s been nearly a year since the aforementioned blogpost, I thought it was about time that I sat down and shared my latest musings about the hottest and most popular bridesmaids’ looks for 2013 and beyond.

Mismatched maids and ombre colour palettes are still ruling the roost but we’re also seeing the emergence of some new trends too and this makes me happy. The more choice that you lovely ladies have the better in my opinion. After all it’s all about having your day your way.

I’d love to hear what you girls think. Will your maids be channelling any of these looks on your big day? Perhaps you’re in a bridesmaid fashion rut – maybe I can help…

Let’s get cracking then.

Coral Crush

Poppy, blush, peach, the faintest tinge of tangerine all the way through to apricot – the coral crush palette is so versatile that it can be interpreted in so many ways. And girls, right now, this is the colour of the moment both on and off the catwalk.

It’s modern, it’s slick and coral toned frocks will sure as hell pop against your ivory hued gown. Admittedly some of your girls might be a little intimidated by the vibrancy of this shade but there’s no need to fear. For you see this is a trend that harmonises perfectly with the ombre effect so beloved of last year.

Coral Blush Pink Bridesmaid Dresses Palette

Fair headed ladies look their optimum best in lighter tones – blush pinks and the palest corals, whereas girls with darker manes are able to carry off the more intense hues too. I’d also recommend keeping footwear neutral but if you fancy vamping it up then metallic tones are the way to go.

Of the maids that I’ve seen sporting this look, I’ve noticed that their bouquets have been kept discreet and have been composed of white, ivory and and blush tones. I’d really love to see a coral crush girl with a blousey posy of the pinkest peonies – there’s nothing quite like a colour clash to make a statement now is there…

Chic And Sweet

I’m actually delighted to see that modern day brides no longer succumb to the fear that their best girls will outshine them on their big day. Instead we’ve seen a whole heap of gorgeous maids in chic frocks that wouldn’t be out of place at a cocktail party.

And why the hell not.

This particular style looks most effective in a monochrome colourway – be it the softest ebony or the starkest ivories but there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work in navy or hunter green if you wanted to introduce a bit of colour.

Contemporary Chic Bridesmaid Dresses

This particular style looks most effective in a monochrome colourway – be it the softest ebony or the starkest ivories but there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work in navy or hunter green if you wanted to introduce a bit of colour.

‘Chic and Sweet’ looks just as effective in longer lengths as well as with knee length frocks; the look is minimal with the barest of accessories and compact florals. The beauty look should be polished with dewy complexions and longer hair is best swept up into chic tousled chignons. Finish off with a dash of pillar box red lippy.

Using monochromatic shades is not only incredibly flattering but is a surefire way to imbue your day with a distinctly modern edge too. Perfect for those brides hosting a contemporary city soiree through to the most luxurious cocktail extravanganzas.

Hot Metal

My favourite…can you tell?

It’s sassy, it’s flirty, it’s like having several human glitterballs at your side for the whole of your big day but my golly it’s fun.

Sequins seem to be the order of the day lately; even the high street seems to be falling over itself to nab a slice of the action and the French Connection dress at the bottom here is proof that they can do it well. This can only be a good thing if you’re a bride (or bridesmaid) that doesn’t want to venture down the traditional maid sartorial path.

Metallic gold silver sequinned Bridesmaid Dresses

Perfect for Christmas or Winter weddings (it’s party season after all) but there’s no reason why you couldn’t sport the glitzy look at other times of the year either. Hot Metal looks best utilising the mismatched trend too – it adds variety and prevents your maids looking like one blocky wall of sparkle.

I particularly love the mixed up metallic pencil skirts with the lace blouses in the middle – it shouldn’t sound like it should work but it looks immense.

Sorbet Shades

Sorbet Shades is a slight variation on last year’s Bohemian Rhapsody style in that colour has made its way into this particular trend albeit subtly.

We’re talking lemon yellows, blush pinks, creamy caramels and tantalizing taupes; ‘Sorbet Shades’ is the ultimate in feminine. This look works best with longer gowns although shorter frocks can be beautiful too. A truly successful ‘Sorbet Shades’ maid is one that is decked out in a gauzy fabric that flutters in the wind.

Sorbet Shades Peach, Lemon, Blue, Lime Bridesmaid Dresses Neutral

The beauty of this bohemian inspired trend is that it caters for everyone – be it body shapes or colourings – since its effectiveness lies in variety. Different prints, hues, lengths and styles; there really aren’t any rules.

Accessorise with plenty of blooms – floral crowns look wonderful on Sorbet maids as do clutches of unruly foliage and wild flowers. I also love the pairing of the silk frock at the top here with the orange leather belt so don’t be afraid to make your ultra girly frock that bit edgier with some well chosen accessories.

So what’s your favourite?

Are there any maids’ trends that you simply can’t stand?

Are you a bridesmaid that’s going to be sporting one of these looks later this year? I’m lucky enough to be a ‘Chic and Sweet’ maid later this year on New Year’s Eve no less!

Excited doesn’t even begin to cover it.

All my love Lolly xxx

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A Sweet Disposition…..Part 1

I think Kayi is one of the most stylish and staight talking brides we’ve ever featured, from her cute as a button head piece to the tips of her Vivienne Westwood clad toes, this lady exudes cool.

Love/Lust List member Lee Robbins was the photographer that captured all the details, including one of my most favourite bouquet shots ever (on top of the oven hob – there is just something so beautifully random and simplistic about it…)

Kayi and Nev were married at Bluntswood Hall in a gorgeous fusion of Chinese and western cultures.


A Quirky Touch

My fabulous hairdresser, Misook from Hair and Jerome, by Spitalfields in London, did my hair and make-up for me. We had two enlightening hair trials to decide on the style I wanted a few weeks before the big day. I had it in my head that I wanted a big bun, but with a quirky touch. After being tousled and back combed to within an inch of my life, Misook created the exact look I wanted. She has been my hairdresser for years, so knows my hair and what I like, I knew she wouldn’t let me down, she’s uber talented.

For the make-up, I booked myself in for a MAC makeover at Selfridges and decided on the colours and finish I wanted, subtle eyes with bright red lips, which suited the overall look I was trying to achieve. It worked perfectly. On the day, Misook spent hours recreating that look, making it even better than it did before. Both hair and make-up stayed put until I went to bed at 3.30am, amazing! She was, as ever, brilliant!

The All Nighters

Because I had a short dress, it was important that I got the shoes just right. I considered brightly coloured ones, thinking that a blue pair would cover my “something blue”, but then I discovered the Vivienne Westwood “Melissa” Lady Dragon shoes and the decision was made, the smell alone was reason enough to buy them. I spent a lot of the day making people smell my shoes, probably not a good look for a bride haha!

They went perfectly with my dress and they were nice and comfy, I can’t wear heels for too long usually, because they cripple me, but I wore these all day without any problems. I did have some cute Carvela flats to change into for later though, which meant I could storm the dance floor towards the end of the night in comfort.

Falling In Love

I always knew that I was going to get married in a short dress, even before I’d found my husband-to -be. Sometimes I like to be a little bit different, a break from the norm. I think it would’ve been more of a surprise to those who know me if I’d rocked up in a long dress and besides, looking back, I think my dress suited my venue royally. It was really comfortable and I was able to rustle those tiers and dance freely all night.

Not long after I got engaged, I visited a wedding shop near to where one of my bridesmaids lives and tried on various styles to see what I thought would suit me, but not one of them had the wow factor. A few months later, I thought I’d resume my search and try to find something at a wedding fayre, that way I didn’t have to traipse around lots of different shops. So, with my bridesmaids in tow, the search began again. I’d already seen a gorgeous ankle length dress by Justin Alexander on lots of wedding blogs and thought that I’d found the one I was looking for, but when I tried it on, it just looked awful on me. I tried this dress because it was the closest short dress to the changing room, just to see if the length suited me. It didn’t look like much on the hanger, but when I put it on, I fell in love and felt very emotional. You always hear how brides know when it’s “the one”, but I always thought it was a myth. It came as a total surprise to me when I started welling up, I had to have this dress. It was a new season dress when I bought it and this stall’s store was based in South West London, which didn’t work for me logistically, so after a few phone calls, I found Sabrina at Xquisite Bridal in Leighton Buzzard.

Coincidentally, they were having a pre-season showcase of Justin Alexander dresses the following week and my dress was part of that, it was definitely meant to be. So off I went to put down the deposit. Sabrina was fab, such a lovely, enthusiastic lady, with a fab boutique store. I was lucky, I think I only tried six dresses on in total, once I’d found my dress, I didn’t look at any more – I was sold.

Golden Delicious

My bridesmaids and I scoured various websites and high street stores for gold dresses to go with the gold theme. I wanted them to wear something that they could wear again, so didn’t want a traditional “bridesmaidy” dress. It took a while to find something, because my bridesmaids have quite distinct differing styles, also there wasn’t a lot of gold out there when we first started looking, but I chanced upon these gorgeous Moschino dresses from an online store, I ended up buying the last two they had in stock, which was lucky.

They were made of silk and had tiers which matched my dress perfectly. I was so pleased when both of them tried them on and a) they fitted, and b) they liked them. I think they both looked amazing in them on the day. Apart from a green and gold Swarovski bracelet, that I gave them as gifts, I wanted them to accessorise themselves, because they both have very different, stylish personalities and I wanted them to shine through.

Cheap And Chic

Flowers were never high on my agenda, I couldn’t get my head around spending hundreds of pounds on something, I was sure, could be recreated for a lot less money by myself and my super creative bridesmaid, Clydie. So, the day before the wedding, we went to a few supermarkets near where I live and picked up some tulips, stocks and other cheap, but lovely, flowers for the table centres and venue decoration. Clydie used the jars I’d collected and arranged these beautifully; I was so pleased with them. We also found a hydrangea plant, which had the most amazing blue flowers, which we used for the bouquets. To make mine, she joined two of the heads together to make a heart shape and added a couple of orchids, finishing them off by tying some red with white polka dot ribbon around the stems to match my lipstick and nail varnish – amazing! The bridesmaids had smaller versions, with green with white polka dot ribbon to match the green theme we had for the day. I don’t think I would’ve wanted anything different, it all looked fabulous and was cheap as chips.

Figuring it would take too long for us to try to put 11 buttonholes together, I sourced them from a local florist in St Albans. They also created some gorgeous corsages for mine and Nev’s mums, but due to the crazy rush on the day, these somehow got misplaced and they never ended up wearing them, which was very annoying when I found out afterwards, but, to be honest, I didn’t even notice on the day.

Simple But Effective

Thankfully, my dress came with a matching hair piece, so I didn’t need to look for one myself. I don’t know how I’d ever have found something, because there is just far too much choice out there.

My hair piece had a matching brooch to the one on my dress and some netting, which we couldn’t work out how to place, it just looked odd, so in the end, I just sewed the ends in to make it look like a big puffball, to match the big bun in my hair, which I loved.
I wanted to carry through the diamante theme from my dress, but didn’t want anything too over-the-top-bling, so my mum and dad bought me a gorgeous diamond pendant and diamond bracelet from Hong Kong, which I love and will keep forever. My Auntie Sharon also bought me some beautiful diamond stud earrings, which completed the look. Simple, but effective.

For my “something old”, my bridesmaid Devonne, bought me a lovely vintage handbag to carry my essentials in. It was a lovely sequined number which matched everything perfectly.

A Celtic Influence

Nev had two best men and three ushers. His best men wore the same kilt as Nev, along with a white shirt and gold cravat. We wanted to give the rest of the guys in the bridal party the option of wearing the same kilt or a grey suit with gold tie. We weren’t too fussed about everyone matching completely. As it turned out, the balance worked out well and they all looked very handsome on the day.

Although Nev is Irish, he lived in Scotland for a long time and has been to a lot of Scottish weddings, where he has had to wear a kilt, which he thought looked really smart, so he decided early on that he wanted to do the same for our big day. He chose the “grey spirit” kilt from Tux N Tails in St Albans, with an ivory cravat and white shirt. I think he looked gorgeous, but admittedly, I’d already seen him in his outfit before the day so knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Brides Gown – Justin Alexander at Xquisite Bridal

Hair – Misook from Hair and Jerome

Brides Shoes – Vivienne Westwood

Venue – Bluntswood Hall

Grooms Kilt – Tux N Tails

Photographer –Robbins Photographic

Well if you had legs like that you just would wouldn’t you?

And the bouquet’s red ribbon matching Kayi’s lipstick?

Love that.

Big Fusion Love

Charlotte xxx