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The Heart Asks Pleasure First.

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day.

Jodie and Donnie’s super luxe black tie affair in Yorkshire is the perfect soiree on which to end my real wedding adventures of 2013; yep folks this will be the last wedding I’ll be blogging this year though you can bet your bottom dollar we’ve got some corkers for you coming up next year.

And it is luxe; filled to the brim with beautiful details and exquisite tailoring which isn’t surprising given that Jodie is the editor of MR PORTER – a men’s style site that oozes sophistication for the savvy men in your life and Donnie is a session guitarist with the twinkliest eyes I ever did see.

They married in Jodie’s childhood back garden near the moors in Northern Yorkshire under a huge oak tree. I know, I almost died from delight when I first saw the photos…but wait it gets better.

Jodie was lucky enough to have a pair of gorgeous dusty pink organza floral sandals by Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti specially made for her when they’d sold out EVERYWHERE. Not only that but she also wore a custom veil to match her golden hued dress; how special is that!

I also adore the escort card Dinky car idea that Jodie created and the fact that they had a passage from Wuthering Heights read out during their ceremony – possibly one of my favourite books ever.

Oh and then there’s the escapade involving Jodie’s dad, a shotgun and a balloon.

Total legend.

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0001

Love On The Moors

Jodie The Bride: Like most little girls who have spent an incomprehensible amount of time imagining their wedding day, I had always had a particular setting in mind. For years I had envisaged a candle-lit, crumbling castle in some remote and other-worldly enclave of deepest, darkest Scotland – a Macbeth style setting of bracing winds, roaring fires and kilted hunks. The reality was though that once Donnie had proposed on the Yorkshire moors above my childhood village, only one setting really felt right, both sentimentally and logistically. Home.

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0002

Right from the start of us going out, Donnie fell in love with the cottage and it’s sprawling gardens and I obviously had a whole lifetime of memories there, so it just felt right. Mid-way between our home in East London and where we had met in Glasgow, it was also the place my sister had got married almost 18 years earlier. I wanted to make sure we did it a little differently for those that would be there the second time around, so we settled on the reception in a tipi in the main garden (rather ambitious considering Yorkshire weather) and a self-penned ceremony under the big oak tree my brother and I had climbed in and made a swing on as kids.

No Fuss Or Frills

Working in the fashion and beauty industry for almost 12 years, I had very set ideas about what type of wedding hair I liked (and perhaps more pertinently – disliked). I didn’t want anything too tricksy or ‘done’. No fuss or frills. I’m a lucky girl when it comes to the company I keep in the beauty world, so my hair and make-up was kindly done by two really good friends and amazing professionals – make-up artist Niamh Quinn and session stylist Zoe Irwin.

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0003

For hair – I referenced a few pictures of Grace Kelly – in particular one I found on the Internet of her with Audrey Hepburn before an awards ceremony. I loved the simplicity of it – in shape and style and the way it presented her neck. I knew that it would give the full-length veil I wanted a really good drape. Overall I hoped to look completely timeless.

Make-up was really focused on the clarity and radiance of the skin, something Niamh is known for and spent the most time on. We had a couple of trials and ended up going for a very simple black eye shadow line on the lid and a deep rose colour on the lip- Laura Mercier Crème Smooth in Pink Dusk. She also introduced me to a very cheap yet brilliant new mascara – Colossal Volum Express by Maybelline – it’s brilliant! We added a little extra volume at the edges with a few Eyelure lash inserts.

It Fitted Like A Glove

Amazingly, I found my dress on the first day of dress hunting – a strangely common story amongst brides I hear. It was the second appointment of the day and I knew as soon as I put it on – mainly because of the look my mum and best friend Nicole had on their faces as I stepped out of the dressing room. Unfortunately I had just bought another dress by Manuel Mota on a whim at a Pronovias sample sale (never go to a sample sale for your first try-on’s is all I can say) so had the slight issue of having to sell that one off as soon as I got home.

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0004

My second – and final – ‘one’ was by the Australian designer Justin Alexander – someone I hadn’t heard of, as I had never really investigated any bridal designers before. I chose by how it looked and felt- rather than who it was by. For years I had envisaged wearing something devastating by Oscar de la Renta or Valentino, but the reality was they were either a) too expensive or b) didn’t suit me- or a combination of both. This dress fitted like a glove and really complemented my shape – pinching in and flowing out at all the right moments. I bought it from Angelica Bridal in Islington, London.

Custom Made

The veil- THE VEIL! I really surprised myself by deciding to wear a long veil (or Chapel length I quickly learnt was the proper name). The only issue I had was matching the colour of my dress (which was a quite unusual pale gold) to the tulle of the veil, as all those I tried seemed too white. I also wanted to it to be super soft silk tulle so it draped nicely and wasn’t too crisp. After a very long search I found the lovely Nicola at Halo & Co who blew me away by making the veil for me bespoke – matching the colour and the exact same lace of my dress by acquiring it from the designer.

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0005

It was stunning and I adored wearing it- even more so because of the work it took to get it. The shoes were another project. I had seen a picture on Pinterest of these gorgeous dusty pink organza floral sandals by Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti – but discovered that they were no longer in production. A few emails between some fortunately connected fashion friends resulted in the brand making them for me especially, which made wearing them on the day so much sweeter. They now take pride of place on my dressing table. I bought my crystal earrings from Kenneth Jay Zane at Net-a-Porter. At night I wore a feathered cream cape I found at Annie’s in Angel, London.

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0006

Shades Of Grey

I had five bridesmaids; my sister, three great friends from university and my oldest friend from the village we married in, Sarah. I never liked the idea of them all wearing the same dress, so I tasked them with finding their own with the brief of ‘long, timeless and in either greys or shades of grey and blue’. The process was actually pretty painless, as they all found their dresses within a few weeks of each other- apart from my sister who bought about six in total and wore two on the day – both by David Meister. Sarah’s was from made to order from Dessy, Nicole’s from BCBG, Baseera’s from Mignon at Bloomingdales (the US sites have so much selection due to their proms) and Mhairi’s from J.Crew.

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0007

Donnie’s outfit received a lot of my time and attention. Having worked in menswear for years I wanted to make sure both he and my dad looked like Hollywood icons! Donnie’s midnight blue mohair tuxedo was by Valentino – bought from MR PORTER. His shoes and bow tie were by Lanvin, and his shirt by Spencer Hart. Dad’s tuxedo was by Gucci, his shirt Turnbull & Asser and his shoes Grenson. I think they did me proud. My two gorgeous nephews wore tuxedos from Zara and J.Crew.

Something Different

We are at the age when friends are marrying- so in the last few years we had spent a lot of time in ‘vintage’ themed surroundings. Whilst I think this is beautiful, by the time we came to planning our wedding I felt I was after something else. Something fresh whilst being appropriate to the countryside. I’ve always loved the way Americans do weddings- all the details and little personal touches, so I was addicted to Martha Stewart’s website and magazine for DIY ideas and inspiration throughout all the planning.

To get little parts of Donnie – a total motorhead- into the décor, I sourced around a hundred 1960s and 70s Dinky cars on Ebay, sprayed them white and tied little escort cards on the wheels. This served as a table plan as such. I focused on a couple of colours and shades as a theme, but tried hard not to make it too matchy and just choose stuff I liked.

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0008

Grey seemed classic and pretty against the pale pinks of the flowers, and white always looks beautiful, whether its rain or shine. I used a grey silk chiffon as the table runners- bought on a big roll, cut loosely and draped a little to give some texture.

I sourced square crockery and brought this up from London, via the wonderful Daniela at Classic Crockery who has a lovely selection of XVII style ceramics for hire, as well as a huge archive of lace napkins and cut glassware.

Pinks And Pale Greens

I didn’t really consider the seasonal issues that would arise with flowers by having the wedding in the middle of September so I was pretty disappointed to learn that peonies and ranunculus would be out of season as I had always envisaged them in my bouquet. In the end though it really didn’t matter. I saw a picture of Blake Lively’s bouquet from her wedding to Ryan Reynolds and thought – that’s what I want.

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0009

The absolutely stunning floral designs on both the tables and bouquets were created by the gorgeous Wendy and her team at The Hedgerow, Threshfield. My bouquet was full of lovely washed out tones of pinks and pale greens using garden roses, dusty miller, pink jasmine and dusky protea, bound with a piece of pale double-sided velvet from VV Rouleaux in London.

The bridesmaids had mini versions of the same, bound with cream lace from Hobby Lobby. On the tables, our florist used my home props – funny little odds and ends plus a few of her own ornaments to create some beautiful rambling centre pieces using marble busts, books, terrariums, antique mirrors and bell jars.

Short And Sweet

With neither of us being religious, we decided to avoid churches and any religious readings in the ceremony. We had married legally 2 days prior, so that also meant we didn’t need any of the legal vows either. Instead we kept the ceremony short, silly and sweet by getting our Irish friend Eoin to conduct it, who had known us as a couple since we first met. We married under the big tree and a make-shift altar we had made that morning using a long piece of white chiffon which we nailed onto the trunk. It looked really simple and pretty.

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0010

Part way through the ceremony my bridesmaid Mhairi read an excerpt from Wuthering Heights- where Cathy is explaining her love for Heathcliff to the housemaid, Nelly. It’s quite a dark little segment but it’s such a special part of their troubled love story and it’s a book that has stayed with me since I studied it for A Level.

Our rings were, um, pretty different from each other! Mine was a classic diamond eternity ring we found at a local antique shop. Donnie’s was made by our friend and jeweller, Will, who works at The Great Frog – a bit of a legendary rock and roll jewellers in London. It was a pig skull design carved in silver (chosen, embarrassingly, as ‘pig’ is our nickname for each other – I have no idea why). Let’s just say Donnie’s not really the classic wedding ring type…

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0011


With Donnie being a musician, this was the one area I had to hand over to him to control (although I did try and wrestle it from him from time to time). I did however get to choose some of the piano music our friend and pianist John Tilley played before and during the ceremony. I walked down the aisle to Michael Nyman’s The Heart Asks Pleasure First – which was quite serious but to be honest this was the only serious part of the whole day and it’s a piece of music I have always loved since hearing it played by the man himself at Alexander McQueen’s memorial at St Paul’s Cathedral.

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0012

We have never really had a ‘song’ as such but we certainly knew the songs we both liked. Our friend Pauline Taylor is a stunning singer- really soulful and soft – so we asked her to perform our first song – Ray Lamontagne’s Jolene. A strange choice one might think in that’s it’s about an alcoholic down-and-out who is saved by his women – but we always liked the sentiment! Having been to lots of band weddings, we were keen to make it a bit different and so decided to do a little rockaoke for the first hour– asking friends to choose a song by filling out a little form over dinner. This meant people got really nervous and excitable – which created this brilliant atmosphere.

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0013

Our friend Iain – known for his insanely tune-less singing voice – got up first to break the ice as it were by singing Vanilla Ice’ Ice Ice Baby. It was so funny. A few songs later and Paolo Nutini (who Donnie plays guitar for) got up to sing Prince’s Kiss. He blew us all away and strangely enough nobody was that keen to get up and follow that! At 10pm two DJ’s took over- both good friends who delivered two amazing sets. The dance floor was hoatching all night.

Potent French Martinis

We served a lovely light prosecco with raspberries for welcome drinks in the garden with the option of a nice cold bottle of Brooklyn beer (one of Donnie’s favourites) for the guys. We did the same for toasts and speeches, which we decided to do pre-dinner in order for the speakers (including myself) to relax and enjoy their dinner. For the evening bar we served some rather potent French Martini Cocktails- one of my regular tipples. Oh and Jaeger bombs. Obviously. From elegant and classy to raucous and rip-roaring in one quick shot.

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0014

Nicola at Figs Catering provided the prettiest, tastiest canapés (apricots in bacon, brie and strawberries, goats cheese and caramelized onion bruschetta’s) followed by the heartiest dinner of achingly tender steak and Guinness pie with mash potato and gravy. This was then followed by a lovely, light syrup sponge with custard. Proper, Yorkshire grub delivered in a very timely, no-nonsense manner! She and her team were brilliant. At 10.30pm they served fish finger sandwiches on bloomer rolls. Delicious and very welcome after several hours on the dance floor.

Love In Literature

When it came to favours for the women, I roamed what felt like the nation’s entire second-hand bookstores and car boot sales for lovely old copies of books that meant something to me from my time studying English Literature at Glasgow University – where Donnie and I had met. Tomes I looked for in particular were those by the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen and F Scott Fitzgerald.

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0015

Fifty-two copies were found in total – three of which were unearthed the day before the wedding! Close call. For the men, a friend at a drinks company I had worked with kindly supplied me with 50 very cute half bottles of Donnie’s favourite Scottish whiskey, Talisker. It being a very Scottish-heavy guest list, needless to say many bottles got emptied right there and then on the night.

Feeling Crafty

Stationery and décor was where I really spent a lot of my time and attention in the build up to the wedding, and was where I got most of my enjoyment in the preparations. I’ve always been pretty crafty so I couldn’t wait to get going on the invite and save the date. A very talented designer friend at MR PORTER helped me design the invite – which was based on the a fashion show invitation by Dolce & Gabbana which featured these stunning illustrated floral designs in a little bound booklet.

I wanted all the information to be in one place- so everything from the dress-code (we opted for black tie/eveningwear to make it feel special and eliminate men turning up in their work suits) through to directions and parking were all designed into the pages of the booklet. I found the dove grey, lace-lined envelopes on Etsy – handmade and shipped from the US.

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0016

I also made 160 giant tissue and silver mylar tassels by hand for the backs of all the chairs – which was a real mission but we got there in the end and had a few good girly days making them the weeks before the day. I also sourced lots of different centerpieces for each of the tables- both antique and new.

Matalan’s home department was a brilliant tip I was given by another bride and I sourced some great pieces here – from simple glass candlesticks to the silver domed bell jars and the engraved candles. I also spent a lot of time on great ribbon which I stocked up on in one of my all-time favourite craft emporiums – Hobby Lobby. Sadly for us Brits this wonderland is only in the US, so if you are heading there before the big day make sure you plan a visit and take a big empty suitcase with you. It’s genius.

Let Go

The main thing to remember is to start to let go the night before the big day. By then you can’t really do anything to make a big difference to the day so try to abandon your responsibility and have fun with your guests. I found this really hard to do.

If you are hosting- make sure you plan the clean up properly. Its amazing to get married in your family home but this does mean you have to think about every single element – from toilet roll and electric cables right through to blowing the candles out before you got to bed and closing the tent. Make sure you rope some friends in to help both closing-up and cleaning up the next day. Even better pay someone to come in and do it. I was so fixated on the day itself I completely forgot about the after-math which meant we spent a good 4 hours stacking glasses and clearing tables the next day before going off on honeymoon – all with a hideous hangover. Not very glamorous!

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0017

A friend accidentally released one of the giant balloons that were tied to the chairs, which floated up to the top of the tipi, right above the fire. It blocked the smoke flap, which meant smoke began to fill the room. My dad – in typical Yorkshire manner – simply got up, walked into the house and came back with his shotgun. He fired the balloon down, without even so much as a warning to all the guests who were midway munching through their steak pies. It was hilarious. My favourite picture of the whole day is one John took of him after he’d done it. He looks so happy with himself!

John was just the greatest guy to have there on the day. So many guests remarked on how charming and unobtrusive he was. And the pictures speak for themselves. One of the best moments of the day was when we went up to the moors with him in the classic car and took some shots of the scenery – it was just so peaceful and stunning. I’ll always remember it.

A Black Tie Luxury Wedding In Yorkshire With A Justin Alexander Dress A Bespoke Halo & Co Pale Gold Veil And A Rose And Pink Jasmine Bouquet Photographed By John Day._0018

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Gown – Justin Alexander
Boutique – Angelica Bridal
Make-up – Niamh Quinn
Hair – Zoe Irwin
Tents – Papa Kata
Florist – The Hedgerow, Threshfield
Caterers – Figs Catering
Neon ‘Love And Laughter’ Sign – God’s Own Junkyard
Bus – The Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company
Mercedes SL Pagoda – Classic Car Club
Furniture Hire – Blacks Event Hire
Photography – John Day Photography

Those photos with the vintage Mercedes on the moor…I actually swooned, particularly in the one where Donnie is kissing Jodie’s shoulder. So romantic.

And frankly everyone should have Karaoke with Paolo Nutini stepping up to do a turn on their big day.


All my love Lolly xxx

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It Had To Be London.


Liv and Teddy’s wedding is an absolute corker. It begins with sophisticated elegance – the shimmering Eden by Jenny Packham and a smartly cut suit by The Kooples and ends with a rave in an underground exposed brick vault.

Such is the wonder of a good wedding.

What happens in-between you ask?? Well Liv the Bride is here to tell you all about it, along with images from fabulous Love Lust photographer John Day.
30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0001

Our Home Town

Liv The Bride: Our wedding was on 22nd September 2012 at The Royal Society of Arts just off The Strand in Central London. Our given names are Olivia and Chris – but everyone calls us Liv and Teddy – hence the ‘L&T’ featured everywhere! We are both from London, our parents live here, we grew up here, met here and after a brief stint in Brighton, we’ve settled down here – so when it came to location, London was a no brainer.

We actually found the RSA at the National Wedding Show. It ticked all those boxes AND were undergoing an amazing renovation (pre renovation prices for post renovation beauty – bargain!) Teddy’s a designer and so we made our invitations ourselves to try and keep costs low – I definitely underestimated how long it would take but I would recommend it if you’ve got a lot of time to kill, we spent virtually nothing making them.

We went with really simple ribbed rustic brown card with our own font and vintage penguin postcards as the RSVP. Teddy also designed a website where people could RSVP, add songs to the evening playlist and find out everything they needed to know about the day.

30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0002

No Nonsense

In life I’m definitely a casual dresser – jeans, jumpers and converse make up most of my wardrobe, and black, lots of it, so when it came to finding a wedding dress I was overwhelmed. I struggled. Six months almost to the day and with time against me I headed to Jenny Packham with my mum. Now my wedding dress troubles mainly centred around my need to wear a bra with supportive straps at all times, which put me at a HUGE disadvantage and limited me to only a couple from her collection. Sigh.

The lady that worked in the shop was pretty awesome though, her no nonsense approach was exactly what I needed and she told me in the nicest possible way to stop mopping and dwelling on my limitations because she had the perfect dress for me. And perfect it was! I felt like me when I put it on, not silly or huge or uncomfortable, but pretty amazing. The Eden. One last visit with the bridesmaids and it was done – and with 10% off. Cheers Jenny!

30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0003

A Pain In The Veil

I went for it with my veil (there was no stopping me, I was going to be BRIDE) and got one that was long, and if I’m honest, a massive pain. People tug on veils when they hug you, they snag on stuff, you trip on them, they get stuck to your lipstick, and I actually preferred my pics without it on. Ah well, at least it didn’t cost me a fortune – a friend of my mum’s copied the Jenny Packham satin trimmed veil down to a T – it was an exact match, and an absolute bargain. My accessories I kept to a minimum – the dress kind of speaks for itself!

A headdress passed down from my nan, to my aunty, to me, was reworked and simplified and it was a perfect accompaniment to the dress and had extreme sentimental value. Those pearls had sat atop my nan’s head when she married my granddad over 60 years ago, and they are still going strong , a pretty good omen!

On the day the boy gave me a beautiful bumblebee necklace from Alex Monroe which I chose to wear wrapped around my wrist. The bee has become a symbol for my Aunty who passed away nearly 3 years ago – he couldn’t have chosen a more thoughtful and meaningful gift.

30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0004

McQueen Style

Now shoes were tricky – I had a beautiful beaded dress to compliment after all, converse just ain’t gonna cut it! I don’t wear heals, ever, I’ve just never been able to walk in them so I wanted to try and get a cheap and cheerful pair. However it was during my daily perusal of RMW that I discovered these amazing Alexander McQueen shoes with skulls on them (Dom & Elizabeth’s wedding ‘At The Water’s Edge’ – just wow).

After being immediately shot down by the boy at the mere thought of buying them I gave it up and moved on. Well, almost. I bought a cute pair of gold T bars from Dune and my mum had the genius idea of putting on our own skulls – £15 in Topshop on some earrings and a handy best man later and voila! My very own skull shoes for a snippet of the price. Win.

30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0005

Calling On Friends

Luckily for us we have a lot of talented mates. My brother’s best friend, Scott who works at Daniel Hershesons, did my hair (and my bridesmaids, mum and nan – such a trooper!) I always wear my hair down when I dress up so that’s what I wanted for my wedding day. We went with a subtle blonde dip die a month before and on the day he created beautiful soft waves – simple.

My makeup was done by another friend, Olga, a former Mac makeup artist turned advertising executive who I met at work, she worked miracles! We went for a reddish lip, side lashes, black eyeliner and a strong brow – basically my daily makeup but amped up. I loved it and it lasted the entire day – I was still looking immaculate at 2am, not a lash out of place. Girl done good.

Both of them were amazing and it was so lovely having people I knew with me that morning – and as they were also guests they were there to touch me up for the rest of the day!

30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0006

The Flower Appreciation Society

My bridesmaid, Emma, found our florists in a local magazine – two illustration and textile design students who turned their arty hands to floristry when they graduated, what could be more perfect for a couple who met studying art? Anna and Ellie from the Flower Appreciation Society – what absolute babes. We went for tea, had a chat about the kind of flowers I liked, discussed our budget and the styling and that was it!

From that moment on we exchanged a few emails but I left them to it, what do I know about flowers anyway? We went for wild flowers in pastel colours, with the obligatory hydrangea of course. The ladies even provide their own vintage vases for a tiny fee and style the venue for you. I had absolute faith in them that they would make the place look amazing and they did. I was there at the end of the night swiping arrangements off tables for my guests to take home!

30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0007

A Stroke Of Luck

I have to say my groomsmen outfits were a stroke of genius. After putting Teddy and then my bridesmaids in navy I had to come up with something else for the boys and they ended up wearing burgundy slim cut ‘Camden’ suits from Ben Sherman. I basically got lazy and left it a bit late so when I finally dragged them out shopping I had 8 weeks to go and EVERYWHERE was in sale, not normally a problem but both my boys are a 32 reg. Panic. I raced home and mass ordered loads of different suits online – by a stroke of luck the burgundy looked amazing and the lads were happy.

People proper raved about them on the day and I couldn’t have been happier with how they looked – white slim shirts, black knitted ties and personalised tie bars topped off their look.

30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0008

Unintentional 30s Glamour

Now for the ladies – I’m obviously biased but my two bridesmaids, Niamh and Emma, looked exquisite. Both absolute stunners it was easy to make them look amazing – their silk navy 30s inspired Ghost dresses were the first thing we bought for the wedding on an impromptu shopping trip and the easiest decision I made. I loved them, they loved them – above all I wanted them to feel comfortable and happy.

We went with 30s style hair and the same makeup as mine to compliment the dresses. It ended up being a bit of a 30s Hollywood glamour affair – quite unintentional as I’m not really one for a ‘theme’…

30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0009

Navy, Burgundy And Gold

Teddy wore a navy tux from The Kooples, a burgundy spotted pocket square from Gieves and Hawkes with matching socks and a pale gold skinny tie from Topman. Topped off by an antique gold and pearl tie bar found in Camden Passage market and black brogues from Office he looked so handsome.

Shopping for him was actually really easy – one trip to Selfridges (where we spotted the suit) and another to The Kooples to try on his size and we were done. I have to say the guys at the Kooples were pretty great – they offer a tailoring service and did loads of little nips and tucks to make him look his absolute best, and that he did. I thought I would be a ball of nerves walking down the aisle towards him but I just felt calm and happy, so happy. Too happy to even shed a tear – although he did, such a girl!

30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0010

One Of The Gang

John Day was an absolute ledge. On our first meeting he rocked up to see our swanky venue in flip flops and we both liked him instantly. I found choosing a photographer quite hard, we really wanted a mix of someone who was extremely talented and produced great shots and someone who you could easily see yourself going for a beer with. Some friends of ours got married recently and although their pics were stunning they were both left reeling at their photographers bossy and at times rude approach. Nah, most certainly not what we wanted.

I think I found John on RMW and after a couple of email exchanges with the boy (yes ladies that was one of the only things he helped organise!) he was ours. John’s style is exactly what we wanted – lots of natural pictures of people looking happy. What more could you want really? I hate having my photograph taken but John made me feel instantly at ease and he slotted into the gang pretty easily. He even stayed on after the first dance to nab some amazing pictures of the band! He was honestly just a really lovely guy and a pleasure to have around.

30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0011

Priceless Memories Captured

Originally I hadn’t really thought about a wedding video – my budget just didn’t stretch – but when my brother, Matt, suggested getting one of his mates to do it for free I thought, why not? He’s a camera man by trade and him and his mate Keith film weddings on weekends, luckily for us Keith was kind enough to shoot it, and my brother painstakingly edited all 14 minutes of it.

I was quite blasé about it at first but I’m so glad he suggested doing it because the memories it captured really are priceless – I absolutely love it and every time I’m having a bad day I watch it and it does wonders to cheer me up.

30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0012

Bake It Yourself

Me and Emma are both very fond of baking and after visiting lots of vintage wedding fairs came to the realisation that we could probably make the cake ourselves. I always wanted something pretty rustic and informal looking so we wouldn’t need to worry ourselves with creating a immaculately iced cake – just a tiered Victoria sponge affair. After researching endless recipes Delia informed us that we could freeze sponge. Epiphany.

The only worry about making your own wedding cake is the stress of devoting the entire day before to bake, but now that was out of the way we were on a roll! After baking and freezing a lot of back up cakes we went for a vanilla sponge with buttercream and fresh fruit filling for the bottom layer, then chocolate with a chocolate and raspberry filling for the middle, then lemon with a lemon curd filling for the top. We then crammed all the available ledges with fresh fruit and dusted with icing sugar.

After defrosting the cakes overnight on the Thursday the assembly process took 2 hours tops and we were done – the hardest part was delivering it to the venue! Emma is a master illustrator and so hand drew us a ‘Liv & Teddy’ banner to go around the middle, it was stunning. I would recommend anyone who likes baking to make their own cake, such a money saver and we were so proud!

30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0013

The Rolling Stoned

We tried to save as much money as we could by calling on favours and hand making things with the sole purpose of saving money for the band. My family are massive Rolling Stones fans – which means after 8 years together, Teddy is too. Every time The Rolling Stoned – a Stones tribute band – play in and around London we go, so when it came to the decision of having a band, there really wasn’t one.

They didn’t disappoint – they rocked it. We chose our venue for its beauty of course, but the evening venue – the underground exposed brick vaults that we could have til 2am cinched the deal. The atmosphere was amazing. They were followed by a good friend of ours blasting out tunes all evening, including a DJ set by my dad (yep.. he insisted). The evening part of the wedding was one of the most important to us – we just wanted everyone coming to have an amazing time and to party into the early hours with us – hopefully the band and endless flowing booze helped them along!

30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0014

My Mind’s Telling Me No

Our first dance song was a bit of a quandary. If we were being honest we probably should have danced our way into married life with ‘You should let me love you’ by Mario, the song we had our first kiss to all those years ago. But I just couldn’t do it. The choice then was impossible – we didn’t really have ‘our song’ that was appropriate for parents/grandparents etc to dance to.

In the end we swapped and changed so much that the night before the wedding I text Teddy whilst watching Dirty Dancing in my hotel room with the girls to change it to Solomon Burke ‘Don’t You Feel Like Crying’– which was lovely but actually quite sad when you listen to the words. Ah well. It was just a filler song really as half way through, the music cut out and ‘Bump n Grind’ by R Kelly came on. Having both grown up in North London we had a touch of the chav about us in our youth, which means that we love some pretty terrible music (we obviously don’t think it’s terrible, but that view is widely contested) and luckily for us our friends share our views. When the song came on the room erupted! It was a great moment and one I will remember for the rest of my life.

30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0015

A Pin For Everyone

We lost my Aunty prematurely to cancer almost three years ago now – she was such an important part of our lives and we wanted to remember her on our special day. We made a donation on our guests behalf to cancer research – providing everyone with a pin we wanted them to wear on the day. For us it was a way of including her in something that she would have been such an important part of had she still been here.

30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0016

Beautifully Eclectic

Thankfully our venue was so beautiful that we didn’t need much to make it shine. The place settings were luggage labels painstakingly stamped with our guests names and attached to old keys (most of which I ended up getting from an old insane asylum.. but I won’t think of that as a bad omen..) the menus were designed by the boy and stuck onto the back of postcards of vintage penguin books (each one selected to be relevant to each guest) and we had tea lights in jam jars, church candles and pictures of us dotted all over the place.

Our tables were named after Stones songs and the names put into gilded gold frames atop piles of old books collected from charity shops, tied with lace and fastened with antique brooches. My florists were the stars though and really brought the place to life with their stunning displays and beautifully eclectic range of vases that they let us use for a tiny charge! We had a polaroid camera that people used to take pics of themselves and paperclip into our guest book next to their message. Which was really lovely to look at the next day – especially as people and their messages got progressively more drunk as the night went on!

30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0017

Don’t Get Bogged Down By Details

When planning our wedding was that we wanted it to be fun – and for people to have a really REALLY good time. That was our main brief. My advice? Try not to get bogged down by the details. Blogs like RMW are amazing for ideas – some brides do the most beautiful things but if you’re not that way inclined then don’t worry! We had a few nice touches dotted around our venue but I must admit that towards to end I got a little lazy with my planning, so enthusiastic at the start but that tapered off. A PA in life, there is only so much organisation you can do at work AND at home! Good people, good food, plenty of free flowing booze and a rockin band will see you through. Well it did for us anyway!

Everyone says it, but it’s so important to take time out with your husband. I don’t even remember being that loved up with him on the day because we were so busy rushing around and seeing everyone! John suggested going for a second little photo shoot at dusk and I’m so glad we did, we got some beautiful pictures and got to spend some time together wandering along the Thames, just us – with John 3rd wheeling us of course!

My final and most important bit of advice I have is to have fun and enjoy every minute. Things will go wrong, they just will, but there’s no point getting angry about it on the day – just try to relax and enjoy every second.

30s Inspired London Wedding At The Royal Society Of Arts With Bride In Eden By Jenny Packham And Groom In Navy Suit From The Kooples Images By John Day Photography With The Rolling Stoned Tribute Band_0018

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Bride’s Gown – Eden by Jenny Packham
Bridesmaid’s Dresses – Ghost
Make Up – Olga Borowiec
Groom’s Suit – The Kooples
Groomsmen’s Suits – Ben Sherman
Florists – Anna & Ellie at The Flower Appreciation Society
Venue – The RSA
Band – The Rolling Stoned
Videographer – Matt Wicks
Photographer – John Day Photography

Loving Liv’s home made Alexander McQueens and her dark nails.

The headpiece is gorgeous too, what a lovely thing to have in the family.

And I think we’re all in agreement that there ain’t nothing wrong with a little bump n grind.

Lots of love,
Fern x

Pin Image

Love On Top.

John Day Wedding Photography

I can’t help but feel a connection with this morning’s couple – Sophie and David – since they held their wedding at Wethele Manor, a venue that I actually attended a wedding at only two weeks ago. I’ve experienced firsthand the rolling lawns, the sweet courtyard and the converted barns so I know just how wonderful it would have been to have been a guest at the wedding of this beautiful pair.

And it is beautiful.

From Sophie’s super chic Rosa Clara dress to her gorgeous auburn headed chignon and her bountiful bouquet to the sweetest maids and gambols on the lawn to the setting sun. I promise you’ll love it.

Let’s take a look.

Rosa Clara Wedding Gown from Miss Bush Bridal Boutique in Surrey

Wethele Manor

Sophie The Bride:Our reception was at Wethele Manor, only a few miles from where we married. It’s a farmhouse with beautiful converted barns and a marquee. We chose it because you can tailor the day to how you want it and there is so much outdoor space. There are ten bedrooms in the main farmhouse so our close family and friends were able to stay the night and join us for breakfast the next morning.

Ailsa Floral Design Wedding Florist Pink Roses And Hydrangea Bouquet

Friends And Neighbours

My friend Angie from the Ginger Lily salon in Kenilworth has been mine and my mum’s hairdresser for several years so she was always going to do my hair. I knew I wanted an up-do which complemented the dress and veil. After showing her some photos she came up with the final creation and I loved it!

Rosa Clara Wedding Dress Coast Bridesmaid Dresses

My parent’s neighbour, Hannah is a professional make-up artist. I have always been a bit scared of make-up and I am not particularly adventurous so when Hannah offered I quickly said yes. She used a great product, Miracle Mask by Nude which did an amazing job at making my skin look good. It’s something I have invested in since the wedding.

Rosa Clara

I have always loved Rosa Clara dresses and I was lucky enough to find mine at Miss Bush Bridal. I had joked that if I couldn’t find one in the UK I’d be off to Barcelona! I had seen the dress on the Miss Bush website before my appointment. I didn’t tell anyone about it. When we arrived for my appointment it was the first dress my mum spotted so I knew it was the one!

Austin Reed Groomsmen Suits For Hire

I wanted a dress which was different and this dress was. The fabric was so unusual – a thick, silk cream, dotted brocade. Janet at Miss Bush Bridal did an amazing job with altering the dress and making me my own tutu to hold the tulip shape of the skirt. I loved the big pockets which were great for storing wedding day essentials!

Something Borrowed

My veil was my something borrowed, from my sister-in-law. It was a Jenny Packham veil edged in a cream satin which worked perfectly with the cream fabric of my dress. My something old was my Grannie’s engagement ring. I wanted everything to be simple so I didn’t go overboard with the accessories. I wore a pearl bracelet my mum and dad had bought me a few years ago and some earrings bought from a small shop in Leamington Spa.

John Day Wedding Photography Reportage Warwickshire

Think Pink

When we first got engaged I did what every bride does, I spent hours going through wedding magazines and searching the internet. I came across Artcadia, a husband and wife team who produce beautiful wedding stationary. I love the colour pink so when I saw their antique pink design I knew this would be the colour for the day. I wanted a simple, romantic feel and I think this colour captured it.

John Day Wedding Photography

My bridesmaids wore pale pink dresses from Coast. I managed to find some shoes which matched the dresses perfectly from a shop in Leamington Spa called Revolve. To complement the pink wedding decor theme David and his men wore navy suits from Austin Reed hire.

Classic And Romantic

Ailsa who did my flowers works from her home, around the corner from my parents. She was amazing – she did our flowers four months after having her son! Her style is very classic and romantic. With her guidance we went for pale pink and ivory roses and hydrangeas. At the church a lot of eucalyptus was used which smelt gorgeous. We used big blooms of hydrangea heads as our pew ends too. We didn’t want the table arrangements to go to waste so we decided to give them to our relatives and friends as a thank you.

Rosa Clara Wedding Dress from Miss Bush Bridal in Surrey

To save some money we also bought cream plant pots and Kalanchoes from Ikea for the windows in the barns. Outside the church we had two olive trees which my mum decorated with white hearts and ribbon. After the ceremony my uncle brought them over to the reception and we placed them at the entrance to the main barn.

Family History

We married at Cubbington Methodist Church on the 21st July. It was the minister’s first wedding. I am not sure who was more nervous – us or him! It was a very special ceremony – both my parents and grandparents had married at this church and my brother and I had been baptised here.

Romantic Portrait Shots Bride Groom Countryside Classic Elegance

During the ceremony the minister gave me a bible which had been given to my Grannie and Mum on their wedding days. I was unaware that the bible existed so when he gave it to me I couldn’t stop the tears! Sadly my grandparents are no longer with us but we were lucky enough that two of my great aunts who had been bridesmaids at my grandparent’s wedding were able to share our day.

A Hat Parade

The sun shone after our ceremony so we were able to have the tops down on the Morris Minors we had hired on our way to the reception.

We wanted the reception to be relaxing, and light-hearted. My mum came up with the idea of having a hat competition. David was a bit sceptical but it really did work. The best man shortlisted the guests and then they had to ‘parade’ around their tables! The final decision was down to me and David – no pressure. Thankfully our mums were not included!

Wethele Manor Wedding Venue Warwickshire Leamington Spa

We wanted to try and involve everyone with our first dance so my husband mixed 30 seconds of Beyonce, Love on Top, followed by the Conga. The only people who knew we were doing this were my parents and my brother. It was great that everyone was able to join in.

My husband’s friend Moss kept us dancing into the night with his band. Unfortunately their lead vocalist was sick but Moss’s girlfriend, Lexi came to the rescue. To top it all off my husband surprised me later in the evening & took over the vocals for a couple of songs! It was so special. I think everyone else at the reception knew about it apart from me. They did a great job at keeping it a secret.

Countryside Warwickshire Barn Wedding Venue Location Wethele Manor

An Italian Feast

We both love Italian food so our caterers, Aubrey Allen came up with an Italian inspired menu with sharing platters of Italian deli items and a chicken main course with mozzarella and parma ham. We couldn’t decide on a dessert so went with a trio – crème brulee, chocolate brownie & lemon tart.

Wedding Favour Idea for Children

In the evening Wethele Manor organised a hog roast, and cheese boards. Our cake was from Marks & Spencer which Ailsa decorated with some pale pink hydrangeas.

Sweetie Tress And Goody Bags

We ordered our save the dates, invitations, table plan and table names from Artcadia. We found an old pigeon-hole shelf which my mum used to make the table plan. For the place names we used chalk hearts which a lot of people ended up wearing later in the day.

The children were kept entertained with goody bags made by my mum and also a sweetie tree. My mum spray painted a branch and placed it in a vintage white jug and suspended their sweetie bags from it.

John Day Wedding Photography

Take It All In

If on the day you can, try and take 10 minutes when the two of you can get away from the buzz of the reception to take everything in. This advice came from a friend. She was so right. The day is amazing and goes so quickly and it’s nice just to have a few minutes together and look back at all the friends & relatives who are there to celebrate it with you.

Wethele Manor Classic English Wedding Theme

We looked at ways of trying to save money, and we had thought about asking a friend to take photos and not have a professional photographer. We decided to go down the professional route i in the end and I am so glad we did. John from John Day Photography was amazing – he is really laid back and we loved his style. I still look back at the photos now and seem to see something new everytime I look at them.

John Day Wedding Photography

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Venue – Wethele Manor
Boutique – Miss Bush Bridal
Dress – Rosa Clara
Maids Coast
Groom Austin Reed
Florist Ailsa Floral Design
Transport Mirabelle Classic Cars
Stationery – Artcadia
Photography – John Day Photography
Catering – Aubrey Allen Events

Sophie and David’s portrait session has produced perhaps some of my favourite couple shots in recent memory – you can practically feel the love oozing from them can’t you.

And it’s love that really sums up this pair’s big day for me – from the memory laden bible that Sophie laid her hands on in the church all the way through to the conga-ing first dance (by the way you need to check out the gallery for some excellent Conga shots!)

Congratulations you two.

All my love Lolly xxx

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A Moment To Be Alone.

John Day Photography

This really is one of the loveliest wedding reports I’ve read so if you can get 5 minutes with a cuppa to sit and read Leonie’s words as well as look at the stunning photography from Love Lust List member John Day I promise you will fall in love with her wedding story.

With a professional florist as a Mum the flowers really are beautiful. And you get a real sense of the entire day, from Leonie setting up the wedding breakfast in her dressing gown to dancing the night away to a band she’d known for over 10 years.

There are perfectly mis-matched bridesmaids and beautiful flower girls. The cake is also pretty flippin’ cool.

Dan and Leonie got married at The Rectory Hotel in Malmsbury in April last year.

Here is their story.

A moment to be alone

Leonie The Bride: I found my dress in the very first shop I went into, Caroline Castigliano. My mum, sister and I were welcomed with a glass of champagne and regardless of the fact it was an 11am appointment we were happy to toast such an exciting day. The manager was wonderful; the shop was ours for as long as we needed and I tried on around 12 dresses, starting with huge ‘princess’ dresses, slowly working my way down in scale. When I tired on ‘the one’ I’m afraid I lived the cliché; we all cried and I knew instantly that it was meant to be (and typically cliché it was way over budget.) The multitude of delicate ivory lace gave it a feminine vintage feel, whilst the cluster of diamantes below the bust line added some glamour.

Diamantes couldn’t be any less ‘me’, but with a cathedral length veil the dress was toned down and I felt every bit of the bride I wanted to be. We visited another couple of shops that day, but I couldn’t shake ‘the one.’ Wary that it was over budget I promised myself (and my generous mother) that I would sell the dress as soon as we were married, but she knew then as well as I do now that I will never be able to part with it.

A moment to be alone

Something Borrowed

I fell in love with my veil (almost as much as my dress!) I felt particularly special shrouded in such delicate silk. I thought I’d be able to save money on the veil and so I investigated buying a second hand one; buying directly from a lady who makes them in Ireland; but none seemed to match the quality of the fine silk from Caroline Castiglinano so I ended up splurging there too. Unfortunately you get what you pay for in the veil department!

I bought my diamante hair-clip from Ardinglay antiques market – and bought 5 more for each of my bridesmaids! My tiara was my ‘something borrowed’ from my sister and was originally from Liberty. It felt very special to have something of hers with me all day.

A moment to be alone

The Perfect Balance

I was struggling to find suitable shoes. Thankfully I saw some adorable ivory heals on Rock My Wedding. Rachel Simpson shoes are the perfect balance of vintage glam, and the heals aren’t too high for dancing the night away (although admittedly mine were kicked off immediately after the first dance.) I bought mine from a gorgeous boutique in Soho called Fur Coat No Knickers.

A moment to be alone

Incredibly Thankful

I feel most comfortable with my hair up (because I have no patients and scruffy-up is my fallback position.) I had planned to go ‘curls loosely pinned up as if just been frolicking in field’ look, until I tried on the veil and for some reason the combination of a cathederal length veil and an ‘up do’ left me looking bald – which wasn’t the look I was particularly aiming for. So I had no idea what I was going to do until the day, when my wonderful makeup artist popped some curlers in my hair (as simple as that!) As soon as we had finished the wedding breakfast, I was whipped upstairs to take the veil off and pin my hair up; this took all of 30 seconds and I was thrilled. I was lucky enough to have my makeup done by one of my best friends who is a professional makeup artist for film and television. I had a trial the week before and I couldn’t believe the magic she can conjure! I was frightened of looking too ‘done up’ but she gave me a very natural look, and added a little more eye shadow in the evening – I was incredibly thankful to have my makeup artist on hand all day, and one of my best friends with me as I got ready in the morning. If anyone wants to save money by doing their own makeup, I’d avoid doing this as professional makeup artists have an incredible ability to ensure the makeup stays put all day, and it’s a very long day!

A moment to be alone

A Bunch For Everyone

In the floral department I am very lucky as my mum Lizzie is an incredible professional wedding florist (she even did the televised ‘BT wedding’ commercial where Chris Marshall finally gets hitched to the girl he met in a lift… remember that one?!) For someone who can make huge, elaborate, painstakingly well crafted centre pieces, I was relieved that she was happy to go with my request for ‘flowers that look like they’ve been picked from a field and thrown together in mismatched vases.’ Mum had a collection of vases for me to go through, as well as some original 1950s milk bottles, some jars, zinc troughs and wooden boxes and we selected them based on a loose colour theme of dirty pink, sage green and duck egg blue. I wanted nothing too manicured or pruned, just natural and so so beautiful; I wanted flowers-flowers everywhere; I wanted the rooms in the Rectory to smell of rose beds; I wanted it to look like a field in the sunshine, and it really did. There was 6 vases on each table; troughs of bedded flowers in the conservatory; flowers hanging from green vines on the ceiling; rose petals on the floor and dripping from the cheese cake; my beautiful niece and flower girl had a head band of fresh flowers. And at the end of the day there wasn’t a flower left in the building as mum wrapped a bunch for each and every person. Lucky us.

A moment to be alone

My Beautiful Girls

I went a bit leftfield with my bridesmaid dresses. Although matching dresses can look divine, I felt like it would give the impression of formality and tradition, which is what I was desperately trying to avoid. I’m lucky enough to have friends with very different personal styles and I wanted everyone to feel comfortable on the day, and themselves. I wanted to see each of my beautiful girls just as they are, not stuffed into a uniform that would disguise them. So, I asked that each of them find a dress in a ‘dirty pink, cream or brown’ in exactly the style that they like the most and I think it worked out perfectly.

My husband wore a very dashing, made to measure three piece suit from Reiss. His two brothers also wore suits from Reiss, as well as matching ties. Dan has a collection of around 50 pocket squares, so as a homage to Dan, they all wore Reiss pocket squares and looked very dapper indeed. I can’t begin to describe the moment I first saw Dan as he waited for me at the end of the aisle… breathless. We held it together for about 2 minutes but after that we pretty much sobbed throughout the ceremony. It was a very wet day! It didn’t stop pouring outside and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

A moment to be alone


Our photographer was fantastic – another Rock My Wedding find! As soon as I went onto John Day’s website I knew he was just who we were looking for. It was so important to us to find the right person, who could capture the day in such a way that means that for the rest of our lives, when we look at the pictures, we can be transported back there, time and again. His reportage style captured treasured moments, without us ever having to pose, or force a smile, or be taken away from our guests for hours on end. He snapped away whilst I was getting ready with the girls, with Dan and his friends in the pub, whilst my sister and I had a pre-wedding tearful hug, when Dan and I held each other for the first time alone as man and wife – John was there, but we barely even noticed. To me, his work is natural, emotive, honest, artistic, unique and he is as charming as his work.

A moment to be alone


Dan and I both love cheese; selfishly we decided that we would prefer to eat cheese than cake so it was an easy decision to make – a cake of cheese! We went to our lovely local cheese monger Hamish Johnston and enjoyed a delicious tasting session. The cheese proved incredibly popular whilst the band was taking a break and everyone needed re-fuelling.

I knew which band I wanted ten years before I’d met Dan! When I was at Uni my friends and I loved dancing to Mowgli, who were all Music students at the time. And years later they are incredibly successful and have been invited to play at weddings around the world – including at sisters wedding where I didn’t stop dancing ALL night. They lived up to my expectations and more and even though it was a small wedding, the dance floor was heaving!

A moment to be alone

Impromptu Moments

We struggled to find a first dance as our favorite songs all seems to be a bit inappropriate for the occasion. So instead of going for something with a ‘cool factor’ we went for a song that we found ourselves singing along to together years before – ‘Everlasting Love’. Our wonderful band learned it especially for us, and as the chorus kicked in, everyone around us began to dance. Alicia Keys ‘Empire State of Mind’ is a favorite song of ours (New York being one of our all time favorite places) and when the band played it during their second set we had an impromptu ‘first dance’ moment. Everyone gathered round us in a circle and sang their hearts out to us as we spun round in the middle. That will remain one of my most treasured memories of our day – a moment that was entirely unplanned but meant so very much.

A moment to be alone

The Hangover

My Mum and all her wonderful friends collected antique cup and saucer trios for months before the wedding so that we could give each girl at the wedding a lovely memento of the day. It took quite some time (and a lot of ‘antiquing’) to find enough, as complete trios are hard to come by. Aware that the boys would be a lot less sentimental, we made them ‘Hangover Kits’ containing essentials such as Paracetamol, cans of coke and chocolate. The night before the wedding my bridesmaids and I spent hours packaging them up, which was a hangover in itself!

A moment to be alone

Pretty Perfect

Being incredibly lucky to have a wedding florist for a mum, she was able to bring a lot of magical touches to the décor, including home made bunting, wooden hearts, lace ribbon, candles and an incredibly array of containers. There was a bird theme running through the wedding. Dan and I fell in love with and bought a beautiful original bird print and I got this design made into a rubber stamp. So, anything that couldn’t move – was stamped, from the stationery to the table plans; even the hangover kits were branded.

We wanted the beautiful venue to feel like home so we filled it with as many personal touches as we could, including framed pictures of our friends and family. We fell in love with our venue, the Rectory Hotel, because of its unique, bold and creative décor, so our canvas was pretty perfect to begin with.

A moment to be alone

Stick To Each Other Like Glue

The Rectory Hotel and all their staff were simply incredible. Their attention to detail was thorough and the wedding planner was dedicated to responding and meeting our every need in a laid back and sincere approach. No task was too great for them, even when my friends were ordering unusual cocktails at 3am! My advice to brides to be is to find a venue that you love and the rest will follow.

We spent a full weekend at The Rectory before we made our decision – we ate the delicious food which is all sourced from local suppliers; took a look in every single bedroom; sampled the wine; spent a good few hours in the local pub – and never wanted to leave. And now we have an excuse to return there every year for our anniversary!

Everyone will tell you how fast the day will fly by, and it really does – find a moment to take a breath, look around the room at all your amazing friends and family who have made your day, and pinch yourself that it has all come together perfectly. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Who cares if your napkins don’t match the particular hue of green you spent hours perfecting on your invites – none of that really matters – what matters is that you are marrying the man you love, so whatever you do, please stick to each other like glue throughout the day, and find a moment to be alone, to thank each other for the best day of your lives.

A moment to be alone

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Venue – The Rectory Hotel
Boutique – Caroline Castigliano
Shoes – Rachel Simpson
Flowers – Lizzie Moreton
Grooms Suit – Reiss
Photographer – John Day Photography
Cake – Hamish Johnston

How simply lovely is that! And if you take anything away from it I think it should be ‘what matters is that you are marrying the man you love’.

Nothing else in the world really matters.

Happy happy Monday to you all.


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One Day Like This….Part 2

It’s Friday afternoon, hooray!

And we get to look at another RMW super pretty wedding before we all go and celebrate the weekend…double hooray!

Jo and Chris do gorgeous couple/gorgeous W-day/gorgeous happily ever after with bells on folks….

Happy Friday you gorgeous lot 😉

The Creative

John Day was our photographer, he takes beautiful, relaxed and creative images which is exactly what we wanted.

Musical Interlude

I’m a music teacher and my flute pupils played in the church, friends from the music college played jazz for the drinks reception. “The Mesh Band” a young indie covers band played in the evening.

Supermarket Chic

Our cake was a tasty 3 tier sponge bargain from Waitrose with white icing. Our florist decorated it beautifully with a selection of fresh roses.

One Day Like This

Elbow “One Day Like This” was our first dance song, we went to a music festival in Spain last year and Elbow were playing, when they did this particular song it was a really beautiful and special moment.

A Magical Setting

The Tithe barn had beautiful old beams that my family and I decorated with white muslin, ivy and fairy lights, we also had candles absolutely everywhere that created a really magical atmosphere.

Our wedding was unique and personal as we collected eclectic items all the way through our engagement year, Love signs, shabby chic decorations, lanterns, hanging hearts…..I also made all of the stationery and favours.

The overall feel was very relaxed yet magical, a bit like a Midsummer nights dream… although I am biased!

Venue – The Tithe Barn

Photographer – John Day

Cake – Waitrose

Decor – DIY

Yes I know. The whole walking arm in arm barefoot thing….

I want IN.

Huge thanks to John Day, Jo and Chris for sharing that Friday Feeling with Rock My Wedding.

Big Beautiful Moments Are Our Speciality Love

Charlotte xxx

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One Day Like This….Part 1

There is just tonnes of gorgeous on RMW isn’t there? gorgeous real weddings, gorgeous brides, gorgeous decor ideas, gorgeous accessories……

And although I can get a little over excited and (go on I’ll admit it)… a bit over the top at how I want to wear literally every gown we post, in reality, there are actually only a select few that I would seriously consider as the other “one” to my own W-day choice.

Well folks that few just grew to one more when John Day submitted the Cheltenham Big Day of Jo and Chris a wee while back, Jo’s frilly frock was so fabulous I nearly died….and wanted to outright steal it from her.

Now of course as well as delicious fashion there’s plenty of other garden party type lovely to swoon over and some particularly tear jerky images of love, laughter and together foreverness.

Friday’s just got a whole lot prettier lovelies 😉

A Packham Princess

My dress was “Amelia” by Jenny Packham, I loved it immediately because it was structured but still floaty and a bit bohemian.

The Vintage Touch

I wore a Jenny Packham side headpiece – Arcacia II which is vintage inspired and complimented the dress really well.

Gorgeous Maids

My bridesmaids all looked lovely in layered blue/purple dresses from Reiss.

The Wedding Party

We hired suits from Regency Groom in Cheltenham and the ties were a blue/purple colour to tie in with the bridesmaids and stationery. Chris wore dark grey tails with an ivory waistcoat, he looked great!!!

Bargain Shoe Candy

I wore Dune shoes but they were actually bought from ebay (!!), just a 2 and a half inch heel and some vintage brooch detail on the strap.

Natural Pretty

For my hair and make-up I waned a really natural look as that is my day to day style, I wanted to still look like me!

I wore my hair down in loose waves and quite subtle make-up, I was lucky enough to have a bridesmaid who did both beautifully!

Roses For Posies

I wanted a cross between a country garden and a wild flower aesthetic, very relaxed but still pretty. Rose Hamson did an amazing job and used a combination of hydrangea, scabious, stocks and herbs that all smelt delicious!

Bridal Gown – Jenny Packham

Headpiece – Jenny Packham

Bridesmaids Dresses – Reiss

Grooms Suit – Regency Groom in Cheltenham

Photographer – John Day

Florist – Rose Hamson

Do you lovelies want to steal the frill fabulous too?

Thought so.

And you can see so much more of it a bit later on this afternoon…..

Big TFI Friday Love

Charlotte xxx