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Lace Musings For The Boho Bride

I don’t think you can beat a pretty and romantic lace dress – they are just so utterly feminine. If you are planning a boho chic festival inspired wedding, a vintage tea party or a rustic country barn affair then the likelihood is you may well be considering lace for your big day.

For Sally Lacock working with finest quality French Leavers lace is key to creating timeless, romantic dresses that capture a bohemian nostalgia.

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The RMW Real Bride Search… Winter v Destination No. 4

For our last entry, we’re going full-on Winter, with a particularly cosy looking winter affair from Becky and Tristan.

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Some girls have a scrapbook; most girls have a dream. But I’ve never been one of those girls. While I never hankered after a big marquee, or a small country church, or even spent any time trying to conjure up a picture of how I wanted my wedding to be, I’ve always loved Christmas, coming in from the freezing cold and curling up in the warm. So, here I am age 28, planning my wedding – and those frost-tinged memories is where my wedding scrap book has been started.

To me there is nothing nicer than being curled up in a big old sweater drinking a hot chocolate or a good glass of red in front of an open fire. Consequently when Tristan and I started the daunting task of shaping what we wanted our wedding to be the one thing I was sure of was it had to be winter and our special day had to be crammed full of those cosy, loving feelings.

It was really important to me that Tristan had a genuine opinion about our day other than “Whatever you want, I just want to make you happy” (I’ve learnt this is a default groom to be answer when faced with a decision). On a Sunday afternoon I sat him down with a pen, piece of paper and some magazines and asked him to write down 5 words he didn’t want our wedding to be and 5 words he did. After some initial grumblings about ‘being managed and bossed around’ his list was done and we had our eureka moment, we both wanted the same things! Phew – we are meant to be together after all.

So here are our five words. We’ve created a sort of manifesto with them and even Tristan has become quite passionate about staying true to our original ethos.

Wintery, fun, intimate, cosy, non-traditional

We’ve only made three definite decisions so far, date, venue and photographer.

We’ll be tying the knot on Saturday 8th December with our ceremony in a beautiful old hall in a 12th century Abbey. Our reception will be 10 mins away in what has to be one of the loveliest pubs in England in the beautiful Somerset Village of Hinton St George. The Abbey is a much grander than I thought we would go for but as the reception is in a pub (albeit a lovely one) we thought it was important we had a venue for the actual deed that was special enough for such an important occasion. We will have 60 guests for the day, our nearest and dearest family and best friends, then we will be inviting more friends to join us for a brilliant party in the evening.

We’ve got a long way till the actual day so we are going to make as much as possible. I want our day to exude ‘us’ and I’m actually quite excited about the prospect of getting crafty over the next year. I have no idea about colours and things yet but we’ll take our inspiration from the best of the season without it being about Christmas chintz. Think mistletoe, winter berries and an extortionate amount of candles!

I’d absolutely love to be a RMW real bride as I’d love the community to help me shape my special day. We’ve got a limited budget and this will be a DIY, Winter warmer with bags of personality!

Becky xx

This is the final entry in this category. Voting is now OPEN! Vote by writing VOTE (or commenting) in the comment box of the bride you want to vote for. Please vote only once per category (ie Modern Elegance, DIY etc.) If you wish to vote in secret send the name of your chosen couple to: vote@rockmywedding.co.uk. Voting will close at 12pm on Friday 1st July.

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DIY Devotee

This week it’s a short but sweet collection of paper and lace DIY’s from around the interweb showing just how versatile these budget beauties can be 🙂

I’m totally in love with the lanterns as a slightly more modern take on poms – I can see these looking very contemporary with clean styling and a colour palettes of toning brights…

*Orange Yellow and Peach lanterns, Martha Stewart, Doily Bunting, EmmalineBride.com, Doily Table Runners, EmmalineBride.com.

For a more rustic affair, I’ve picked out two different takes on doilies. First up, the traditional lace kind, sewn together to make runners – a really rustic vintage addition to tables, particularly long trestles, although I can totally see these re-worked for a round table set up too.

And for what must be the cheapset bunting ever, that still looks really sweet and could be made in any colour, how about using paper doilies strung together in this super simple DIY?

Are you DIY-ing this weekend folks?

Yours Truly,


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Planning Inspiration from Tigerlily Weddings… Lace Decadence


That is almost all I can say about this afternoon’s post I am so blown away. We have been super lucky and snaffled Penny from Tigerlily Weddings to give us the piece de resistance of the planning posts we started last week with her inimitable, original and fresh wedding inspiration. And let me tell you guys, she blew the brief out of the water.

I’ve spent a few phone calls discussing the post today with Penny working through her ideas, (which were spot on) and I have been so impressed with the amount of work she has put into this for you all. The buzz words we were passing back and forth were the same… fresh, new, interesting, unique, different. So if you’re wondering where Vintage is going… this is the lady to tell you and she’s right here. Give her a warm welcome ladies and get commenting 🙂

New year, new trends yippee, so you can imagine my delight when the fabulous ladies over at Rock my wedding contacted me to predict some 2011 wedding trends for you all I was thrilled.
I have covered two immerging wedding trends that I think will pop this year, I have also added in an “ I love it list” with a few extra little original ideas that you can inject that I could not squeeze on the design boards that will make your weddings look innovative, fun and basically spectacular.
You may not admire my candid approach on this subject but its time for us to shake it up a bit, design is so inspirational and exciting so let’s get creating and make 2011 amazing.

Biscuit Bars

Candy bars have been hugely fashionable over the last few years, but this trend has been exhausted. It’s time for change and for us to move on and embrace the biscuit bar.
I have designed one of one my client’s weddings this year, I have had so much fun working on the design and creating my very own top 10 biscuit chart.

This idea is all about clever biscuit choice and display, you can have so much fun creating your own fabulous designs and it can double up also as a cute sugary favor for your guests if you are being budget conscious.
If you want to add a fun activity in to your wedding why not have an icing station?

Guests can ice their own biscuits which can then be bagged later for them to take home as their very own piece of art.

Another fun dimension to accompany this is to add a flavoured milk shot or milkshake bar to complement your biscuit choices, this is also lots of fun for younger guests.

Vintage Tables

I totally adored the vintage mixed china and country led wedding trend that has been with us over the last few weddings seasons. The vintage look will still be strongly featured this season however I feel this look has evolved with a glamorous edge.

Vintage glam is my prediction for this season which is an exciting mix of old and new. You only need a few select vintage pieces to create this look. The allure of time-worn objects and the appeal of simple are a perfect blend, vintage silver cutlery, vintage china not heavily pattered with a neutral colour and old and new cut glass with soft vintage styled blooms will create an elegant but stylish look.

I also love lose pearls and pearl necklaces strewn within your table design, take a peek at the mood board to see an example of this. So get thrifting to find your hidden treasures that will get your guests gushing about your wedding styling.

Lace Touches

Lace is so versatile and lush to work within your wedding design whether it is lace ribbon being used to tie vintage cutlery or sections of lace fashioned as table runner or hand made napkins. I feel it is a crucial part of constructing this look, it injects such softness and vintage feel to a wedding design which only lace can.

Another simple idea to inject a fun lace detail to the garden environment is lace covering and draping of tress I anticipate this will be big this year.

Photo Booths

The photo booth is still very in vogue, update this by crafting your very own back drop with paper and lace garlands to create this soft photo booth backdrop with texture and personality.

Also this season take a leap and let your booth be about fun and your guests self expression not props. Please tell me you can not look at all these pictures and fall in love?!

I rest my case…

Be a poet… Go on! You know you want to!

Whilst I love pictures of couples holding hearts, the words “Love” & “Mr & Mrs” this is another trend that has been really heavily featured in the wedding press. I feel it makes wedding images look a little unoriginal and blend together when you look at shoots.

What I love about weddings now is the creative freedom couples have to craft and design and push their own beautiful style and personality. I love this charming idea of expressing yourself with your own words or favourite poet or song lyric within your photos, adding another touch of unique and you.

Fabric flowers

Fabric flowers in soft dusky fabrics work so well and blend beautifully with lace and fresh flowers as part of your wedding design and for your personal look.

I will be doing a DIY blog on Rock My Wedding for you all to show you how to fashion your very own, so stay tuned!

Have fun, enjoy and embrace your wedding design with a fresh eye.


Do you Love?

We do, and the good news is that there’s another slice of Tigerlily Heaven coming your way tomorrow… stay tuned for the best yet.

Yours Truly,