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Not Just An Accessory.

The Rock My Wedding ethos is ‘Your Day Your Way’ and that goes for grooms as well as brides. We love it when grooms get involved in the organisation of W-day… Especially if that involvement extends beyond simply picking the band and playlist.

So grooms, you don’t want to be just an accessory on one of the biggest days of your life and one way to prevent this most heinous of W-day crimes is to accessorise yourself (see what I did there). Groom fashion has never been so diverse and today we’re going to look at a few of the ways grooms have been getting involved, tinkering with their look and personalising their appearance.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Socks can be really powerful and I don’t mean in the Stilton sense of the word. You can go loud and proud with your man hosiery (brosiery anyone?), safe in the knowledge that they will be safely covered 90% of the time by your trousers and footwear. A crazy pair of socks will remain pretty stealth, save for the odd ‘action flash’ as you make your way to the front of the church. You can choose if and when to reveal the power that lies beneath… The ‘shock sock’ is firm favourite with wedding photographers looking for a cheeky informal image.

Wedding photographers have embraced the shock sock to such a level that some of are even writing about them… Check out Christian wards thoughts on his personal blog mainly about me.

Personally, the geek in me is loving the fact that not only can you pick a pair of socks to tie in with your colour scheme but also now, thanks to Pantone, you can do an exact sock to decor colour match (complete with pantone reference). And there are a lot of colours to choose from.

Pantone socks available from – SockShop.co.uk

Stick Your Neck Out

Bow ties have been really popular for the last year or so and I must admit it’s only recently that I have started to once again favour the look of a traditional tie over the funky dapper dicky-bow.

Identical ties or a variety that match your colour theme will pull you and your groomsmen together and unify your look. A great trick especially if you are asking them to provide their own suits. A pattern will do the same job and right now polka-dots are seriously hot.

A polka dot has a knack of lending a whimsical touch to the formality of wedding attire without being too casual, and there is a great selection on the highstreet to choose from. Here are a couple of my current faves.

Blue tie white polka dot – Reiss

white tie blue polka dot – Pink

Wedding Day Bling

Another way to feel a bit different on your wedding day is by accessorising with some new or unique jewellery.

If you play your cards right and drop the odd well timed hint about the bit of bling you’ve got your beady eye on, you may even end up with a nice little wedding morning gift!

Don’t Be The Weakest Link

Cufflinks are a really customisable item that could reflect the theme or colour scheme of the day, or maybe something personal about you as a person or you and your future wife as a couple.

I so badly want a pair of the plectrum cufflinks, I just don’t know whether I would opt for a silver set like the ones below from Not On The Highstreet or go down and dirty with some authentic plastic picks from eBay.

Either way, they make a bold statement and would also make a great present. You may want to provide cufflinks for all your groomsmen for example.

Born And Bred Silver cufflinks – by Dizzy via Not On The High Street

Plastic cufflinks in various designs – independent eBay shop

Get Me To The Church On Time

My accessory-of-the-minute (and not only because it allows me to do another time based pun) is the pocket watch. I love them. So. Much.

There is something ridiculously cool about having a bit of chain looping between your buttonhole and pocket, and the actual item itself? What a fabulous object to remember your wedding by, and what a perfect gift it would make too (look here grooms, you have to start dropping the hints now ;)).

If you are looking to source a vintage pocket watch then your best bet would probably be to check out eBay or Amazon online and of course get yourself around some local car boot sales and antique fairs.

There are also some websites out there selling brand new pocket watches in classic and contemporary designs.

Silver plated pocket watch – Jean Pierre via Pocketwatch.co.uk

O Chive pocket watch – Full spot via o-clock.co.uk

For a vintage inspired or modern elegant wedding my choice would be the silver plated Jean Pierre pocket watch pictured above. It can currently be yours for £88.00

I wasn’t sure what to make of the O Chive pocket watches when I first laid my peepers upon them but I can see these bright modern timepeices from Italian design house Full Spot fitting in to a contemporary wedding perfectly, and they are available in a range of colours.

The more I look at them, the more they grow on me. Full Spot do a range of watches in a similar style and they are all really funky and quirky.

Prices for new pocket watches seem to range from as little as £20.00 right up to thousands – so just as with wrist watches there appears to be a watch to suit every budget. The O Chive pocket watch can be yours for a pretty modest £39.95

So, just a few ways to get the fashion based creative juices flowing of any grooms-to-be (and of course all you brides-to-be) out there in blogland.

Have any of you discussed accessories for ‘him’?

Are any of you girls perhaps considering presenting your future husband with a wedding morning gift for him to wear?

Leave your thoughts as per usual in our comments box below… Right, I’m off to choose my cufflinks – do I go For Kiss or Guns N Roses?