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RMW Rates – Say Fromage.

Wedding guests love a bit of interaction – if you can provide them with a game, an inventive icebreaker or something they can just have a bit of fun with then enjoyment levels will hit the roof and that’s when things really start to rock.

The trusty photo booth provides all of these things in a handy box. I love them and today Tom, one of the big cheeses from Say Fromage, is here to tell you about the service they provide.

Tom: Taking your sweetheart into a photo booth has been captured on the silver screen time and time again.

Say Fromage has reinvented this nostalgia and brought it back into the 21st century. Our streamline take on the traditional, passport photo booth is compact enough to fit into the smallest of spaces, but big enough to fit up to 5 – 6 people into.

And with our unique, interactive touchscreen, once you’ve finished taking your picture on the inside of the photo booth, the fun carries on outside as you share the images through Facebook, email and prints.

Your guests will have endless laughs during your photo booth hire. We’ll capture all those moments by creating unlimited, professional-quality pictures so that everybody takes home lasting reminders of the occasion.

The Say Fromage photo booth hire service is slick and efficient. The compact photo booth can be set up within an hour and taken down in even less time. We provide a well-groomed, friendly host to make sure your guests get the most out of the Say Fromage photo booth hire.

Our charming hosts can even help you create a photo guestbook, making a lovely memento that will be enjoyed for years.

There’s so much we can do to match the theme of your wedding, from choosing the background, personalising your prints with a message or even a themed dressing up box.

Our unrivaled offer of unlimited prints ensures everyone can take a print home.

The website has an easy-to-use gallery, open to your guests the very next day so everyone can see, share and save their pictures.

We’ll also send you a memory stick of all the photos for you to keep.

Say Fromage can help make your event truly unforgettable.

Thanks Tom, Loving some of those moments that the Say Fromage booth has captured. I’m guessing as every hour of the evening goes by, the booth gets progressively more popular and the content it churns out becomes progressively more… Well, interesting!

Who is planning on having a photo booth then?