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Rockstar. Birthday Boy. Wedding Photographer. Nice Bloke.

Today is RMW Wedding sponsor and talented photographer Steve Gerrard’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!

As well as photographing amazing weddings Steve also captures bands, big ROCKSTAR type bands and that was his main speciality before doing a complete one-eighty and turning his talent to all things pretty. I say one-eighty but actually the way he shoots weddings is just as cool, just as creative and I imagine…. just as much fun.

And as part of my personal mission to learn as much about the wedding industry as I possibly can (more on this in another post lovelies) Adam and I went along to Mr Gerrard’s (very cool) studio in the Custard Factory, Birmingham a few weeks back.

I figured it would be useful not only for me but also for you guys to learn from an experienced insider on what we think is the most important part of W-day (except maybe the actual love) ….. and that’s the images you are left with at the end. The tangible memories that you will keep for ever.

So we asked a few questions, had more than a few laughs and got some really honest answers.

Brace yourselves 😉

RMW: Mr G. I would like you to describe yourself in 3 words please.

SG: Just 3 words? Um Ok. Chilled, Friendly……Scruffy?

RMW: Scruffy? I wouldn’t say you were scruffy

SG: Actually no. People may not book me if they think I’m a scruffy sod! How about bald? I am definitely that.

RMW: I think that’s a good selling spiel actually. “Chilled, friendly, bald and slightly scruffy bloke can take amazing pictures of your wedding” Genius. Ok then, now we’ve got you all figured out how about 3 words to describe your wedding photography style?

SG: Creative, Quirky and REAL.

RMW: How old were you when you first picked up a camera?

SG: Not sure exactly but I had a camera for my 11th birthday – and it was specifically what I’d ask for.

RMW: Nikon or Canon?

SG: I’m using Canon at the moment.

RMW: So then, the million dollar question, what made you want to become a WEDDING photographer specifically?

SG: To be honest, when I first started out as a professional photographer the last thing I wanted to do was weddings. I saw it as what photographers did that couldn’t do anything else, old-fashioned, stale and boring. The wedding photographer was the guy who turns up with a camera and starts ordering people to stand in various lines….. then goes home.

Gradually through my own interest in photography I realised the scene was changing pretty dramatically and as I became more successful at photographing bands more friends (and friends of friends) would ask me to take pictures of their weddings. I wasn’t all that keen at first but as I got into it discovered I could do what I wanted – especially if they had a “wedding photographer” as well as me. I was more the “mate” with the camera……

Then they would prefer my images to the actual wedding guys.

RMW: Bet he was cheesed off.

SG: Ha Ha who knows! …. and who cares?!

RMW: Brings me nicely onto my next question actually. Are there any “standard” shots that you just point blank refuse to take?

SG: I’d like to think that people choose me because they like my style so they would be happy for me to do what I do best, you’re going to get certain requests obviously which is fine, it’s their day after all. But yeah there’s a few that spring to mind. Two words: Spot Colour.

RMW: Oh. Lordy……. How do you get out of that?!

SG: We just politely say that we don’t like it and that we don’t think they will like it either – especially in the long term.

RMW: Any others?

SG: Yeah, when the groomsmen pick up the bride and it’s all cheesy smiles. It’s just so forced and…..well, cheesy. I also find the “cutting the cake” shot difficult to get creative with.

RMW: Know what you mean. I mean we love a good cake obviously but it’s rare we choose that particular frame for the blog, not that we don’t like them or anything – just that there are usually much more natural shots that we prefer.

(RMW gets distracted flicking through one of Steve’s albums)

RMW: Oooh love this wedding ring shot on the apple! so colourful and erm……crunchy?

SG: (laughs) crunchy?

RMW: (looks embarrassed at lack of proper photographer terminology/lingo type speak) Yup. It’s just really creative. And real looking. You have captured the um…. ( looking increasingly red in the face )…… essence of the apple?

We don’t know all of the right words but we know what we like when we see it, y’ know?

SG: Yes. I know exactly.

RMW: Ahem. Excellent well then. That brings me onto your wedding Mr Gerrard. What was it like?

SG: Outdoors. On a shoe-string budget…..but a great day. A really really great day.

RMW: And what was the first thing you thought as you saw your wife Evelyne walk down the ailse?

SG: Why is she crying?! and that she looked really different. Really different but really amazing. Completely amazing.

RMW: And what is the best wedding you have ever photographed?

SG: Hmmm. There have been loads of really good ones. One that really sticks in my mind though was Will and Rom’s bohemian wedding down in Somerset. They had a civil ceremony one day and a humanist ceremony outside the following day. Afterwards it was like a massive party with games, a kissing booth and a punk band in the evening. Really different and really great fun.

RMW: What are the most challenging conditions you have ever photographed a wedding in?

SG: I bet most people would expect you to say rain but it’s not. It’s actually when couples have their wedding really late in the day then try and cram everything in, they end up not being relaxed and it can come across in the images. RMW readers MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME!

RMW: Are there any other photographers you really admire?

SG: Yup. There are quite a few. Jose Villa – He’s a legend. Sean Flanigan too. And I’d like to give a shout out to my friends in Montreal who are really talented – Davina and Daniel. UK wise two of my favourites are Polly Alexandre and Ed Peers. In fact Polly is shooting my good friend and photographer Emily Quintons wedding soon and Jose Villa is shooting Polly’s……

RMW: I know we heard. We love Polly (great photographer and lovely lady) and so happy for her than she has booked Jose Villa for W-day. That is going to be one A.mazing wedding. Completely out-of-this-world beautiful……

RMW: So then Steve, what would you recommend to our brides as your top three tips for choosing a photographer for the Big Day?

SG: Number One. Make sure you choose a photographer because you like the photo’s they take, not just because you like the price. Number Two. Chose a photographer you could imagine having a drink down the pub with, you should get on with them as you would with a friend, that way you get the comfortable and natural results. Number Three. This is REALLY important readers: make sure you choose a photographer that’s named after a famous footballer 😉

RMW: It’s interesting you should bring that up, what would you advise brides that are really not confident in front of the lens, and I mean really not confident, we hear so many readers stressing over the fact they “hate pictures of themselves” and that makes us sad. Very sad indeed. How can they get around this?

SG: I think engagement shoots are great for getting couples used to being photographed by a professional together, a lot of my clients have said after a pre-wed shoot ” That was no where near as stressful/difficult as I thought it would be” and they always love the results. On the actual day itself I would say ask your photographer to take photo’s of you both where you are not looking directly at the camera but at each other. I often say to brides “Look at your husband as if you are really proud of him” then get clicking, I guarantee that will get you a genuine shot of L.O.V.E

RMW: You old romantic you. Great advice though, thanks so much for the tea (*he takes a great photo and makes a great cuppa) and letting us come and see you today. Before we go though two more quick questions – just for fun!

SG: Ok go on then!

RMW: If you could be a Rockstar a Movie Star or the greatest photographer on earth which one would it be?

SG: That’s easy. A Movie star. And not just any movie star. I would be Johnny Depp. That guy exudes cool.

RMW: Chocolate hobnob, custard cream or rich tea and more importantly: do you dunk?

SG: The chocolate hobnob. Every time. And yes I definitely dunk.

We would so go down the pub for a drink with this man 😉

Huge thanks to Steve Gerrard for sharing the knowledge, the truth and the laughs, if you have any questions for Steve lovelies then drop a comment in the box below. And if you want to have a look at the rest of Will and Rom’s rustic extravaganza then hot foot it over to Steve’s blog here.

Oh and don’t forget to wish him a Happy Birthday!

Big Knowledge is Power Love

Charlotte xxx

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We Love It. You Will Lust After It… Polly Alexandre Photography

This is it. We’re on the final countdown. The Love Lust List is coming.

So far we’ve shared florists, stationers, boutiques and kind of omitted the obvious, because we want to help you rock every single aspect of your wedding. That said photography is key and when we’ve got someone this good on The Love Lust List, we kinda want to shout about it.

This lady needs no introduction. We give you Polly Alexandre

  • Polly Alexandre Photography

    Polly Alexandre Photography

    t: 07734 442107
    e: polly@alexandreweddings.com

    About Me

    I believe in love & following your heart. I believe in dreaming big & making those dreams come true. I believe in capturing love & creating beauty in magical places. I believe in hugs, laughter & savouring every moment. I love to photograph weddings. I create beautiful and artistic wedding photography shot on film. I work all over the UK & Europe making elegant & intimate photographs full of joy, emotion and beauty.

Are you a wedding professional that can Rock a wedding?

Do you know someone who can?

Get in touch with rebecca@rockmywedding.co.uk to be considered for membership of this handpicked and exclusive list.

We want you on it.

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A Fresh Spring Palette.

Rebecca and I were recently discussing how Spring is definitely our favourite season, perhaps it’s the fact we were both Spring brides ourselves or because we have a lot of love for the various blooms that start to appear as the climate becomes increasingly warmer…..snowdrops, daffodils, primroses, tulips… and all of the gorgeous greenery that serves as a welcome “Goodbye” to the dismal grey depths of winter.

When Anna and Chris’s Spring W-day dropped into my inbox recently it was like a little ray of sunshine, delicate florals, a soft cream and fresh green colour scheme and a beautiful glowing bride.

Unfortunately we were unable to source all of our usual text but it would have been a real shame not to share the inspiration with you solely for that reason, photographer Polly Alexandre has written about the day and we will endeavour to answer any queries you may have on the details or suppliers.

Spring is just around the corners Lovelies, and if you look at these images close enough you may even feel like it’s here already…..

Polly Alexandre: Chris and Anna’s wedding was held at Shiplake church in Henley followed by a marquee reception in the grounds of Chris’s parents home in Surrey. It was a mid April wedding and the couple were blessed with gorgeous spring sunlight on their special day.

Anna is Swedish and chose a lovely fresh & natural spring green and ivory colour scheme. Lily of the valley featured heavily in the flowers with the added bonus that it smelt heavenly. I just love the flowergirl’s headpiece too – a traditional style that looked so angelic and fairy like on her!

One of her bridesmaids made the homemade place names by writing guest’s names on leaves, and the menus on handmade paper.The ivory and green scheme translated beautifully to the floral centrepieces which were arranged around ivory candles.

With a nod to Swedish tradition the bridesmaids gave a speech and even presented the groom with a recipe book of Swedish specials to cook for his new wife. Gravadlax (a Swedish marinated smoked salmon) was served to guests as a starter, and the couple customised Green and Blacks miniature chocolates to serve with coffee with their own printed out images of each other as babies and children.

The marquee was actually placed around trees that were already in the garden which did a great job of ‘bringing the outside in’ and enhancing the organic natural feel to the decor.

Things I love about this wedding:

The cute flower girl hair band and peachy shoes

Anna’s bohemian wavy locks and fresh bloom accessories

The Lily of the Valley Bouquet, so timeless, so elegant

The Maids statement neck candy

The spring low light makes for some wall worthy images

Anyone else keeping in cream, green and fresh for W-day ?

Hoping to bring the outside “in” to your garden marquee?

Do let us know you gorgeous lot.

Big Spring Love

Charlotte xxx

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Love Gets Sweeter Every Day…..part 2

Paz and Laila’s Kensington Roof Garden wedding was a really really stylish W-day. And pretty. So so pretty folks.

If you wrote it all down on paper, bright red accents, mismatched maids, bright pink flamingo’s, a gothic cake, feminine florals…..I just wouldn’t be able to visualise how it would all work together. But let me tell you, it so does. And all captured to perfection by Polly Alexandre.

It just goes to show, you don’t need to conform to tradition or indeed spend a small fortune to completely rock your wedding.


I did not want my best girls to have to spend money on dresses that they may not wear again so I opted for everyone wearing a black dress with a red polka dot corsage.

I knew they all had a black dress and every girl looks good a lil black number, so that made my mind up! The best boys wore their own suits, we didn’t want them to be uncomfortable.

Spring Gardens

Our wedding was in spring – 7th March 2010. The venue was the Kensington Roof Gardens complete with flamingo’s!

White and Fresh

I got my flowers from two different places. One was Kensington flower shop where I got my table flowers from. I am not sure what the flowers were I just knew I wanted white and green and fresh as it was a spring wedding and I wanted them to be in season. My mum helped pick them as well, it was great getting her advice. I had my best girls to hold a small bouquet and I know they had rosemary in them and smelt wonderful!

The Corpse Bride

Chocoloty cup cakes did my my cake. We had a tasting and we could not decided on the flavours so we had a selection. Like lemon, rose, soooo good. The icing was so yummy!. My husband suprised me with a corpses bride themed cake he had arranged it with out me knowing and I loved it, such a great surprise! I had cup cakes and then one bigger one on the top for us to cut.

Go Polly!

My amazing photographer was Polly Alexandre. I can not tell you how good my photos are they are just amazing. She really is the best. And it’s the thing that you have for the rest of your life from the day so I am glad that she did it. I was her assistant and a good friend. GO POLLY!

Flamingo Fancy

We didn’t really have much of favours exactly. We had little pink flamingos as the roof gardens had them walking around and people could take them home if they wanted. We also had sweetie jars that people could help themselves to.

Talented Friends

My stationery were done by an illistrator and good friend Lydia Starkey. She designed all my stationary and table plan and also my name tags. She drew them for us. I am so lucky to have so many talented friends.

Love Gets Sweeter

We had a DJ who played through the ages music starting with 50’s all the way through. We let out guest make requests as well on the night. I wanted music that everyone would like and not just some people as there were all my family and all ages.

My first some was by finley quaye love gets sweeter every day. Because get ready for it…its true ha ha!

And my one piece of advice for all brides? I would say relax and really enjoy the day!

Stationery – Lydia Starkey

Photographer – Polly Alexandre

Venue – Kensington Roof Gardens

Cake – Chocoloty

I know I know, such a heap of gorgeous this week already and we’re not even finished yet folks.

With huge thanks to Laila, Paz and Polly Alexandre for sharing the pretty with Rock My Wedding

Big Love DOES get sweeter every day Love

Charlotte xxx

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Love Gets Sweeter Every Day…….Part 1

We are really spoiling you gorgeous lot with real wedding pretty this week, the big day of Laila and Paz is a delectable combination of soft delicate florals, contemporary fashion and quirky personal touches.

And if you are looking for a bride that stepped right off the Rock My Wedding style sheets then Laila’s your girl, think easy breezy up do ( with plaits!), an unstructured bouquet, luscious lashes and a pop-of-colour pout. This is one beautiful lady.

All of the drop dead delicious images are courtesy of Polly Alexandre.

A Pop Of Colour

My make-up was by my wonderful friend Naryschka Sydney Churcher ( * please email RMW for contact details) I really wanted a natural look and I was so happy with what she did on the day. She is a make-up artist full time so I had complete confidence in her.

Staying True

I don’t really wear a lot of jewellery so I wanted to stay true to myself and not go bling on the day (!). I did wear some earrings form Laura Ashley and a flower hair band from Monsoon.

Red Rocks

My shoes were the best part of everything that I wore! They were Vivienne Westwood and bright red. Not too high of a heel and a sort of plastic material….. I will definitely be wearing them again!

Simple Pretty

My dress was from Monsoon. I wanted a really simple dress one that I was comfortable in and one that I could dance the night away!

One Hot Superman

Paz bought his suit form Reiss. He looked hot as it was a 3 pieces one I love 3 pieces suits!!!! The waist coat gets me every time….

He usually wears glasses like superman but he wore contacts on the day.

Dress – Monsoon

Shoes – Vivienne Westwood

Jewellery – Laura Ashley

Make-up – Naryschka Sydney Churcher

Photographer – Polly Alexandre

Venue – Kensington Roof Gardens

And yes folks, you will be pleased to hear we have an image of the back of the hair in part two, ’tis totally lush…..

Quite a special cake too. And stationery. Um and bridesmaids and flamingo’s….

Yes flamingo’s.

You will just have to wait and see!

Big Pop of Colour Love

Charlotte xxx