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Short And Chic.


This week’s inspiration post is short and sweet.

I say short for two reasons; namely because the focus of today’s piece is all about big-day barnet inspiration for you lovelies with cropped locks but also because the length of this post is somewhat…well um…condensed compared to the usual post that appears here every Monday afternoon.

“But why?”, I hear you cry. Bear with me folks, I’ll come onto that in a moment but first I want to address something with you.

How many of you have experienced the age-old ‘wedding day hair’ quagmire in the run up to your nuptials? The ‘I must grow my hair for the big day’ phenomenon so that you have more ‘options’ on the day itself? Hmmmm, I thought so….there’s a fair few of you out there aren’t there.

I’m not judging you ladies, I too succumbed to the imagined (?) pressure of growing out my mane for my wedding or more specifically my fridge – a decision made exactly one day after the boy proposed just so that I’d be able to ‘do more’ with my tresses without being hampered by any length restrictions.

I’m still not convinced it was the right choice. As it happened, I wore the majority of my hair down on the day so I’m not exactly sure that having a fringe would have made much difference. What will I think in five years time when I look back at the photos? Well that remains to be seen…

Short Chic Wedding Hair Inspiration_0043

Here at RMW HQ we often receive impassioned cries for help from our dedicated RMW-ettes on a variety of different topics. But the one issue that keeps rearing its hairy head (sorry couldn’t resist!) time and time again is that of bridal ideas and inspiration for brides with barnets of the short variety.

And so I set out on a mission to assist you lovely lot by hunting down the best barnets this side of short-haired town…which brings me onto the reason why this particular post is so concise.

It seems, folks, that inspiration for those girls with shorter do’s is somewhat thin on the ground. In fact, what you can see here is the culmination of two full days of searching the interweb for gorgeous images of bobbed and pixie cropped brides.

Pitiful isn’t the word.

In fact I was dismayed that there weren’t more gorgeous images of short and chic bridal hair; which probably goes some way in explaining why so many of you choose to grow your hair out for your wedding. Despite looking like a street urchin myself with a bob (trust me I still haven’t got over the psychological scars caused by my mother taking me to the hairdressers to have my tumbling locks cut off whilst I was rendered mute by tonsillitis) I admire those women that can carry off a shorter haired look. In fact there’s nothing quite so chic as a wide-eyed bride with a pixie mop – see Audrey for the ultimate in sophistication.

So why is this so?

Is there an unspoken expectancy that a bride should have long hair on her wedding day in much the same way as we assume that she’ll be wearing a white frock to say her vows?

Is it purely a case of practicality in that it’s just so much easier to curl and tong and twist and pin when there’s more hair to play with? Do you feel more feminine, more comfortable when your tresses fall past your shoulders? Does your other half prefer you with a tumbling mane and are you influenced by their preferences?

I’m hoping we can have a bit of a discussion this afternoon as I’m really interested to hear other folks’ thoughts on the whole short-haired debate.

Short Chic Wedding Hair Inspiration_0044

By my reckoning, short-haired do’s are the way to go particularly if you’re a bride that’s keen to integrate a statement headpiece into your outfit. Rather than your hair taking over the show you can allow your glistening pins, feather garnishes and glitzy circlets to shine against a sedate yet coiffed background. Plus a supersized veil against a gamine cut always looks a little bit twiggy, a little bit 1960s doesn’t it…

And you can’t beat the sixties now can you?

So are you a perfect pixie girl or a bobbed beauty?

Do you know how you’ll be styling your barnet on your big day or are you still at a loss for ideas?

Have you decided to grow out your mane for your big day and will you be lopping it all off afterwards?

I want to hear all about it!

All my love Lolly xxx

P.S. If you’re looking for hair inspiration for your big day why not check out our Pinterest board for your barnet right here. We promise you’ll find something to love.

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Soft Gothic.


Last week I read a poem and it set my heart on fire.

It was erotic. It was romantic too. Its words swirled around my senses like an enveloping November fog caressing my emotions. I was as eager as kid at the cookie jar; I wanted more and I needed it now*.

As with anything inspiring, be it a piece of art, a gorgeous antique, or an evocative photograph, my immediate response is to try to capture the feelings that are sparked off in me in a visual way – most often through still images. And so what you see here is my interpretation of the verse I read last week.

And therein lies the rub…because I think you’ll agree with me when I say that it’s not exactly bridal is it.

Or is it?

You see the blog queen and I sat down and had a darn good chat last week. We discussed themes and schemes, random discussion points, all things bridal and then not so bridal and those topics that we’d love to share with you which don’t fit into the wedding realm even in the loosest of terms.

And then we decided…to hell with it. So we’ve decided to dedicate this week to all things kooky and wonderful; in short this week is hereby entitled ‘Eclectic Mix’.

We’ve got a bucketload of gorgeous weddings for you, a healthy debate or two and oodles of inspiration starting with this not so conventional collection of moodboards below.

We can’t wait to hear what you think.

Intimate Interiors

Less Dracula’s castle and more exotic boudoir with a splash of the distinguished gentlemen’s club from the 1920’s, this is all about setting an intimate mood.

Regardless of whether this particular colour scheme floats your boat or not, it’s worth dipping into the world of interiors if you’re looking for inspiration for your big day. Home furnishings can actually broaden your horizons when thinking about colour combinations and texture pairings translating perfectly to your wider wedding decor.

Wedding Inspiration for brides with a black, grey and white colour scheme_0026

If you’ve decided to use darker hues in your wedding palette, can I suggest that you use a contrasting hue such as an off-white, cream or even the fresh green associated with new growth, to prevent the whole thing feeling too oppressive.

Lastly illumination is crucial. Be it tea lights, a luxurious chandelier, church pillar candles or long tapered dinner candles, it’s important that you add depth to your surroundings as well as intimacy. People need to see each other as well as all the hard work you’ve instilled into your big day details.

The Little Black Dress

I’m not sure about you lovelies but I always find that The Little Black Dress is my failsafe option when it comes to a chic city event or a black tie do. It seems strange then that the shade is shunned somewhat when it comes to the big day given that it’s so blinking flattering.

Whilst I’ve not had the pleasure of watching a bride marry in a pretty black frock I have to say that it’s on my wish list – both from a blogging perspective and from a let-me-actually-see-it-for-myself standpoint. Certainly I considered for a long time dressing my maids in this hue before I veered down another path; I knew that each of them would look chic and sophisticated in the shade.

Wedding Inspiration for brides with a black, grey and white colour scheme_0023

Keep things elegant by choosing gowns and frocks that have a delicate structure with oodles of detail – silks, gauzy chiffons and flimsy lace are your friends here. I particularly love an interesting back – be it one with a low v, a looping bow or criss-crossing strappiness.

Accessorise your midnight frock with a nonchalant look that’s straight from the catwalk.

Face Off

This look is all about good girl gone bad. We’re talking high maintenance society girl the morning after, all decadence and top shelf luxury. She’s probably been frolicking all night with a polo playing prince of Arabia and her bee-stung lips and smudgy eyes are the remnants of a night to remember.

From aubergine to dusky grey all the way through to sooty black there are so many ways to interpret the soft gothic look on the face. For a contemporary take on the theme opt for a matt chalky eye either in translucent noir or iridescent grey – remember to keep the colour light on the main part of the lid but create definition by lining the lash line in a darker shade.

Wedding Inspiration for brides with a black, grey and white colour scheme_0025

Alternatively instantly raise the glamour stakes by slicking metallic gloss and glittery shimmer across your lids and the tips of your plum coloured nails for the ultimate in femininity. It’s also worth noting that it’s important to keep cheeks and lips fairly neutral so as to not overdo it.

Lastly I love the idea of pinning a band of lace across the eyes as a modern alternative to the traditional veil…plus it’s a little bit sexy too, no?

Moody Food

Or comfort food by another name, these are the gluttonous treats guaranteed to raise fallen spirits, restore lost appetites and warm frozen limbs by the fire.

Dark and mysterious, these gothic delights will set your tastebuds tingling. We’re talking bitter chocolate tarts, aged whiskies and rich berry liqueurs topped off with thick creams.

For me there’s something luxurious about foods with darker hues; I can’t tell you why exactly but it’s almost as if I’ve been let in on a closely guarded secret revealed to a select few. I’m also aware that this makes me sound as daft as a brush. Regardless, I can guarantee that those of you marrying over the next Autumn and Winter months won’t go far wrong should you choose to serve up some ‘Moody Food’ to your nearest and dearest on your big day.

Wedding Inspiration for brides with a black, grey and white colour scheme_0024

If you’re keen to venture down the forbidden path then try opting for savoury delights such as a squid ink risotto or a beetroot laced salad sprinkled with black truffle or select the world famous black guinness cake for dessert. Top off such a selection with customised rum and whisky cocktails later in the evening by a roaring fire for the ultimate in decadent dining.

So have any of you lovelies considered a colour palette of darkened hues? Or perhaps you’re marrying in the Winter months and have decided to embrace the short days and midnight black nights.

And are any of you opting for maids in sexy LBD’s? Perhaps you’re choosing to be a bride in black yourself with some gloriously smokey eye make-up?

I want to hear ALL about it!

All my love Lolly

*if you want to read the poem then I’ve shared it on my instagram here.

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Whilst this post is technically entitled golden, it is by no means restricted to the aureate hues. Oh no folks, we’re not restrictive here at RMW HQ, we love any type of glittery embellishment, be it silver or gold, mercury or sequins, sparkle and glitz.

In fact we love it so much that much of our last editorial shoot was swathed in some sort of metallic glow. Did you see the swing….how about that supersized frame or the immense beauty looks?

Of course you did. Who am I trying to kid? And yes we were so thrilled with your enthusiastic and flattering response that we wanted the party to carry on a little longer so to speak …hence today’s inspiration piece.

Those of you who have been reading the blog for a little while now will be familiar with my personal obsession with all things shiny. I think the pinnacle of said obsession can be dated back to a certain school ski trip of mine where my bestest girls and I devised the genius product that is ‘Clitter Glitter’. The clue is in the name folks…a sparkling tool to help the uninitiated menfolk around the female anatomy.

Unsurprisingly ‘Clitter Glitter’ never made it into production but I’d like to point out that we were well on the scene before vajazzling made itself known.

Anyway I digress, let’s get back on track shall we and start with some golden girl fashion.

Golden Girls

Oh to be a golden girl, hell just to be dressed head to toe in sparkles.

There’s something about shimmery sequins and metallic fabrics that speaks to the princess/ballroom dancer/six year old in all of us. Remember that glitter hairspray that you used to put in your hair for a night out? Yes? Bet you’re wondering just how acceptable it would be to wear some now? Is it retro enough to get away with it in 2013? I reckon we can….

Golden Girls Wedding Inspiration

The fact remains that glittery glamour makes our hearts sing – where white wedding shoes were once the order of the day, delicately sequined shoes now rule the roost. And it’s not just sparkly heels that you lovelies have your hearts set on either. We’ve noticed that golden and silvery wedding dresses are becoming ever popular too with dress designers such as Elie Saab and Sarah Seven including some exquisite examples in their latest collections.

It’s not hard to see why, for a shimmery gown instantly elevates any woman to super-hot vixen status. I’m not sure why that is but suddenly you walk a little bit taller, your hips swing a little more jauntily and your eyes SPARKLE.

Golden Inspired Wedding Fashion

f you’re not convinced then it’s worth thinking about putting your maids in sequins and metallic beading instead. Be it a 1920’s style flapper dress, a short suit or even a shiny skirt with a more sedate top half I’m positive that they’ll thank you for it.

Luminous Beauty

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….you just can’t beat a glitzy, metallic eye for the instant glamour factor. In fact, I have been known to smear a bit of the old golden dust across my eyelids when I’m experiencing a beauty low and it always peps me right back up again. And given your enthusiastic response to last week’s beauty in our ballet inspired editorial post it seems that you lot can’t get enough of the shimmery eye either.

But there’s a practical element to the glitterific beauty look as well; it suits ALL skin tones and instantly bestows bambi-esque qualities even on those that aren’t so blessed in the doe-eyed department. You can be sure then that should you go for this particular style on your big day, then both you and your maids will all look fabulous.

Golden Toned Wedding Beauty

I particularly love all over shine but if you’re feeling on the timid side why not opt for a cat eye slick of eyeliner in black and gently brush glitter over the top for the finishing touch. Using the right brush is the key to this look so invest wisely girls. The iridescent cat eye is eminently wearable in the daytime too so I’m daring you to wear it to the office. Choose a golden palette for yellowy and darker skin tones whereas silvery shades look best on those with paler skins and redheads too.

If you’re still not convinced then why not consider ‘dressing’ your hair with metallics instead. I find a messy chignon accessorised with an alice band of supersized sequins or costume jewellery irresistible. Alternatively try wrapping a diamante headpiece around a side bun for the more traditional touch whilst nodding to the glamour at the same time.

Decadent Decor

‘You musn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter darling’ is exactly the sentiment to apply to your big day decor. Think gold, think glitter, think bright lights and shimmer. And then add some more to boot. In fact there were so many gorgeous examples of wedding day decor following this aesthetic that I had to create not one but two moodboards for you lovely lot.

Golden Wedding Inspiration Decor

If you’re choosing to have a champagne reception or better yet a cocktail hour, why not add a touch of the exotic by serving your drinks in gilded saucers. For a start it will make your fizz really sparkle and make your guests fell special too. If you can’t get your hands on the gilded variety then opt for plain instead and vamp the rims up with edible glitter for a cost-effective alternative. Accessorise with glittering drinks stirrers such as these heart shaped beauties at the top here or pompoms for those young at heart and you’re away.

I’ve yet to see or plan a wedding that uses sequin encrusted tablecloths in their wider wedding decor but I’m waiting on tenterhooks for the day that it does appear because it looks so darn gorgeous. Almost instantaneously you’ve got a dollop of glamour in a way that plain white linen can’t even begin to compete with.

Golden Metallic Glitter Wedding Decor Theme

I’m also having a bit of a moment with gold spray paint – I’m blaming Adam and his golden swing – so I’m constantly looking for new and exciting things to gild. So far my absolute favourite has to be architectural branches and leaves which look amazing when used as chic centrepieces. Little tip for you….if you’re going to try your hand at some golden branches then it’s worth painting them white first. That way the spray paint will adhere more efficiently to the branch and you’ll end up with an even coverage.

Lastly how immense is that golden arrow. There are no words folks. No words.

So will you be integrating a bit of sparkle into your big day? How about the odd sequin or two?

I’m currently trying to persuade one of my besties to ‘go gold’ for her New Year’s Eve wedding and I’m definitely making progress folks.

All my love Lolly xxx

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Ballet: The Inspiration.


If you stopped by the blog on Friday last week folks you can’t fail to have noticed Charlotte’s sneaky peek of this week’s theme; The Ballet.

Whilst the Blog Queen herself will reveal all tomorrow afternoon – the RMW editorial shoot that is, she’s not getting her kit off – I’ll be sharing the inspiration behind said theme in this afternoon’s post where we’ll cover everything from frivolous fashion, luxurious decor, sweet treats and the most beautiful hair and make-up ideas that you’ve clapped eyes on for a long time.

As a team we often spend large amounts of time discussing wedding trends and big day inspiration…yes even Adam too. We talk about what makes you tick, the next big thing on the wedding horizon, themes we love, colour schemes that make us swoon and even those trends that may have dropped off the radar.

One such theme is the ultra romantic, pink infused ballet affair so beloved of little girls with pillowcase veils over their heads. Somehow as we’ve aged, this candy coloured dream has fallen by the wayside in favour of rustic soirees, or hip city dos and this makes us sad. Gone are the dreams of the super feminine big day, dusted in pink complete with bows and satin and voluminous dresses and all-rose bouquets.

Or so you thought.

You see folks, garnered by the RMW spirit we’re determined to bring it BACK. Just like the once out of favour peach colour schemes, we want to show you how girly pink wedding themes can be cool again.

Let’s see what you think.

Corps de Ballet

Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairy

So named…erm because it’s really blinking obvious right. Sugar, sweet treats and confectionery delights, it’s all there folks.

Granted most ballerinas are probably not indulging their sweet tooth on a daily basis but given that classical ballet has its origins in the patisserie centre of the world (France) it seemed daft not to include some cakey treats in the editorial shoot.

Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairy

And it’s all about the detail this time lovelies…detail and miniatures. Think cutesy details, ruffles, intricate piping and romantic shapes. We fell head over heels for hearts, for rose-infused flavours, for dustings of icing sugar and iced petals.

And then there was the beautiful display of such delights, on glass cakestands, within sugary coated boxes, on golden plates, all piled on top of one another. There’s something to be said for beauty in numbers…wouldn’t you agree?

A Rose By Any Other Name

If there’s any single flower that’s associated with ballet or indeed the stage then it is the beautiful Rose. Just think oodles of all those blousey blooms being thrown at beautiful ballerinas at the end of the night in appreciation of their talents.

There’s something timeless about the Rose, its unrelenting beauty, its womanly charms and sophisticated elegance. This is a bloom that will always take centre-stage.

From the get-go, we were determined to use the flower in all of our floral associated styling – from the table centrepieces to the bouquets and even the smaller prop related scenes too. Quantity was key, volume the watchword; it was less about the foliage and more about the flower itself.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Big, blousy, full-headed blooms in pinks, creams, off-whites, caramels, blushes, peaches with maybe even a splash of yellow here and there. Our preference was for roses of the older varieties with amazing scents like the O’Hara. We chose to follow two different directions when it came to our bouquets too – one that fitted with the more traditional ballet look and then another that was less structured, more ethereal. 

We can’t wait to show you the results…

See You At The Make-up Barre

Whilst I don’t want to give too much away at this point I will say that the traditional ballet bun was definitely a must have for Charlotte and I – you may even have seen our sneaky peek of our ballerina on both of our Instagram walls – see here and here. In fact we love the ballerina topknot so much that we always squeal in glee when we spot a bride that chooses an updo for her big day.

See You At The Make-up Barre

The beauty of the stage and actually for a bride on her big day is that all the normal rules can be thrown out of the window. If you want glitter on your eyelids, a metallic catflick or the longest of (fake) eyelashes, nine times out of ten you can get away with it. Perhaps not so much with the smokey tulle and net creation near the bottom here but you catch my drift.

Exquisite hair and eyes ‘looks’ were a particular focus for us in this piece of editorial and much like the classical ballet of Swan Lake there was most definitely a White Swan/ Black swan split.

Stay tuned.

Set For The Stage

Perhaps my favourite part of any editorial shoot apart from the florals (never going to give up that wannabe florist ghost) is the prop and tablescape styling. Whereas Charlotte is the fashion, hair, make-up queen, I revel in decor detail. Give me a table and some linen and some utensils and I’m as happy as a pig in mud.

I’m not going to go into detail…after all I cover the inspiration for the tablescape styling in tomorrow’s post but what I will say is that there are stripes, and lots of shimmering gold details and pink glass and cut crystal. There are blooms a-dozen and rose petals and the sweetest pieces of stationery DIY that are as easy as pie for you lovelies to download and recreate.

And yes there are pointe shoes and ribbon and so much pretty that your heart aches with the beauty of it all.

Set For The Stage

So then are you excited? Have we whetted your tastebuds?

Can you wait until tomorrow afternoon?

I’m not sure we can…

All my love Lolly xxx

P.S. You know that image of the model in the frothy delicious pink dress by the sink at the very top of the post there? Well that was the very first image I ever ripped out of a magazine for my wedding inspiration. I think I was thirteen years old…They say that it never leaves you.

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Aisle Style.

Aisle Style

Last week I took some time off.

I didn’t jet anywhere special, instead the boy and I road-tripped around the country spending time with loved ones and each other. We swam in a lake and lazed on a (manmade) beach in the Cotswolds, visited the truly immense metropolis that is Liverpool (new favourite city), watched cricket in Edgbaston and lunched with friends in town. (You can follow my adventures on Instagram here.)

It was on one of these cross-country trips that I came across one of the most beautiful floral archways around the porch of a dinky country church…think Kate Moss’s own wedding nuptials and you get the idea. Whilst I didn’t venture inside said church, it did get me thinking about processions and arrivals and beginnings and aisles.

For it’s been a while since we last looked at some aisle style inspiration hasn’t it.

I for one can’t get enough of sublime aisle decor…perhaps because aside from the invitation and any external touches that may have been added to the outside of the ceremony venue, this is really the first tangible encounter with the wedding day.

This is the moment where the guest really gets to see and feel the culmination of all those months of hard work and planning, where they can experience all the wonderful details that make your day so ‘you’.

So in testament to this, I’ve pulled together some of my favourite pieces of inspiration doing the rounds at the moment.

Let me know which is your favourite…

Chic Chuppahs

I’ve not been lucky enough to attend a Jewish wedding but I’ve long admired the subtle elegance of the Chuppah from afar. For those of you unfamiliar with the Chuppah, its meaning is literally, “canopy” or “covering” and is supported by four poles under which a Jewish couple stand during their ceremony.

Regardless of your beliefs, you can’t fail to fall hook, line and sinker for the symbolism of the chuppah. Put simply it represents the home that the couple will build together and if that isn’t a romantic gesture then I don’t know what is.

Whilst you might not be Jewish there’s no reason why you can’t take inspiration from this collection of chic chuppahs below.

Chic Chuppahs

If simplicity is your watchword, why not drape the merest whisper of silk or lace or even chiffon from silver birch supports or twists of willow. Imbue the canopy with tradition by utilising fabric that is important to your family in some way – be it a family tartan or a piece of exquisite lace that’s been handed down through the generations. If you’re looking for an organic touch then ask your florist to entwine foliage in and around the supports overhead. I particularly love the idea of using Olive branches as a representation of peace and love.

Perhaps super luxe is more your thing…if so then it’s all about creating volume through swathes of fabric and oodles of blooms. Don’t be afraid to use colour either to create impact – I love the mossy green palette of the Chuppah at the top here that’s been adorned with cascades of roses. Finish with a chandelier suspended overhead for the final touch.

Ravishing Row Markers

Perhaps the easiest way to style your aisle and the kindest on the pocket too is to opt for row markers, so called because they’re placed at the end of every other row or pew. If you’re still confused think supersized pew ends and you’re there.

We’ve noticed the appearance of two trends this year – one that takes a classic approach with an abundance of traditional blooms and the other that follows a more organic, rustic path that wouldn’t look amiss at an Autumn wedding.

Both trends have their respective benefits; I love the ultra feminine vibe that the classic approach evokes plus the scent from these blooms would perfume your venue wonderfully. If you’re opting for something akin to these arrangements of roses on top of the wooden columns then it’s worth considering using these as your table centerpieces also. Just let your florist and venue know beforehand so that the necessary maneuvers can be made.

Ravishing Row Markers

The rustic path has its charms too; for one it’s easy to create yourself perfect for the crafty brides and grooms out there. Take the log stump chargers for example which can be sourced for pennies or even for free if you’re in the right place at the right time, add some plain hurricane lamps and candles, adorn with fallen leaves or other foliage and you’ve got yourself some beautiful wedding decor at the fraction of the cost.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different try thinking about the placement of your seating for your guests. I love the angled rather than forward facing positioning of these benches in the middle here which provide the perfect view of both the bride coming down the aisle as well as the ceremony itself.

Awesome Backdrops

And then there’s those awesome backdrops, the grand finale if you will, the dressed stage for the drama of your ceremony.

Literally anything goes here.

Want a huge sign with your names on? You can have it. What about a wrought iron arch decked in blooms? Yep you can have that too. This is where your imagination goes into overdrive.

Granted many of the backdrops shown here are staged in the great outdoors but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative if you’re marrying indoors. The first port of call is to ask your venue what its limitations are. Essentially how far can you go so to speak. It’s also worth taking into consideration where you’re choosing to get married and what the room will be used for afterwards. For example will your ceremony be taking place in the same room as your drinks reception or your wedding breakfast? If so can your ‘awesome backdrop’ be moved easily or integrated into the wider wedding decor without getting in the way? Perhaps it could be used as a photobooth in the evening festivities…

Awesome Backdrops

If you asked me to choose my favourite backdrop out of this immense collection shown here then it would easily be the third image on the left. I love the combination of the ruffled off-white fabric against the vibrant greens of the florals and foliage. I also adore the fact that the foliage has been pinned asymmetrically; it feels raw and organic and natural…pretty much like love then.

Let your imagination run wild. Think about using fabric in weird and wonderful ways, draped from the ceiling in strips of colour, or opt for garlanded blooms suspended in loops and swirls. I’ve seen hundreds of connected pinwheels used to great effect, supersized acrylic letters entwined in fairy lights and hundreds and hundreds of candles of different sizes lit up along the aisle and along the altar. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to cover it.

So are you a ‘chic chuppah’ girly or an ‘awesome backdrop’ gal? Perhaps you’re something else entirely…care to share?

We want to know what floats your boat so why not drop us a line in the comments box below.

And are any of you lovelies jetting off anywhere soon or are you saving it for the honeymoon?

Do you find that time away from the office helps you think and gets those creative juices flowing again? I know I do.

All my love Lolly xxx

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Take One Summer Scorcher.

Summer Scorcher Themed Week At Rock My Wedding

I’m hot and I don’t mean in a kick-ass, lip-pouting, boys-eat-your-heart-out kinda way. I mean in a slightly clammy, I can’t be bothered to do anything with my hair, I only want to wear a bikini state of affairs.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the heat and I’m also tickled by the fact that our fickle meteorologists are calling the current weather situation ‘a heatwave’. Funny, back when I was a wee one, this would just be a standard summer but perhaps that’s the mind playing tricks on me.

Any bride marrying in either June, July or August dreams of being blessed with glorious weather – I mean you don’t pay a premium for marrying at the peak of summer for nothing you know – but I think even the lucky couples of the last few weeks will be amazed at their own good fortune.

And so in homage to the sunshine, to the scorching days and the balmy nights, we’ve decided to dedicate this week to all things summer – a ‘Summer Scorcher’ themed week if you will.

To kick things off it seemed fitting to share an inspiration post with you – designed with the intention of helping you gorgeous lot with making your guests as comfortable as possible when things are HOT HOT HOT on your big day.

Stay Cool

There’s nothing worse than going to an event, wedding or otherwise, and feeling uncomfortable in the heat. Your make-up begins to slide around and off your face, sweat starts to trickle in unmentionable and countless places and even something as simple as clutching your handbag feels as if you’re holding a ten ton weight.

But there’s no need to fret if you’re expecting the mercury to go sky high on your big day -there’s many simple methods and means to make sure that your guests stay cool without breaking the budget.

Stay Cool 1

I’m sure that the vast majority of you will have already seen the programme/ fan combo but for those of you that haven’t it’s a fantastic way of amalgamating your order of service and a cooling device into one simple prop, plus you can DIY it too. Usually the bride and groom’s names are scrawled along with the wedding date onto one side of a supersized piece of card – I love the heart and shield shapes making the rounds at the moment – and the order of service is daubed on the other. Add a rounded stick and bob’s your uncle you’ve got a fan to boot!

If you’re looking to add an extra special touch to your festivities then it might be worth investing in some parasols for your guests too. Presentation is key so consider storing them in an old tea crate or a large wicker basket with a sign to encourage your nearest and dearest to take one. They also make for epic portrait shots or a handy screen if you’re a little bit shy but still want to give your new hubby a snog.

Stay Cool 2

If you’re keen to take it that one step further – hell why not?! – then make like the RMW team and build a fort in the grounds of your venue. All you need is some sheets, a few blooms and a comfy rug and you’ve got yourself a shaded sanctuary where guests can relax. Plus it would make an immense photobooth when the sun goes down too!

Failing that slinging a hammock between some accommodating trees would almost make guests think that they were somewhere tropical and you can’t say fairer than that…

Consuming enough fluids on hot days is important at the best of times but even more so when alcohol is added into the mix. Make the non-alcoholic drinking process fun by introducing an interactive element for your guests. Building a lemonade stand complete with unique vessels, straws and miniature umbrellas and flamingos is one way of sparking your guests’ interests. Introducing the comedy factor through utilising unusual containers as a fridge is another – beer barrow anyone? I’ve even seen a vintage canoe used in the past too!

Iced Delights

It’s not just strategic and considered pieces of big day decor that can make your guests more comfortable; it’s so easy to make simple tweaks to your menu so that your culinary treats can too.

Keep your nearest and dearest cool by offering sweet miniature lollipops alongside your savoury canapés at your drinks reception. If you’re after something naughty then I love these neon ice pops at the top here created from sprite and gummi bears would you believe it! If you’re after something a tad healthier try mixing slices of mango with yogurt instead. Finish by scrawling naughty phrases on the ends of wooden lolly sticks.

Iced Delights

I love the ever popular DIY of freezing beautiful flowerheads and vibrant leaves into ice cubes as a way of pimping your drink. It’s worth investigating which flowers are edible so that guests can rest easy once the ice-cubes have melted. My favourite idea is that of using herbs rather than flowers for perfectly flavoured water – mint anyone?

It’s also worth considering serving small portions of ice-cream and sorbets in the evening when your nearest and dearest have raved (and sweated!) the night away on the dance floor. If you’re looking for something a little bit different but still refreshing try unconventional flavours – basil ice-cream is a particular favourite of mine.

Iced Delights

Lastly, replace traditionally hot tea and coffee refreshments after dinner with iced versions like this cherry infused iced tea in a mason jar – perfect if your big day is a vintage rustic inspired affair. If you’ve got little ones attending or picky guests that drink neither tea nor coffee (like me!) then substitute caffeinated drinks for personalised bottles of old fashioned lemonade.

Hot Hommes

And then we have the hot hommes which granted is a tenuous link to the whole ‘Summer Scorcher’ themed week but we just couldn’t resist. For me there’s nothing that quite beats a gorgeous man in a clean well-fitting white t-shirt…or in black tie…or with his sleeves rolled up ready to get stuck into something…or even in a partial state of undress.

Ahem, let me rephrase that. There’s nothing that quite beats a gorgeous man.

You’ll see that Mr Gosling makes an appearance – good day to you Sir! Oh and there’s Eddie (personal fave of mine) and we couldn’t resist a snap of Jonny either. Don’t say that Team RMW don’t spoil you lovely lot.

Which hunk is your favourite?

Hot Hommes

So are you enjoying the sunshine or are you an ice queen? Have you been to any weddings since the ‘heatwave’ began? Did you melt?

And what thoughtful touches did the couple provide for you to ensure that you stayed as cool as a cucumber throughout their big day?

I’m off to put my feet into a bucket of cold water which is as near as I can get to a paddling pool right now.

All my love Lolly xxx

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À L’orange.

Orange Wedding Inspiration

Every so often I feel compelled to pull together an inspiration post based on a specific colour scheme. Initially there was purple rain and then not so long back a raspberry romance but lately I find myself irresistibly drawn to tangerine hued affairs.

Admittedly an orange sorbet soiree can be overwhelming, brash even if not handled in the right way, but if integrated delicately with just the right of detail then it can be a feast for the eyes.

Festive enough for Autumn celebrations, bright enough for Summer parties yet possessing the chic factor for modern nuptials, opting for this colour palette provides any discerning bride with that crucial element of flexibility.

I should point out that this inspiration is less about the coral and more of the tangerine, not so much peach as more shades of nectarine.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, I’ll begin.

Grapefruit Girlies

These citrus beauties will add a pop of color to any wedding party.

Granted the majority of brides (myself included) are much too in love with the idea of presenting themselves as a vision in white to consider any other shade. However having seen this gorgeous grecian inspired bride clad head to toe in this vibrant orange I’m inclined to be persuaded otherwise. Add the dip-dyed cream and nectarine gown into the mix and I’m sold.

Grapefruit Girls Orange Wedding Outfit Dress

If you’re still not convinced then why not consider these hues for your maids instead. I love a daring pink and orange combo – it just screams fun and femininity especially when ultra luxe fabrics are utilised too. Softer hues look their best during the colder months whereas colour pop tones are perfect for summertime weddings.

Grooms can look equally dapper too! I love the nectarine toned paisley tie against the soft blue corduroy waistcoat – perfect for chaps who are afraid of sporting too much colour. Add a colour-themed buttonhole for the perfect finishing touch.

P.S. I need that pink and orange dress in my life…

Tangerine Touches

The key to a successful ‘Tangerine Touches’ theme is to use the colour sparingly. This principle is crucial folks and marks the difference between a chic wedding reception and a party that looks like it’s been sponsored by the lady from Orangina.

Think accents and you’ll be well away. So what should I use as a background colour I hear you ask? For a truly modern feel I love the combination of blue-black, particularly stripes – against blood orange but I realise that this can be a little intense for some folks.

Orange Wedding Decor Inspiration

So why not opt for a neutral palette instead. Blush pinks, soft taupes, champagne yellows, and muted greys all look exquisite when paired with oranges and nectarines. It speaks of elegance and understated glamour – what’s not to love.

If you love metallics, then mixing copper and golden elements in with your citrus hues is a fantastic way of introducing a luxe feeling into your big day. Old copper urns and gold rimmed glasses are two simple yet effective methods of adding glitz into your table set-ups . Perhaps you’re keen to channel a rustic vibe instead. Try integrating lots of natural textures like birch bark, fruits and moss into your table settings to capture an organic vibe.

Culinary Delights

Aside from the obvious edible interpretation of this theme… think clementines, tangerines, oranges… you can actually introduce this colour palette in other more creative forms too.

Refresh thirsty guests with wedges of cantaloupe melon or slices of orange during your champagne reception or after the obligatory game of french cricket or rounders on the lawn. Alternatively, warm up wintry nights by serving hearty bowls of butternut squash with drizzles of truffle oil and hunks of rustic bread.

Orange Tangerine Blood Food Wedding Cake Cocktails

Think about the decorative accompaniments to your food and drink. Serving within theme glasses of Pimms is one thing – paying attention to the vessels in which it is served is another. I adore these gold-rimmed glasses at the bottom here as much as I love the blood-orange and gold polka dotted napkins underneath those frothy cocktails.

Lastly I’m having a bit of a moment with orange ombre cakes. The muted frilly creation is elegant and romantic without being overly twee and I can’t get enough of those fun, flowery decorations on that tiered affair. If you find these a little bit girly for your tastes then displaying your cakey treats on a slice of wood adds an element of rustic masculinity into the mix.

Flaming Fleurs

Flaming indeed…from burnt umbers through to flamboyant shades of tangerine there’s literally a bloom for every shade in this colour spectrum. Be it cheerful sprigs of narcissus sporting orange centres in the Spring, deep tangerine poppies at the height of Summer or dahlias mixed with hypericum accents at Autumn nuptials.

I’m in love with this soft flower crown at the top of this board – it makes me think of wood nymphs by gently trickling streams during late Indian summers. The muted mustard yellows really make the deep orange spray roses pop without them overwhelming the entire piece.

If you’ve opted for a wedding theme using this palette then I’d suggest really going overboard on your table centrepieces. Ask your florist to cut your blooms at varying lengths so that a loose symmetry can be achieved. Mix blooms that have large heads such as garden roses and begonias to create volume with smaller blossoms such as ranunculus, spray roses and freesias for that bit of texture.

Orange Peach Tangerine Wedding Flowers Fleurs Bouquet

Lastly using a range of shades is paramount to prevent your arrangements from appearing too blocky and overwhelming. Creamy whites, muted yellows, coppers and soft greens complement tangerine shades perfectly – don’t forget to add oodles of foliage into the mix either.

So have you fallen head over heels for Tangerine Touches or does this whole colour palette terrify you?

I can’t help but smile at these cheery colours – perfect for this sunny afternoon. And just because you’ve opted to deck your venue in these shades doesn’t mean that you have to go down the ‘you’ve been tangoed route’ if you don’t want to. In fact the whole look can be so very very classy.

Come on grapefruit girls – I want to hear from you.

All my love Lolly xxx

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Left Of Centre.

Wedding Centrepieces Table Settings Inspiration


It’s been a while since I last shared some floral inspiration with you gorgeous lot, particularly of the table centrepiece variety. So it seemed right, fitting even, to share some flowery delights with you given that it’s summer.

Or at least it’s supposed to be. At least with this plethora of gorgeous blooms we can pretend that summer is actually here instead of staring pitifully out of the window at yet another downpour.

Just how important to you lovelies are the florals at a wedding – be it your own or one you’ve attended as a guest? From a personal perspective, big day blooms are a real highlight and a table doesn’t quite seem complete without a floral centrepiece sitting prettily amongst the place settings. I wonder why that is…

And so I couldn’t resist peddling my current favourite styles and inspiration this afternoon in the hope that some of you will opt for said trends on your big day.

Please say you will…

Smelling Of Roses

I love roses. Particularly the old garden varieties that are so intoxicating that you can literally get drunk on their heady perfume. In fact I love them so much that I’d choose them over peonies any day.

I know…controversial!

I’ve noticed, of late, a swing back to rose-based centrepieces which have been rejected in recent years in favour of less traditional blooms such as tulips, daffodils, dahlias and hydrangea and it’s so easy to see why.

Perfect for the summer bride who wants an extra dose of romance, I love how rosy centrepieces can look both traditional or ultra modern depending on how they’re styled and what containers are used.

Roses Wedding Centerpieces Centrepieces Romantic

If you’re searching for a romantic, otherworldly, midsummer night’s dream vibe then Damasks are your man, whereas Centifolias or ‘Provence Roses’ are just the ticket for ultra glamorous affairs.

Think about the colour palettes that you’re using too. Peachy pink hues compliment those nuptials held in the great outdoors from Summer through to Autumn whereas paler shades look fantastic in modern settings at colder times of the year.

Message In A Bottle

Milk bottles, medicine bottles, old jam jars and even beer bottles. This type of arrangement exudes style whilst being super kind on the pocket too!

Whilst combinations of different sized bottles have been popular for the last couple of years or so, it’s blue and green bottles – particularly old medicine and tonic bottles – that are experiencing a bit of a renaissance at the moment and it’s easy to see why. Their muted tones are the perfect backdrop for soft blooms and lush foliage making them pop against them.

Bottle Wedding Centrepiece Table Centerpiece Green Blue Organic Rustic

Simplicity is key to this look – single flower heads or branches and foliage look exquisite popped into a bottle or two. Remember to create interest by using vessels of different shapes and heights and then collate them together to create a single centrepiece. Don’t be afraid to use a restricted colour palette – says shades of blush or of greens as this only helps to create a more intense display.

Keep things loose and organic and don’t be afraid to be unconventional. I adore the fern fronds in the clear bottles in the middle of this board; elegant and chic you can guarantee that this particular arrangement won’t have broken the bank.

From The Garden

These arrangements are all about the organic, anything goes approach. Using greater amounts of foliage than the other styles and fewer blooms, these centrepieces are no less beautiful and perfect for romantic summertime nuptials.

Queen Anne’s Lace, Lamb’s Ear, trailing herbs such as Thyme and Rosemary, Limelight Hydrangea, Clematis, Wallflowers and Gardenias, Olive leaves, Mint and Poppies are just some of the gorgeous plants that suit this style perfectly.

Organic Wedding Centrepiece Table Centerpiece Wild Unruly Natural

‘From The Garden’ arrangements tend to be fairly substantial in size – it’s all about building one centrepiece up and out rather than displaying multiple smaller arrangements. Creating a sense of height is the key to this look, however it’s worth being conscious of about how you position these centrepieces on your tables for fear of blocking guests’ lines of sight.

Lastly I’d suggest paying attention to the vessels in which you’re placing your wild and unruly blooms. This style calls for vases with history and character – think trophy cups, antique urns, mercuried glass and textured porcelain and you’re onto a winner.

The Unexpected

And then there’s the unexpected. Think unusual containers and captivating vessels, natural elements and splashes of gold, even centrepieces that dress the entire length of the table and flow down the sides.

These are arrangements with the wow factor.

If you’ve decided to channel a particular theme on your big day then this style is for you. Accessorising your table settings with centrepieces that reflect your overall concept is both effective and savvy and caters for all tastes and budgets too.

Having a coastal beachside theme? Why not replace traditional florals with vases of beautifully coloured shells, arrangements of driftwood or even perfect pieces of coral. I love how this arrangement at the top also incorporates candles for the softest of illumination.

Unusual Wedding Centrepiece Table Centerpiece Pumpkins Succulents Coral Coastal

t’s worth thinking outside the box about seasonality too; for example groupings of gourds and pumpkins or spray-painted gilt leaves are perfect for Autumn weddings. Equally, I love couples who utilise everyday objects in different ways – the succulents planted in these silverplated candlesticks not only look fresh and vibrant but double up as the sweetest favours and the watering can centrepiece is simply genius.

I’ve yet to attend a wedding that has trailing foliage down the centre of the tables but lovelies this is on my wishlist for sure!

So does ‘Smelling Of Roses’ float your boat or are you more of a ‘From The Garden’ kind of gal?

Whilst roses tug at my heartstrings my inner magpie can’t help but be captivated by the glass beakers full of oversized sequins at the bottom here. Just perfect for New Year’s Eve festivities don’t you think?

Perhaps you’ve chosen not to have any florals at all, what will you be opting for instead? I have to say that the coral and candlelit creation near the bottom here has my heart aflutter. What do you think?

And I’d love to hear more about your big day themes. Anyone care to share?

All my love Lolly xxx

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Les Demoiselles.

Bridesmaids Fashion Inspiration Post

It seemed only five minutes ago that I was writing this piece about bridesmaid trends and sartorial advice for your big day.

How time flies eh?

Given that it’s been nearly a year since the aforementioned blogpost, I thought it was about time that I sat down and shared my latest musings about the hottest and most popular bridesmaids’ looks for 2013 and beyond.

Mismatched maids and ombre colour palettes are still ruling the roost but we’re also seeing the emergence of some new trends too and this makes me happy. The more choice that you lovely ladies have the better in my opinion. After all it’s all about having your day your way.

I’d love to hear what you girls think. Will your maids be channelling any of these looks on your big day? Perhaps you’re in a bridesmaid fashion rut – maybe I can help…

Let’s get cracking then.

Coral Crush

Poppy, blush, peach, the faintest tinge of tangerine all the way through to apricot – the coral crush palette is so versatile that it can be interpreted in so many ways. And girls, right now, this is the colour of the moment both on and off the catwalk.

It’s modern, it’s slick and coral toned frocks will sure as hell pop against your ivory hued gown. Admittedly some of your girls might be a little intimidated by the vibrancy of this shade but there’s no need to fear. For you see this is a trend that harmonises perfectly with the ombre effect so beloved of last year.

Coral Blush Pink Bridesmaid Dresses Palette

Fair headed ladies look their optimum best in lighter tones – blush pinks and the palest corals, whereas girls with darker manes are able to carry off the more intense hues too. I’d also recommend keeping footwear neutral but if you fancy vamping it up then metallic tones are the way to go.

Of the maids that I’ve seen sporting this look, I’ve noticed that their bouquets have been kept discreet and have been composed of white, ivory and and blush tones. I’d really love to see a coral crush girl with a blousey posy of the pinkest peonies – there’s nothing quite like a colour clash to make a statement now is there…

Chic And Sweet

I’m actually delighted to see that modern day brides no longer succumb to the fear that their best girls will outshine them on their big day. Instead we’ve seen a whole heap of gorgeous maids in chic frocks that wouldn’t be out of place at a cocktail party.

And why the hell not.

This particular style looks most effective in a monochrome colourway – be it the softest ebony or the starkest ivories but there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work in navy or hunter green if you wanted to introduce a bit of colour.

Contemporary Chic Bridesmaid Dresses

This particular style looks most effective in a monochrome colourway – be it the softest ebony or the starkest ivories but there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work in navy or hunter green if you wanted to introduce a bit of colour.

‘Chic and Sweet’ looks just as effective in longer lengths as well as with knee length frocks; the look is minimal with the barest of accessories and compact florals. The beauty look should be polished with dewy complexions and longer hair is best swept up into chic tousled chignons. Finish off with a dash of pillar box red lippy.

Using monochromatic shades is not only incredibly flattering but is a surefire way to imbue your day with a distinctly modern edge too. Perfect for those brides hosting a contemporary city soiree through to the most luxurious cocktail extravanganzas.

Hot Metal

My favourite…can you tell?

It’s sassy, it’s flirty, it’s like having several human glitterballs at your side for the whole of your big day but my golly it’s fun.

Sequins seem to be the order of the day lately; even the high street seems to be falling over itself to nab a slice of the action and the French Connection dress at the bottom here is proof that they can do it well. This can only be a good thing if you’re a bride (or bridesmaid) that doesn’t want to venture down the traditional maid sartorial path.

Metallic gold silver sequinned Bridesmaid Dresses

Perfect for Christmas or Winter weddings (it’s party season after all) but there’s no reason why you couldn’t sport the glitzy look at other times of the year either. Hot Metal looks best utilising the mismatched trend too – it adds variety and prevents your maids looking like one blocky wall of sparkle.

I particularly love the mixed up metallic pencil skirts with the lace blouses in the middle – it shouldn’t sound like it should work but it looks immense.

Sorbet Shades

Sorbet Shades is a slight variation on last year’s Bohemian Rhapsody style in that colour has made its way into this particular trend albeit subtly.

We’re talking lemon yellows, blush pinks, creamy caramels and tantalizing taupes; ‘Sorbet Shades’ is the ultimate in feminine. This look works best with longer gowns although shorter frocks can be beautiful too. A truly successful ‘Sorbet Shades’ maid is one that is decked out in a gauzy fabric that flutters in the wind.

Sorbet Shades Peach, Lemon, Blue, Lime Bridesmaid Dresses Neutral

The beauty of this bohemian inspired trend is that it caters for everyone – be it body shapes or colourings – since its effectiveness lies in variety. Different prints, hues, lengths and styles; there really aren’t any rules.

Accessorise with plenty of blooms – floral crowns look wonderful on Sorbet maids as do clutches of unruly foliage and wild flowers. I also love the pairing of the silk frock at the top here with the orange leather belt so don’t be afraid to make your ultra girly frock that bit edgier with some well chosen accessories.

So what’s your favourite?

Are there any maids’ trends that you simply can’t stand?

Are you a bridesmaid that’s going to be sporting one of these looks later this year? I’m lucky enough to be a ‘Chic and Sweet’ maid later this year on New Year’s Eve no less!

Excited doesn’t even begin to cover it.

All my love Lolly xxx