Wedding Favour Ideas

If you are struggling with ideas for how to show your guests your thanks, then this list of wedding favours is exactly what you need to read. Pin Image

Wedding Favours – 8 Unique Ways To Thank Your Guests

Wedding favours are one of the many wedding traditions we’re seeing reimagined. Many couples still treat their guests to a unique little gift, particularly those that double up as decor or placenames. From charity donations to chocolate delicacies, here are a few ideas to fill your wedding favour boxes.

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Favours For The Win

It’s been a while since I last shared an inspirational post with you all so what better then than to focus on the theme of favours. Granted it’s a contentious issue because let’s be honest it continues to split folks into two camps…those that love a favour and those that don’t really see the point of them. I know that I’m not exactly your typical guest in that I can remember the wedding favour of every single wedding I’ve attended. I’m a sucker for sentimentality but so many of my friends have openly admitted to me that they’d rather the bride and groom save their pennies or popped it behind the bar instead.