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Wedding Hoops Inspiration

Simple, opulent, rustic, chic, handmade or professionally styled… The trend for wedding hoops is going strong. The applications of this beautiful symbol of union and eternity have been wide and varied. From striking ceiling installations to table plans and bouquets. Whilst it’s possible to DIY these beauties for your wedding day, if you want to outsource the responsibility (you’ve got enough on your plate) or if you want a more ambitious take on hoop decor such as the moon gate or a complex hanging display, our handpicked directory of florists can help you find the talent to take on that task. And in case you need some inspiration shots to take along to meetings with your chosen florist, here is a gallery full of beautifully styled wedding hoops.

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Wedding Cake Toppers – 11 Unique Ideas

Wedding cake toppers are an easy way to add personality to the top of your wedding cake. Gone are the days where the only option was a bride and groom figurine sat on the top of your fruit cake. Say hello to a wealth of unique decorations to personalise your delicious wedding dessert.

Romantic, Bohemian Elopement in the Peaks by Natalie Hewitt Wedding Planner | Sunset Portraits | Wedding Inspiration | Henry Lowther Photography Pin Image

Bohemian Elopement in the Peak District by Natalie Hewitt

The talented Natalie Hewitt Wedding & Event Planner has given us a beautiful example of how to have a bohemian elopement in the peak district.
Just you, your beau, and the gorgeous open.

Whilst capturing the intimate moments, Henry Lowther Photography was blessed with the most beautiful natural light, adding to the atmospheric pictures.

Then there is a tablescape of dreams full of taper candles, luxurious linens and cut glass, all finished with stunning florals by Quintessentially Wild.

Get ready to swoon your way through this inspiration folks.

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Bold Is Beautiful

I love sharing inspiration shoots planned and styled by Natalie Hewitt because they are always so polished and beautifully put together. Today’s is no exception – a brightly coloured floral bonanza showcasing the stunning new barn at Abbey Farm. I adore Natalie’s idea of demonstrating that barn weddings can feel fine art, as well as rustic, and these dreamy images most definitely show that.

The gorgeous model wears the prettiest gown by Jesus Peiro. It’s the perfect gown to add a touch of sophistication to the barn setting.

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Mint To Be

There is something about Spring, Easter in particular when all the gorgeous pastel hues come into their own. Just recently team Rock My have all gone a bit gooey eyed for mint, incorporating it into our homes, wearing it and even bringing our littles in on the action. We’re blaming it entirely on the the delicious RMW book Your Day Your Way‘s linen cover. But with a hue that beautiful is it any wonder. So as an ode to the wedding book of dreams we’re bringing you a whole host of inspiration so you can fall in love with the shade as much as us.

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Seeing Stripes.

Is there one place in the world where you feel completely at home?

Somewhere that calms you, completes you, nourishes you and restores you. Somewhere that inspires you and takes your breath away – even at its worse.

For me, this place is the sea.

It doesn’t matter where in the world it is, once those crashing waves are within my sight everything is ok again. Life reclaims its perspective and I can honestly say that I’m truly happy. I’m even getting a little bit emotional writing about it.

Shame that I live in the landlocked Midlands then…

A huge part of me wishes that I’d planned a nautically inspired wedding and I’m always slightly envious of those brides who have chosen to have their nuptials by or on the water.

It always looks so romantic doesn’t it.

Perhaps you’re a seaside bride, or maybe you or your beau are in the Navy and want to reflect this in your celebrations but aren’t sure where to start.

Below is a collection of some of the most beautiful maritime images to help you on your way.

And if anyone has a boat full of drinks at their wedding I want to be the FIRST to know!

Aye Aye Sailor

Now girls.

Hosting a nautically inspired wedding does not mean that your other half must therefore don a full sailor suit complete with kitbag and cap.

Although I would like to see that please.

I would also like to see more grooms half submerged in water and smouldering at the camera.

Ahem….. back to the topic in hand.

Maritime grooms and ushers look best in clean lines, close-fitting suits and modest cuts. Keeping things simple is the key to preventing this look from becoming farcical. If I had to sum the look up in one word then I’d say it was ‘preppy’ but with a modern twist.

Ok that was 6 but I’m allowed a little bit of creative licence, aren’t I?

Striped fabric and brass buttons really epitomise this look best, as do deck shoes, rolled up trousers, navy blues and seersucker materials. A smart bow-tie finishes a maritime ensemble off nicely too. Try to mix colours up; the best nautical grooms include at least two or three shades in their outfit with the usual suspects being blues, creams and tans topped off with a splash of peach.

It’s also worth thinking outside the box for buttonholes. Using shells, nautical crests, fishermen’s knots as well as seeds and grasses more commonly found at home in the sand dunes is a perfect way of pulling this theme together.

Message In A Bottle

If there’s one thing that gets me more excited than a posy of beautiful blooms then it’s a well executed stationery suite.

If you think about it, this is the first impression that your guests will have of your wedding day – a sneak peek if you will – so relish this opportunity and really go for it.

The beauty of a nautical scheme is that there are so many motifs to play with. Ships, anchors, twine, ropes, knots, flags and compasses – I could go on and on. And you don’t have to limit yourself simply printing these symbols either.

Why not have flags made for guests so they can wave you down the aisle or pull the different components of your invitations together with an actual fisherman’s knot.

I am in love with the idea of giving each guest a compass as a favour – it’s sweet, relevant and still has a purpose after the event has taken place. And how amazing is the oar guestbook – I love how this can be displayed pride of place in the home once the wedding is over as a constant reminder of the day.

Continuing a ‘look’, regardless of what it may be, through all of your stationery i.e. from invites, menus, order of service and table names really helps to strengthen the theme as well as putting smiles on the faces of your nearest and dearest as they discover these quirky touches.


Dressing your maids to suit a seaside event follows much of the same lines as that of grooms and ushers. Let stripes and greeny-blue hues be your guide.

Silky blue and cream stripes are reminiscent of the sea and the foamy frothiness on top of choppy waves. Accessorise the look with jewellery in golden tones – the two anchor bracelets below are simply the tip of the iceberg of nautically inspired accessories that are available to buy.

Choosing blousey white flowers such as hydrangeas will also ensure that darker hues pop for maximum effect.

I love classic, bold, navy stripes but these pretty girls in green pleats show how easy it is to reinvent this traditional theme in a modern way.

Don’t they just ooze effortless cool.

If your wedding is a more casual affair, I’d suggest opting for a shorter style dress with sleeves. Perhaps you’d like your maids in something a little less obvious? Finishing bouquets with a ream of stripy ribbon can be a perfectly subtle nod to such a theme. If in doubt add a pair of shades and a straw hat for that finishing touch.

Lastly I want to look like the bride at the bottom of all these images. Doesn’t she look like a real life mermaid washed up on the shore…

At The Captain’s Table

As much of the inspiration shows here, tablescape settings tend to be soft, elegant affairs with muted palettes of blues, browns, whites and greens. Peaches and blousey pinks are the perfect accent colours to boot.

This look takes much of its inspiration from its natural environment – driftwood centerpieces, coral and shells, lanterns, grasses and wildflowers all feature heavily. Table settings should be windswept and worn. Don’t fight the landscape and light, embrace it.

And then add scads of candles on top.

A really effective tablescape manages to reflect the wedding day theme in the flower centerpieces too. I love the idea of grouping masses of thick white blooms, such as dahlias and hydrangeas, in large galvanized buckets as a way of creating centerpieces that are reminiscent of the choppy sea.

If the traditional blue and white stripes leave you cold why not think about using stripes in other ways. Choosing ribbon bands of different colours and in various thicknesses still cleverly hints at a nautical theme without being conventional.


This last moodboard demonstrates how simple it is for you to capture the perfect beachside essence by choosing and clustering key props at your event.

Think oars, kitbags, knotted ropes and bleached driftwood.

Time to put on your creative hats boys and girls and bring your bartering skills out to play.

Whenever I’m trying to create a certain look or theme for a photoshoot or an event, I pull all of my inspiration together into one place. This helps me focus my thoughts so that I can determine what it is that is really needed to make a look work, what is likely to be expensive and those pieces that I can recreate for myself that won’t induce a call from a red-faced bank manager.

This is also a great way of prioritising where to spend those precious pennies when your budget is limited.

Larger items like boats, oars and anchors can be pricey. I’d suggest looking on eBay as there is always a bargain to be had, as well as down your local car boot. You just never know what you can find.

Some props are easy to recreate at home. Filling old jars and hurricane vases full of sand and pebbles or knotting nautical ribbon onto cocktail stirrer screams seaside chic without hurting your pocket. Plus it’s a great way to get your nearest and dearest involved in the big day.

Never underestimate the aesthetic value of candles – they don’t have to be expensive and they always look amazing, whatever your theme may be.

Lastly finer details, such as compasses and anchors in this case, aren’t always essential but they do take things to the next level. I’d recommend purchasing items like these once you’ve analysed how much you’ve spent and whether there’s room for anything more.

So what do you think?

Are you suddenly inspired to include some nautical motifs in your big day?

Perhaps you’ll have mermaids rather than bridesmaids and handsome sailors for ushers instead…

And does anyone else try to get their sea ‘fix’ by buying bucketloads of the Sea Salt and Kelp handwash from Waitrose?

No? Just me then…

Let us know your thoughts by sending a message in a bottle folks …or if it’s easier then in the comments box below.

Love Lolly xxx

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Bohemian Chic

Every so often I come across a photograph that takes my breath away.

Often it kickstarts a creative frenzy in me where I begin frantically curating images that are either inspired by or complement the original photograph to create a look or theme.

It could be anything. A beautifully made up face, the raw drama of crashing waves against a cliff, or the exquisiteness of some architectural detail that I can’t get enough of.

This time it was a hawk.

I didn’t even know I liked birds.

The result is a inspiration board which I’ve entitled ‘Bohemian Chic’.

Think talented artisans, raw materials, floating chiffon, feathers, chalky whites, tawny browns and a whisper of peach, ferns, herbs, weathered wood, a glimpse of gold and a whole heap of natural materials scooped together into one gorgeous pile of loveliness.

Perhaps it’s inspired you, maybe it’s not your cup of tea.

Either way, if you’re struggling with your wedding colours or your ‘theme’ for the day, take a step back and breathe.

Is there an image or painting you’ve always loved? Perhaps there’s a treasured possession that’s been with you and your beau since the beginning of your journey. Let this small object be the starting point for your inspiration.

From small acorns, mighty oak trees grow.

Lolly x

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Let’s Do Dallas Baby.

A wee while ago the very fancy and luxurious bridal boutique Adamo ran a competition to offer two lucky customers the opportunity to enter their prize draw.

And no it wasn’t to win a bridal gown but to wear one, or two…or um three (!), then be photographed in full styled glory by the lovely Craig and Kate from Craig Williams Photography.

I know. Lucky so and so’s right?

The shoot took place at Cliff Barns where there are two “venues” to choose from, Dynasty and Dallas, both full of quirky touches and eclectic southern charm. It was Dallas that was the location of choice and provided the perfect backdrop for real bride winners Joss and Abbie to showcase a wide variety of accessories, frocks and general fabulousness.

And as well as unique W-day inspiration there is a whole heap of rock-the-dress idea gems and hair-do could -do should-do greatness on these pages today folks.

Oh and must mention the cake.

I am completely and utterly obsessed With. The. CAKE.

So without further ado…… let’s do Dallas lovelies.


A Raw Country Influence

Lauren at Adamo Bridal: Our brief was Rustic, Country, Raw, Cool. Not the instant association you would make with a typical wedding dress, which may usually conjure up words such as ‘pretty’ and ‘princess’…and that’s exactly why I loved this shoot!! Our brides at Adamo tend to love the quirky and we really got to use some of our quirkiest dresses to stand out against the rustic grandeur of the venue Cliff Barns.

Alan Hannah’s full-skirted gowns with an edge (amazing appliqué silk flowers and specially commissioned checked fabric); Cymbeline’s layered lace and bustled-up skirts; MiaMia’s all-over ruffles and Ugo Zaldi’s flowing silks….each one utterly unique and just that little bit (dare I say it) ‘different’!!

The moral of the story is – your wedding dress shouldn’t be wearing you, you should be wearing the dress! If something isn’t ‘you’, then don’t feel you have to wear it just because it seems to have the tear factor with your Nan. Our models showed off exactly how to bring the cool to your wedding day style!

The Photography

Craig Williams Photography: We did the shoot as this amazing venue called Cliff Barns, they have two venues based on Dallas and Dynasty and we were at Dallas! This shoot is full of Stag Heads and cowboy saddles galore and with two stunning brides in the pictures we think the results were incredible.

Love Your Hair

Cassandra Rizzuto: Lauren Williamson asked me to be involved in this shoot i was given the guidelines of 1950’s but I did not want the hair to look like we just played dress up with the Models, so I just went with what came to me on the day. Although I had in my head Quiffs and Rolls. Our first look was some elegant loose curls to compliment the gorgeous dresses and brilliant make up by Lucy.

Then it was time to Rock it!!! With Abbie I went with a really high quiff but kept it textured but kept the back very sleek to make sure the quiff stood out. I styled the Quiff free handed with my fingers and my favourite hairspray Big Sexy Hair “Spray and Play Harder”, the name says it all.

Our second model Joss I went with a side roll, again with a lot of texture because her hair had previously been curled to spice things up a bit and give her a more of a New England charm (As seen in May’s Vogue Magazine).

Bridal Beauty

Lucy Baker:My initial inspiration for the shoot was make-up a bit like Dita Von Teese wears but in a modern fresh way, i.e not quite so traditional. The models both had very different colourings though so I worked that look for Abbie, who had black hair, as she could take a lot of colour, the red 50’s hollywood glamour lips and matt skin worked so well on her!

The second model, Joss, was much fairer so I really wanted soft pastel colours to accentuate her lovely big eyes and great smile. I was aiming for a more wearable, slightly vintage bridal look with peachy undertones to suit paler women, which is why I used the soft dusty colours and powdered the skin quite heavily so it didn’t look modern and sheen-y.

Photography: Craig Williams Photography

Bridal Gowns: A selection of Cymbeline, Ugo Zaldi, Alan Hannah and Miamia at Adamo Bridal

Hair: Cassandra Rizzuto of Love Your Hair

Make up: Lucy Baker

Venue: Cliff Barns

Tiaras: From a selection at: Flo and Percy, Halo and Co and Ivory and Co

Cake: Fancy Nancy

So then, anyone for a cow print sweet treat this afternoon?

How about some scarlet lips a la Dita Von Teese?

Biker boots with your bridal gown perhaps?

Which ever way you rock it, make sure you rock it your way.

Oh and a big “Hello you look fabulous” to real brides Abbie and Joss in the comments box from you kind and gernerous lot would be greatly appreciated…

Big Stetson Wearing Love

Charlotte xxx

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Easter DIY and Inspiration shoot

I don’t know about everyone else around here but I’m just about beside myself at the prospect of the four day weekend. I’m planning some celebrations as some of my friends visit from the South and lots of birthdays coincide, along with a well deserved break. With all this in mind, the glorious weather and plans afoot for spring time festivities, when we got an email from the very lovely Lou over at Whimsical Wonderland Weddings asking if we would like to share some of her recent DIY projects, I was bouncing around like a mad march hare!

Last week Lou celebrated her blogs 1 year birthday and instead of sitting back and counting her successes, she went all out and completely DIY’d her own little Spring inspiration shoot. Flowers, Favours, table runners, cake display, the lot.

And boy is it Pretty with a capital P.

Every single item you see here is budget beautiful and lovingly crafted by Lou’s own fair hand. Even better Lou has been kind enough to give you all instructions on how to re-create some of the elements she slaved over. Obviously this is perfect Wedding Inspiration, but you know what… I am totally planning on re-creating some of these bits and pieces for my Easter table and celebrations! (I’ll send you the pics Lou!)

I’m particularly in love with that little cake topper and her ideas for RMW – customising the egg cups 🙂


So without further ado, I’m going to hand you over to Lou and her DIY tutorials… please make her very welcome ladies!

Hi Rock My Wedding readers!! I’m Lou from {www} and I’m so very excited to be guest posting for you today.

Cake Topper DIY Tutorial

There is a trend at the moment for simple, rustic, homemade-style cakes in the wedding industry and cake toppers are BIG news right now. It’s an easy, cute and quirky way to personalise your day.

There are so many toppers out there to choose from, but this one is very easy, you can completely personalise and adapt it to your taste and wedding theme.

What you need:

Assorted coloured paper

Two paper straws




Scissors/Craft Knife

Print off your selected words in your preferred font, preferably on card.

Draw around your letters onto the paper and cut out using scissors or a sharp craft knife.

Tie one end of your twine or thread to one straw, and start threading your letters onto the thread. Be sure to choose the same height to thread and thread through twice in each letter to ensure the letter lays flat. Be careful, the paper is delicate. You can use card if you wish but it may be harder to make the holes for the thread.

Once the row of letters is in place tie the other end of the thread onto the second straw.

When you start on the next rows of lettering, make sure the thread is shorter; you want the straws to be closer at the bottom and wider at the top for full affect. Also find out the diameter of your cake to make sure it is in proportion.

Now insert the straws into your cake. {Make sure you store the topper safely until your wedding day, a box is best, as it’s very delicate.}

Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, it all adds to the ‘look’.

DIY Tin Can Centre Piece Tutorial

I thought for ages about what inexpensive way I could present my flowers in for the shoot. In the end I came up with tin cans, which given a lick of paint are given a whole new lease of life. They are the ultimate eco-friendly, budget and gorgeous centrepiece concept.

What you need:

Assorted Tin Cans

Paint {gloss}



Collect tin cans, different sized cans together look best.

Remove the labels and give them a good wash.

Start painting the cans in your chosen colours or patterns. Warning: I used acrylics and the cans started to rust, we ended up using some gloss paint we had.

Tie around mismatched pretty ribbons and fill them with gorgeous seasonal blooms.

DIY Egg Cup Favours Tutorial

Choosing original and fun favours that your guests will treasure is tricky, but I have the perfect solution for those Spring and Easter weddings…. Egg cups of course!

What you need:

Wooden Egg Cups

Paint {I used acrylics}

Paint Brush



Felt or Fabric




Lightly sand your egg cups, so that the paint sticks well to the cup.
Choose your colours and get painting; a contrasting colour on the inside makes it look really vibrant. You could even paint patterns such as the RMW polka dots!

For the name tags, get some felt or fabric and mark the initial lightly in pencil. Using your needle and thread, create a running stich along the initial. Cut to size. I like the little flag effect at the end, or choose another shape.

Get your twine and fold in two, thread it through the top of the tag and pull the ends through the loop.

Tie around your egg cup. For an extra cute finish why not put a flower head or some sweets in the egg cup?

I put my egg cups on mismatched fabric napkins with doilies on top of my plates to finish, for an extra touch tie some pretty ribbon around the cutlery. Layering really adds to the effect.
And voila, your guests will remember your big day each time they tuck into their boiled egg.

Top {www} Tip: Grab your egg cups cheap from eBay or craft shops.

Have fun and get crafting… your wedding day will have a personal touch, you will save money and of course it will look just divine 😉

Much love

Lou xoxo

Erm, supper pretty no? And are you not impressed by Lou’s dedication to the crafty cause with all this hard work! I hope you’re getting to put your feet up over Easter!

You can head over to {www} and see the whole post Lou did on her DIY inspiration shoot here, but do drop her a comment in the box below too and let us know if you will be using any of these little ideas for your Easter table or indeed big day! 🙂

Yours, Truly Inspired,