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The 2016 Collection From Ian Stuart

A few weeks ago we featured a piece from our favourite designers about how to chose your wedding dress. Ian Stuart’s advice was so lovely and resonated with so many of you, that we all fell even more in love with the designer and his dresses…

So we are really excited to show you the images from his 2016 collection catwalk show. As always, the gowns flatter the female form incredibly, but these are dresses for strong women with personality…yes they will make you look beautiful – but they will also make you FEEL beautiful too.

There was a real sense of fun at the catwalk show too – non of this stuffy, oh we’re just so stylish daaaarhling business. Models walked down the catwalk to Dolly Parton with smiles on their faces. Ian Stuart Brides are definitely our kind of girls!

Ian Stuart Team: This season, Ian has focused his energy on designing for different body shapes, ages and personalities. He has created a collection that is diverse and versatile, giving every bride the opportunity to find her own style within the Ian Stuart label.

Experimenting with softer fabrics and fluid silhouettes, Ian is bringing his unique flair and couture construction to a different spirit of bride he has not reached before. And as the unprecedented King of colour, he has introduced stunning softer shades of silver, pink and taupe, which he hopes will encourage the next generation of brides to embrace wearing colour on their wedding day.

There are four stand out themes this year within the Ian Stuart collection:

Ian Stuart Signature Style – Textured, playful and dramatic

Sexy & Statuesque – Figure hugging with plunging lines and dynamic silhouettes

Romantic & Regal – Fairy tale ball gowns, exquisite laces and glittering touches

Fashionista Glamour – Modern, unconventional and daring

Feeling his new designs will excite buyers and have brides in a lustful frenzy, Ian delivered an inspired fashion show that had the audience remembering all the reasons why they fell in love with the fantasy of the wedding gown.

Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

3 thoughts on “The 2016 Collection From Ian Stuart

  1. Have been wobbling about my dress choice being a little far off ‘traditional’, but this has made me feel better seeing that there are so many different styles, sizes and colours coming through!

    1. There’s nothing wrong with traditional Debs! If you feel beautiful that’s what people will notice 😉

      Also, when you look back on your photos in years to come you don’t want to look like a total fashion conscious tit!! You want to look like a Bride!

      Fern x

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