The RMW Real Bride Search… Modern Elegance No. 2

This is the second of three entries in this category. Please do not vote until you have read all three entries. Vote by writing VOTE in the comment box of the bride you want to vote for. Please vote only once per category. If you wish to vote in secret send the name of your chosen couple to: Voting will close at 12pm on 27th August.

Naomi and Gavin

I was first plunged into the underground world of wedding mania when G proposed in September 2009. Little did he know that upon uttering those four words on bended knee, that he would be subjected to 20 months of crazy gravy.
Don’t get me wrong. I am by no means a bridezilla. My affliction is somewhat worse. I am an excited young bride-to-be … and a designer.

The fears of high expectation thrust upon me were recently confirmed when I overheard my Mum saying “Of course it will be amazing, she is an interior designer”. As my self confidence dissolved into self doubt, I ran to my room to cry like a little girl. Pressure, pressure, pressure. Then, after having a serious look at myself, I decided to embrace it. I have the opportunity to draw Inspiration from the world of design and create my perfect day, my way. No dodgy clients, no uncertain budgets… just me, my ideas and the man that loved the detail-freak in me enough to put a ring on my finger.

The ceremony will be held in a grand stately home named Winton House, who have allocated the girlies a whole floor to get ready on! While I am getting ready in the morning the men folk will be (posh voice required) going clay pigeon shooting on the estate. After our ceremony we plan to loosen up the guests with a drinks reception and will invite some of our musically talented family and friends to pick up acoustic instruments and have a wee jam. I heart my transport… Red Bus Edinburgh, which (adorned with ribbons and fresh flowers) will sweep everyone up and cart them to our second venue.

The more controversial of the two, The Caves is a stunning 18th century underground vault. Steeped in character and history this space is jaw dropping! My intention is to give the stone vaults a decadent but ethereal feel with plenty of fresh flowers and candles. However, my future Father-in-Law seemed quite concerned that it was “a dark hole”… to which I replied “A dark hole is perfect for drinking and dancing!”. I’m almost convinced my cucumber cool managed to hide the “Oh God! They’ll hate it. What have you done you stupid woman?!” being screamed in my head. Since then I have visited and revisited the space and I am convinced that my decision is right… i think.

G and I have a natural tendency to shy away from anything conventional and have an insatiable lust for music. We want our day to have a relaxed festival feel with a fun style, quirky details, tons of DIY and a colour palette that would make Joseph’s Dreamcoat look like a £2 Primark special.

I would love to be given the opportunity to share my thoughts and designs, inspire your readers and save the mind of my gorgeous Fiancé, as I march my way (scrapbook in hand) toward wedded bliss.

This is the second of three entries in this category. Please do not vote until you have read all three entries. Vote by writing VOTE in the comment box of the bride you want to vote for. Please vote only once per category. If you wish to vote in secret send the name of your chosen couple to: Voting will close at 12pm on 27th August.

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

282 thoughts on “The RMW Real Bride Search… Modern Elegance No. 2

  1. Oh man, Naomi, your writing made me laugh so much! I do love a vault…especially an ethereal vault…with a pink beribboned shoe! Your day is gonig to be beautiful, interior designer or not. And your writing will make the journey a ride and a half for all us readers! VOTE!

  2. This one was difficult toooooooooo (to be read in a whiny voice), but I think I have to VOTE here, purely for the little mappy hearty things. Love them

    Oh and your writing is pretty damn good too Naomi!

    VOTE (did I say that already?)

  3. I’m VOTING here.

    Fabulous ideas, great writing style, loving the hair in the picture, the fact you already comment on RMW features and, also, a little bit of Hitched love coming your way! Good luck! x

  4. Just in case anyone was in any doubt…VOTE VOTE VOTE thankyou please.

    Love your style of writing and the fact you’re having your venue is The Caves has definitely won me over.

  5. Vote! For three reasons:

    1. I’m from the Burgh too and love the caves – can’t wait to see it transformed!

    2. I actually BOUGHT those pink shoes for my wedding – turns out they are a LOT pinker in real life though, so ended up with a sparkly pair, but still loves them…

    3. That exact bunting picture and those map hearts were both on my mood board too – so basically I think you have excellent taste! xx

  6. VOTE

    I work with the afore mentioned father-in-law to be and have just told him he’s a grump – the reception venue looks amazing -good luck with everything!!!

  7. Vote! The design force is strong with this one.
    As for the problem of pleasing parents- just go your own way and make it the way you want it to be. They’ll be happy if you are – or they should be 🙂

  8. Vote !!!
    For the two most beautiful from north of the border…from the two most beautiful people south of it !!!

  9. VOTE !
    this will be the highlight of my life as i will be in this wedding as a wee bridesmaid, hope everyone appreciates that you’ve put this on because it’s going to be a big, exciting & amazing day for all
    I’m proud to say I’m your wee sis, love you lots
    hope this goes down well 🙂

  10. Vote love love love your writing, sounds really fun and different. I know exactly how you feel with the pressure as I am also an interior designer so for my wedding everyone kept telling me oh its going to look amazing which just made me feel even more stressed as I kept questioning what I was doing but in the end I did what I loved and everyone else loved it too so don’t worry it will be amazing xx

  11. VOTE!!!! This lady is one of my best friends in the whole world and you will never be disappointed with the sheer amount loveliness and pure genius crammed into that blonde head of hers! Prime example she introduced me to RMW which is now my wedding life line and gets me through the dull days at the office! Naomi, Gav and whats probably going to be the most beautiful and unique weddings ever will not let you down!

  12. This is the toughest yet!!

    I love one brides writing style, the others mood board, the idea’s of EVERYONE but I think this one wins it from me as I would like to see a Scottish bride and suppliers north of the border. Plus your venue is amazing, your mood board suggests your flowers will be green and white which are my absolute favourite classic colour combination. Plus we are planning on having a full day of events too and I want to hear about the shooting!


  13. After much deliberation, VOTE! Am intrigued by the venue, which sounds amazing, and loving the general vibe of this one.

  14. VOTE VOTE VOTE. Good Luck Naomi & Gavin. If anyone deserves to win this, it’s definitely you 2. Got everything crossed for ya’s. Love ya both. xoxo

  15. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!

    Gez naomi….fancy planning my wedding! Best wishes to you both, i have no doubt that it will be a fab wedding, looking forward to being there to see it xxx Much Love x

  16. Location location, sounds amazin.
    Great narrative Naomi,and don’t listen to the future father in law (at least not on this occasion). Go for it girl and enjoy,enjoy.

  17. OMG! I can relate to you a lot as have the pink shoes in your pic, am an interior designer and feeling the huge pressure, am a detail freak and am going for the same colour theme! Def. got my vote!!

  18. I wouldn’t be much of a fiance if I didn’t vote for my beautiful girl, Naomi. Love you, darling. (You folks have no idea how much effort she is putting into all of this. I can barely manage to go to work and get some sleep never mind organising a wedding)

  19. Vote
    Looking forward to a memorable day ; drinking and dancing in “a black hole”.
    Great stuff Naomi dear,and you to Gavin for having the sense to propose to her.

  20. Good luck you two. I thought I’d escaped the wedding plan tornado when we moved. I definately VOTE! Lurve and Huggz. x

  21. Hey you lot, just a note for those of you voting. Please don’t vote twice, esp from the same email address.
    Will just make it hell for the girls counting the votes.
    Thank you for all the support though!
    Much love xoxo

  22. Heres my big godzillia sized vote for ya’s ya perfectly matched crazy f#%kers! if ya need a gud orignial rock band to play on the day just give me n the diamonds a shout omi hunny!! xx

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