The RMW Stepford Wives – Real Bride Shoot.

So then, most of you won’t know but way back when at the beginning of 2011 we styled some of the RMW real brides in a selection of sexy gowns and glitzy accessories. We thought our readers would benefit from seeing *real* girls in a variety of bridal fashion as so often the inspiration shoots we post feature models of a certain size and height.

I’ll admit, due to time constraints we didn’t think we would be able to do the same this year which would have been a huge shame but due to a selection of IMMENSE suppliers and the fact Celine, Amanda, Alex, Shirley, Jo and Kelly all made themselves available last minute it was all systems go for the end of April…..Hooray!

Firstly a bit of a theme, we wanted to have a definite direction for the shoot and after falling in love with a picture of a um… retro hoover (all will become clear in due course promise!) the “The RMW Stepford Wives” was born.

Think ladies who lunch. Think ladies who look perfectly turned out and manicured at all times – yes even whilst knitting.

Think tongue in cheek chic.

And rather than just stick to frocks and frills this time we also included some decor ideas too – all the more for you gorgeous lot to be inspired by you see.

In keeping with the Stepford wives theme this shoot was all about the glamour and the polish, the world of bohemia is everywhere at the moment and although we love it (and I want more than anything in the world to put someone in a Lana Del Rey-esque floral crown) we thought we’d stick to timeless elegance with a wee bit of cool thrown in for good measure.

You know that Sunday in April where we had torrential rain? well that ended up being the one we picked. Brilliant. Not. I have never been so soaked-through for so long in my entire life. However these things happen so although we couldn’t use any of the beautiful walled gardens or outdoor space for the backdrop we figured out a plan B and made the most of what was available.

And I’ve got to hand it to the girls – all they did was laugh, joke and have a really ruddy amazing time, despite being freezing cold for hours on end and having to get into some rather ahem awkward poses.

We will be featuring the shoot from tomorrow – there will be two parts as well as a behind-the-scenes special.

Please leave our brides lots of love for all of their efforts and general greatness in the comments box lovelies.

Big We Hope You Like It Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

33 thoughts on “The RMW Stepford Wives – Real Bride Shoot.

  1. I am so excited I kinda want to swear…but I won’t, I’ve promised my mum that I shall try and reign in the potty mouth before the wedding…13 weeks to go!

    I am enjoying that ladies green floral trews very much indeed…

    I wish someone would primp and preen me to fabulousness…very very very jealous…although I could not pull off Stepford Wife

    Big C (at gone midnight after a night out): I’m starving what are you going to make be wife to be?
    Me: Erm a Quorn burger on toast? There is ketchup also.


  2. Nooooooo there are no pictures – Amanda’s right, you are a tease! Though I’ll admit, I’m a little nervous about seeing the pictures…

    It was such a fun day, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! A big big big thank you to the whole team!

    Can’t wait for tomorrow now…

  3. @Lauren – was this your first ‘official’ shoot for RMW? Cannot WAIT! I sit at the train station in a morning and watch the clock tick over to 7.30am so I can have a peak of the daily post on my phone! Train arrives at 7.33am and I have been known not to get on it because I am to engrossed in RMW to be doing with the jossling – I just wait for the next one!

  4. @Pamela It was indeed! It was frantic, hectic, manic, wet and a WHOLE load of fun. I relished every moment!

    And if we ever create a ‘Dedication to RMW’ award, then Pamela my dear you surely must be frontrunner. Missing trains because you’re engrossed in the pretty is commitment indeed.

  5. @Lauren – I know, I am well scared that once I’m married I’m going to get booted off…

    In fact I’m generally scared about what I will do with my life once I don’t have a wedding to plan…

    No hen do to Ibiza – could plan next year’s trip?
    No honeymoon wardrobe to research – research wifely wardrobe?
    No need to go to the gym – get fat and eat Malteaser’s?
    No need to update spreadsheets – erm I shall probably not miss this one bit…
    No ‘wedding room’ at home to pop my head in and get excited at all the shizzle – turn it into a ‘dressing room’???


  6. Woo hoo, excited much?! Can’t wait to see…what about if we have a sneaky sneaky peek, pretty please?!

    Was a serious fun day and the WHOLE team were blimmin amazing.

    Was living a dream getting to try on uber pretty dresses, having my trestles preened and my face dolled with make-up.


  7. @Pamela – i need a wedding room!!! my house is a tiny two up two down… hmm, i wonder if im allowed to buy a bigger house JUST to store all my wedding bits… x

  8. @Pamela and @Karen….when my housemate alex moved out in January, leaving me and marathon man with the flat to ourselves for the first time she did say to me “does he realise I’m moving out so you can turn the spare room into wedding HQ?” !!! and I have! 🙂

  9. Wow – I can’t wait to see the pics – can’t believe there isn’t a single one on this post!!

    As the other girls have said …. a great day despite the cold & rain, getting primped and preened and chatting about weddings without boring anyone!!!

  10. Yay! I have only just seen this! I cannot wait to see the pics! I only hope the work PC lets me look at this afternoons lot!

    It was such a fun and lovely day, and what a pad! xx

  11. @Karen – aren’t you in Liverpool pet? Well, I am not that far away and shall be married by the end of August…you can have our spare room for wedding regalia?

  12. I feel like a right deadbeat bride now – I’m near Liverpool too but our spare room is my frock room so all our wedding stuff is jammed into an Ikea storage box balanced on top of the fridge! Mind you, we’ve got till February so I’m sure more stuff will accumulate and I’ll have to move the frocks into the shed or something!x

  13. @Pamela I am indeed! I’ll rent it off you after your finished with it. Am imagining in my head it’s some sort of amazing treasure trove of secrets. @Charlotte, we could probably go camping in it and do a whole feature on the treasures of Pamela’s spare room.

    Where is the Stepford Wife shoot! xx

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