The ULTIMATE Fairytale Fantasy.

Imagine some of the most decadent, luxurious and lavish jewellery and accessories on the planet. Then imagine those pieces of pretty being photographed by a world-renowned wedding photographer and styled by some of the most in-demand industry professionals in the business.

The ultimate fantasy right?

Well then lovelies, let us make your fantasy a reality as the uber talented Julia Boggio has sent Rock My Wedding an exclusive on the recent summer photoshoot at Hengrave Hall of the most beautiful Magpie Vintage pieces EVER.

With make-up by Kaz Fernando, styling by Kate Barbour and hair by Severin Hubert from the Hepburn Collection this is the kind of inspirational eye-candy that makes Rebecca and I literally jump up and down with girly excitement and glee…..

And not only do we get to share the romantic eighteenth century opulence of Marie-Antoinette but also a fresh modern take on incorporating an ice-cream dream of a colour palette into your Big Day with insight from both photographer Julia Boggio and Magpie Vintage’s very own Lisa Harris.

So then folks, may we suggest you take a few moments to sit down, relax, get comfortable and enjoy the show…. who knew Tuesdays could turn out to be such a feast for the eyes?

Lisa Harris – Magpie Vintage: For the Marie Antoinette hair shots we used our Bespoke necklaces which Sev pinned throughout the hair to create a draping soft look. We wanted to show the versatility of our pieces, they can be worn with jeans, a wedding dress and even in the hair!

We teamed with a 1920’s fresh water pearl encrusted ostrich feather for ultimate drama!

Lisa Harris – Magpie Vintage: Our Hollywood collection is a Labyrinth of beautiful rhinestone jewels worked into head bands, necklaces and bracelets. It doesn’t take much to show off the glamour and uniqueness of each piece which can literally be sitting around the studio awaiting complimenting pieces for years until we find the perfect match!

Julia Boggio – The Lowdown. Julia Boggio is well-known for her fun, quirky and colourful wedding photography, as well as her world-famous Vintage Boudoir (TM) photography. She has just been given the You & Your Wedding Bride’s Choice award for 2010 and won Entrepreneur of the Year at the Merton Business Awards.

Julia is also famous for having recreated the dance from Dirty Dancing at her wedding. The resulting You Tube video has had over 8 million views, with Julia and James appearing on Richard & Judy, BBC Breakfast, GMTV, Sunrise TV in Australia and The Oprah Winfrey Show in the US, where Julia danced with Patrick Swayze.

Aside from shooting glamorous weddings, Julia and James run a successful portrait studio in Wimbledon.

Julia Boggio: I leapt at the chance to work at Hengrave Hall when asked by Magpie Vintage to photograph their new range of jewellery. I’d been wanting to do a Marie Antoinette-style shoot for a while, so decided to start the day with this. Of course, I had to ask Severin Hubert to do the hair. I’ve been working with him almost since I started out and knew that he’d be able to handle the complicated updos.

Also, the fabulous Terry Fox is located nearby, so they leant us a wonderful range of dresses that were perfect for the style of shoot.

Julia Boggio: I wanted to get as many images out of the day as possible, so I decided to photograph two completely different sets of models: one as a single model and one as the couple. The blonde model brought her boyfriend along to play groom; he was such a good sport on the day and really got into it, despite me forcing him to play with a pink guitar!!.

There were a lot of different looks needed for make-up, so Kaz Fernando, who I work with on a regular basis and who does the make-up at many of my weddings, came along to tackle the job.

Kate, our trusty stylist, asked Marc Wallace to lend us the suits. We wanted a very summery outdoorsy sort of look and Marc’s colourful suits were ideal for this style. Last but not least, Magpie Vintage, as always, brought an amazing array of their bespoke antique pieces to the shoot.

Afterwards, the lovely people at Hengrave Hall let us all stay the night in one of their gorgeous cottages. I’m not going to lie to you; there was champagne involved….

Lisa Harris – Magpie Vintage: For the outdoorsy fun shots we focused on our Secret garden necklaces which are a host of original vintage finds. With our love of the soft French colour hues, and inspiration from the country garden the pieces are worked together to create a soft English Rose influence with a dash of quirkiness!

Photography – Julia Boggio

Dresses – Terry Fox

Jewellery – Magpie Vintage

Styling – Kate Barbour

Make-up – Kaz Fernando

Hair – Severin Hubert from the Hepburn Collection

Flowers – Danny Preston at Tudor Rose Florist

Shoes – Emmy Shoes

Men’s Clothing – Marc Wallace

I mean seriously – how gorgeous can you get?

Make sure you go take a peek at the Magpie Vintage website for a “celebration of a past era” and the ultimate in unique vintage pretty.

We love.

And if that wasn’t enough to entertain you all for the afternoon then we also have the behind-the-scenes footage….

Big Tell Us YOUR Ultimate Wedding Fantasy Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

35 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE Fairytale Fantasy.

  1. Wowza! I have some serious sparkly jewellery lust going on right now!

    The photography is amazing and I love the fact that Julia has used a short haired model. It makes a refreshing change and just goes to show that short hair can look A.Mazing when it comes to bridal.

    P.S. I want to be the model in the last photograph – it’s sooo lovely!

  2. Do you think I would be over-doing it if I had at least 4 outfit changes on the day?! I’m not sure how I will fit Marie Antoinette into my theme but I will try!!!!

  3. Ooh, thanks so much for this shoot, I have been lusting over the Magpie Vintage bespoke necklaces for ages now – they are to die for!

  4. Ooo – shiny things make it all better!

    this is brilliantly over the top and seriously glamorous and uber-pretty


    I have one teeeny tiiiiiny complaint, more of a suggestion really – could we have more close ups of the actual jewellry please? I know its the whole look but i’m too vain to wear my glasses and people will know for sure I’m not doing any work if I blow the pictures up to my full screen! x x x

  5. These photos are beautiful, and the jewellery is absolutely stunning.

    Loving the location – I’m getting married at Hengrave Hall in April!!! x x

  6. Wow Claudia – lucky you!

    I love the photography – Julia has as usual taken some beautiful shots that still look natural, particularly the close ups which are just stunning.

    This is exactly what a Marie Antoinette theme should be, elegant, feminine, opulent whilst still youthful and pretty. Amazing job from all concerned and we were thrilled to be asked to feature it. Thanks Guys!


  7. I LOVE seeing Julia’s work, I love Julia full stop. And her husband James they make a wonderful married couple. (yes I gushed like this to her face when I met her too – i’m so uncool).

    Hey who’s the dude assisting JB? And where was he when I had my boudoir shoot done hmmmm???! Hubba hubba!

    (my hormones, blame it on the hormones!)

    Jen xx

  8. If I buy anything else in the way of accessories for the wedding I may be not be getting married at all!

    I could be persuaded though, these are yummy x

  9. Thank you so much for posting this! I have been worried about how my hair will look on my wedding day as I have a short assymmetric crop and I don’t want to grow it just for my wedding as I love having a short funky style. The pictures of the bride with the short blond crop are the first pictures I have seen of a bride with a similar style to me and it has just got me so excited about my wedding hair. Until now I couldn’t imagine how it would look but now I think it will look awesome! It’s my ultimate fairytale fantasty wedding hair!!

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