Your wedding day is all about celebrating your love story! So, naturally, your wedding day will have a flair for romance. However, if you really want to go all out, then we’re here to help with the best Valentine’s Day wedding ideas. Perhaps you’re actually getting married on Valentine’s Day and want some subtle or obvious nods to the day. We’ve rounded up Valentine’s Day themed stationery, flowers, cakes, fashion, accessories, signage, cocktails, lighting, tablescapes, decor and more! It’s a big one, so let’s get into it! 

The best Valentine’s Day wedding ideas to get you feeling the love and toast to your happily ever after 

Valentine's Stationery and Signage 

Your stationery is technically the first glimpse of your day that your guests will see with the save the dates and then wedding invitations, so give them a little teaser of what to expect with stationery that matches the theme of your day. We LOVE a pink and red colour palette! We even predicted it in our 2023 wedding trends, but you’ll want to see our 2024 wedding trends for more predictions!

Pink and Red Wedding Flowers 

Your Valentine’s Day flowers and bouquets will also look incredible in pink and red tones! The most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day are, of course, roses! The ultimate flower of love and romance. Although, other popular flowers include tulips (because they symbolise true love), orchids, carnations, peonies, and chrysanthemums. So you can’t go wrong by including these gorgeous flowers in your arrangements! You can even get more and go for heart-shaped bouquets!

Jewellery and Accessories 

To make your jewellery and accessories fit in with a Valentine’s Day theme, obviously, a heart shape is the way to go. Heart-shaped jewellery, shoe decals that spell out L-O-V-E, choose hearts on your tiara or get them embroidered into your veil! Plus, if you want something to feel more romantic, personalise it! Add a love note, your initials, your wedding date or anything that makes that item feel more like you. It becomes more like a sentimental gift that way. Don’t forget your sexy bridal underwear or funky nail art! 

Pink or Red Bridesmaid Dresses

Onto wedding fashion! Luckily, pink and red are two colours that look amazing on everyone. They’re complementary to so many skin tones. Take a look at how these stunning bridal parties wore their dresses! Don’t forget there’s always the more modern choice of mismatched bridesmaid dresses, so you can get in multiple tones from your wedding colour palette.

Pink or Red Wedding Dresses

Now, this wouldn’t really be the ultimate guide to Valentine’s Day wedding ideas if we didn’t have colourful wedding dresses! Forget tradition! At Rock My Wedding, we’re all about having Your Day, Your Way, and if that means you were an attention-grabbing hot pink wedding dress, we’re so here for it. If you’d love to do this but are a little hesitant, consider changing into one of these later on! Wedding reception dress outfit changes are so popular now. 

Pink or Red Wedding Suits

We could never forget the grooms! Grooms traditionally have a lot more freedom with their styling than brides do, so take advantage of it! Go for a hot pink velvet suit or a double-breasted pale pink suit jacket. It looks so good! Real men wear pink after all. No Mojo Dojo Casa House vibes over here, we’re all about the Barbie Dreamhouse!  

Personalised Love Notes and Vows

The spirit of Valentine’s Day is to show how much you appreciate your romantic partner and what better way to do that than with a personal love note or wedding vows? Personalising your wedding vows is such an important step if you’re writing your own vows. Thankfully, we have all the advice you’ll need! Vow booklets, wedding newspapers and handwritten love notes on the morning of the wedding are beautiful ways to make this gesture. To make it more special, our Valentine’s Day wedding idea is to show love and appreciation to more than just your financé. Why not gift personalised messages of love to the mother and father of the bride/groom, any children at the wedding, bridesmaids and groomsmen, too? 

Valentine's Wedding Cocktails 

Carry over the Valentine’s Day theme into your wedding drinks! If you’re having a cocktail hour, you’d be missing out on a big opportunity if you didn’t make them pink and name them ‘love potion’ or something similar. Check out our wedding cocktail ideas article for more ideas on what flavours to shake together and cocktail names, too! 

Romantic wedding favours 

Our fave Valentine’s Day wedding idea for your wedding favours is heart-shaped sunglasses! They’re fun, budget-friendly and look great in photos. Wedding sunglasses are kid-friendly too! You could also consider heart-shaped biscuits or sweets and personalised love notes to guests.

Valentine’s Day Wedding Table Decor 

Heart-shaped place names, pink coloured glassware, red menu cards, handpainted candles with hearts and flowers, the list is endless of how much fun you could have with Valentine’s themed table decor. Just take a look at these super aesthetically pleasing tablescapes. They feature heavily on our tablescapes Pinterest board

Sweetheart Tables

We couldn’t call it the day of love and romance without something that gives you, the happy couple, some time to properly soak in the magic. A sweetheart table is a table made just for two. Instead of the traditional top table option where you sit amongst your family and wedding party, opt for a sweetheart table so you and your wife or husband can sit together in perfect matrimony. We’ve got a whole roundup dedicated to these! 

Valentine’s Day Wedding Cakes

We also happen to have a whole roundup dedicated to retro wedding cakes. Don’t these just look so delicious? Take the retro vibes to a whole new level with these heart-shaped retro wedding cakes that are perfect for any Valentine’s wedding! Keep it traditional with white icing or embrace the vibes with pink and red frosting. Add a heart-shaped cake topper, pink flowers or if cakes aren’t your vibe, there’s always a pink doughnut tower!

Wedding Lighting 

Don’t underestimate the wedding lighting! It really does set the whole ambience of your day. To keep everything feeling romantic, we recommend plenty of candlelight and twinkling fairy lights. For decoration purposes or photo backdrops, consider these LOVE letter lights or customised neon signs with romantic quotes. Maybe you get a neon sign for your favourite song lyric or book quote… 

Romantic Playlists and Music

Finally, we’ve got the music! Now, don’t deny it. We all have a Spotify playlist with all our favourite romance tunes in one spot. Don’t we? If you don’t, then start making one! Think about what songs have played a part in your relationship, which one might you choose for a first dance, the first look or walking down the aisle. Our Valentine’s Day wedding ideas wouldn’t be complete without a list of the ultimate love songs. 

Valentine’s Day wedding ideas that will have you falling in love all over again

If these Valentine’s Day wedding ideas are right up your alley, then you’ll love our pink wedding theme inspiration. From pink buttonholes to pink nails and flowers, it’s all there! At the same time, it wouldn’t be right to post our Valentine’s Day wedding inspiration without something for the gals. Take a look at our Galentine’s theme ideas article for a complete guide on ways you can celebrate with your best girls! 

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