Wedding Trends 2010 by Savoir Weddings… Part 2

And it’s straight back to Josie from Savoir Weddings to carry on telling us all about the top Wedding trends for 2010… I can’t wait to see what’s in store after yesterdays treats!

Centrepieces Get Exciting…

Well, in the sense we see a bit of variety. In contrast with the fussy, often extortionate floral centrepieces of the past we’ve had wildflowers plucked from nature and put into milk bottles, pint glasses, mismatched vases and so on.

*Images from Eat Drink Chic and Rachel Ray Mag

And this year we see more of the same and it goes one step further. Books, props, herbs, potted plants, old typewriters, origami figures, globes. Anything goes for 2010 really. If you like the look of something or it has some sentimental value, whatever your reasons you can incorporate it into your table plan.

*Images from Classic Bride and Ruffled.

Attention for the Men Please

Grooms seem to be getting more stylish and playful in their wedding attire these days and I think it’s going to become more ‘acceptable’ for men to take an active role in their wedding. From the planning to the colour palette to what they wear we’re going to be seeing and hearing more from the men. I am Staggered is a great blog for grooms-to-be and I wouldn’t be surprised if in 5 years instead of programmes like Bridezillas we’ll be watching Groomzillas. Although maybe that’s pushing it a little far?!

Anyway here’s some fabulous groom style of which grey seems to dominate…
*Images from OnceWed.

Non-White wedding dresses

I’m been silently waiting for this to catch on for a while now. Whilst I love white wedding dresses as much as the next girl I have much respect for the bride that bucks this in favour of something a little different. (Cheating a little here as the dress is white but points for the yellow Japanese Obi.)

*Images from Ruffled, Green Wedding Shoes and SMP.

This is but a handful of wedding trends, if I could, I’d waffle on about them forever. One thing’s for sure in 2010 it’s all about doing it your way. And if blogs are anything to go by couples are getting more creative and open to new ideas. And as the industry catches on there’s just going to be more and more options.

When it comes to wedding trends like any fashion, it’s not about working out what’s cool and doing it, it’s about finding out what you like and doing it. Oh and having fun along the way.

Wise words Josie! Thank you so much for stopping by to share your finds with us. make sure you head on over to Savoir Weddings to check out if Josie can help you to plan your dream day, or pop into the blog for a little more Savoir inspiration!

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
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9 thoughts on “Wedding Trends 2010 by Savoir Weddings… Part 2

  1. That green dress is stunning!
    I also love the birds on the twigs – perfect for a spring wedding!! Keep it coming girlies! xx

  2. Also, the centre pieces are fantastic! As a wedding photographer I have to say I hate those huge, tall centre pieces… they are a pain when trying to take pictures during the speeches… and also your guests can’t see one another across the table (if it’s a round table)… just thought I mention this to all you lovely brides to be out there X

  3. I really love the coloured jars and bottles look and have been looking for antique French jars and bottles for the past year. I know that if I just keep going then one day I’m going to walk into a brocante (French antique brick a brack shop) and find a whole box of mixed up jars and bottles that will be perfect for our brides. They have to be out there somewhere!

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