Wednesday’s Workaholics Anonymous.

Is it me or is Wednesday everyone’s busiest day?

I’m not sure what it is exactly but I always seem to be right in the middle of everything but not actually finishing anything, housework, work work, blog work, trying to find time to get my lazy backside down the gym……

And it seems I have a whole load of lovely stuff and lovely people to post about on Rock My Wedding and um, no-where to actually put it. So I figured this afternoon lovelies we could all do with a little break (from W-day planning, life planning, catching up on a gazillion emails…) and just have a little click around all that is delicious on the world wide web.

So Wednesday afternoon is offically a Workaholics Anonymous meeting and that means one thing you gorgeous lot, put your feet up, have a rest and BROWSE. We promise you will all find at least one little something that tickles your fancy.

First things first. Yesterday was Independent Woman’s Day and we shared a little RMW poster love with Aisling and Claire’s blog Anyotherwedding. And for anyone that is feeling not only over worked but also under confident then please please just repeat the following community mantra:

The Cinderella Story. Do you want it? I’d say here was a 100% hands up “yes” for the Happily Ever After bit at the end right? Well then, how about the rest of it? Read Anna K’s frankly brilliant piece on how we should all move towards a more modern fairytale. It will really really make you think.

Orange and Yellow blooms in a turquoise can rock my world. That’s all I’m saying.

I am obsessed with jeans. I am obsessed with make-up. Now MAC have gone and made some cool cosmetics in denim shades. You know I am at the glossy counter tomorrow on a spree right?

You may remember English Rose RMW bride Elizabeth and she was just the sweetest and happiest girl to be married. Elizabeth now has her own place in Weddingville called Bridal Musings and she discovered this great blog called “Moments Junkie“. Go take a look, I for one am officially converted.

If you’ve still not had enough pretty this week then Chelsea and Brandon’s W-day may just sustain you. Think ruffles. Think picture perfect bride.

The RMW team can’t get enough of over-head decor, as in lanterns and poms and floral fancies….. take a look at this bunch of inspirational ideas if you are still contemplating the final touches.

Because sometimes black tie evening glamour makes for the most beautiful big day.

Jonas Peterson is one of Rebecca’s all time favourite photographers. If you take a look at Salma and Ziyaads’ Brisbane W-day I think you’ll see why. He’s now also one of mine.

Have you featured on or followed RMW? Are you one of our fabulous community? Well I’m thinking so as you’re here! Kirsty of A Safe Mooring is and she has our brand new “Rock My Wedding Bride” badge. Email if you would like one for your blog too!

Fairy Lights and Feather Choo’s. I want BOTH.

Simply stunning florals and maids. Lou from Whimsical Wedding Wonderland showcased one of the loveliest 60’s inspired spring weddings ever. Bring on the tulips folks.

I need to announce the winners of the Rosie Willet Comp! third place and winning a gorgeous necklace is Joey D, second and winning an entire jewellery collection is Lauren (9.53am!) and in first place and now the proud owner of a Darcy headpiece AND lots of sparkly bits is Abbi B. Congratulations!! We’ll be in touch soon with details on how to collect your prize!

Cowboy boots, fruity flavours and without doubt one of the most insanely beautiful bouquets I have ever seen. We die.

Because sometimes you just need to lose yourself in out-of-this-world photography.

We went and got some new ABOUT PAGE images. Hope you lot like ’em.

Big I’m Going Shopping Today Instead of Working Love

Charlotte xxx

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