What Jenny Did…….The Wedding Part 2

* All images courtesy of Kim Hawkins who was assisted on the day by Jon Mold.

Rise And Shine

The nerves didn’t really kick in until the morning of the wedding. I had taken the week off beforehand to relax and prepare myself and had mentally booked massages and facials, and more massages. The reality was that no matter how organised I was there was still a shed load of things to do, and my phone didn’t stop ringing with people wishing me well or letting me know they couldn’t make it/asking if they could bring extra people…The day before the wedding I even had one person ask if they could bring their dog along to the Wedding Breakfast because they couldn’t leave it alone. No amount of promises to ‘pick up the poo’ would convince me that I wanted to have animals at my wedding! And did I need something as ridiculous as that the day before the wedding? Nope. Jaysus If Mr O’s family can all leave their dogs at home alone for a few hours then everyone else blimmin well can too! Suffice to say that we had a few empty chairs because of said dog situation. How charming……

Anyway besides being let down by people who I had previously respected I am happy to announce that despite a manic week of running around like a blue arsed fly, juggling seating plan changes, surprise guests, order of service issues (as in printing the darn things), hospital appointments and last minute dress issues (don’t ask!) I managed to busy myself to the point of not noticing where the time was going and the nerves were kept well at bay through pure exhaustion!

Six thirty in the morning, feeling (and looking) like the beast of bodmin, I pulled myself from my bed to the living room to try and force down a bowl of coco pops (been craving them like mad!) The sky was blue and I watched some news on the BBC. It was depressing me a bit so I put some music on instead to liven myself up and once I had finally ‘come to’ I jumped in the shower and it was heaven. This was the day I married my Mr O. Blimey. I was nervous, I was actually positively nervous! Finally!

At eight thirty we went to my hair salon round the corner, where Michaela greeted us with chilled champagne (nice touch!) and armed with my ginger biscuits (for my morning sickness which should actually be renamed ‘all day long sickness’) we got cracking on my hair. I had a moment, a few moments actually when it dawned on me that the church is going to be packed with people, and I’m going to be walking up it and holy moly they’re all going to be looking at me. Cue feelings of hot panic and dizziness! It passed as quickly as it came, thank fook.

My hair was perfect, Michaela had worked tirelessly on my hair extensions getting them curled to perfection and I walked out of the salon with huge hair, and lots of it. I was thrilled!

Quietly I sat down at my dressing table, alone, and prepared my make up kit, setting it all out in front of me so I could see all of my beautiful products. I had hours to get ready and once I’d been told off by my youngest nieces for rushing around I took some deep breaths and slowly started on my base. It was relaxing, doing my make up is always relaxing, but today it felt even more so.

The tension of the week was melting away, and although I had a hormonal break out of spots I knew I could cover them and I had plenty of time. I hadn’t realised my flowers had been delivered and my god they were so beautiful I just couldn’t help shouting about it for a few minutes, my bouquet was more beautiful than I had imagined and Stephanie had managed to use all of the flowers I had asked for, purple hydrangea, white ranunculus, daisies, lavender, lilac roses, my bridesmaids flowers were the most spectacular sunflowers I had ever seen they were vivid and healthy looking. This was going to be a good day. The minute I saw the flowers I just knew it. Then I glanced over my shoulder and saw the Tiffany bag sitting on the side…….

There was a note inside from Mr O, indicating that what I suspected might be inside was inside and I just couldn’t bring myself to open it until I was looking beautiful and had my dress on. So I placed it back on the side and saved it for later.

The time flew by but by 1pm we were all in the living room as planned, dressed and drinking champagne. I in my beautiful dress and my brand new diamond necklace from my husband to be. After a year of dropping massive hints (ok so actually dragging him into Tiffany on Fifth Avenue in NYC and pointing to the necklace in all it’s glory – you don’t get much more subtle than that!) and my bridal party all looking and feeling a million pounds. Emotionally speaking I was still as cool as a cucumber, no flies on me, but I had placed a barrier up inside my head purposefully. I didn’t want to fall apart on the day of my wedding, I knew that once a single tear fell I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. My brother was prepared for me to be pretty darn emotional but I think I surprised him at how strong and together I was! I could tell he was honoured to be giving me away, and he looked stunning in his suit. Mum would have been so proud of us.

My bridesmaids dresses are based on the lovely Vivien of Holloway swing dresses. When I took my ideas to Lolly she drew me a design, and we picked the different colour silks and I left her to work her magic. I’m glad I decided to have bespoke dresses made, I couldn’t find a blinking bridesmaid dress anywhere that was right for us, and if my maids were a little older I probably would have gone up the high street route to be honest! But not only did the girls look beautiful, they felt a million bucks.

Shoe Love

As you’ll remember from my ‘Which Jimmy to Choose’ posts I had my shoes made by Bespoke Big Day, gorgeous peep toe kitten heels in purple. I went to bed that evening with the most pampered feet, I didn’t need any plasters or pumps to change into they were perfectly comfortable! I even ordered myself a second pair in gold, because I love them so much.

By the time the girls had left in the campervan it was just Rob and I, we locked up the flat and made our way downstairs to wait in the fresh air, a lap around the block in the campervan and we arrived at the church. This was it.


Jenny x

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

23 thoughts on “What Jenny Did…….The Wedding Part 2

  1. Another marvellous installment! Love the shoes, maids dresses and the flowers.

    And vay jealous about the Tiffany!

    Alex x

    P.S. I still want to steal Molly.

  2. Love the sunflowers, love the bridesmaids, LOVE the camper van.

    I don’t want to get to part 4, because I don’t want it to be over!


  3. Ahh! I just read the two installments together. I am supposed to be on the other side of town in 3 mins… that’s not happening.
    I am stuck here staring at your photos like a goon. I think I may have a little bit of a lady crush on you, you look THAT beautiful.
    I am loving your writing as always and cannot wait for the rest! Congrats on your Buba O news. I shed a few tears at that bit. xoxoxo

  4. Naomi – its ok, I have a lady crush too. I think Jenny knows…I’m forever telling her how boooootiful she is!

    Your maids are the prettiest little things ever – so cute, and your flowers are lush, lush, lush…I do like a big ol’ sunflower!

    And big thumbs up to Mr O and the diamond necklace…I already have mine purchased while I was with him (he couldnt wait) cue sobbing in the jewellers. Not a cool look!

    Much love xxx

  5. And thank you, thank you, thank you for letting us know where you got your shoes – I think my shoe woe is over! xxx

  6. Wow… Just read both installments.I am in total awe of how stunning you look! Having been through all-day sickness hell when I had my daughter, I salute you Mrs O! x

  7. Eeeeeeee – hooray for Part 2! Have settled down with my brew abd brekkie to read this, amazing as always and still another 2 parts to go. Weeeeeeeeeee! xoxo

  8. Beautiful gorgeous flowers Jenny and lucky you getting a Tiffany necklace!, and I like everyone else want to steal your cat!! x

  9. A wonderful part 2!! I love your bridesmaids’ dresses!! Mine are a very similar design and it was so nice to see them in a real life situation. Now I’m even more excited!!!
    Bring on part 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ooooh the bridesmaid dresses are lovely, great colour choice…….and those shoes!!

    P.S. That last pic of Molly made me laugh, she’s brill!

  11. Ahhhhhh – Part 2 is even better than Part 1 – if that’s possible!!!!

    I love the fact that you’ve managed to squeeze in a “Thank Fook” into your report – every bridal report should have one imo!

    You look absolutely sensational Jenny. Really, Honestly and Truly Sensational.

    Love the BM’s dresses – I wish someone would ask me to be a BM just so I could wear one!

    Big “Thank Fook” Parts 3 & 4 are just around the corner Love. x

  12. Hearty heart heart heart!

    Love that you did your own make up and that it looks FLAWLESS and you look amazing. So beautiful.

    Love your dress, heart the colours and your flowers are too dreamy.

    part 3 part 3 part 3


  13. I LOVE your flowers. Beautiful! And I seriously can’t believe that somebody got in a huff because they couldn’t bring their dog to your reception. So rude!xx

  14. oh my! speechless! this is how to do a colour scheme 🙂 Beautiful, gorgeous and fabulous! LOVE! p.s. love the shoes (tongue very firmly in cheek!) xx (!)

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