What Kitty Did… Got Hijacked By Al!


Alright, it’s time for a change! You’ve been reading Kitty’s thoughts for a few months now and it’s time that I, her dashing groom, weigh in with a few thoughts and ideas of my own. Before I begin I’d like to remind everyone that it’s 2013. That means two things. One; Merry New Year! And two; this is the year that we actually get married!

Design Time

Kitty was so busy making homemade chutney, candles, shortbread and pork pies in December, before coming down with a nasty infection, that she didn’t get a chance to do much (any!) wedding related stuff; but I got to work with a few things that we’ve been talking about for ages. The first thing I did was start drafting some name cards for our tables, taking the style of the invites that Hannah designed as seen in Kitty’s last post as inspiration.

We didn’t want plain old numbers for our tables, but we took a long time to decide what naming scheme we should go with. We discussed place names (not ideal considering we’ve not been anywhere more exotic than Alicante!), Disney characters (more Kitty’s thing than mine), book titles (Kitty again) and so many other ideas. We finally got there with quotes from our favourite films, like Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Up and others. Whilst the quotes below may not exactly be traditional for a wedding we thought they were fun, which is what want!

What Kitty Did

As well as designing table names I’ve also been working on our wedding favours. We decided quite early on that CD’s were something we wanted to do. Giving our guests a compilation of music that means something to us, whether that is our first dance song or a song from the film we saw the night I proposed, just seemed like such a great idea. So I set about getting quotes to see how much it would cost to have CD’s printed, and cases to match. Eventually I picked the Duplication Centre who gave a decent price. And I think they’ve turned out pretty well. Now we just need to work out which tracks to put on them! What songs would you include on the album of your wedding?

Enter Geek

There’s no denying it, I’m a bit of a geek. And I was keen to get a little bit of geekery into the wedding if I could. The first thing that popped into my mind came after trawling through the internet and seeing photos like this one…

What Kitty Did

I think it’s a great idea, a superhero hidden away under our suits. Me and the groomsmen will then unleash our inner hero for a cool photo or two later in the day. The more I thought about it the more I started to want something else to go with the t-shirts, like matching cufflinks. But cufflinks that wouldn’t be all bright colours like superhero costumes and logos have a tendency to be. So I scoured the internet some more and found six of the best pairs of superhero cufflinks I could find.

What Kitty Did

They’re simple and subtle; they won’t clash with the colour scheme and will work well with our suits (more on those later).

A while after getting the cufflinks sorted and tracking down the best t-shirts I was casually reading an article on ComicVine about marriage in comic books (told you I was a geek). Suddenly I had another plan and started researching wedding issues of comic books, thinking they would make good decorations for our sweetie table. Kitty actually suggested using a stack of these comics instead of a ring cushion for the ceremony, then using them as decoration later. And so I went to town buying comics; a mix of modern and older issues dating as far back as the sixties.

What Kitty Did

The older, more fragile, issues will be framed and kept out of the sticky paws of the children (and big kids) at the wedding, but the more recent issues will be available for people to flick through if they want.

Is anyone else having reading material, table games or guest libs at their wedding? How about using items that show a bit of your personality as decoration?

Time To Suit Up!

The other part of the wedding I’ve been arranging recently is the choosing of the suits, which is an important part of the day for us blokes. Just before Christmas I took my best man, Ed, to Moss in Southampton to try on a few styles and colour variations.

Truth be told I’d already looked at a lot of suits, waistcoats and ties on various websites and had ruled out a few things, like jackets with tails and dinner suits… Although I teased Kitty with the idea of a DJ, frilly shirt and bow tie (bow ties are cool) just because I know she hates that idea.

What Kitty Did

Then it became a “buy or rent” debate. While I love the idea of getting the swishest, coolest suit ever as a special treat for our wedding day, a look at the budget and some early research soon ruled that out. Then I thought about the other guys (there are 5 of them including Kitty’s dad) and what they’d wear, and it looked like hiring was the best way for us to go.

Once me and best man Ed got to Moss it didn’t really take that long to narrow it down to one specific colour and style I wanted to try on. The assistant who was helping us went to get one for me to try and considering she didn’t measure me up, she did pretty well with picking the right size!

When it was on it was a unanimous decision, from all two of us, that we’d found the suit. Yes, it really did turn out to be that simple. I’m sure other people spend forever trying on suits in various styles in different shops, but I kind of knew what I wanted and found it right away. From there it was easy to set up our order and now all we have to do is go back in a few months and get measured up. By the way, the Moss “Groom Goes Free” offer is great for a groom on a budget!

So suit sorted, I just need to get some shoes. Actually, both Kitty and I are having two pairs of shoes. Kitty knows she won’t last the whole day in her heels so I bought her some customised Converse for Christmas. And she got me some matching ones!

And with that I think I’m done. Next time Kitty will be back and normal service will be resumed. I think she’s going to be having a DIY day with some of her friends soon and I’m sure she’ll report back on the results!


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

32 thoughts on “What Kitty Did… Got Hijacked By Al!

  1. Ahhh!! Bless, I LOVE the wedding edition comic books, what a perfect balance of Groom geekery and wedding romance. Well done, Al!

    We’re having CD favours too. Here’s the playlist:

    Syreeta | I Love Every Little Thing About You
    John Martyn | May You Never
    Emiliana Torrini | Big Jumps
    Ingrid Michaelson | The Way I AmQueen | You’re My Best Friend
    Feist | Mushaboom
    Fleetwood Mac | You Make Lovin’ Fun
    A Man Called Adam | Estelle
    Lionel Ritchie | All Night LongBeyonce | End Of Time
    Groove Armada | Superstylin’
    LCD Soundsystem | Dance Urself Clean
    Roy Davis Jr | Gabriel
    Gus Gus | David
    Kaskade | It‘s You, It’s Me
    Inner City | Big Fun
    Depeche Mode | Just Can’t Get Enough

  2. Hey Al *waves like a loon*
    Fab to hear your side of the plans & fab to hear a groom getting so involved in the planning & making sure it isn’t just about the bride! (We can get quite carried away at times!!! haha)
    Love you explaining your suit choice – so much easier than dress shopping, let me tell you that!! :-p

    Am LOVING all the little geeky touches you’ve added and the comic idea is really romantic 🙂

    As for CD favours, they sound like a great idea. If I had to choose a song it’d probably be the song we first kissed to – but it’s just tooo cringey to even contemplating letting you all know!!! haha :-p

    Fab post Mr! 😀 xx

  3. LOOK at The Incredible Hulk having a little cry in his tux… But my favourite is the Peter Parker and Mary Jane – look at MJ rocking the fishtail!

    Liking the cover image @Adam, although seeing 133 days in plain as day text is a bit scary!

  4. @Phillipa – Nice playlist, might have to check out some of those that I don’t recognise!

    @Rebecca – HIIIIII! *waves* Cringey song? Now you HAVE to share! haha

    @Kitty – Scary? It’s exciting you mean! 😛

  5. Hello!

    I concur with everyone, great to have a little more testosterone on these poka dot pages. I LOVE the comic book theme through out. I would have pinned all your pictures but it keeps saying error (no fear I WILL make it work). My other half I think would love the t-shirts under shirts and as we have just decided to have our day in March in Scotland some extra layers may be necessary! Were the comics hard to track down/expensive? I have bought some Thor ones for his birthday last year so they could be a nice touch for him on the day.

    Also thank you for the pictures of the lovely men in suits…Neil Patrick Harris.

    Great post!

  6. Oh I forgot to say in my comment how happy I am that Barney Stinson made it in to this post! It’s gonna be legen…wait for it…dary!

  7. @Stef – All the comics I got were from eBay, not too hard to find most of them and prices were decent. But one or two were harder to track down and a little more expensive due to their age (the Fantastic Four one is from 1963).

  8. Hi Al 🙂 lovely to hear from the dashing groom!

    Your comic book collection looks awesome, such a cool idea and that will make a pretty epic photograph with you all in your superhero t-shirts. Which one will you be or is top secret??

    I do love a CD favour too, it’s such a lovely memento of the day, especially when all the songs are picked for special reasons like yours.

    Excellent post Mr Galpin x

  9. Hi Al!!!! Great post fella, really enjoyed hearing all your plans 🙂

    LOVING all the comic-geek-fabulousness! and those cufflinks are amazing – great find.

    We’re in the midst of suit-gate too, although i’m not the most popular at the moment as the suit hire place that will do us a deal is in Essex rather than London, I’m trying to sell it as a day out for the boys! Kitty totally agree with the Barney adoration, and I’m making Si read this post just cos he’ll love it when he gets to that picture!

    LOVE a good cd favour, although i’m yet to be given one….not quite sure how our guests would cope with my blend of Take That and Paramore though 🙂 xxx

  10. Thanks for the info Al!

    My man is a Thor lover, but think even if you could get a tshirt for it it may not look as good so he may go for Captain America, if did this of course.

  11. Great post Al! Great to hear it all from your side!

    My man is definitely Iron Man = his building business is even called Banner and Stark.

    I however am a HULK fan. He stole the latest Avengers movie, which we saw twice on two consecutive Saturdays. I also have an inflatable hulk costume and the same hulk hands from The Big Bang – see girls can be a bit geeky too

    I look forward to seeing more of your ideas come together!

  12. Oh Amanda, I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve watched The Avengers now! Funny thing is, now you’ve mentioned it I could quite happily watch it again! LOVED Mark Ruffalo in it, helps that he’s got one of the coolest voices ever, but he was a perfect Bruce Banner!

    Your hubs would love the tshirt Al’s found for our very own Iron Man…it’s amazing!

  13. @Miss Vix – You could totally make Take That and Paramore work on the same album!

    @Stef – I was looking at Thor t-shirts too and had to rule him out, which is a shame as little Mjolnir cufflinks would look great. I really wanted to be Green Lantern, but couldn’t find any cufflinks that weren’t bright green and/or too expensive.

    @Amanda – Banner & Stark? Genius.

  14. Al… I almost thought it was my fiance that wrote this post! He also is determined to do the ‘superhero-under-shirt’ and has asked for Marvel/DC cufflinks!!

    I’ve bought him the X-Men wedding comic (second one in on top row) to give him as a present on the morning of the wedding. I think he might wet himself a bit. Hopefully that’s pre-shower and suit!

  15. Al you are a man with a plan…can you give some tips to Hubbs (Jon) please! I love the comic book stuff! I think it all looks great! Can’t wait to hear more…I’m now going home to encourage Hubbs to write my next post…oh and sorry about the premature post…I’m click happy today! Looking forward to hearing from the other girlies H2B’s too 😉 xx

  16. I don’t know! I haven’t done it, you must have typed that as your name somewhere! 😀

    Now everyone on Rock My Wedding knows my pet name for you!

  17. Hey Al,

    Awesome post! Good on you for stepping in valiantly on Kitty’s behalf. I love the comics, t-shirts and cuff-links!
    Only problem is, Becca is now going to want me to get my act together big time after reading all of that, much as Hannah has suggested about Jon above!

    I’m also tempted to just *slightly* poison Becca so I can have a little cameo of my own. Would that be acceptable, do you think? Maybe I should play it a bit nicer and strike a deal that when I’ve done something worth talking about I can have a paragraph or two 😉

    Sounds like you’ve got a lot sorted already…..best of luck with any works in progress!

    Becca’s Dave

  18. Al, I doff my cap to you! Takes some balls to step up the plate and groom it up! Lee is often too scared to even read my posts (in case of bridal secrets) never mind write one!

    Loving all the geekery! Those comic books are boss.


  19. @Jason – Knew you’d pick up on the bow tie quote!

    @Lauren – Great pick for a present, he’ll love it I’m sure.

    @Joseph – I think everyone should embrace their inner geek!

    @Karen- Tell Lee to man up! haha

  20. @Lora – The Captain America ones came from Amazon, the Flash ones from a comic book store in the states and the others are from Hong Kong (via eBay).

  21. This is exactly what would happen if my hubby to be wrote a wedding blog!!! He’s got his eye on some Star Wars cufflinks, but I think the Captain America ones would also turn his head!!! Love the tshirts, that photo is ace!!! I’ve a couple of surprises up my sleeve for my geeky boy, which hopefully he’ll love!!! xxx

  22. Love this. So much personality. Always great to see a couples character.

    p.s Great find with the wedding issue comics.

    p.s.s I thought that was Gambit getting married on the X-men comic for a moment. I was about to say!

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