What Rebecca Did… Pretty Signs & More DIY.


Hello again lovely RMW-ers. Can you believe another 6 weeks have passed?!! Eeek!


Now I don’t know about you, but ever since entering the wonderful world of wedding planning I have spent many, many hours staring longingly at light up signs. There is just something so striking, so mesmerising about having them….they just ooze Hollywood glamour!


Then last year I saw this amazing wedding on RMW Many of you will recognise the bride as she is none-other than 2011-2012 RMW Real Bride Amanda! Amanda took her DIY skills to the limit and created a myriad of light up signs to decorate her venue (and one AWESOME ‘moustache bar’!) 
Well in Amanda’s final write up she happened to mention that her and Darren had set up Doris Loves and would be hiring out many of their wonderful creations, and were making custom light up signs!!! Eeeeeeeeeee!

Fast forward a few months and Doris Loves have actually designed Dave & I our very own PHOTOBOOTH sign!! Yup, just for us! They even used a fab Art Deco font so it will fit in with the design for the day. Oh & the best thing…..we get to keep it!! I know, I know why on earth do we need to have a PHOTOBOOTH sign in our little 2 bed flat? Well, why the hell not?! Imagine all the fun we can have with our home-made photo-booth, & its very own sign – house parties at ours will never be the same again! (Our photo-booth is for life, not just for weddings!) 
And just look at this sign, isn’t it just the BEST. THING. EVER.


So lovelies, is it just me? Or are any of you lot lusting after your very own light up sign? 
Maybe you are making your own (this is one DIY task I was not up to tackling!)? If so I want to hear all about it.

Oh & if you have a spare few mins I would recommend you

  • Go back through Amanda’s big day write up & admire the DIY genius
  • Go have a nosey at Doris Loves

They just attended their first wedding fair, with a few more in the pipeline, so they’ve have got a whole host of signs ready & waiting for you. You could even ask them to do you your very own custom sign!


So in other news Dave & I got started on another DIY project – Table numbers.
 Hands up who has spent hours agonising over the naming (or non-naming) of your reception tables?! Yup, me too!

Having seen so many awesome table plans grace these pages, I was sure we needed to come up with our own meaningful table names. Holiday destinations? Well we’ve only been on a handful of holidays together so that isn’t gonna work… Favourite films? We’re not really known for our amazing filmic knowledge!… Favourite songs? Ooooh that could work – oh hang on, is ‘Creep’ really a suitable table name?!!
(For all avid Radiohead fans, yes, yes I know not their best work, but it was the only Radiohead song I knew back when I was trying to convince Dave I was the girl for him!!!) 
After all this deliberating, we started to question why on earth we were taking so much time trying to name tables?! What was wrong with numbers anyway?! Nothing!
 So table numbers it is!
And seeing as I promised you lot more DIY how-tos, here is how we made ours… 
(Apologies for the photos, the light in our flat is atrocious!!)

You will need:

  • Sheet Music
  • Carboard numbers
PVA craft glue
Paint brush
Pencil & Eraser


Firstly, place the 3D number on a piece of sheet music & trace round it. Cut out the number shape from the sheet (tip: when cutting leave a margin between the pencil mark & your cut, it will make it easier for gluing). Then do the same with the reverse side of the number. 
Next cut out strips from the music sheet, these will be used to cover the edges of the number, we needed 4 strips in total (again cut them so there is enough for a margin). Remember to rub out the pencil mark.

Now you have all your cut-outs you can get on with the gluing. All you need to do is paint the number with the PVA glue and stick your sheet music on. The best way to do this is to start with edges and work in stages around the number, making sure the sheet music is stuck flat, and slightly overlapping onto the faces of the number. Then, once all the edges are covered, you can start on the faces. Again, all I did was cover the face of the number in PVA glue, placed the number shaped sheet over the glue & stuck down. Add some glue down the edges and stick the excess paper down against the edges. Then repeat this again for the other side and then allow the whole thing to dry. (Tip: when sticking the sheet music to the number you may need to keep smoothing it against the number so you don’t get too many wrinkles)

Once the paper is dry, cover the whole thing in a layer of PVA glue. Once dry this will act as a varnish, sealing the paper and giving it a little sheen.
And there we have it – a music covered table number. 
Only another 10 table numbers to go!


So that’s all from me for now. I’d love to hear about any crafty projects you guys are undertaking for your big day.
Next time I’ll hopefully have some pretty engagement shoot pictures to share with you. But until then here is a teaser pic of one of our e-shoot props!


Big marshmallow-y love
Rebecca 🙂 xxx

PS. I nearly completely forgot – HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! <3 How are you all celebrating? We’ll be going for an induction at our local gym!!! How romantic!

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

29 thoughts on “What Rebecca Did… Pretty Signs & More DIY.

  1. I want a sign!! Over to Doris Loves it is.

    We too stuck with numbers but we went for a cross section from 1983-2012 and have pictures of us from those years, couldn’t think of names either!

    Fab post as always 🙂 x

  2. Oh Rebecca will you STOP teasing us with that marshmallow pic!! It gets me salivating every time. I love your DiY efforts, the numbers are fab. You’ll be pleased to know I won’t be writing a diatribe about my own DiY undertakings. We’d be here till May 😉

  3. I want a sign too *stamps feet!* It’s going to look awesome!!

    I love your tables numbers, are they the ones you get in Hobbycraft? I haven’t even thought about table names/number yet. Out of pure laziness I may just have a free for all, hide outside until they’ve all argued about where they’re sitting and make my grand entrance none the wiser, what do we think??

    Intrigued by your last picture 😉 can’t wait to see the results!

    Fab post lovely xxx

  4. Thanks girls!
    @Karen – well, at least I hadn’t left any of my smalls on there!!!! hahaha
    @Charlie – definitely speak to Amanda @Doris Loves – she’s fab! Love your table number idea 🙂
    @Philippa – your DIY efforts are EPIC! You put us all to shame! :-p

  5. Oh I want a sign! Love your montage of signs! (the couple on the picnic rug in front of the LOVE sign…hot…)
    This is definintely something I am going to attempt at somepoint for the wedding; when and how are unknown.

    Fab post! Can’t wait for the results of the e shoot!

  6. Sorry for lateness of my comment, I was in a meeting about how to take mintues at meetings! (No one was taking minutes at said meeting though!)

    Your numbers are going to look ace and you wouldn’t be able to have that look with names instead of numbers – imagine all the 3D letters you’d have to buy and glue then!

    Lovely post m’dear, I can’t wait to see your e-shoot pics! xxx

  7. @Tabitha – you need to stamp harder!! heehee 😉
    Yes those are the numbers I got from Hobbycraft

    @Stef – I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeeeeek!
    Look forward to seeing what sign you get, I think everyone should have a light up sign!

    @Sharon – thank you 🙂


  8. Becca I love your sheet music idea! We too agonised about meaningful table names and eventually decided ‘screw it, numbers have been fine for years, they’ll do for us’! We ended up with those brown Hobbycraft numbers (not even sure what they’re made of tbh!) and the lorry driver (now my husband, squeal!!) sprayed them with metallic silver paint – after a few coats they actually looked like they were made of stainless steel, and at our wedding last week a couple of the guests begged to take various numbers home with them. And all done for less than £20 I think!

  9. Hi all – I too am literally obsessed with lights (and spent eons searching for them online). If you ladies are still searching then we are using a company called Vowed and Amazed; it’s one element of the day I literally cannot wait to see.
    Loving all the talk of DIY; this weekend for me will be making giant paper fans (to hide an ugly screen at the venue) and covering 24 mason jars in lace to make lights!
    @Charlie – I love your idea and I may have to steal it!

  10. Ooo lots of inspiration in this post and as soon as I’ve finished writing this comment I’m hot footing it over to ‘Doris Loves’ to have a look. I’m loving the numbers and wondering if I can fit them in with my H2B ideas regarding the table numbers – puts thinking cap on. Our DIY projects (that we have yet to start) currently include napkin rings, photograph montages, table plan, my own iced wedding cake (got to put those cake decorating courses to good use), flowers for the church and edible favours (currently favouring fudge for this one).

  11. @Becca thanks SO much for your lovely words!!!! We at Doris Loves are rather fond of you too!!!!
    As for your DIY it looks Fab! I love letters and numbers in any shape or size!

    But what I’m really looking forward to is your wedding photos can’t wait to see it all in action! Especially your Photobooth sign!!!!

    @Pamela good luck with the signs, I’d love to see what you make! Let us know if you need a hand!

    @Charlie come on over! We’d love to make you a sign!

    @Tabitha no need to stamp your feet, you too can have one! I even do a Real Bride discount if you ask nicely so just ask!

    Oh and we are in the process of creating some light up words and letters! So if that’s what your searching for then follow me on Facebook or/and Twitter to be the first to see them!

  12. @Lou – Eeeeeeee you’re married! 😀
    Your numbers sound fab too – good old HobbyCraft!
    ps. I do hope we’ll get to see pics!

    @Sarah L – Glad to hear I’m not the only one!!!
    Loving your DIY ideas, I do loves me a cute lace wrapped mason jar!

    @Sarah G – Your own cake?! wow, impressive 🙂

    @Katy MH – Muwahahahaha! Sorry my love! 😉


    @Amanda Champness-Kent – thanks, my lovely 🙂 x

  13. Love the table numbers, great idea with sheet music. And that sign – wow! I’m going to have a look at their website.

    We spent ages working out table names. The boy really didn’t want numbers and eventually he had a light-bulb moment. So our table names are Dulux paint colours, we met whilst working at Homebase. Perfect 🙂 We even had a small pic of a paint pot on our invitations to give guests a clue.

  14. Let’s put this way if I ever get merried I will book you as my wedding planner for sure:)) Hopefully by then you will be a world famous wedding blogger hahah I love all your ideas: decoupage numbers wow! light up signs!!!!!! Brilliant xxx

  15. I want a reason for a sign now… shall desperately try and find one on the way to buy Valentine’s Day dinner!
    We decided on our table names the other night, and about 4 people besides ourselves will understand them, but we figured they meant something to us so who cares who else gets it?! Is that selfish? The best I have ever seen were tables named after places in Lord of The Rings!

  16. Thanks for the lovely comments people – Just got back from our first session at the gym!!! Eeek!

    @Carys – Ooooo Dulux colours! That’s so sweet 🙂

    @Amy – Oooo…..there must be a reason!!

    @Gosia – thank you, my dear


  17. So totally late to the shindig SORRY sweetheart!!! great post 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE the DIY numbers, seriously cool. I keep wondering how we can do ours too…I like Tabitha’s idea!! xxxxxx

  18. Amanda very kindly lent us the photobooth sign from her wedding which was amazing and it totally made it. People lived it and it looked awesome. Champness-Kent, you are a legend.
    Loving the craft my lady 🙂 very cool numbers!!

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