What Rebecca Did… Said Cheese.


Hello you gorgeous lot!

So apparently another 6 weeks have passed and now there are less than 3 months to the big day!!!! Oh dear lord! Where on earth did the time go?! Eeeek!

Never Work With Marshmallows, Balloons & Whomping Willows!

Well, this month saw Dave & I finally have our engagement shoot! I say finally because as with many things, it didn’t quite go to plan! 
So we all know how very important having an engagement/pre-wedding shoot is… Well after much begging & arm twisting I managed to convince Dave of this fact & we booked our fab photographer Hannah from Hannah Mia Photography to do a shoot for us. Now, having seen soooo many amazing engagement shoots on these very pages (I am still in complete & utter awe at Real Bride Karen’s immense shoot I was determined to make sure ours was suitably quirky and fun! So the pinterest board was set up and the ideas came flowing – hot chocolate, fur lined coats, pub fires, a shoot in the snow….perfect!! And then…..disaster – I broke my wrist just before Christmas & my gorgeous bright pink cast was not due off until late January! Then second disaster – Hannah broker her hand!! I’m not even joking! So by the time both of us were back to our best……yup, you guessed it, no snow!!


I’m not going to lie to you all & tell you I wasn’t bothered by this (Dave would never let me get away with that!) – I was gutted! I had my heart set on a snowy winter wonderland shoot and instead I was sat indoor watching the snow come & go, TWICE!! So after having a little word with myself & telling myself not to be so flipping ridiculous I got back to setting a date and looked at what elements we could still include.

Finally the day came for our shoot. The weather was lovely (no snow, but at least it wasn’t raining!) and the props had been sourced. We had heart shaped marshmallows, hot chocolate, headphones, novelty audio splitter and my favouritest coat in the whole world (seriously, I’ve had this coat since I was 17!!!!). Surely nothing could go wrong? We had chosen the woodland of Ashridge Estate in Hertfordshire for the first part of our shoot, and I had the great idea of trying to find THE Whomping Willow as our focal point – you know, the one off of Harry Potter! Well I’m sure you can see where this is going……….we never found the Whomping Willow! Sorry, I lie, we did see the Whomping Willow (or what we think was it) but apparently it isn’t just a ‘short stroll from the car park’, more like a half hours walk to get a glimpse of it in the distance!!


Seriously, how unlucky can you get for one shoot?!! Well there’s a little more actually…..
The heart-shaped marshmallows that looked so good in my head capsized and just looked like blobs….
The balloon kept blowing in our faces (I swear it was possessed)….
WORST OF ALL I forgot to bring my heels for the pub shoot!
The last one may have resulted in a mini tantrum from a certain little blonde, much to the amusement of Dave and Hannah!!

So why am I telling you about all the little things that went wrong? Why am I not talking about how the pictures came out lovely & how you cannot even tell from these shots that the balloon was misbehaving? Because I want this to be a lesson to you all – stop putting so much pressure on yourselves to create the perfect engagement shoot!!! Seriously! You will see so many amazing, quirky, fun and cool engagement shoots but you know what the most important aspect of those shoots are…..the love. Cheesy, I know, but seriously I bet if you go back and look at those pictures your thoughts will be; ‘aww look how happy they are’ and ‘wow don’t they look so in love’…..!
Yes, the props may have misbehaved and my coat & shorts combo might not be perfect (seriously worried about myself there! Eek!)….but you know what? Hannah has done a fantastic job, and these pictures really show us in our best light. There is laughing and giggling and quite a lot of cuddling!! We are so chuffed to have these pictures and can see that, as long as I occasionally look into the camera, we are going to have a flipping lovely set of wedding photos to look back on! 😀


Lash Me Up

You might also notice that in these photos I am sporting some rather bright red lips! Well that would be thanks to my lovely friend and make-up artist Helen Eames, who headed over to ours at 9:30 on a Sunday morning (yup, ouchy!) with the following brief:

‘A little bit glamorous, but not too over the top, with a mixture of red lipped Emma Stone & Gwen Stefani’

Quite simple really!!!!???!!! Haha 
But you know what, I think she nailed it! 
I know so many of you are much more in the ‘you but on a really good day’ camp when it comes to wedding day make up, but I have always been someone who likes to play dress up. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been donning my mum’s stiletto heels & parading around the house so why should my wedding day be any different?! Yes, yes I don’t want Dave to turn round to see some stranger walking down the aisle BUT I do want to have a little fun and so this, for me, is red lips! Oh & I tried false lashes for the first time ever (I know, I’m soooooo behind! But I’ve always been a little afraid of gluing the things to my eyebrows!!!!) Well anyway I got Helen to lash me up &…..I LOVED them! Admittedly I was a little doll-like & may experiment with some slightly less dramatic ones, but they were so much fun! Plus I need ALL the help I can get if I am to compete with ‘look at my fabulously long eyelashes’ Dave!!!


Anyway, because I know you lovely ladies love a beauty product or two (or three!!), here is what Helen used on me:

MAC face & body foundation
Benefit Coralistic Blusher
Clinique highlighter
MAC Fluidline eyeliner in blacktrack
MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study
Lancome mascara
MAC Satin lipstick in MAC Red

Oh & Eyelure Naturalites fake eyelashes (no. 101)

I can tell you now, I’ll certainly be sneaking a few of these into my shopping bag next time I’m in Boots! 😉


Righty-ho gals I’d better leave it there, it might be Easter this weekend but I’ve got an immense amount of fabric flowers to be making! Eeeek!

Big ‘I must resist the Lindor Egg’ Love
Rebecca 🙂 xx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

18 thoughts on “What Rebecca Did… Said Cheese.

  1. You two are very adorable! Good thing you can’t tell the issues on the pictures!
    Mac Cosmetics are the best! If you want to try more things let me know, I am great with playing makeup and have tricks I learned in Film school and theatre 😉
    Well done on pics! Now go make a huge canvas of your favourite one!

  2. Excellent advice Rebecca, I love your honesty! I think we do put a ridiculous amount of pressure on ourselves unnecessarily. Your e shoot pictures turned out beautifully despite everything going “wrong”! Xx

  3. Aaaaw lovie you looks so beautiful and you guys look so in love! You really really can’t tell any of the troubles you had and you won’t even remember any them in years to come!

    We didn’t have any props or outfit changes for our e-session and I must admit before I saw the pics I wondered if we should have done but you’re so right, it’s not about props or being quirky or different or posing till your face stays that way, it’s about the two of you celebrating your love and your impending nuptials and having fun!

    And besides….I LOVE that last photo…I think it’s you guys allover! 🙂 xxx

  4. Fab photos and a great commentry! Love the beard Dave can’t think who else I know who has one! So happy to be sharing all this with you both.

  5. Love the pictures!!! Great advice hun, we waited all summer for the perfect summer’s evening and in the end gave up and froze ourselves on a frosty December and it was still perfect!

    Love the snuggling, love the makeup and most of all j’adore the pimp coat 🙂 xxxx

  6. This is the perfect set of photos of you two!!!

    Having had the absolute pleasure of spending last Saturday with you, listening to your awesome wedding band (Darren really was upset that we didn’t have them at ours now!) I now know what a ruddy lovely couple you are!

    You laughed and smiled and then laughed some more, you are an adorable couple and that is captured so perfectly in these photos! They just feel SO you!

    Oh and on another note entirely I’m in the same make-up camp as you! Although I don’t have a clue about the stuff I love other people putting it on me! I love love love a red lip and a bright pink one to! Oh and lashes, I love lashes. Yours look ruddy delightful. BUT I CAN NOT apply them to myself. I have tried and failed on to many occasions that I now don’t bother unless I have help.

    Anyway you are a ruddy lovely couple and I just know your wedding will be an absolute blast!!!

  7. Your lashes are perfect! And loving the red lip. What a great test run you’ve had.

    You both look so unbearably cute! And I like your blobby marshmallows 🙂


  8. Awww thanks ladies 🙂

    @Lizzie – never used MAC before, but Helen swears by it & it certainly worked for me!
    @Charlie – thanks lovely, I am always so self critical about everything, it drives Dave insane!
    @Tabitha – thank you 🙂 Yours are lovely, I didn’t even notice that you didn’t have an outfit change – just goes to show really that it’s definitely not all about those bits!
    @Sue R – Thank you 😀 We are very pleased you’ll be there (and not just because you’re going to be my super venue decorator!!! 😉
    @Miss Vix – Thanks lovely, you are right yours were gorgeous
    @Amanda – Awwwwwww bless you! Was awesome to finally meet you guys (& your fab friends! I think Dave has some serious tache envy!) Thank you for the lovely comment
    As for the lashes I got myself a little starter kit from Boots which I might try to use this weekend – it has a special thing to pick up lashes & help you apply to eyes, so we shall see………………….. 😉


  9. awwwww the best post ever. Love is all around and us and you look soooo in love. Classic “Romantic” from me:) love you lots xxxxxxxx

  10. I’d love to know what Dave was trying to communicate with that hand gesture in the pub! Great advice in this post, Rebecca, and a lovely set of shots!

  11. Thanks for all the lovely comments people 😀
    @Becky -I’m glad someone likes them! We tried everything to make them float the right way!!
    @Philippa – I believe he is imitating the bear on his t-shirt!! Haha

  12. Aah I love you guys and I love these photos. They capture you perfectly! Youre looking particularly lovely too!

    Does the Whomping Willow actually exist??

  13. @Karen – Awww thanks lovely! I’m going with it does exist & we saw it!! No way I’m gonna say we walked all that way & didn’t see it! Haha

  14. I love these photos. You both look sooo happy and I love the shorts. You are defo spot on with dont sweat the small stuff. I threw ours together at really late notice but I love our pics and wouldn’t change them for the world. X

  15. Yes youre so right about not sweating the small stuff! We made all these plans and ideas but in the end used none of the props and it didnt matter one bit!

    Still giggling at Dave’s crotch shot by the way 🙂 x

  16. Rebecca!! absolutely stunning!! I love the balloon! love the backdrop and you two look Gorgeous!! I especially love the headphones shot! so cute!
    cant wait to see the next installment!
    Lots of love

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