A Cornish Country Wedding.


Now I know I’m slightly biased, living in Cornwall and all that, but I really do LOVE this mornings wedding.

Lydia and Michael married at idyllic Cornish venue The Green, in an outdoor ceremony surrounded by their family and friends.

The styling is just so pretty – there’s an abundance of flowers in blue Bombay Sapphire bottles, metres and metres of bunting and rustic hessian table runners.

The couple chose a great menu for a summer’s day, lots of salads, a DIY eton mess and a hog roast in the evening to top-up empty tummies.

There are also some seriously epic photo booth images from this wedding – it looks like Lydia and Michael’s guests had a absolute blast.

Elegant Country Wedding At The Green Cornwall With Bride In Gown By Ellis Bridal With A Pink Peony Bouqeut And Groom In Suit By Ted Baker With Images From Liberty Pearl 1Elegant Country Wedding At The Green Cornwall With Bride In Gown By Ellis Bridal With A Pink Peony Bouqeut And Groom In Suit By Ted Baker With Images From Liberty Pearl 2Elegant Country Wedding At The Green Cornwall With Bride In Gown By Ellis Bridal With A Pink Peony Bouqeut And Groom In Suit By Ted Baker With Images From Liberty Pearl 3Elegant Country Wedding At The Green Cornwall With Bride In Gown By Ellis Bridal With A Pink Peony Bouqeut And Groom In Suit By Ted Baker With Images From Liberty Pearl 4Elegant Country Wedding At The Green Cornwall With Bride In Gown By Ellis Bridal With A Pink Peony Bouqeut And Groom In Suit By Ted Baker With Images From Liberty Pearl 5Elegant Country Wedding At The Green Cornwall With Bride In Gown By Ellis Bridal With A Pink Peony Bouqeut And Groom In Suit By Ted Baker With Images From Liberty Pearl 6Elegant Country Wedding At The Green Cornwall With Bride In Gown By Ellis Bridal With A Pink Peony Bouqeut And Groom In Suit By Ted Baker With Images From Liberty Pearl 7Elegant Country Wedding At The Green Cornwall With Bride In Gown By Ellis Bridal With A Pink Peony Bouqeut And Groom In Suit By Ted Baker With Images From Liberty Pearl 8Elegant Country Wedding At The Green Cornwall With Bride In Gown By Ellis Bridal With A Pink Peony Bouqeut And Groom In Suit By Ted Baker With Images From Liberty Pearl 9Elegant Country Wedding At The Green Cornwall With Bride In Gown By Ellis Bridal With A Pink Peony Bouqeut And Groom In Suit By Ted Baker With Images From Liberty Pearl 10Elegant Country Wedding At The Green Cornwall With Bride In Gown By Ellis Bridal With A Pink Peony Bouqeut And Groom In Suit By Ted Baker With Images From Liberty Pearl 11

Lydia The Bride:I knew right from the beginning that I wanted my dress to be classic and elegant but suitable for a country wedding and when I found it, I knew I wanted very little jewellery & accessories. It’s a big dress and I didn’t want to take anything away from it by adding much more. I wore earrings that Mike had given me, a simple bracelet that matched the ones I had given my Bridesmaids as gifts and a beautiful big peony in my hair. My Mum lent me her big, old and very beautiful aqua marine and platinum ring that I wore as my old, borrowed and blue.

I wanted to look natural and my makeup artist and hair stylist were very respectful of this. All my own hair and nails please! I had had a pretty net made to go over my face which matched the netting over my dress however on the day, I decided I didn’t need it.

I had bought another dress for the evening, a white fifties style calf length dress with a big petticoat, just in case I got too hot, however I totally forgot to change! And wouldn’t have wanted to take my dress off anyway. I’m thinking of dyeing it for future parties.

*Funny moment; my Mum lives in a very rural and beautiful part of Cornwall, awarded an area of outstanding natural beauty. It is very remote and rugged and when my make up artist arrived she got her car stuck! My Mum quickly dispatched the Best Man and Groom to help, I wish I had photos!

I can’t take much credit for this! My Mother-in-law took this task and took Mike shopping. Mike and I both knew we wanted him, the Best Man and Ushers to wear classic blue suits. Black felt too formal and the venue didn’t suit hats and tails. Again, I wanted us to look relaxed but elegant.

Finding the ties proved to be one of the biggest tasks. We knew we wanted a vintage pink colour and everything we looked at seemed too pink or too shiny until we found these Daniel Hechter ties. They had a tiny white flower details and fitted with the overall vintage feel which was perfect. The lining of Mike’s Ted Baker suit was beautiful and we both joked that he should have worn it inside out! Mike wore my Grandfathers pearl cufflinks which my Mum had given him when we got engaged.

To me, this was probably the most special element of the whole day. I grew up in a village just 2 miles away from The Green and remember when it was a cheese farm. They used to produce a cheese called Yarg which is wrapped in Nettle leaves and I remember collecting them with a friends big sister when I was really young. I couldn’t believe it when we visited and saw how different and beautiful it was. Moira and her team had renovated the site so sympathetically and it has certainly kept it’s charm. The oak trees we married under must be hundreds of years old.

There was accommodation for all of our friends and family on site and provided flexibility should the weather change (which it didn’t) as well as opportunities for people to really enjoy the surroundings playing games, taking walks etc.

It took me a while to decide which colours I wanted to feature and I don’t think I ever stuck to this too rigidly. I had the idea early on that I wanted to put flowers in those pretty blue Bombay Sapphire bottles and so that became one of the colours. They looked really rustic with my table runners and I liked the idea that I was re-using something rather than buying new. I kept a scrapbook of ideas and it soon became clear that the other dominant colours were a vintage pink and mint green. These featured in our stationery as well as the ribbons for favours and picnic blankets.

My Mum made hundreds of metres of bunting which ran around the site making it feel very much like a country celebration. I think this task gave her a channel for the stress of helping me to organise such a big event!

The flowers were really important to me, I wanted loads. I knew that I wanted them to look relaxed but very beautiful and decided on peonies, sweet peas, lavender, astilbe and eucalyptus tied with vintage lace. I was so happy with my bouquet when it arrived on the morning of the wedding I nearly cried. Tracy Espin and her team had done exactly what I wanted. They have since told me it was one of their favourite bouquets to make and both it and me are on the cover of a magazine called La Belle. I wanted the Bridesmaid’s bouquets to look more simple in contrast to mine and I was really happy with them. I have since dried them and they still look beautiful.

When we first saw our venue we quickly decided we wanted country style eating with tables in rows leading off from the top table. To add some colour to very white walls and table cloths I made hessian table runners with ribbons and lace running down the middle. Due to the venue being an old cheese farm, the tables were named after different types of Cornish cheeses.I love champagne bowls much more than flutes and so hired these for the toast.

A close family friend made the table arrangements and grew most of the flowers in her garden. I bought some supply only just in case the weather turned and because I wanted some specific highly scented flowers. I was blown away when I walked into the room announced as the new Mrs Lawson, the room looked full to the brim with flowers and smelt incredible. The weather was incredible and at the top table we were able to sit with our backs to the beautiful scenery which made for fantastic photo opportunities.

Mike handmade signs directing people to the wedding from the road and encouraging them to explore the beautiful surroundings, they said things like “I do, me too, let’s party!” and directed them to use the vintage photobooth in the evening.

My Dad is a travel journalist with a background is graphic design. He made all of the stationery and our Save The Date was a design by a local Bristol artist we met at a festival. The drawing is of a bird carrying an envelope with our names and the date of the wedding.

Amber from Liberty Pearl Photography supplied the photo booth and it was so much fun! It really added a light hearted and enjoyable element to the evening and I now have a very special memories of the evening, including Mike’s 87 yr old Nan dressed up in vintage hats and sunglasses. We both really relaxed and enjoyed the evening and had so much fun playing around and posing with props with friends and family. Personal favourites include a photograph of my Mum and I, me being hit by a tennis racket and beautiful sleepy babies with moustaches!

We wanted people to really enjoy the venue and as the weather had been beautiful all summer, the decision was made to buy a vintage style wicker picnic basket, we filled it with white blankets tied with ribbons with a sign inviting people to take a blanket to sit on the grass or in case they felt cold in the evening. People have said that the wedding felt like a garden party and/or mini festival and that is exactly what we wanted.

At dusk I had asked the staff at The Green to put out tea lights marking the paths and they looked so pretty. I had collected jam jars, dipped them in glitter and filled them with indoor sparklers for children and big children. The dining room already had fairy lights draped across the ceiling which felt like enough decoration.

I had my closest friend Debbie as my Maid Of Honour and my Cousins daughter Rose as Bridesmaid. Rose was fantastic and so attentive. She was always there to straighten my dress and hold my flowers. Debbie ensured the country theme prevailed throughout all festivities and arranged a big glamping hen do in the countryside; safari tents with woodburners, obligatory silly games around the campfire and a ride on the farm tractor. I couldn’t have asked for more from Debbie and I’m so glad she agreed to be by my side on the big day.

Mike – As the Groom, it was an easy choice as to who my Best Man would be. I’ve known Rupert since the age of eleven and he was the only man for the job. He calmed me down on the morning, kept me entertained and on task and ensured my pocket square was correctly aligned at all times. He had also arranged a fantastic stag weekend for me in Barcelona. My ushers were chosen for similar reasons. They were both friends that I have had since starting secondary school, and friends that I knew I could rely on. Rely on to knock off my Mother-in-laws fascinator, and rely on to forget to bring out the gifts for the parents!!

My reading was read by a very close friend and was called The Promise by Eileen Rafter. I chose it initially because Mike always leaves wet towels and socks on the floor and is usually late! I knew certain guests would know this and giggle. I wanted something romantic but subtle and I like the idea of it describing a couple sat outside contemplating the rest of their lives together. Every photo we have is of use laughing or smiling and this is exactly how I remember it. Our registrars said some really nice things about us as a couple and asked the audience to repeat back to us a Cornish blessing. Mike had asked a local poet called Callum Mitchell to write a personalised reading for me which an Usher read. This was one of the many elements that made the ceremony so personal.

Just after the ceremony a chimney sweep arrived on his vintage motorbike to offer his blessing! This was arranged by my Mum and I had no idea it was lucky to have a chimney sweep on your wedding day, hence the lucky horse shoe! He gave us tiny iron horseshoes with our wedding date and initials he had made.

A friend of my Mum’s played her harp during the ceremony and by chance she chose Cornish and Welsh pieces to play as I walked down the aisle and when we walked back up together. It felt very magical under the trees with all those special people and the harp playing. We visited the harpist a couple of months before the wedding to talk about the ceremony and my Mum cried when she heard the music, it sounded so beautiful.

My Mum did a speech and my Dad played ‘Daisy Daisy’ on the guitar and guests sang along. He is a musician and used to play this song to me when I was very little to get me to sleep. I especially liked the lyrics as they talked about marriage and arriving on a bicycle made for two. Mike is mountain bike crazy but as it turns out I arrived in a vintage Daimler!

My Mum organised the band who were fantastic! A really nice bunch of very talented & cool guys. They looked so stylish in our photobooth! Both Mike and I felt like a live band was a priority to treat the guests and add to the atmosphere. The band played their own songs as well as some classic soul, jazz and funk pieces and concluded with a one man acoustic mashup of 21 seconds and Song 2 by Blur! Everybody Wants To Be A Cat from the Artistocats was a personal favourite. We had two professional dancers at the wedding who encouraged guests to join in doing the limbo, this got very competitive!

Mike’s best man is a very good DJ and he had set up his decks in the big house for a party after the dancing in the barn had come to an end. We had bought kegs of local beer for the onsite guests which were greatly appreciated.

The hog roast also added to the party atmosphere and people haven’t stopped talking about how delicious the crackling was. After the evening celebrations had finished we carried on the party in the big farm house with the best man spinning tunes and keeping people dancing. It was so fun to kick my shoes off and party into the early hours.

There was lots of food. We had had quite a lot of vegetarians as at the wedding which meant we were much more creative about what we offered. Canapés were served immediately after the wedding with Pimms (My Maiden name is Pym and there was never any question that that would be the first drink of the day). Canapés included; crab and dill cakes served with homemade tartare sauce, Thai chicken with chilli and lemongrass, dolcelatte cheese and pear croutes, Welsh lamb mini kebabs and cherry tomatoes stuffed with local cheese

It had been a very hot summer and so we wanted lots of tasty but substantial salads to accompany dressed salmon, meat cuts and crème fraiche and caramelised red onion tarts which were offered to individuals by serving staff. Salads were put on the table for people to help themselves and included; rocket, pear, walnut and goats cheese, avocado and bacon and beetroot salad as well as warm minted and buttered new potatoes.

Desserts were our caterers signature chocolate tart or DIY eton mess. The DIY element went down a storm! Huge bowls of strawberries and mini meringues sat alongside tiny individual pots of local clotted cream. I think my Mum still has some of these in the freezer! People had to serve themselves their desserts and it worked really well that people got up and walked around a warm room.

Tea, coffee and petit fours were served in the barn. In the evening, as more guests started to arrive, we had a hog roast, vegetarian guests had stuffed peppers and platters of local cheese and fruit.

Guests were greeted with a welcome cocktail in the evening called “I Do, Me Too” made with gin and pink elderflower cordial.

Amber was in the year above me at school and I remember how creative she was. When I heard she had started a wedding photography business I had to ask her to photograph our day. Being from the local area, I knew Amber would be familiar with the dramatic landscape and she marketed herself as capturing relaxed and natural shots which was exactly what we wanted.

I couldn’t be happier with the photos she took. We all look so happy! I don’t remember seeing much of her but she captured every last detail in exactly the way we wanted. Some of the shots are just so romantic and Amber made us feel comfortable and we felt very natural in front of her. She was professional in every way and I thank her for providing us with such a special reminder of the day.

I would like to thank all the people that helped me to make what I did and for making the wedding look so beautiful. From the women in my craft group to the friends and neighbours who made bunting and who collected gin bottles! I am at my happiest when I feel that I am being creative and this was the perfect opportunity. I am also a massive closet gardener and so planning a country wedding seemed to tick every box!
Family and friends came from all over the world to celebrate with us; Australia, South Korea, America, France, Spain, Portugal and Wales and we will forever be touched by this.

Photography by Liberty Pearl
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Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

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  1. I love everything about this wedding! It’s so beautiful! It’s great to hear in detail how other couples are approaching the catering, we were torn between a formal sit-down 3 courses and a BBQ but worried about how to serve everyone so that we eat together. The option of having the meats served with salads on the tables sounds perfect! x

    1. Hi Lianne,

      You can totally ‘formalise’ a BBQ – I think this is the best of both worlds.

      I can understand the appeal of relaxed dining, but you don’t really want your guests queuing at a buffet/around the BBQ do you?

      Lydia and Michael’s menu sounded particularly delicious!

      Fern x

  2. Awwwwwww it’s my dress!!!! LOVE that dress – makes me want to go home & put it back on!!!
    That’s normal, right?!!! 😉

    Gorgeous wedding, huge congrats guys xx

  3. What a gorgeous wedding ! So rustic, and there’s something about the photos that makes it all so dreamy, maybe the lovely Cornish lighting. I’m so excited I can finally read RMW as a bride to be! Bridesmaid dresses arrived this morning so I’m so giddy!
    Lovely wedding, beautiful bride too! Xxx

    1. Definitely Emma – when I leave Cornwall I always miss the brightness of the sky!

      Ekkkkk are you pleased with the dresses? How exciting for you!!!

      Fern x

  4. This was our wedding! Thank you for all of the lovely comments people have made. I’ve got a warm fuzzy feeling all over again :). XLydia

    1. Hi, I am planning a wedding at the green and wondered who you used for your catering? Were the day time and hog roast the same caterer or did you do it through the green themselves?? Thanks!! Kim xx

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