A Groovy Kind Of Love.

Rock My Wedding readers Glesni and Owain Lloyd married on the 12th of August, 2011. The ceremony was in their local church in a small and rural village called Betws Gwerfil Goch in North Wales.

When I finished looking through this submission from Weddings Vintage I realised I was suffering from severe ‘dry mouth.’

At some point early on my Jaw had dropped – and there it had remained as I soaked up not only the amazing camera work but also the stupidy gorgeous wedding stationery. You see Vintage Weddings is a collection of super creative people and not only will they shoot your wedding and make it look fabulous, they will also create you some seriously-to-die-for papercraft too.

Anyway, over to Glensi…

Vintage Style

The dress was Charlotte Balbier, Tabitha in vintage gold from Belles Bridal Boutique, Liverpool. I loved the vintage style of the shop and Geraldine the owner was so lovely, I new I had to buy my dress from this shop.

Untamed Petals

My hair piece was from Untamed Petals, and called a ‘poppy double headband’. I wanted a vintage and natural look and this headpiece gave me the look I desired.

A Comfortable Fit

My shoes were from Rachel Simpson, mimi. I tried them with my dress fitting and I loved the way they looked and they were so comfy.

A Local Do

I went to a local hair dresses in Llangollen for my wedding hair, I just needed a natural up do, no frills.

D.I.Y Decoration

I decided to do most of the floral decoration myself; the local flower shop sourced the flowers for me. My bridesmaids, mum and mother in law and I decorated the hall all Thursday. It was a lovely but very busy day with everybody mucking in.

We made our own bouquets, I was much easier to achieve the look i wanted. I’d made a scrap book full of ideas, which was a great reference book.

Less Uniformed

I had 5 bridesmaids and 2 flower girls. I bought the bridesmaid dresses from a shop in Cowbridge, South Wales called High society bridal. Since all the bridemaids we’re around the same age, I wanted dresses that would suit them and choose the Lela Rose , crinkle chiffon collection in Mint and the girls decided on the style they liked and we went for 5 different styles, for a more natural, less uniformed look.

The groomsmen attire we hired but we bought them gingham ties.

Bow Tie Bliss

Owain had always wanted to a bow-tie , so we found a grey bow-tie in Topman. He looked so happy as I walked down the aisle, the whole day was perfect for us.

Lovely And Warm

I wanted a photographer that could capture the natural, vintage style I was hoping to create. The photographer was important to me and I spent hours on hours surfing the internet. Somehow I came across the Weddings Vintage website and fell in love with their previous wedding photography. I sent an e-mail, and talked on the phone to Harriet, I knew she was the photographer for me. We shared some ideas and I new she understood the feel and look I was going for.

Harriet was amazing during the wedding, she meet up with us on Thursday afternoon, and took some photos during our practice in the church. She had a lovely and warm personality and I trusted her instantly. We love our photos.

The Perfect Postcard

Finding Weddings Vintage was a blessing. Hayley the designer, helped me create the perfect wedding stationery. I love post cards, and I wanted invitations that captured the feeling of our wedding day, and the beautiful scenery of home. I took some photo’s of my church, the village hall, the field in front of my house which holds so many happy childhood memories and the trees that all the guest would drive through on the way from the church to the village hall. I sent them on e-mail and asked for a vintage postcard design. I was blown away with the invitations, they were perfect, we had so many compliments about them, and we couldn’t wait to receive the rsvp postcards. They set the tone perfectly for the wedding.

A Family Affair

My mum made our fruit cake, my sisters and I decorated it simply with lace and wooden pegs. My bridesmaid made some cupcakes and decorated them with berries, they looked beautiful.

Musical Medication

We hired a swing band Called Dr Jazz from North Wales. They were amazing a hit with young and old and just completed the night perfectly.


My husband choose the song and played it to me on youtube, and I instantly loved it. It was A Groovy Kind of Love from Phil Collins. We’d been together for 9 years and our relationship has always been chilled and relaxed and foremost we’re great friends. Our second song was Pencil Full of Lead by Paulo Nutini, I love that song and it was great to kick of the party mood.

More Tea?

We didn’t go for any favours. I just wanted to keep it simple but I collected a cup and saucer for every guest and placed the name tags on them. It was great seeing people sharing a pot of tea and reminded me of community events when I was young.

A Village Fete Feeling

Decoration was really important to me. The village hall gave me a perfect canvas to decorate the hall as I had imagined. I’d collected a scrap book full of ideas, and decided we wanted long trestle tables to create a village fate feeling.

We decorated the tables with candles and flowers. I collected a tea cup and saucer for each guest, a hundred and thirty. I went around charity shops and asked family members – they loved that they could help.

I wanted a relaxed garden feel where people could chill in the conservatory, so we hired a company called Posh Frocks and Wellies from Chester to decorate, they bought odd chairs, lamps, bunting etc and it just gave the room character and it fitted in great with our odd and ends. They we’re great and came to finish the work the morning of the wedding, since a whist tournament was taking place that Thursday night in the conservatory.

The locals all loved having an opportunity to have a peek at their hall transformed. We hired a company called stephanotis to drape the hall and hired a company called Outside from Conwy to cater for us. Their food was amazing, we had pate followed by steak, new potatoes and salad and nickerbocker glory for pudding, followed by homemade pies and hot dogs at night.

Make A Scrap Book

Our friends and family made our day. It was so lovely to have them all together celebrating with us. My advice would be to make a scrap book, It gave me the confidence to go for a vintage wedding. Rock My Wedding was a weekly fix, and inspired so many of my ideas. Having so many people helping and contributing to the wedding made it extra special. I love being creative and loved the opportunity to be able to make our special day perfect for us.

Photographer – Weddings Vintage

Stationery – Weddings Vintage

Dress – Charlotte Balbier

Boutique – Belles Bridal Boutique

Hair Piece – Untamed Petals

Shoes – Rachel Simpson

Bridesmaid Dresses – Lela Rose

Decor – Posh Frocks and Wellies

Hall Dressing – stephanotis

Catering – Outside

Entertainment – Dr Jazz

The Charlotte Balbier dress combined with the hair piece from Untamed Petals is a genius combo.

So much that I like about this wedding but I am going to hold back and just talk about my geeky passion… The stationery. What a great idea to take shots of your surrounding area to create a collection of postcards. And how beautifully executed by Weddings Vintage.

The Order of service right through to the table numbers and menu cards have had the same carefully considered treatment and they really do bring all the elements of this amazing vintage inspired wedding together.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

30 thoughts on “A Groovy Kind Of Love.

  1. Beauuuuuuuuutiful wedding and absolutely gorgeous bride, she looks effortlessly glam and laid back at the same time! I love the style to the photos….definitely hit the vintage nail on the head with all the lovely details 🙂

  2. Wow, the whole wedding looks amazing but I just adore the photo of Glesni by herself with the atmospheric clouds behind her – completley perfect!

  3. What a beautiful couple and gorgeous wedding… especially the stationery, amazing! The bridesmaids look lovely too – I have an appointment at High Society Bridal in Cowbridge on Saturday to start trying on wedding dresses!

  4. Ditto on the dry much front!! Wowzer! Simply stunning…congratulations! p.s. This couple have the best names in the history of the world!!

  5. oh lordy!!!! I have not seen anything this pretty in a looong time. Now having a new stationery lust which doesn’t really go with the original plan lol!!! This is also perfect photographic inspiration to show my photographer. and HOW pretty does she look! So lovely! 🙂

    And LOVING that she has five bridesmaids as this is the dilemma i am having at the moment, I really want to ask a fifth but slightly worried it may look a bit mad! xx

  6. Where do you FIND all these incredibly beautiful women? She’s so pretty – love the dress and headband, there’s something ethereal about her. Gorgeous shots in the woods too.

  7. I tried on that frock in the exact same shop – I just couldn’t make the budget stretch far enough (although I did consider ditching the wedding breakfast and just serving bread and water!). So loving that photography as well, don’t they look blissful? I may be stealing Wedding Vintage for my own W-day!x

  8. @VIx – my mate had eight of us and i’m having four + a bridesmale so go for it!!!

    what a gorgeous wedding and the bride is such a natural beauty. Sounds like I had a very different experience at the same bridal boutique to her though!! xxx

  9. What a gorgeous wedding and amazing stationary!!! What did you do for the table plan? That look pretty damn cool too.

  10. Gorgeous wedding & what a stunner the bride is! I’d LOVE my hair to look this lovely on my day

    Oh and the dress!!!! that is beautiful!
    It’s exactly what I had in mind when I first started dress shopping but as is always the case (or so I am told!) my dress is actually nothing like this!

    @Vix – I’m with Karen, go for it! I have 5 bridesmaids and so did my friend (I was one of her 5 & she is one of my 5!) x

  11. omg what a fab wedding and the stationery amazing authentic vintage style… is there anyway you can give me details of make up used i have same colouring and struggling to get such a natural finish…..

  12. Love the vintage and the vinatgey look to the photographs. What an amazing looking day with a gorge bride. Stunning xxx

  13. Hey guys – glad you are loving today’s vintage offering. And glad as well that I ‘m not the only stationery geek out there!

    Of course let’s not forget that Charlotte Balbier dress either – that is pretty special. Also loving a groom in a dicky bow… those shots in the woods are so sweet. A great place to run away to for a bit of peace on your big day!


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