DIY Devotee… A Christmas Special!!!!

So, while you lovely ladies were giving us your Saturday Survey Feedback a couple of weekends ago, I was spending a (slightly prematurely) Christmassy morning with Becky Hay from Blossom. All in the name of improving DIY Devotee for you all, Becky made some fabulous arrangements, starting off with a DIY table center for a Christmas Rustic Wedding. Of course, the best bit is that these translate beautifully to your Christmas Table and we’ll be showing you exactly how-to!

In the interests of making the whole thing even simpler, I also made a short video for you all, so please let us know what you think… (it’s even got Christmas music!)

So lets get started!

What you need

Empty jam jars – any sizes work
Double sided tape
Sections of tartan fabric (or your chosen material or even brown paper style wrapping paper would work)
Dried orange slices
Cinnamon sticks
Floristry scissors
Ribbon scissors
Pinking shears
Florist wires
Small pine cones

Selection of wintry foliage (we used: blue spruce, berried ivy, rosemary, holly, red skimmia, eucalyptus, kochia (the silvery grey foliage), Ilex berry (the hybridised holly which is grown just for berries). Absolutely any foliage you can raid from any garden will work.

Red Anemones
Luxor Roses
Black Baccara roses
Again, any flowers would work with this and you only need a few heads per small vase.

The How-To

1. Place a line of double sided tape around the jam jar.
2. Cover the jar with the tartan fabric, making sure it’s stuck to the tape.
3. Tie the ribbon around the fabric for added security and use the orange slice and cinnamon stick for added decoration.
4. Fill the jar with water.

5. Fill the jar with a mixture of foliage. Make sure you remove all foliage from the base of each stem so that the water remains ‘leaf’ free and clean.
6. Add the berries next so that they don’t get lost amongst the foliage and are clearly visible.
7. Place the flowers through the arrangement, again, taking care to remove any leaves that will fall below the water level.

8. Loop a wire around the base of each cone and twist tightly so that the cone can be easily inserted amongst the foliage and flowers..
9. Arrange the jars in a line up the centre of your table, along a mantelpiece, or in a group in the centre of a round table and scatter the surrounding surface with cones.

Decorating your Christmas table

We thought we would take this a little bit further than we have in the past and look at the whole Christmas table – all the ideas here work well for a winter wedding or for your own home and entertaining come Christmas.

It’s the oldest trick in the book but luxe = lots. Whatever you decide to do to decorate (again, this works in weddings and at home) grouping items that are the same/similar or work together gives a luxurious, plentiful feel. For that reason, don’t scrimp on the candles, tea light holders or in this case, pine cones! Layer up your china, table cloths/runners and pile the plates high with festive cheer.

I completely fell in love with the little clove studded and ribbon-wrapped oranges Becky brought with her, reminding me of Cristingle at primary school. Familiar to you or not, these are easily made, days ahead, and make a gorgeous table setting or scattered around your home, fruit bowl, mantelpieces etc for extra home-made charm, not to mention cute place names.

A few DIY notes!

The full DIY how-to for the jars the flowers are in, is on the video (see below).

The Orange slices used here for the jars can be purchased in craft shops relatively cheaply, however they are just as easy to DIY at home. Slice your oranges into half centimeter slices, dry and place on a baking sheet in the oven at a low temperature (around 100 degrees,) to dry them out – this can take several hours. Allow to cool, and as well as looking great in this DIY they have loads of other uses including decorations for your tree, extra decoration on your gifts or I like to hang them from light fittings and under picture frames.

All the extra decor items are my own, and built up over the years, the Feather wreath is Parlane, the tea lights (ceramic) from Cox and Cox and (the red flat ones) from Ikea. Both the table runner and the napkins are John Lewis.

To make your own Clove studded oranges, simply stud the fruit in 2 lines right the way around it, at right angles to each other. You might wnat to miss out a few where they cross to allow the ribbon to sit better. Next tie the orange up like a parcel, at right angles to the lines of cloves. Tie one knot then under your final bow, insert a stick of cinnamon. Voila!

I really hope this has made you feel extra Christmassy and all fired up to create your own ideas for the festive season, or in fact your winter wedding. Enjoy the video and please come back to view it if you are reading at work! Thank you so much to Becky @Blossom for all her hard work putting this together with me and look out for another winter inspiration table coming soon!

DIY table decor with Becky Hay from Blossom for

We are always on the look out for extra reader-inspired DIY projects, so if you have a Christmas project you would like to share, or a winter wedding DIY please send them along ( and we’ll get them up in the coming weeks. (All we need is some text and accompanying images.)

Time for some mulled wine I think!

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

26 thoughts on “DIY Devotee… A Christmas Special!!!!

  1. Oooh beautiful! I think these jars would also make great gifts, if you are visiting friends or family for the weekend during the festive period. I’m feeling inspired! xxx

  2. WOW I love these, thanks for sharing Becky & Rebecca 🙂 I might see if I can find the DIY in me and put these together for our Xmas dinner, although I’m not sure they’ll come out quite as good but I can always try 🙂 x

  3. Right. I’m about to start this with my wholesale bargains.

    Will someone please explain how to make dried orange slices? I googled it and it said to dry out with kitchen towel and then cook for 6 hours at 170 degrees? Only problem is mine burnt after 20 minutes.

    I found cinnammon sticks and pine cones at countrybaskets for £4 for a whopping huge bag.

    I’ve done a couple of long table decorations with foliage from the garden for those on a mega budget. I’ll send you those if you like?

  4. oh swoooon! Once the wedding’s out of the way (6 days to go!) I am then getting in the Christmas spirit. Until then, it’s on hold!

    These are beautiful, loving the pine cones.


  5. Morning all!

    Glad to hear you’re raring to go Rebecca! There is a rough guide on how to diy the orange slices above… The key is a low temp, you’re drying them out not cooking them you see.

    Any of you attempting this should post a pic of your results on the RMW Favebook page!


  6. Rebecca I love this! It is making me feel so festive! I especially love the video, it’s very helpful, so more of them with DIY Devotee please!!!

    Off to buy our Xmas tree!


  7. So doing this! Must remember to get supplies later on in the week. Love the video, super useful, and love your cat Rebecca, esecially when she/he’s peering up from the next room! Looks EXACTLY like my cat Oscar. Definitely loving DIY Devotee this week, thank you so much! xx

  8. Some major moggy love over here. That cat was totally checking out the how-to!

    (Oh and loving the arrangements as well. Really. So classic, atmospheric, and most importantly, achievable. Thank you Becky and Rebecca!)

  9. I love Sundays. Jenny, we’ve just been to get our tree too! Have had toshut the jittens outside whilst we detangle lights and sort baubles…this year we’ll defnitely organise them BEFORE we put them away again. She says.
    Rach-my Mum’s cat is called Oscar too! Oscar Wilde the Gay Cat to be precise. The gay cat addition was my brothers…he is a bit of a sappy cat…!
    Merry December everyone!


  10. My house is a right tip. I have deviated somewhat from the brief.

    Pictures to follow on RMW’s facebook page later

    I.e when I find my camera cable

  11. Hi girls, glad u like the post and feel you can give it a try at home. Also pleased you’re all feeling festive.

    A couple of tips for orange slices….I have made them by placing the slices on kitchen paper in the microwave, cooking for a minute or so and then placing them cooked slices on tea towels over the top of a radiator to dry them out further. I have also read that if you get the oven on high but then turn it off as you put the slices in and leave them in overnight they will dry without burning. Ideally, an Aga would be the best tool for the job but I expect that unfortunately for most of us, that’s not something we can easily get our hands on!

  12. ooo, I am having a go at these for sure!

    from mr specifying that its a ‘poverty christmas’ this year, we’re now hosting three (yes three) christmas dinners!! (and you can bet your bottom dollar that mr is s stranger to the potato peeler!)

    these will definitely feature on next weekend’s table! x x x

  13. Completely loving this post! Its such a great DIY and those oranges are definitely going to be included in my christmas decor.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Rachie xo

  14. Hello again ladies 🙂

    So glad you’re all enjoying this… And my Puss cats..! There’s 2, Charlie who crashed the DIY by jumping on the table (which I would just like to say he is NOT allowed to do) and Tabitha looking on warily in the background later, she’s a bit shy 🙂

    Thanks once again to Becky for her time and tips today!


    PS Very excited to see your efforts Rebecca and anyone elses!

    PPS I have been decorating the family Christmas tree (x2) at home today too as I was supposed to be on holiday this week but got cancelled due to Gatwick being closed. Mulled Wine is almost making up for it!

  15. Oh NO Rebecca, where were you due to go?!? You poor thing for missing out on your holiday. And you sound so gracious. I’d be in a right strop. Hope you have spent the week doing many a fun thing to make up for it! x

  16. Anita, I’m not sure now as we’ve had it a few years but I think harlequin?

    Anna K… Antigua! 🙁 can’t be helped, we’ve just enjoyed being off together for a change and spent a few nights in a fancy Manchester hotel instead!

    Have to give Expedia a shout actually, have booked with them many a time but never had a problem to test their customer service – got a full refund on the flights and hotel so very relieved! Definately get the RMW seal of approval 🙂


  17. Wow. Good on Expedia! And you’re right, it can’t be helped and I’m really surprised (and pleased) that you got a full refund – must have made it much easier to swallow.

    Maybe you can do a post on said fancy hotel..I want to take Mr K on a British road trip next year!

  18. Yowser! Love this DIY shoot and those jars are divine. And how sweet are the oranges and cinnamon sticks. Can almost smell them..ahh.. Great to see that something that looks (relatively) simple to assemble can look really professional. Lovely post. x

  19. I realise I’m a bit late to comment on this, but just wanted to say I loved this post. We’re doing our own reception flowers (next week – eek!) so going to use this for inspiration. Thank you so much!

    Ps Rebecca, I’m glad you had some good down time with Pete, even though you didn’t get the holiday you were hoping for!

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