Extreme Pretty……part 1

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this but most of the O’Shea Big Day inspiration came from believe it or not a “destination” wedding in Ibiza I saw in Cosmoplitan Bride magazine.

It was nothing like what I was having in terms of venue ( or country!) but I guess that’s the point….. style, pretty details and general “feel” can be easily transported into your own W-day no matter how different it may appear written down on paper.

The wedding in Nafplion, Greece of Lottie and George reminds me of how completely in awe I was way back when in the heady days of planning, their wedding is just super super pretty, laid back and full of sunshine and joy.

And I swear I have NEVER seen a bride laugh so much on her special day or look so completely relaxed and in love.

Oh and the bouquet? The loveliest selection of blooms I have ever set eyes on…..so expect many gratuitous images of that.

There may be snow on the ground but it’s nothing but bright and warm here on Rock My Wedding 😉

With thanks to Jordan and Ines at Source Images Photography for submitting the gorgeousness.

Destination Sunshine

We were married In Nafplion Greece, at Evangelistria church with the reception at Blue Sky, Karathona beach, about two hours drive from Athens.

A Shoe Story

I actually found my shoes before I found the dress, a pair of 4.5″ Louboutin Ivory sandals which I saw in Browns Brides. Everyone told me I couldn’t buy them until I found the dress and when I did I went back to browns and they had sold out ( 09 season goods!). I went to the Louboutin store and didn’t see them out so I began trying others on but couldn’t find any sandals I liked (a must for the hot weather), I was chatting to the sales assistant (who was lovely!) and mentioned how devastated I was that they weren’t this season and she said ‘well let me just check out back just in case’ she came back holding two pairs, one half a size too big and one half a size too small! (I went for the too big, worked well with the hot weather!).

I also had a pair of silk ivory ballet shoes (one of my bridesmaids is a dancer and bought me real ballet shoes for £6) which I used to negotiate the hundreds of steps on the way to the church. (I did also change into them at around 3 am!)

Waiting A While

My dress was from Rosa Clara at Liberty, it was actually from the 09 season. It was very simple, light and flowing although I had the under-slip taken in slightly at the waist to create a slight silhouette. I had though I would have a more ‘fun’ dress, ie with flowers etc, when I put this dress on I kept saying to the assistant ‘no this isn’t what I want’ but I also really didn’t want to take it off. I did all my initial dress shopping alone so that I wasn’t taking any one else’s opinions into account and there were only two dresses that I was left thinking about when I went to sleep. this was one of them and also a flowery one from Jenny Packham.

I left it a month, took my bridesmaids to see the final two and knew as soon as I put ‘the dress’ on that it was the right one. I’m really glad I left some time to ‘forget’ the dresses as it really made it obvious which one was ‘it’!

Rose Bud Accessories

I have short curly hair which can sometimes overshadow hair accessories and I really wanted to look like ‘me’ on the day so I kept my hair accessories to three tiny roses which matched the bouquet.

My mum wanted to buy me a gift for the day so we spent a day together in Hatton Garden and bought a necklace with a diamond and pearl pendant, which I thought added a little quirky detail to the ensemble.

Natural Beauty

Again I wanted to make sure I looked like me, and I didn’t really trust the idea of going to a Greek make-up artist! Instead I went to Space NK where another of my bridesmaids works and bought about £150 worth of natural holiday make up, mainly By Terry and Laura Mercier.

The Make up artist did a trial run, going through all the techniques with my bridesmaid Moya (who already knows alot about make-up) and then on the day Moya repeated the look!

Boys In Beachwear

We wanted the whole wedding party to look in unison and to encapsulate the mood of a beach wedding. We had all the boys in beige Linen Suits (most of them already owned one of these and we only bought a couple from M&S).

George wore a Beige Suit from Richard James and the watch that I bought him as his gift for the day. His shoes were brown suede brogues from Russell and Bromley.

Beautiful Maids

I looked around for Ivory bridesmaids dresses but couldn’t really find anything that appealed to me so I told the girls to choose a wedding dress from the range at Monsoon and then we had them shortened. Our flower girl wore a dress from John Lewis.

Dress – Rosa Clara at Liberty

Photography – Jordan and Ines from Source Images

Shoes – Louboutin at Browns Bride

Maids dresses – Monsoon Bridal

Groom’s Suit – Richard James

Is there anyone else obsessed with their Christmas advent calendar right now? Um….did you check out the counting down the days until W-day version of Lotties?!

We die.

And if you are loving her Rosa Clara gown get thee to Liberty’s sharpish – they are offering UP TO 75% OFF BRIDAL until Christmas Eve.

Now that would be a present that I would like Santa to leave in my stocking 🙂

More pretty coming up soon lovelies …..

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

19 thoughts on “Extreme Pretty……part 1

  1. oh that bouquet is the prettiest one I’ve seen – if I was still planning my wedding that would be going in my scrap book.
    Thank you RMW for a glimmer of sunshine and delicate shoes as I wear my wellingtons for the 4th day… and it doesn’t look like I’ll be back to normal footwear for sometime with the hill we live on.
    Loving the source round up at the end of each post.
    Finally, Liberty also have a 15% discount in store and online (10% beauty) if you sign up for their loyalty card today and tomorrow. I may be snowed in but guess where I’m planning to go for a little Christmas me shopping?
    Happy Elegant Friday.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE that wedding-Advent calendar!! I have a soft spot for destination weddings as I got married in Italy. I love the shot of the bride on the balcony with the sea in the background!

  3. Oh My God.

    In capitals.

    You can take two phrases from my mouth for this one –

    “I initially shopped alone”. SNAP. Fact is, I know what I like and what I don’t. I narrowed down the shape before I went with my Mum but then went with my Mum for the experience. She’s since gone on and on and on and ooooon about the experience and how they made her tea in a china cup with a silver teapot (seriously Mum, I’ll give you a pot of earl flipping grey to shush about the teapot). Some of the places I initially went to were c-r-a-p so I’m glad she got the good experience..

    “I have curly hair and I had flowers” YES YES YES YES YES. I always wear flowers either in my hair or on my underwear (I’d kill to be a florist, seriously).

    I just spent 20 minutes googling “wedding advent calendar”. Ou est la advent du calendar from?

    These photos are lush. The bride is gorge. Can anyone else see a resemblance to Stacey Soloman (its the laughing pic I think).

    And those shoes……hmhmmmmmmmm…….

  4. Its like the smileyest bride EVER!
    Has made me feel all warm and cheery after the coldest walk into work where I swear, my face felt like it was about to fall off! xoxo

  5. ok,so i’m sitting in my house in my hat, coat, scarf and gloves on with the dog lying on my feet to keep them warm and its freeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing


    this wedding is so sunny and warm and summery its cheered me right up and made me feel like the sun WILL come out again at some point!

    Also, absolutely loving that bouquet,definitely one for the scrapbook!

    (a very chilly) r.now x x x

    PS FYI collie/springer crosses are too bony to be effective foot warmers

  6. So incredibly beautiful. We got married abroad (Ibiza) and so this has made me go all dreamy again. The bride is stunning, she looks so naturally pretty and the dress is lovely! The groom looks like a film star!
    x x x

  7. Beautiful! Wow that dress is perfection, it suits the bride’s natural beauty so well. I love the bridesmaid’s dresses, I bet they kept them cool all day in the sun – yum! Can’t wait to see more! xxx

    PS. Mahj your comment made me laugh out loud! It was
    -11.5 degrees on my way to work today and my whole face ached from the cold.

  8. This is exactly what I needed to see today because I’m starting to forget what sunshine and prettiness look like – currently I am cold, and it is dark, and everything is slushy grey. Bleugh.

    But this wedding just shines so much colour and love and prettiness and just down-right smack-you-in-the-face happiness that it’s almost pulled me out of my ‘when will winter end gloom’. Almost.

    And the flowers may just be my most favourite ever. Oh…and are the bride and groom not the most gorgeous couple ever?!


  9. It took me ages to read this as my mouse refused to be budged and move along from the shoes. These are the most strokable shoesies I’ve ever soon and I can’t stop staring at them!

    I also love Lottie’s hair. Beautiful beach curls that look sassy and polished. She looks effortless and drop-dead gorgeous.

    Sorry, must go, I’ve just got to look at those shoes again….!

  10. I want a wedding advent calendar, that is soooooo cool!

    The bride, dress, and bouquet are all beautiful too!

    I did my dress shopping alone too. Actually me and my Dad did one day of shopping together but ultimately I found and bought my dress all my myself, I felt so proud and grown-up like! 😉

    I’m really liking the sum up of suppliers at the end of the posts now too.


  11. I came across your blog while searching destination wedding blogs since my wife and I perform destination weddings here at “The Secret Garden” in the Orlando, Florida area. The wedding you blogged here is absolutely beautiful and it is obvious that the bride really enjoyed her day as well as planning it. I am a photographer and I love the pictures you have posted. When I look at the locations throughout your area it always makes me want to return back there and visit my relatives. Cheers.

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