Girls (& Boy) On Film… Team RMW Get Vlogging!

Hello, Adam here. The man at Rock My Wedding. I think that should be my official job title actually – The Man.

I look after all the geeky design and technical jiggery-pokery behind the scenes here at RMW HQ and occasionally I flounce out onto the showbiz side of things and do a bit of blogging too… And occasionally, on days like today, I get to combine both things and do a geeky design and technical post. Heaven.

So… today I am going to tell you about the latest technical revelation coming to a blog near you… Vlog.

Vlog It

Video blogging is not a new phenomenon by any means, the first ever (and longest running) vlog is now over 12 years old and still going strong. I’ve been mucking about with still image camera’s since forever so I thought why not have a go with moving images.

After some extensive time spent training (sitting in a pub) with wedding film guru Simon Clarke (check out his blog here) we have reached the point where the first RMW VLOG is imminent. Now, I’m not claiming to be Steven Spielberg… or even Simon Clarke for that matter but I have to say, things are looking pretty damn swanky so far. We have even gone and got our own youtube channel! (Don’t look for it yet – it’s still under wraps).

So, it’s lights, camera, action…. But. What are we going to be filming?

At this point I need some girly input…


Charlotte: Behind the scenes of blogging I’ve spent some considerable time researching and learning all sorts of new make-up and hair styling tricks….to share with you lovely lot on RMW. I’m not going to lie, it’s not exactly been a hardship, I have a whole new collection of cosmetics and an ever-increasing menu of barnet do’s for nights out and what not as a result.


I’m looking forward to sharing my recent beauty finds, stuff that REALLY works and doesn’t necessarily make a significant dent in your wallet….some of my favourite products are what might be deemed as “a right bargain” (if you want to have a butchers at a few then you need to have a read of my Cheap and Chic post and the associated comments.)


As well as my maquillage-junkie status I’m also rather fond of florals and will be sharing all kinds of pretty seasonal blooms for W-day and just to make any space….pretty. There will also be general interior decor ideas that can be incorporated into your home, your big day or indeed any special event that may appear in your busy social calendar.


Last but not least Lolly and I will be doing our fashion-thing, sharing the latest trends and outfit ideas for your best girls, your honeymoon, your sexy weekend away with your favourite person or just simply for yourself.


It’s no secret that at our core we are 100% shop tart and for purely selfish reasons it would make us feel better about the situation if we could convert you folks too.


Lolly: Ooooh a chance to indulge the super styling, interior loving, paper obsessed, DIY, frustrated florist side of myself. What’s not to love?!

Honestly though I can’t wait to share all sorts of lovely tips and treats with you gorgeous lot. Whilst Charlotte is most definitely beauty Blog Queen (honestly folks spend five minutes with her and your make-up bag will have doubled in size with all the amazing treats that she’s recommended) I’ll be showing you some simple yet effective interior DIYs that will make your home sparkle.


I’ll also be sharing my top finds, who’s hot in the interiors world, where the best haberdashery and fabric stop-offs in the UK are and what to look out for on the illustration, stationery, photography and art fronts. There’s some serious talent out there folks!

I’ll also be sharing some floral fancies too, from decadent summer roses through to the most delicate winter blooms and how they can translate just as easily from the world of weddings to the little nest you call home. I can’t wait to get started!


So, a little taster of what to expect peeps… But we want your input too. What would you like to see in glorious motion picture styleee? Have we missed anything? Please drop us a comment with some content ideas and we will get on it.

RMWTV is just around the corner, we think you folks are going to love it.

Adam Spielberg.

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.