Good Enough To Eat.

I have something to confess.

This week’s post is a slightly selfish affair derived from my current obsession with all things menu-related.

You see folks, tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow brings with it a fairly momentous event in my wedding planning journey so far. Tomorrow is all about sampling the menu that will be served at my wedding and I am SO excited.

So, with this in mind, this week’s inspiration post is more of a discussion post if you will – taking its cue not only from the paper pretty that I present to you below but also an exploration of the different shapes and forms that wedding breakfasts appropriate in our modern age.

I want to know what you think, what your experiences of wedding day food have been, which foods turn you off as well as those edible delights that have made a wedding a roaring success for you.

We want to hear ALL about it.

You’ll also notice lovelies that today’s post is somewhat shorter than normal. You see folks today is also a #prettynaughty day. Eeek!

Yes it’s finally arrived (how time flies!) so we’re currently running around like headless chickens making sure that everything is tip-top for later on tonight. Don’t worry I’ll be back with oodles of inspiration for you next week.

In the meantime, shall we begin?

As a guest at four weddings this year and as a bride to be, food (and drink) is definitely a vital part of the whole wedding day experience for me. I’ve been lucky enough to attend weddings where the food has been nothing short of scrumptious as well as adventurous.

Perhaps the best culinary experience was that of my best friend’s wedding last year where she hand-picked all of the wines and menu herself to ensure that her guests received the ultimate foodie experience.

I’m telling you folks, it was divine. But the element that really struck a chord in me was the care and pride she took in providing the very best for her guests and the way that it set the scene for the rest of the day.

We were nourished, spoilt rotten and and all of our needs were wholly catered for; this was her way of showing her love for her nearest and dearest on her special day.

I’m conscious as I write this that food does not feature so highly on every bride’s agenda. And you know that’s ok. We want to hear all of your culinary viewpoints – we like a healthy debate here at RMW towers.

From a personal point of view, the wedding breakfast is not so much about the functional practicalities of making sure that everyone has been fed. For me, it’s all about what the meal represents – the coming together of friends and family to laugh, talk and play around a single table.

Ultimately it’s about creating precious memories. Ones that you relish and revisit time and time again.

So with this in mind, I love how attitudes towards the wedding breakfast have become much more relaxed over the past few years. It’s possible, hell it’s even encouraged to deviate from the traditional three course meal and offer something a little bit different.

Want your guests to share platters of grazing food rather than opting for individual starters? I say go for it! How about skipping pudding and providing a huge dessert table for your nearest and dearest instead? You get to tick both the decor and food boxes all at the same time. You can’t really say fairer than that.

Alternatively, serving afternoon tea rather than a more conventional three piece affair is so much kinder to the pocket and offers your guests a slightly different foodie experience. Plus you can guarantee that children AND grannies alike will love it.

One of my favourite food related items ever though is an epic food trailer often found at the nuptials of our cousins in good ol’ America. Serving everything from fast food to ice-creams and slushy drinks, these trucks can be used to dish out the evening snack to hungry guests in a unique way or even the wedding breakfast itself.

And whilst I’ve been wittering on here about food, I’ve neglected to mention the all-important liquid refreshment that we indulge in on these big days. I ADORE customised cocktails as well as all the paraphernalia that goes with it. It’s just so blinking elegant.

Here at RMW HQ we’re also noticing one food trend that is undeniably gaining strength is of a demand for organic and sustainable produce that is locally available. Modern day brides possess a conscientiousness that brides in decades past perhaps didn’t place quite as much emphasis on.

Maybe you’re a bride who has chosen to have a seasonal menu? Food selections that pay homage to the passing of seasons is something I particularly admire. Think crisp refreshing greens and herbs for Spring and game and roasted root vegetables for early Autumn.

So what would your ideal menu be?

Perhaps you’ll take some inspiration from the menus displayed on these moodboards – I am particularly lusting over the roasted rack of venison with baby Autumn vegetables.

Hungry much?

Is food even that important to you? Maybe providing your guests with some quality entertainment is a far higher priority.

Whatever you think, we want to hear your thoughts.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

18 thoughts on “Good Enough To Eat.

  1. Food is so blinking important to me for my day so I am loving this post!!! I wanted to make sure the menu flowed and so we have a choice of main course (beef or seabass) and the boys are having sticky toffee pudding for dessert and the girls are having creme brulee….something a little different without it causing chaos for the caterers (feeding nearly 150 people won’t be easy!).

    I like to think of myself as a bit of a foodie (note, i just love food) and so carefully chose all aspects of the menu (inlcuding canapes) to make sure it all complimented one another as I am a firm believer in the wedding breakfast being one of the most important parts of the day – like you say, everyone coming together to eat drink and be merry!

    Enjoy your tastings tonight – its the best part of the build up!! xx

  2. Good Morning……mmmm food!!

    We’ve had two tasters so far and are ALMOST there with the menu.

    We’re having you reception in a thatched, country village pub/boutique hotel. The chef that oversees the menu has a Michelin star and they are all about local and sustainable produce. We want ‘the great British menu’………so far it stands as thus:

    Starter: Local Goats Cheese mousse, served on beetroot with micro herbs, and toast! (not only does this taste amazing it looks SO pretty!!)

    Main: Fish & Chips, with minted crushed peas, homemade tartare sauce and fresh bread and butter
    Veggie option is a handmade Brocolli & Stilton Pasty served with the same

    Dessert: at the moment I think were going for the ‘deconstructed’ Iced Lemon Merigue served with fresh strawberries

  3. Oh it didn’t post half my post!!

    Our families are travelling from far and wide the least we can do is feed them properly!!

    Enjoy tonight, and try as much as possible!!

  4. Food and wine are high on our priority list too – luckily our venue gets rave revues for its food. I’m also being selfish though as we’re picking a menu to suit us – we’ll choose a starter and desert each, with lamb shanks for the main.

    We’re also choosing our wine – it’s a good excuse for some serious wine tasting! (not that we need one)

  5. Awwww, jealous. Our venue sent us a letter saying that if we wanted to taste the menu we had to pay £25 a head as they don’t think it’s necessary!

  6. We opted for a venue that didn’t have in-house catering so that we could choose exactly what we wanted! Our first proper meeting with the caterers is next week but all the ideas they’ve sent us so far look delicious! A big concern for me (not for Mr. H – he isn’t that bothered about vegetarians!) is getting veggie dishes that are as exciting as the meat ones – no mushroom risotto here thanks! We’ve got a lot of veggies coming, so I’ve been canvassing opinion and hopefully we’ll come up with something interesting.
    @Miss D – If you are paying them a lot of money to provide catering for such an important event, they can spare £50 for you and your man to taste it! We turned down using another local wedding venue because they didn’t offer to let us taste the food.

  7. @ Inbal, I’m in the same situation as you. I’m veggie and loads of the options that (very expensive!) caterers suggested were so unimaginative … Mushroom stroganoff for £35 per head, hmmm no thanks.

    We are bringing in caterers as the venue doesn’t have an in house one – part of the attraction of choosing our venue. If you’re looking for caterers make sure you check their food hygiene certificates people! Our first caterer got sacked after we realised that they ha a really poor rating. Giving everyone food poisoning = not good.

    It’s taken ages but we’re having a veggie (and meat) menu which is perfect and reasonably priced, which was a biggie for us as our budget is tight. I think catering costs are an interesting topic that no one really discusses… We’re paying a bit under £25 a head for canapés, starter and main, which is about what we thought was reasonable. However, lots of quotes we got started at £40 per head for just a starter and main jape pretty basic food choices) – anyone else think that’s expensive or am I just a cheapskate?!

  8. Coincidence – the lorry driver and I are off for our menu tasting on Friday night (we’re very excited, it’s been a while since we went for dinner anywhere posher than the local pub!). Food is important to me on the day primarily because I think if people are taking time out of their lives to dress up, traipse along to see us get hitched, maybe even bring presents, the least we can do is feed them well. Our venue does its own catering and most of the product comes from a farm they own up in Lancashire, so most of it is organic and seasonal. We’re also doing a cake table with a variety of homemade cakes from the kitchens of friends and family (I was blown over by how many lovely ladies wanted to contribute!) plus macarons made by a local firm (The Little Macaron Shop for any other Scouse brides!)

    One of the things I’ve struggled with is what to choose – we’re tasting 2 different 3-course menus on Friday to decide which elements will make it to the day. We’re both quite adventurous with our food so I was initially determined that we were having an interesting menu (most weddings I’ve been to over the past few years have featured a lot of soup and chicken!) However, a lot of the people coming are much more ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of folk and I’ve finally decided to make sure that the menu is simple enough to suit almost every taste (whilst not resorting to tomato soup and chicken breast!). I’d feel gutted if I saw a load of half-eaten meals going back to the kitchen because we’d tried too hard to be adventurous and had guests picking at their food and filling up on bread.
    As far as I know, my dad is the only vegetablist coming so he’s in charge of choosing the veggie option for us. My final dilemma was what to do for the kids – we’ve only got 2 kids coming, and our venue offers either a child’s portion of the grown-up menu or a variety of typical ‘kid meal’ stuff (nuggets, pizza etc). Again, I started off determined that they were having the same as everyone else but have come round to the idea that it’s a special day for them too, and if they don’t fancy what we’re having it’ll be a bit rubbish for them. So we’ve decided to choose our menu based on the tasting, then ask them nearer the time what they’d like to eat on the day – plus we’re putting cash behind the bar specially for them so they can have as much pop and juice as they like without having to pester their dads for cash every half an hour!

    And I’ve written an essay…whoops!x

  9. @ MIss D, that is terrible, you shouldn’t be charged for a tasting, it should be part of your package – and I don’t care what they say, tastings are important and necessary!! x

  10. Contraversially, food was low down on our priority list. We love good food but worked on the basis that so long as it was reasonable tasting and didn’t give anyone food poisoning, then it would be ok. We couldn’t remember a single dish that we’d ever had at any friends weddings either, and actually couldn’t even remember what we ate at our own previous weddings (!), so it was an area we felt we could save on in order to splurge on higher priority things.

    We ended up with salmon&crab parcels or melon & fresh berries for starters, with the main courses being roast beef & trimmings or roast chicken stuffed with pesto & vine tomatoes or goats cheese, tomato and caramelised onion tarts with salad and new potatoes for the veggies/dieters.

    For dessert we served our wedding cheesecake as we didn’t see the point of serving dessert and cake (and it saved on cost). That lot cost us £19.95 per head, with childrens portions of the same being half price. We thought that was reasonable and everyone said they enjoyed the food (I’m sure they weren’t blown away by their gastro experience, but it was nice standard food and they ate it) which was all that mattered on the day in the end.

  11. Oooooooh Lolly, Im on major diet mode here (read minimum calories, 30 day shred and far to much water) and now all this has brought food glorious food straight to my mind, we are aiming for a laid back day and wanted the food to reflect this so we are going quite simple but excellently produced, when we went for our tasting with the caterers it was amazing I wish I could go back again and try it all, I suppose I’ll just have to wait till wedding day 🙂 xx

  12. I don’t know if I’m a total cliché or if I just read too many wedding blogs, but I’m having pretty much everything you described.

    I’m after a rustic Mediterranean style spread. So antipasti sharing platters for starters, an Italian-inspired main course (as yet undecided), a ‘Cake Off’ dessert table provided by the guests (they see it as healthy competition, I see it as CHEAP!)… and I’m trying to source a burger or pizza van to turn up in the evening and soak up all the alcohol.

    Literally my idea of food perfection.

    But missing Ben & Jerry’s.

  13. Mmmmmmmmm food! Damn, now I’m hungry!!
    For us food is pretty important, we’re both becoming kind of foodies (as @Jessie said – just like food!!!)
    Luckily for us our venue is a gorgeous restaurant and having recently been for dinner there we know the food is awesome!
    However, as a few of you have mentioned, we’ve got to remember that a number of our friends really don’t like ‘poncy’ food (as they say) and so will have to make sure the menu isn’t too complex! Well I suppose seeing as they are making the effort to celebrate with us it’s only fair we give them something they actually want to eat! Haha
    Ps. @Lolly – have fun at the tasting x

  14. I would say we had pretty standard fair at our wedding, although certainly very tasty! The menu was picked to reflect the food we love best, and we just hoped for the best that the guests would like it! We had a lemon chicken salad with crispy bacon to start (lentil pate for vegetarians), rack of lamb with summer bean dressing and veg (open lasagne for veggies) and then Eton mess for pudding (which is my favourite pudding ever!!). Unfortunately on the day, I was buzzing so much I didn’t eat more than a bite or two of each course! But I heard that guests enjoyed the food a lot, so that’s good!

    We had a “signature drink” as well, rather than having the standard pimms or wine for the drinks reception, the venue staff served gin and tonics with pomegranate and elderflower cordial. They were delicious and a gorgeous pink colour!

    One amazing idea I saw for the evening food, but unfortunately weren’t able to use at our venue, was a company who bring a mobile outdoor pizza oven and make AMAZING thin crust pizzas with your choice of toppings and salads on the side. I would have loved that!!

  15. We’re real foodies so this was very important to us. This is also the reason I was never going to be able to buy a sample wedding dress!

    We had our tasting a year before because we wanted to use seasonal produce. We’re having butternut squash and sage risotto for a starter, roast pheasant wrapped in bacon in a mushroom ‘jus’ with dauphinoise potatoes, wilted spinach and caramelised parsnip for a main and chocolate fondant with clotted cream as a pudding. The veggie option is Vegetarian Wellingtons And quite a few canapes to accompany sloe gin fizzes – and we made the sloe gin ourselves last year!

    Not a lot for the evening as most people will have just eaten; so a cheese tower, lots of breads, pates and pickles and hot Cornish pasties and veggie pasties. And our wedding cake which is immense (dark chocolate with vanilla scented mascarpone and raspberries, sticky toffee pudding and white chocolate and baileys layers).

  16. Food was THE most important element for us so we had to have a venue where we could bring in an outside caterer and have a custom menu. Canapes were mini burgers and fish and chips. The meal consisted of a salad served to each person, then the main was served on platters to the middle of the table and shared, followed by a sharing cheeseboard and a dessert table later in the evening. It all seemed to work.

    We also had an ice cream cart outside the church while taking photos. I think this was the highlight of the day for quite a lot of guests, kids and grown ups alike!

  17. Food was MASSIVELY important to us – I’ve left too many weddings hungry, or thinking how unimaginative the food was. Harsh, I know, but I did work for an Event Catering company before becoming a teacher!
    We had 8 canapes, a starter of caramelised figs, buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto and mains of pan-fried fillet of sea trout/fillet of Welsh beef (local to where my dad lives, and supplied by his friend), or goat’s cheese Wellington. Desserts were different for ladies/gents… sticky toffee pud with butterscotch sauce for the men and a ‘British’ trio (it was Jubilee week) for the ladies… a lice of Bakewell tart, a square of rhubarb and ginger cheesecake and a shot glass of lemon possett 🙂
    We also had a cake of cheese, plus a ‘normal’ cake for the evening. Yum!!

    Food, as we had hoped, was (and still is) a huge talking point at our wedding.

    One good bit of advice I would give is… if you’re going for a choice of food for your guests, when you offer the choice on your invite, keep it simple. We wrote Beef, fish or vegetarian, but gave no other info. Otherwise, you get people trying to swap the accompaniments of one thing with another.
    Also, ask for dietary requirements from guests before the wedding, so your caterers know who they are and can work out where they’re sitting 🙂


  18. Wonderful behind-the-scenes story! What a personal and special way to preserve important big days in life! Congratulations on the feature. and its really helpful for me because we are The Mallard Suite is the perfect place for informal & formal weddings.

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