Soft Gothic.


Last week I read a poem and it set my heart on fire.

It was erotic. It was romantic too. Its words swirled around my senses like an enveloping November fog caressing my emotions. I was as eager as kid at the cookie jar; I wanted more and I needed it now*.

As with anything inspiring, be it a piece of art, a gorgeous antique, or an evocative photograph, my immediate response is to try to capture the feelings that are sparked off in me in a visual way – most often through still images. And so what you see here is my interpretation of the verse I read last week.

And therein lies the rub…because I think you’ll agree with me when I say that it’s not exactly bridal is it.

Or is it?

You see the blog queen and I sat down and had a darn good chat last week. We discussed themes and schemes, random discussion points, all things bridal and then not so bridal and those topics that we’d love to share with you which don’t fit into the wedding realm even in the loosest of terms.

And then we decided…to hell with it. So we’ve decided to dedicate this week to all things kooky and wonderful; in short this week is hereby entitled ‘Eclectic Mix’.

We’ve got a bucketload of gorgeous weddings for you, a healthy debate or two and oodles of inspiration starting with this not so conventional collection of moodboards below.

We can’t wait to hear what you think.

Intimate Interiors

Less Dracula’s castle and more exotic boudoir with a splash of the distinguished gentlemen’s club from the 1920’s, this is all about setting an intimate mood.

Regardless of whether this particular colour scheme floats your boat or not, it’s worth dipping into the world of interiors if you’re looking for inspiration for your big day. Home furnishings can actually broaden your horizons when thinking about colour combinations and texture pairings translating perfectly to your wider wedding decor.

Wedding Inspiration for brides with a black, grey and white colour scheme_0026

If you’ve decided to use darker hues in your wedding palette, can I suggest that you use a contrasting hue such as an off-white, cream or even the fresh green associated with new growth, to prevent the whole thing feeling too oppressive.

Lastly illumination is crucial. Be it tea lights, a luxurious chandelier, church pillar candles or long tapered dinner candles, it’s important that you add depth to your surroundings as well as intimacy. People need to see each other as well as all the hard work you’ve instilled into your big day details.

The Little Black Dress

I’m not sure about you lovelies but I always find that The Little Black Dress is my failsafe option when it comes to a chic city event or a black tie do. It seems strange then that the shade is shunned somewhat when it comes to the big day given that it’s so blinking flattering.

Whilst I’ve not had the pleasure of watching a bride marry in a pretty black frock I have to say that it’s on my wish list – both from a blogging perspective and from a let-me-actually-see-it-for-myself standpoint. Certainly I considered for a long time dressing my maids in this hue before I veered down another path; I knew that each of them would look chic and sophisticated in the shade.

Wedding Inspiration for brides with a black, grey and white colour scheme_0023

Keep things elegant by choosing gowns and frocks that have a delicate structure with oodles of detail – silks, gauzy chiffons and flimsy lace are your friends here. I particularly love an interesting back – be it one with a low v, a looping bow or criss-crossing strappiness.

Accessorise your midnight frock with a nonchalant look that’s straight from the catwalk.

Face Off

This look is all about good girl gone bad. We’re talking high maintenance society girl the morning after, all decadence and top shelf luxury. She’s probably been frolicking all night with a polo playing prince of Arabia and her bee-stung lips and smudgy eyes are the remnants of a night to remember.

From aubergine to dusky grey all the way through to sooty black there are so many ways to interpret the soft gothic look on the face. For a contemporary take on the theme opt for a matt chalky eye either in translucent noir or iridescent grey – remember to keep the colour light on the main part of the lid but create definition by lining the lash line in a darker shade.

Wedding Inspiration for brides with a black, grey and white colour scheme_0025

Alternatively instantly raise the glamour stakes by slicking metallic gloss and glittery shimmer across your lids and the tips of your plum coloured nails for the ultimate in femininity. It’s also worth noting that it’s important to keep cheeks and lips fairly neutral so as to not overdo it.

Lastly I love the idea of pinning a band of lace across the eyes as a modern alternative to the traditional veil…plus it’s a little bit sexy too, no?

Moody Food

Or comfort food by another name, these are the gluttonous treats guaranteed to raise fallen spirits, restore lost appetites and warm frozen limbs by the fire.

Dark and mysterious, these gothic delights will set your tastebuds tingling. We’re talking bitter chocolate tarts, aged whiskies and rich berry liqueurs topped off with thick creams.

For me there’s something luxurious about foods with darker hues; I can’t tell you why exactly but it’s almost as if I’ve been let in on a closely guarded secret revealed to a select few. I’m also aware that this makes me sound as daft as a brush. Regardless, I can guarantee that those of you marrying over the next Autumn and Winter months won’t go far wrong should you choose to serve up some ‘Moody Food’ to your nearest and dearest on your big day.

Wedding Inspiration for brides with a black, grey and white colour scheme_0024

If you’re keen to venture down the forbidden path then try opting for savoury delights such as a squid ink risotto or a beetroot laced salad sprinkled with black truffle or select the world famous black guinness cake for dessert. Top off such a selection with customised rum and whisky cocktails later in the evening by a roaring fire for the ultimate in decadent dining.

So have any of you lovelies considered a colour palette of darkened hues? Or perhaps you’re marrying in the Winter months and have decided to embrace the short days and midnight black nights.

And are any of you opting for maids in sexy LBD’s? Perhaps you’re choosing to be a bride in black yourself with some gloriously smokey eye make-up?

I want to hear ALL about it!

All my love Lolly

*if you want to read the poem then I’ve shared it on my instagram here.

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

10 thoughts on “Soft Gothic.

  1. We are having dark grey black and white as our colour scheme in September 14. I love the images you have posted! The colour scheme hasn’t gone down well with some but I think it is going to look gorgeous and chic. Smokey eyes are most definitely going to be featuring in the wedding makeup. My bridesmaid in is going to be in grey and black and flower girls in grey and white.

  2. I actually did a little jig when reading this post, thank you so much! I’m wearing – shock horror! – black when my partner and I marry next year. We’re having a city wedding, I’m not a goth and we’re not going all out on a colour scheme or theme so have been searching for inspiration which really sits in tune and am genuinely giddy about this weeks post as most alternative blogs/post just go to extreme. Choice wasn’t intentional before the dress shopping commenced but I tried it and just knew I’d get married in it…. 🙂

  3. @Helen it will most definitely look super chic and I love the idea of the monochrome wedding party. Remember to send us some sneaky peeks once your big day has passed.

    @Tasha I love the fact that I have managed to move a reader to dance! Your wedding dress sounds fantastic – you can’t beat a LBD can you now and I know exactly what you mean about going to extremes 😉 I’m so pleased I’ve provided a bit of inspiration for your big day xx

  4. I remember a couple of years back a wedding on here where the bride wore black? Big curly blonde hair and I think she was a photographer? ? It completely changed my mind on black dresses, she looked absolutely amazing!

  5. Lolly…. i love this blog….im in love with it. Being a person who loves Poems….what was the poem called? plus a lover of black and dramatic smoky eyes….i would have my wedding like this….need to find someone to marry me!!x

  6. My dress isn’t white either, similar to Tasha I tried it on and unintentionally fell in love with it… white just isn’t my thing! Hence why my colour theme on my competition piece was as it was 🙂 I am now wondering if I will be the first RMW Real Bride sporting this trend Lolly?! As far as I know no-one has worn it before? x

  7. Lolly and Charlotte — good decision!! The more posts only tenuously related to weddings, the more readers like me (who have sssh already got married!) can continue to have a sneaky peek at the blog! Personally after Lolly’s mention of house purchasing I have been hoping the offer of a DIY tutorial for upholstering armchairs wasn’t an empty promise 😉

    We went with black bridesmaid dresses for 3 of my 6 girls so that the LBD lovers would feel comfortable and at their sexiest too (!) , and then had a neutral pale gold for the others. I just made ribbon belts in the opposite colour to tie them in. It seemed to break the black up a bit but meant we could still have the elegance of black. Or so I modestly think 🙂

    I am rather tempted to dye my fishtail lace gown black for a vow renewal now, maybe one day if they catch on in the UK…

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