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One Lucky Lady And Her Top Bloke.


Today’s wedding has a colour scheme of coral, peach, cream and sage green with splashes of pink and it looks totally GORGEOUS. The perfect combination for mixing modern elegance with vintage touches.

Having basically been planning my wedding since I was born and STILL not being engaged (big shout out to all of you in the same boat) I love it that the inspiration for Gemma’s colour scheme and flowers came from an advert for a watch she had seen years ago…

Her Hermione Harbutt headpiece is divine and an amazing heirloom to pass on to the girls in her family. The beautiful photography comes from the ever fabulous Anushe Low.

Elegant Wedding In Worcestershire With Vintage Touches Bride In Caroline Castigliano Gown with Rachel Simpson Shoes and a Hermione Harbutt Headpiece, Images by Anushe Low_0001

Personal And Homely

Gemma The Bride: We got married in Pershore Abbey and had the reception at The Nash in Worcestershire. Despite ourselves the wedding ended up becoming pretty traditional and after years of school performances, plays and carol concerts in the Abbey, it was the right place to have the service. We were keen to have the reception somewhere that felt personal and homely and not like the wedding factories we had seen elsewhere. The Nash is a beautiful old building with incredible grounds and the team there is very family orientated – Brenda felt like my second Nan by the time we were done.

Elegant Wedding In Worcestershire With Vintage Touches Bride In Caroline Castigliano Gown with Rachel Simpson Shoes and a Hermione Harbutt Headpiece, Images by Anushe Low_002

Big Hair

I wanted to look like me (but totally amazing!), so kept my face as I would do normally – BB cream, liquid eyeliner with slightly smokey brown eyes helped along by one of my bridesmaids Tess, along with a nude coloured lipstick and some pink blush. My hair was tricky because of my headpiece – I hate having flat hair (I would ideally have been married in an episode of Dynasty) so made sure I had volume on top with something quite natural and wavy below.

My nails were bright pink. My mum talked me down from a bright red 🙂 – I love having coloured nails and a French manicure doesn’t feel right on me anymore. Perfume was Malabah from Penhaligans. Rob and I both love it because he picked it and bought it me for Valentines day a few years ago and I’ve been wearing it ever since.

Elegant Wedding In Worcestershire With Vintage Touches Bride In Caroline Castigliano Gown with Rachel Simpson Shoes and a Hermione Harbutt Headpiece, Images by Anushe Low_0003

Like Elizabeth Taylor

My dress was Caroline Castigliano and I got it from the White Rose Bridal Boutique in Chipping Camden. As soon as I walked in I knew it would be were I bought my dress – Danielle has the best collection of dresses I’ve seen and the shop is exactly how I would style my own if I had one – even down to playing Ella Fitzgerald in the changing room. I had narrowed it down to two within an hour.

It was hard to say no to the dress that made me feel like a Disney princess with a full skirt, but the dress I chose made me feel like Elizabeth Taylor, and it felt more like me – plus I knew Rob would like me in it. Super plain and elegant with no frills – just flattering style (my bum is BIG) in a beautiful fabric.

Elegant Wedding In Worcestershire With Vintage Touches Bride In Caroline Castigliano Gown with Rachel Simpson Shoes and a Hermione Harbutt Headpiece, Images by Anushe Low_0004

Dancing Shoes

I was looking for the day to be classic but informal and elegant, with a very slight 20’s/30’s vintage feel. With a dress so simple I could afford to do something more flashy on the accessories front. The Hermione Harbutt headpiece was suggested by Danielle in the White Rose and whilst it made my hair a bit of a challenge, it was such a special addition to the overall outfit – a nod to the 30’s look and feel I was after and something I will hopefully hand down myself one day 🙂

I had a matching pearl and crystal bracelet that I wore with a gold bangle with my initial on it (I had bought one of these for each of my bridesmaids also) and a silver bangle my mum bought me for when I was her bridesmaid. I had bought earrings too but on the day I was presented with some sapphire earrings Rob had got me to match my engagement ring (such a gent), so I wore those instead. My veil was very long with a satin pencil trim and my shoes were by Rachel Simpson – they made me think of classic ballroom dancing shoes and I am sure my Nan had a pair just like them when she went dancing with my Grandad.

Elegant Wedding In Worcestershire With Vintage Touches Bride In Caroline Castigliano Gown with Rachel Simpson Shoes and a Hermione Harbutt Headpiece, Images by Anushe Low_0005

Individual Style

I had six bridesmaids, all with very different tastes and very different shapes and sizes. I was aiming for a coral colour for them, but the fabric ended up being pretty pink when the dresses eventually came in. The girls were free to choose what they liked from a style perspective, and I encouraged them to accessorise as they wanted and have their hair done differently so they could all be really happy with how they looked.

Rob’s boys were in mixture of morning suits with dark jackets/black pinstripe trousers, and army uniform for the military lot. We went with regular ties in a rough pale green silk and gave them to the chaps as gifts. They were all from Faverbrook of Piccadilly where I also bought Rob his waistcoat as his wedding gift, and my mum got her amazing MOB outfit.

Elegant Wedding In Worcestershire With Vintage Touches Bride In Caroline Castigliano Gown with Rachel Simpson Shoes and a Hermione Harbutt Headpiece, Images by Anushe Low_0006

Vintage Feeling But Still Fresh

The overall colour scheme plan came from an advert for a watch I had seen (embarrassingly – years ago and kept for my wedding day) that was just lots of roses packed together in various shades of light pink, peach and deeper russet oranges and browns. The colours were quite ‘tea stained’ and vintage feeling, but as much as I wanted the day to have a vintage feel, I also wanted it to be fresh and light.

My plan was to use splashes of strong corals, with light peaches, creams & white, along with pale sage greens and occasional hints of bright green leaves. Clean and fresh but warm and romantic at the same time.

Elegant Wedding In Worcestershire With Vintage Touches Bride In Caroline Castigliano Gown with Rachel Simpson Shoes and a Hermione Harbutt Headpiece, Images by Anushe Low_006a

Loose Natural Flowers

I loved the flowers for the wedding. They were by Beautiful Flowers by Katherine Bujanszki in Worcester and after one swatch of bridesmaid dress fabric and two images of flowers I had to show her she knew what we were after – something in a loose natural style that wasn’t contemporary or formal. She even managed to find my key accent rose with a pink outside to match my (now) pink bridesmaid dresses, that was actually coral in the centre to match my original master plan – we used pale sand coloured Saharas, pale peach Vendellas, and Miss Piggy (!) roses.

We went for a couple of pedestals and teardrop pew ends for the church – poseys for the bridesmaids, corsages for the mums and some gorgeous buttonholes with sage and herb foliage for the gents. We then had vintage cake stands in different sizes for the table flowers at the reception.

Elegant Wedding In Worcestershire With Vintage Touches Bride In Caroline Castigliano Gown with Rachel Simpson Shoes and a Hermione Harbutt Headpiece, Images by Anushe Low_0007

Raced Down The Aisle

Our ceremony was supremely traditional but incredibly emotional. I raced down the aisle and essentially beat my dad there. Rob could barely talk and I kept telling him to focus on the end of my nose to calm himself down – which clearly didn’t work at all. The vows, readings and hymns were as you would expect – Corinthians, Jerusalem etc – but as I suspect everyone does, you tend to pay more attention when its all about you 🙂

It’s the people doing the readings, that are so happy (and nervous) to be a part of the day that make it unique to you. One thing we did have that I loved was my old music teacher and his brass quartet play whilst we were signing the register. I played with him every year in that spot all the way through school so it was very special to me.

Elegant Wedding In Worcestershire With Vintage Touches Bride In Caroline Castigliano Gown with Rachel Simpson Shoes and a Hermione Harbutt Headpiece, Images by Anushe Low_0008

Best Band Ever

We had the best live band EVER. They were recommended to me by a girl at work, who had had them at her wedding after hearing them at someone else’s. They have since been involved in three more weddings as a result of mine so grab them if you can. They’re called The Lionel’s and as well as going down well with the ladies (there was some jostling going on about the drummer in the Bridesmaids corner), they played brilliant classic guitar band music that wasn’t cheesy and everyone loved. Everything from ‘Kings of Leon’ to ‘Huey Lewis and the News’ had me jumping up and down and sweating with my hair all over the place. Which probably wasn’t very elegant.

Elegant Wedding In Worcestershire With Vintage Touches Bride In Caroline Castigliano Gown with Rachel Simpson Shoes and a Hermione Harbutt Headpiece, Images by Anushe Low_0009

Wine Made On Site

Our food – from what I can tell – looked great. I don’t recollect having the chance to eat much of it myself it but I do know we had apple crumble and custard for desert which went down a storm and definitely soaked up some of the booze flowing freely from the open bar. We chose an Argentinean Malbec as our red wine but both the white wine and the fizz were made on site at the Nash and were totally delicious.

Elegant Wedding In Worcestershire With Vintage Touches Bride In Caroline Castigliano Gown with Rachel Simpson Shoes and a Hermione Harbutt Headpiece, Images by Anushe Low_0010

DIY Perfection

Our invitations were by Ally Hay Design & Illustration and were really unique – they were probably the most ‘vintagey’ thing about the wedding and we totally loved them. For the table plan we bought a chalk board in a gilded frame and hand wrote names in chalk pen – mainly so we could have the board in the kitchen at home afterwards 🙂 – and we did mini ones with the table names on each table. A bit DIY but cheap as chips and they looked great in the end.

We also had paper lanterns in peach, green, cream and pink in different sizes hanging from the ceiling that looked beautiful. My absolute favourite things however were the polaroid camera we had my brother go around with on the day to take instant pictures people could sign. They captured the day wonderfully and we’ll be popping them in a collage when I have five minutes.

As well as that were the photos we put on everyones place setting mounted in champagne corks our friend Binka collected for us in her restaurant over many weeks. A picture of guests that sparked a memory of Rob or I and made them smile. The reaction was amazing and it really got people talking.

Elegant Wedding In Worcestershire With Vintage Touches Bride In Caroline Castigliano Gown with Rachel Simpson Shoes and a Hermione Harbutt Headpiece, Images by Anushe Low_0011

Proud And Happy

The best moment for me was walking into the reception room when they announced us as Mr & Mrs Walker. I think Rob would say the same thing. The room was buzzing even before we walked in and when we did the noise was unbelievable and totally overwhelmed me. I’ve never been so proud and happy.

The best piece of advice I was given, and the one I give to anyone else that will listen, is to make sure you take a couple of moments during the day to have a proper look around you and watch your friends and family. I have some snap shots of the day in my head that I love (one is of my best friend dancing with a man she had never laid eyes on before and them both singing their hearts out to each other, sweaty and in a total mess – complete with power ballad style reaching and grabbing) and they often spring to mind and make me smile.

It really was the most incredibly happy day of my life. And I got to keep a top bloke afterwards. I am one lucky lady.

Elegant Wedding In Worcestershire With Vintage Touches Bride In Caroline Castigliano Gown with Rachel Simpson Shoes and a Hermione Harbutt Headpiece, Images by Anushe Low_0012

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Bride’s Gown – Caroline Castigliano at The White Rose Bridal Boutique
Head Piece – Hermione Harbutt
Shoes – Rachel Simpson
Groomsmen’s Ties And Groom’s Waistcoat – Favourbrook
Florist – Beautiful Flowers by Katherine Bujanszki
Invites – Ally Hay Design & Illustration
Band – The Lionels
Venue – The Nash
Photography – Anushe Low

I love the pretty pink maids – so girly and fun.

Isn’t the headpiece stunning??

And how elegantly simple is the cake?

Lots of love,
Fern x

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Higgledy Piggledy.


The wedding of Diana and Andrew, or Mr and Mrs Droid as they are known to their friends, is the perfect way to ease you into Monday. It is bursting with colour, fun and some very original ideas.

The colour scheme of ‘Tour De France’ is definitely a first – but somehow works AMAZINGLY. There are some seriously cute knitted characters as table hosts. Mr and Mrs Droid even appear in scarecrow form. Every single guest received a hand painted peg version of themselves.

There is a Bake-Off cake table that Mary Berry herself would be seriously impressed by. And if that wasn’t enough, Diana and Andrew designed and printed all of the bright and bold stationery themselves.

The eccentric pair were lucky with not only a gorgeous summers day, but were also rewarded with Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour De France on their wedding day. Definitely in honour of the couple theming their wedding around the sporting event! 😉

Images come from the fabulous Anushe Low, back with a bang to RMW with this wedding. As always, she captured every last detail beautifully – I really struggled to chose the images for this post!


Informal And Intimate

Diana The Bride: We knew what we didn’t want more than what we did want at the start. We are both very informal characters and so really wanted an intimate and relaxed day. Although we live in the city, we are both from quite rural areas of Wales and Lincolnshire originally and so wanted to go back to our roots without physically returning to where we grew up!

We discovered the amazing Gate Street Barn a stones throw away from some of our favourite cycling spots in Surrey and instantly knew it was the perfect venue for us. It was a beautiful blank canvas with some brilliant quirky touches. We were particularly taken by the herd of long horn cows who would later share our day.


Natural Beauty

I really wanted to look like me (but on a good day!) on my wedding day so tried to keep my look very natural. Andrew is used to seeing me in little or no make up so I didn’t want to scare the living daylights out of him walking down the aisle looking like a total stranger! One of my lovely usherettes Eleanor is a dab hand with a blusher brush and did an amazing job applying my Bare Minerals make up.


My hair was done by Sophia Mason who really got my brief of a rustic informal up-do. I decided to go a bit non-bridal with my bright red nails – thank heavens they were shellac as I was it was all hands on deck to set up the barn the morning of the wedding!


A Girly Moment

I really wanted to buy my dress in Wales with my mum (being the only girl in a family full of big brothers) and so we eventually found ‘the one’ at High Society Bridal in Cowbridge. My Sassi Holford dress (Millie) wasn’t a style which I would have automatically picked out myself (being quite fitted), but it was suggested as a style which would suit my petite frame. I felt so comfortable the instant I put it on and adored the cap sleeve lace shrug and the gorgeous floral sash.

My day to day style is very casual with a bit 50’s thrown in and so I knew my friends would all be expecting a short prom style dress – so that was immediately struck off the list as being a bit too predictable! I think people were quite surprised that my dress was quite so traditional.


Style And Comfort

My gorgeous shoes were by Rachel Simpson. The heel height was ideal for making my way round the farmyard without sinking into the grass! I can’t recommend them highly enough for style and comfort (although I did resort to my trusty red converse after dark!) As with my make up, I opted for very simple pearls for my jewellery including an antique pearl brooch on clipped to my BQ (my something old).



It was important for us that our ushers and usherettes weren’t completely uniform. We wanted them to retain their differences as much as possible and basically look quite informal. Ushers wore different tones of whatever grey suit they owned with a yellow based tie.

Our usherettes had an open brief for any style of colourful patterned summer dress which they felt comfortable in, inspired by the mis-matching patterns of our plentiful bunting and crockery. They found some gorgeous frocks, usherette Vicky was even inspired to design and make her own!


Tour De France Inspired

Our theme really was just to reflect us, our ‘odd’ personalities and ecclectic tastes so the styling was purposefully a bit higgledy piggledy. One key influence was the Tour de France as we are both keen cyclists – it was only fitting as we shared our wedding day with the final stage of the Tour De France in which Bradley Wiggins became the first ever British winner! (it really was the best day of my husbands life!)

We have always loved the vibrance and quirky celebrations of the host towns along the route of the bike race so we picked a few features to try and channel that eccentric celebratory feeling! We adopted the key Tour De France jersey colours of yellow, green, white and red polka dots for our underlying colour palette, created hanging bike wheel photo-boards and with a little help from some very clever friends made our life sized bride and groom scarecrows which looked quite at home in the farmyard.


Our table hosts were another talking point. We drafted in hand knitted characters to welcome our guests to their tables, each with an accompanying personalised story to tell. With regards to décor, the Mother of the Bride made hundred of metres of beautiful patterned bunting which looked amazing strewn across the roof beams in and around the barn and really created a beautiful celebratory setting.


A Summer Flower Hotchpotch

Local florist Florartistics were brilliant and really embraced the mix’n’match, undone feeling that we wanted to go for with the flowers. We picked seasonal country flowers in a palette of yellow, green white and red which were styled together in a simple rustic way. We loved the idea that the flowers could have been swept up from the hedgerows and gardens of the surrounding area and placed directly in the mis-matching cut glass vases around the barn walls and tables.

We had everything from roses and dahlias to sunflowers, snap dragons and hypericum berries, brought together with several varieties of daisy which we also used for button holes, my hair and pew ends. My bouquet had a little of everything loosely tied up with ribbon, but to compliment their mismatched dresses, our usherettes had a different yellow flower each in a simple posy.


Like Owning A Dog

Although we were really keen to personalise our ceremony with readings, it took us quite a while to find anything which wasn’t a bit too sentimental for our tastes. We eventually found a reading called ‘May Be’ (anon) and a poem called ‘Falling In Love Is Like Owning A Dog’ (Taylor Mali). Both very simple, quirky but beautiful in their own way. Music was another key feature. We spent a disproportionate amount of time going through our CD collection putting together a playlist of songs for the ceremony which were significant to our relationship.


Praise You

Our wedding band Rollercoaster were awesome, even though it was a beautiful balmy summers evening, the dance floor was full all night! They played a brilliant set which catered for all tastes, finishing off with some expert DJ duties. Our official first dance was “Do you realise?” by the Flaming Lips, although we managed to clear the floor later on with our ‘second dance’, Fatboy Slim’s Praise You, complete with break dancing. Our outdoor games were another entertaining feature which couldn’t have worked better. From start to finish they were being enjoyed by kids, big kids and competitive uncles alike. Thank you Skittle Alley hire!


Bottomless Ice Cream Cart

Our excellent caterer Just Jane really pulled together a superb spread. To go alongside our informal day, we opted for a hot canapé ‘walking starter’ with our welcome drinks of hedgerow fizz (elderflower cordial, berries and prosecco). This was followed by a delicious barbeque of summertime favourites served at table on gorgeous mis-matched vintage crockery (collected by myself with extra dinner plates supplied by Vintage Teas & RSVPs). After speeches our guests were ushered outside to enjoy our bottomless ice cream cart from the Matt Benecci Ice Cream Co. THE perfect pudding for a hot summer’s afternoon. As massive cheese freaks, we opted for an awesome cheese wedding cake by The Norbiton Fine Cheese Company for our wedding cake which handily provided the perfect cheese board for evening nibbles.


As a keen amateur baker, I wasn’t going to be done out of sponge entirely however, so we also ran The Great Wedding Bake Off where friends and family members brought fabulous home made cakes for refuelling in the evening. They looked a picture on trestle tables on mismatching cake plates and cake stands. Contributors were awarded with their very own wedding bake off certificate and rosette!


A Personalised Peg Memento

As graphic designers by trade, we designed and made all our printed stationery from save the date postcards through to the A2 table plan. As with most elements the look for our stationery was very informal – for example our wedding invite was a sweetie bag packed with hand drawn maps including curious details, drink vouchers, playful typography, quirky images, bright colours and somewhat tongue in cheek wording.

Our previously mentioned bunting and Bride and Groom scarecrows were other memorable home made features, perfect for creating guest photo opportunities and setting the scene.


However I think the most memorable DIY feature of our day was the personalised peg portraits which we hand painted for each of our guest’s place settings. It was six months of work but the reactions from our guests made it well worth it. A significant number of guests now have peg profile pictures on Facebook which is high praise indeed – our peg wedding cake toppers still take pride of place on our fireplace!


Stop The Clock

The best advice given to me was by a very wise friend who recommended taking a moment with my new husband, ideally when everyone is together enjoying the proceedings to just stand, look around and take stock of what you have achieved. Soak up being around all your loved ones together and give yourself a huge mental pat on the back for pulling together such a special day! Everyone tells you the day goes so fast, but it is quite unreal how fast it is all over so just stopping the clock to absorb such a special moment is priceless, it has certainly stayed with me.


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Bridal Gown – Sassi Holford ‘Millie’ at High Society Bridal
Shoes – Rachel Simpson
Band – Rollercoaster
Outdoor Games – Skittle Alley Hire
Caterer – Just Jane
Vintage Crockery Hire – Vintage Teas & RSVPs
Ice Cream Cart – Matt Benecci Ice Cream Co.
Cake – The Norbiton Fine Cheese Company
Florist – Florartistics
Venue – Gate Street Barn
Photography – Anushe Low

Definitely higgledy piggledy. But SO MUCH fun.

I hope this wedding inspires you to go with your personalities for your big day lovelies.

Lots of love,
Fern x

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Get Fresh.

We have a lot of submissions to RMW HQ as you can imagine. And not just real weddings either, there are more and more inspiration shoots that fall into our inbox with the aim of giving our readers (that’ll be you gorgeous lot) plenty of unique ideas for W-day.

Of course we don’t have the capacity to feature them all and so when we do we look for something that little bit special, that little bit different, that little bit beautiful.

And that’s what we found when photographer Anushe Low submitted this architecture and origami inspired affair sourced and co-ordinated by Always Andri. Clean lines, vibrant hues and catwalk worthy fashion make this Fresh with a capital F. I swear, when I shared it with Lolly she actually danced with joy.

We are often regarded as the purveyors of pretty in the truest sense, we love that feminine outdoorsy, rustic hand-made vibe and we know you lovelies do too however, with more and more of you opting for chic city celebrations and simple decor we’re on a mission for modern….with a hint of quirky cool thrown in for good measure.

Anushe Low: We wanted to create a styled wedding shoot with a contemporary and fresh feel for the urban bride. The main inspiration was Architecture and Origami and wanted this to run through all the elements of the styling. For the the venue, we choose the award winning building ‘Laban‘ in South East London.

The main double-height hall, various studios and landscaped outdoor area at this contemporary dance centre are used for a limited number of weddings per year. We loved the vibrant colours, clean lines and contemporary mural backdrop by artist Michael Craig-Martin.

The dresses were from a selection of designers at Morgan Davies Bridal. They ranged from a dramatic piece by Jasper Garvida with textured embellishments to the softer tulle layered pieces evoking folding and origami. The dresses provided the inspiration for the cakes which mimicked the layering and folds and were crafted by the talented Ceri at Olofson Design.

The bold facetted and angular gold and silver jewellery pieces were provided by Melaine Eddy.

Liz of Blue Sky flowers created stunning bouquets using soft pinks and greens to match with the colours of the venue. She also created a theatrical centrepiece inspired by the Japanese art of Ikebana, and used succulents throughout to give the flowers a contemporary look.

The paper goods including the chic stationery, pretty paper nests, kite menus and ‘hanging’ table plan decorated with paper cone flowers were created by brand new vendor Eagle Eyed Bride (website coming soon).

The fabulous giant props including the ceremony arch, hearts and hanging paper cranes displayed in the main hall at Laban were created by another new talented supplier called Scene Setters (website coming soon).

The ‘behind-the-scenes’ was cleverly captured on video by talented wedding videographer Adrian of the Dream Catchers. The whole shoot was beautifully sourced and co-ordinated by wedding planner Andri of Always Andri Design.

Makeup artist to the stars Mariam Jensen airbrushed the models with Temptu S/B to give them a flawless, radiant finish. Those at home can try a product like Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation to give a similar glowing finish. The focus of the makeup was defined eyes, using kohl pencils to smudge and define the gorgeous eye shapes of both the models.

Mariam really likes the Jemma Kidd Define Stay-Put Eye Liner which defines the eyes easily and is also waterproof. The look is vey fresh, yet also sexy – perfect for a wedding day look!

Hair-stylist Davide Barbieri of Corvino Hair prepped the models hair with Bumble and Bumble Prep to give moisture to the hair and L’oreal tecni art mousse force 3 to give fullness and body to the hair. To do the top knot up do he used a hairpiece from Hairaisers wrapped around the pony tail.

Davide finished the styles with L’oreal crystal gloss to create shine and Bumble and Bumble Classic hairspray to fix the style in place.

Photography – Anushe Low

Sourcing, Styling and Co-ordination –Always Andri

Blooms –Blue Sky flowers

Make-Up –Mariam Jensen

Hair –Corvino Hair

Gowns – Morgan Davies Bridal

Cakes – Olofson Design

Stationery (including table plan) – Eagle Eyed Bride

Paper Props (cranes and giant hearts) – Scene Setters

Jewellery – Melaine Eddy

Videography – Dream Catchers

Laban Photo Shoot from The Dreamcatchers on Vimeo.

I am in love with the statement jewellery and the huge mass-of-tulle gown, not to mention the ballerina bun up-do and soft sexy make-up palette.

And I’ve got to say it, this might be hands down the most delicious table plan I have ever seen in my life. I want to hang it up on my wall like some immense piece of art.

Please do leave us a comment (or two) in the section below if you are inspired by any of these ideas and if you are going down the modern/clean route for your W-day styling.

Big Contemporary Love

Charlotte xxx

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Your Number One.

There is something really calming about Nadine and Andrew’s wedding. Maybe it’s the cool ice-cream colour palette or the simple hydrangea theme that runs through the arrangemennts, bouquets and even the stationery – tying everything together beautifully.

This afternoons wedding is the perfect antidote for those of you who still have racing pulses after this mornings frank and intimate discussions. Prepare for the W-day equivalent of a chill-pill.

The cool, calm and classic imagery this afternoon is all down to the wonderfully creative Anushe Low.

A Northern Wedding.

Our wedding took place on the 22nd of July 2011 at Woodhall hotel and Spa, Wetherby, North Yorkshire.

Sister Selected.

My wedding dress was from the J-CREW wedding collection. Both my sisters, who were my bridesmaids helped me to decide, I loved it the minute I tried it on, and had to have it!!

Indian Jewellery.

My Father had my jewellery custom made in India. The design was a combination of both our ideas.

Peep Toes.

My shoes were peep toe, which I purchased in a bridal shop in Ripon, where my husband is from!

The Locks and Looks.

My sister-in-law is a hair dresser, she was made up when I said she had to do my hair! I had my makeup done by a makeup artist from the hotel Spa.

Hydrangea and Carnations.

My flower arrangements were a mixture of hydrangea and carnations from a florist in Ripon called The Greenhouse Florist.

Graphite Grey.

My theme colour was graphite grey and light coral pink. The groom and the best man wore a charcoal grey suit, with a darker silk tie.

Our Photographer was the very talented Anushe Low – her amazing images speak for themselves!!!

Non Traditional Cake.

We had simple rustic style cream topped lemon drizzle and chocolate cupcakes.

That’s Jazz.

Our first dance was to ‘the tide is high’ by the Paragons. For our entertainment we had a small local three man jazz band that played during the first half of the evening.

After that we had a DJ for the later part of the night, when the partying began.

A Favour For Charity.

Our favours were a small donation to two chosen charities in lieu of gifts to each guest, to represent this and let our guests know we had coasters made for the tables with our wedding logo and message on it, mentioning the charities.

Simple Decor.

The room was decorated very simply, with a lot of hydranges and frilly coronations, the table cloths and linens were were white with cream muslin sashes around the chairs. We also had vintage votives and scattered hydrangea petals on the table.

A Little Advice.

Make it your own style, stay on top of everything, let your sisters deal with it all on the day! Especially if one is an event manager and the other a graphic designer who helped with the designing of the the logo on our wedding stationery, they were both excellent on the day and prior!! Oh and also just ENJOY and relax on the day!!!!

Venue Woodhall hotel and Spa

Dress J-CREW

Blooms The Greenhouse Florist

Photography Anushe Low

Is everyone relaxed and breathing normally again now? Good.

Such a simple affair, but with the few basic themes that ran through Nadine and Andrew’s wedding they ended up with a very cohesive day with a strong identity and a wonderfully chilled feel.

I love the stationery, Nadine was obviously very lucky to have two sisters who were bridesmaids but who doubled as an event manager and a stationery designer – but as we often say, don’t be afraid to pull on the skillset of your family and friends.

9 out of 10 times your nearest and dearest will be only too happy to help make your special day one to remember for the rest of your lives.


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Big Apple To Big British.

Today’s bride and groom are English but currently reside in New York. They decided to hold their big day back in their homeland and chose the big smoke as their location, from one stylish city to another if you like. And of course London is the most convenient place should you have guests travelling from all over the world, from Singapore to Australia to Uganda…..

Sara and Kevin wanted a classic British wedding and achieved exactly that with a neutral colour scheme, pimms on the lawn and the stunning architectural backdrop that is the Stationers Hall.

And if there wasn’t enough reasons to wear a simple princess-esque gown for W-day here’s another one, pair with smoky eye-make-up and some shiny nude skyscraper heels and you will positively smoulder whilst remaining elegant, sophisticated and timeless.

Yup. Sara is one stylish beauty.

All of the gorgeous images are courtesy of Anushe Low.

Polished Perfection

I bought Laura Mercier makeup from the one Makeup Girl in SAKS who didn’t look like a Drag Queen! I wanted to look like me, so I did my own makeup on the day. It was probably the third time in my life I wore foundation…..

Gigi from Love Hair did my hair on the day.

An Instant Attraction

I bought my dress from Priscilla of Boston. I loved the dress the minute I tried it on. I wanted something classic, with a modern twist and I wanted something full but didn’t want to feel like a meringue….. This was the perfect balance. And I loved the embroidery on the bodice.

Simple Accessories

Kevin bought me a pair of diamond earrings to wear, he had them made as a surprise, it was really sweet – they are completely beautiful.

One of my very talented friends, who is a Stylist and headpiece designer made me my veil. She used a vintage piece of material and attached it to a gold comb. I loved it. Everything I saw in the bridal shops were too ornate and frilly and covered in diamantes or flowers. I just wanted something simple. Lauren made me 3 different versions and cut the one I liked to size on the day of the wedding!

For shoes it was Porn star heels all the way! I’m 5’ 2”, I need all the help I can get! They were pearly pink and from Joan & David.

Classic Cream

I wanted cream roses, something classic and English for bouquets and pins. I opted not to have any other flowers at the venue, as it was ornate enough and didn’t need it. Plus I tried to limit anything that could go wrong as I was planning the wedding from abroad!

A Splash of Gold

The venue had a lot of colour palates, so I wanted the bridesmaid dresses to be neutral colours. We found their dresses online at Coast and I took the original cream sashes’s off and added gold ones to distinguish from the cream of my dress.

The boys suits came from Moss Bros. We ended up having to rent 2 suits each as we wanted to mix and match the jackets and trousers. It turned out more expensive than it should have been, but I think they all looked very handsome! I matched their ties to the sashes’s on the bridesmaid dresses.

Very Visual

I’m a perfectionist and also work in a visual industry, so finding the perfect Photographer was a challenge, It took me ages! I looked at 100’s of portfolios before I stumbled across Anushe Low’s website. Her photos are absolutely stunning and I am so glad I found her!

A Lot To Ask

It took me ages to find a venue. I wanted something beautiful and old, and steeped in history. Living in America makes you appreciate old architecture! I also wanted somewhere we could hold the ceremony and the reception…and I wanted and garden and for it to be in central London! A lot to ask I know!

I finally found Stationers’ Hall and instantly knew it was the place. The venue is absolutely stunning and perfect for what we wanted. It’s also right by St Paul’s Cathedral so we snuck out for some amazing photo opportunities!

Cheap Chic

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a cake as I thought most people would be too drunk to notice! I bought a 4 tier chocolate cake from Marks and Spencer. It was delicious and a bargain!

A Taste Of NYC

Every time we visit England from America, we always have a list of sweets and treats to bring people. I thought it was a nice idea to make up little bags of all the sweets you can only get in the US – Tootsie Rolls and Hershies!

Simplicity Is Key

The most significant advice I can offer is to keep it simple! There is no point stressing yourself out over minor details that may not get noticed. Stick to the basic necessities and do them well.

Hair Stylist – Gigi from Love Hair

Brides Shoes – Joan and David

Brides Gown – Priscilla Of Boston

Headpiece – Lauren Armes

Maids Dresses – Coast

Groomsmen – Moss Bros

Venue – Stationers Hall

Loving those city portraits, and of course the shoes. And the make-up. And the sophisticated simplicity of it all….

Anyone else planning a W-day from afar?

Big Smouldering Love

Charlotte xxx