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How to Create a DIY Hoop Bouquet in 30 Minutes for Under £15

Hoops are having a BIG moment in the world of weddings. They’re romantic, practical, beautiful and symbolic. And the hoop bouquet is one of my favourite ways to incorporate hoops into a wedding. Ultra-versatile, bridal hoop bouquets will look just as perfect at laid-back, boho nuptials as they will at a classic and elegant wedding. They make a beautiful alternative to the traditional bouquet and can double up as décor after the ceremony.

Wedding hoop bouquets can be bought for anything up to £60 online, but today I’m going to show you how to save yourself approximately £45 by creating your own DIY hoop bouquet for just £15.

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Displaying Florals At Home With The Wedding Shop

Having flowers in your home is such a lovely way to bring colour and freshness indoors, but I never seem to have a vase that’s the right size or shape for the job. All too often I rely on a highly unstylish pint glass or a jar jam. Yes it does the job, but it doesn’t look very pretty and fresh blooms deserve better. That’s why putting your wedding gift list together is the perfect opportunity to start a vase collection. That way, the next time a glorious bunch of blooms is delivered you’ll be prepared.

There are so many different vessels in which to display your flowers, but luckily for us, The Wedding Shop’s curated selection makes choosing a breeze. Or not, as you’ll probably want them all…

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Blooming Lovely

One of my enduring memories from when I was a wee one was catching one of the most beautiful bouquets I had EVER seen from the hands of a stunning bride who I believed was a princess.

Granted I was stood about 3 feet away from her and she more or less handed it to me rather than tossing it over her shoulder. I should mention here that there was also an absence of overexcited females jostling for prime catching position in case you’re picturing me as a miniature Vinnie Jones having elbowed my way to the front.

Nonetheless for the rest of that day I felt special, like I’d been given access to an exclusive club because I’d caught the bouquet. Not even going home in my M&S vest and pants, having been divested of my bridesmaid dress because it was rented could tarnish my little glow of glory.

That was the best day.

I’ve always believed that my triumphant catch was the catalyst for my life-long obsession with beautiful blooms and especially with wedding day bouquets.

So allow me to indulge this weakness of mine and let me show you lovelies some of the best arrangements out there in wedding land (in my humble opinion).

I want to hear about which ones are your favourites.

Which style pulls at your heartstrings?

What colour scheme have you selected for your big W-Day?

I’m all ears…

Carte Blanche

There’s something beautifully exquisite about white blooms. Elegant in their simplicity, they possess a sophistication that is hard to surpass. Milky-white flowers are usually heavily fragranced too providing you with a double whammy sensory experience.

White bouquets are wonderfully versatile in several ways. Not only can you guarantee that they will perfectly complement your gorgeous gown – chalky-white flowers are also more or less available any time of the year which means that you should nearly always be able to find a blossom to suit your purposes.

Choosing alabaster-toned garlands also gives you the freedom to play with texture and composition safe in the knowledge that no two flowers will clash nor will it appear like you’ve gone overboard in the floral department.

If you do want to inject a bit of colour into your neutral palette, green is perfect accent tone because it allows the blooms to shine without overpowering them.

That Mother Nature… she knows a thing or two.

Berry Fest

Berry Fest is a contemporary interpretation of the more classic Rose bouquet. It is utterly romantic without being saccharine sweet therefore perfect for those brides who want something edgier without losing sight of more traditional wedding themes and flavours.

This type of bouquet is perfect for weddings between June to September because of the availability of local materials. Queen Anne’s Lace, Dahlias, Clematis, Black Basil, Stocks, Snapdragons, Amaranth, Peonies and Delphiniums are fantastically versatile blooms and can be paired together in all number of combinations.

There’s nothing quite as sublime as an Autumn berry rich bouquet bespeckled with seedheads and the last hurrrah of summer. If you’re going for this type of feel with your own posies then I’d recommend pairing lighter shades with darker ones as the contrast makes each colour pop.

Lastly try echoing the trailing tendrils of the bouquet with some velvet ribbon around the stems in a similar colour scheme for extra drama.


I ADORE this trend with a great big dollop of LOVE on top because it’s just one of the many signs of how modern brides are becoming more and more creative with their big day.

‘Handpicked’ bouquets have an ethereal, just picked from the hedgerows quality about them. Wild and overgrown, these posies feel wholesome and organic and are especially beautiful when paired with a soft simple gown and bare feet.

Not that I’m saying you should all go barefoot or anything.

Any decent florist can recreate this concept easily for you; equally choosing this more relaxed style is perfect for the artistic bride as well as for those on a budget who want to take up those horticultural reins and produce their own floral arrangements.

My personal preference is to keep the hues in an handpicked bouquet within the same colour spectrum but using as many as six or seven different colours is just as effective. Secondly remember to include a little bit of everything so that you capture that unruly essence and prevent your posy from appearing too ‘done’.

It’s A Wrap

When we think about bouquets, we tend to think about the profusion of blooms and the colours of the delicate tendrils rather than the twiggy base. But, whilst I was writing this post, I found it hard to pass up the opportunity to show you lovelies how beautifully your floral accessory can be finished.

Hessian, lace, wool, twine and even brown paper and string can be artfully wrapped around your bouquets for the pièce de résistance. I especially love the idea of a bride wrapping a piece of material that her gown is made from around her posy. Talk about matching your outfit to your accessories!

But ribbons are my vice – yes girls I actually have a ribbon box and have also been known to filch ribbons from other people’s presents (once opened of course!) to keep it fully stocked up.

So for me a beribboned garland steals the day and frankly the more the better.

Why have one glitzy strand when you can look like a haberdashery shop and have three or even five.

Big And Blousey

If these blooms were a woman, they’d be a medieval buxom wench winking saucily at any hot-blooded male from the other side of the bar. These sultry beauties vie for your attention flaunting their silky soft petals and their heavy aroma unrelentingly at you.

I just want to bury my head into them.

Peonies and large garden roses are most commonly used in these types of bouquets and are frequently supplemented by soft green foliage and succulents of late. Because of the sheer size of the flowers there really is no need for anything extra.

Trust me, adding too much to a ‘big and blowsy’ bouquet would result in a serious case of ‘over-egging the pudding’ and ladies I say that as a self-confessed flower addict.

For the modern bride, who wants both drama and simplicity, a single huge bloom is your answer; it is unbeatably chic. And that bloom that the bride and groom are hiding behind is made of…wait for it…paper.

How wonderful is that?!

One last thing worth mentioning is that these types of arrangements are often really heavy – it’s just something to be conscious of when posing for your photographs in case you get arm ache (is that even a condition?).

So what do you think?

Are fresh flowers the order of the day or have you set your heart on something with a little more longevity like those bouquets made from antique brooches for example.

And I NEED to hear your thoughts on tossing the bouquet. Is this a tradition that you can’t pass up or can you not bear to throw your blooms into a gaggle of hopeful ladies in case it gets damaged?

More and more florists claim that they are creating additional ‘tossing’ bouquets for precisely this purpose. Is this something that interests you girls or does it defeat the whole point?

Let us know below…

Love Lolly xxx

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2011 Wedding Inspiration by…Charlotte O’Shea.

I’ll be totally honest here, I don’t pretend to know everything there is to know about Weddingville ( who does?) but I have certainly witnessed more than my fair share of fashions, florals and fabulous colour palettes to know what really makes me excited and proud to be a part of this creative and constantly evolving industry.

This inspiration post isn’t an excuse to start telling you what is going to be “everywhere” this year, it’s really a collection of the things I would like to see more of, whilst providing you with some delectable eye candy and a bucket load of Big Day beauty and styling ideas that perhaps you haven’t considered as yet….


The Easy Breezy Up-Do

It still amazes me the amount of brides that mention the deterioration of their exquisite and incredibly neat ( read – took AGES to accomplish) W-day hair do’s by the time they are ready to cut the cake. Be it due to the humidity, British summertime drizzle or lack of super hold styling product it seems that by the evening reception many of you have reported drooping curls, a frizzy fringe or in more extreme cases a completely once-was-catwalk-worthy-but-now-lank-and-greasy-looking catastrophe.

Lordy. There must be a way we can avoid that.

And there is Lovelies. It’s what I like to call the “easy breezy” up-do. An unfussy, unstructured style that with the right amount of teasing and pinning looks elegant, feminine and lends itself perfectly to the odd flyaway and change in climate. Oh and if you do suffer from the frizzes a plait or two will keep it looking contemporary and ( almost) perfectly in place.

The 60’s Siren Statement Face

My favourite kind of make-up.

Think sexy smokey eyes and pretty pale pink lips for W-day. Lashings of volumising mascara ( or false lashes if you want real Va Va voom), stay-put shadow and a creamy lipstick topped with a non-sticky gloss work best to re-create this look.

Tips on choosing the right shadow colour combination for a smokey look: Dark skinned and raven haired beauties really suit shades of deepest aubergine and plum, for brunette’s I’d advise shadows in bronzes and warm chocolate brown and for you fairer folk stormy greys and pale shimmering silvers work well. Oh and redheads look simply stunning in shades of gold-flecked green.

Products To Try:

Raven Hair/Olive Skin: Mac eyeshadows in Shadowy Lady and Marvel
Brunettes: Mac eyeshadows in Bronze and Espresso
Blondes/Fair: Mac eyeshadows in Knight Divine and Print
Redheads: Mac eyeshadow in Steamy and Lucky Green

Some lovely new lipsticks on the scene for you to take a peek at are the Rouge Pur Couture collection from YSL ( amazing texture and lasting power). Shade 10 “Beige Tribute” and shade 6 “Rose Bergamasque” are my top choices for a Twiggy/Bardot/Shrimpton type pout.

The Textured Bouquet

There are many many beautiful blooms on offer for W-day. Seriously, if it was my time all over again “what bouquet” would be one of the hardest decisions to make.

What I do know however is that I am absolutely head over heels in love with the wild, mismatched and seemingly thrown together variety.

Love a ranunculus? an anemone? a spray rose? a tulip? well then, why don’t you put them all together to create your very own unique combination of floral fancy. And not in an ordered symmetrical fashion either, that defeats the point you see.

For added intrigue how about adding some spiky greenery to the mix, it’s all about the delicious texture lovelies….

The Goddess Gown

So then, what’s a bride to wear with an undone up-do, statement make-up and a knock-em-dead bouquet of blooms hmmm?

Why a simple designer fashion-forward frock of course.

And by simple I do not mean plain, I mean beautifully cut with clean lines and a selection of soft touchable easy-wear fabrics such as jersey, georgette and chiffon. Oh and um…..feather. Yes folks feathers. Big news on the catwalks and even bigger news down the ailse this season apparently.

Milkshake Maids

Now you guys know I love a neutral right? beige, flesh pink, a grey marl………I. love. them. all. For 2011 however I am coveting maids in tutti fruity milkshade shades of pale lemon, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry and peach. And if you can’t decide which flavour is your favourite why not pick one of each?

Style wise I’m loving a shorter hemline, an asymmetric strap and a cute capped sleeve. And if you can’t decide on that either then choose complimentary hues of milkshake pretty and have each one of your best girls in whatever style they please. Not only will they look effortlessly cool but you will be the most popular bride EVER.


I feel I have gone on quite long enough….and this was only the fashion and beauty bit (!)

I have plenty more decor and reception details up my blog queen sleeves, just waiting for the right moment to share 😉

Do let me know if there are similar details in your planning scrapbook, especially if you have changed your mind ( like I did) several times already…..

Big Inspiring Love

Charlotte xxx