Fletch Live Wedding Band

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Wildflowers At Wedfest.


I’m not even sure I know where to begin with Keith and Hannah’s big day.

Do I start with Hannah’s oh-so-light-as-a-feather-yet-perfectly-bohemian flower crown or with their voluminous hydrangea floral arch at the end of their hay bale aisle?

Perhaps I’ll begin with the adorable flower girls who just exude personality or the sassy bridesmaids (I need their dresses in my life!). Actually I might just kick off with the beautiful wildflower arrangements and the motorbike and the portraits in the meadow and the super-fly Granny who totally rocks Hannah and Keith’s festival wristband favour.

Actually you know what…I’m just going to let you lovelies experience this heart-warming, life-affirming, hearty big day for yourselves.

It is immense.

A Festival Inspired Bohemian Wedding With Wildflowers And A Floral Crown At Haslington Hall By Anna Hardy Photography._0001