How To Plan A Festival Themed Wedding

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We Are All Jones.


Good morning lovelies…I really, truly, honestly do not know where to begin with today’s wedding.

Quite frankly, it is the impossible made possible.

There are bonfires, pizza vans, fire dancers, floral crowns and wristbands.

Jaclyn and Ben started with a field. And somehow they finished with a weekend long festival-family-reunion-wedding which is – in one word – EPIC.

The couple decided to recreate their ideas of a perfect day – Ben’s being Saturday at Glastonbury and Jaclyn’s being bringing the film version of Mamma Mia to life. What awesome inspiration for your wedding!

So whatever your wedding dreams are, today’s wedding really does prove that you CAN make them a reality…

A Glastonbury Themed Bohemian Wedding In Worcestershire With Yurts, Glamping, Food Vans And A Bonfire And Bride In A Floral Crown With Images From Camera Hannah And Event Planning By Jessie Thomson 1