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An Exotic Palm House Party.


Lately I’ve been craving colour. I’m not sure whether it’s the influence of Spring with her purple hyacinths, sunshine yellow daffodils and girly pink cherry blossoms but frankly I just can’t get enough of a bright hue.

So Harriet and Mishal’s colour pop affair is the perfect way to satisfy my cravings on this overcast morning. Set amidst possibly the most perfect backdrop I’ve ever seen at Sefton Park Palm House in Liverpool, these two married amongst the palms and exotic blooms.

I particularly love Harriet’s dad’s souped up Lagonda which looks a little as if it’s come from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – what’s not to love – and the EPIC dancing that took place once the sun went down.

Honestly folks this is a venue and a half.

Let’s check it out…

An Exotic Indian and English Fusion Wedding At Sefton Park Palm House In Liverpool With A Beautiful Vintage Lagonda And A Pink Handpicked Bouquet By Wookie Photography._0001