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Valley Of The Dolls.

Question: What do you do when a very established, uber talented and achieved-more-than-a-few-magazine-covers photographer emails to ask if you would like to collaborate on their last “big” shoot prior to going on maternity leave?

Answer: Think they must have emailed the wrong person.

Or at least that’s what I did when Julia Boggio contacted the Rock My Wedding team back in February, so much so that I didn’t actually reply straight away. Then I thought maybe Julia wanted us to feature the last shoot she was putting together rather than be a part of it.

Eventually I stopped being such a self doubter, took a deep breath (had a um…. mini meltdown somewhere in the middle), emailed Julia back and said a big excited YES Please.

You see lovelies, it’s scary enough when the reputation of your own brand is on the line as it was with the Real Bride spectacular we created back in January, however, when it is a collaboration it’s no longer all about you. You’ve got to pull out all the stops for someone elses brand too.

I spent a significant amount of time studying Julia’s style – fun, colourful, kitsch, glamorous-glossy-magazine-flawless perfection. No wonder, as Julia’s main principle of wedding photography is that everyone not only deserves amazing images but sees it as her responsibility to make sure she brings out every brides “inner Claudia Schiffer” (or Keira Knightly/Catherine Middleton/Olivia Palermo/Leighton Meester/Rhianna….. delete girl crush as appropriate).

It was a case of designing a concept that incorporates all of the above as well as resonating with our community (yes that’s you gorgeous lot!) because as with everything we publish, we want it to be beautiful, inspirational and most of all accessible.

No mean feat.

And without boring you with the details of the (sometimes frankly unexplainable) creative process that occupies my dizzy blonde brain, VALLEY OF THE DOLLS was born.

We realise how lucky we are to have such a loyal, intelligent and varied readership, you guys really do have a wide variety of tastes, desires and opinions. And that’s brilliant. Because so do we.

And as a result, with all inspiration shoots the RMW team pull together we want to make sure there is always a diverse selection of styles for you to fall in love with.

Dolly Rock

Who is she?

Dolly Rock is sexy, sassy and confidently cool with a penchant for glamorous gowns and decadent jewels.

On the beauty front she’s a big fan of a smoky eye with a flick of feminine liner and a natural glossy pout.

Dolly Pop

Who is she?

Dolly Pop is fun, funky, super cute and a huge fan of the shorter shoe-flashing frock.

Her make-up is colour-pop pretty using a fresh spring palette of pastels whilst her hair is sleek, sophisticated and always picture perfect.

Dolly Daydream

Who is she?

Dolly Daydream is just that….. dreamy. A real barefoot beauty that loves flounces, frills and garden-inspired floral accessories.

An advocate of the outdoorsy “natural” look but with an extra length luscious lash this dolly brings boho festival-chic to W-day.

With the fashion and beauty proposal finalised we were left with a few little RMW unique styling ideas (which for now we’ll have to keep up our blogger behind-the-scenes-secrets-sleeves) to add to the mix before the final style sheet could be presented to Madam Boggio for approval.

I won’t fib. I wasn’t 100% positive she would be a fan.

Well luckily for us, a trip down to the Big Smoke later and Julia was definitely a fan.


So that leaves me with one question folks…..

Which Dolly are you?

BIg I’m Dolly Daydream with a sprinkle of Dolly Rock thrown in for good measure Love

Charlotte xxx